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    Tracker Updated

    Spoiler: Rewards
    FFC Stat Rewards
    Domo (Eris): 1

    FFC Beri Rewards
    CNP: 50,000
    Ichi: 50,000
    Garra: 50,000
    Domo: 100,000
    Ellie: 50,000
    Kun: 50,000
    Hype: 50,000

    RRF Stat Rewards
    Ichi (Grim): 1
    Yuki (Pink): 1
    Domo (Ama): 1
    Yuki (Nora): 1
    Ichi (Sensui): 1

    RRF Beri Rewards
    Ichi: 150,000
    Ace: 100,000
    Yuki: 200,000
    Domo: 100,000
    P20: 150,000
    Kaka: 100,000
    Hype: 50,000
    Ellie: 50,000

    CC rewards

    Ellie: +7 stats and 750,000 beri
    Hype: +5 stats and 500,000 Beri
    P20: +5 stats and 500,000 Berei

    Spar Rewards

    Yuki (Izumi): +2 stats and 250,000 Beri
    Garra (Sai): +2 stats and 250,000 Beri

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    Unfinished spars due to DF changes. We'll take whatever we can from them.

    Spoiler: Chief VII-X vs. Amanita
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post

    Tequila Wolf - Detention Center
    Prisoner Transport: CP Intervention!

    [Amanita | Chief VII-X]

    The snow fell gently on the cement bridge. Shouting and whips echoed through the bridge, orders to continue. In the distance, at the edge of the bridge, workers toiled away. About a kilometer from the edge of the bridge, inward, was a more robust platform of the bridge. The detention centers, along with the barracks, were filled with guards and workers. Afternoon had broken out, and the bridge street and barracks were relatively empty - they were working. One building was not desolate. The Detention Center was a four-story building at the edge of the bridge, no windows. It led to the snowy streets, patrolled by guards - even on rooftops.

    The doors of the Detention Center blasted open. A small brigades of Marines walked out. Smack dab in the middle of the brigade was a prisoner, chained to various soldiers. Sea-prism chains everywhere in his body. The chains trudged in the snow, and the workers coming out of the barracks looked in surprise. A Revolutionary Spy, had been found within Tequila Wolf. At the time, the detention center was good enough for the spy. However, once called in to HQ, the identity of the Spy had been found. A high ranking member of the Revolutionaries. The member had been apprehended before, but always managed to escape. A transfer order was put in, to transfer the prisoner to Impel Down.The order came from high in the WG - from a signed order by the Fleet Admiral.

    "HEY! WHO'S THAT?!"- a soldier said, pointing to the Detention Center
    "IT DON'T MATTER! OPEN FIRE!!!- a supervisor said, raising the call of the guards

    Bullets whizzed towards the top of the Detention Center. A figure jumped down towards the brigade, and the bullets followed. The brigade stopped, as the figure landed in front of them. The bullets bounced off her body, raining down until they stopped. Stopping the brigade, a blonde woman in a red suit stood in their way. The prisoner, cloaked by a shadow, grinned wide. The woman looked at he brigade stoically. By this time, more soldiers had surrounded both the brigade and the woman - at gunpoint. They asked the woman to identify herself. Her eyes bleeped once before her mechanical voice echoed.

    "Identity: Chief of Cipher Pol.
    Mission: Retrieve prisoner.
    Clearance: RESTRICTED.
    - the woman said mechanically

    The chief ordered the soldiers to hand over the prisoner. However, she did not provide the clearance by whom the order was given. The high profile prisoner was at stake. Would the Marines allow such intervention? The chief lifted her hand towards the guards, reiterating her order, now with hostilities.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kunshu View Post
    Amanita vs VII - Tequila Wolf

    "What is that damn ruckus outside? The transfer should have been done by now." Spoke an angry, female voice.

    A clenched fist came down upon her desk, splitting it cleanly in two. She picked up her "Admiral Torgue = The Bomb" mug up from the ground and put on her marine coat, the symbol for justice presented clearly on the back. A unique coat, to be sure, perhaps one or two others like it in the world. Metal armor and wiring around her signature long-arm tribe arms. Simple soldiers saluted the decorated officer as she passed by them on her way to the exit of the Detention Center. She was now in full view of the intruder, as well as the marine brigade and the prisoner. Commodore Amanita, a long-time officer within the marines, was not looking happy. She arrived just in time to hear the intruder explain herself.

    "Cipher- what the...!"

    An angry look came over her face, and the once so lovely Amanita was now stomping towards VII with eyes that spewed fire. She tossed aside the prisoner, prompting the accompanying brigade to move out of the way. VII and Amanita were now face to face, mere inches from one another. VII stood at almost twice the Commodore's height, but this didn't seem to bother the latter one bit. She had no love for Cipher Pol, nor machines; not after that horrible mission on the moon.

    "My name is Commodore Amanita of the Marines. I am in charge of overseeing all transfers in and out of the Tequila Wolf detention center, and I sure as hell don't recall getting a memo about Cipher Pol stepping up to my doorstep and grabbing a prisoner without approval! This prisoner is to be escorted by MY men on MY ship to rot in Impel Down. Explain yourself!"

    If VII had known Amanita before the moon mission, she'd realize just how much the Commodore had changed since then. Once, she'd been kind and somewhat naive, but after witnessing what she did in the battle against Blank and his minions, she'd grown more cold and cynical.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Tequila Wolf - Detention Center
    CP Intervention: Line in the Sand!

    [Amanita | Chief VII-X]

    Beset with anger, a woman came out of the Detention Center. The woman pushed aside her soldiers and stood in front of Chief VII-X, looking up - no fear. The woman wore a Marine Coat signifying Captain-level or above. With a fault of manners, the woman introduced herself as Amanita, Commodore. She asserted that the prisoner was the property of Marines and that there would be no interference. Amanita asked once more what clearance did the tall woman in the red suit had. Those words would be met with mechanical whirring. VII-X's head looked down into Amanita's eyes, before her eyes bleeped, scanning the woman. There was an immediate response.

    - the robotic woman said

    The red eyes of the chief bleeped. If Amanita was paying attention, she'd realize VII-X denied her request to have the woman explain herself; the chief did not explain who gave the order. There would be no disclosure of source or command. VII-X's eyes bleeped incessantly; unbeknown to them now gaining target lock-on on both Amanita and the guards. The chief spoke once more, defiantly looking down at the woman. Words of importance.

    - the chief said, before the ground beneath her cracked

    Chief VII-X had vaulted backward acrobatically, the strength of her jump making the groud crack. As she flipped, bullets whizzed from her fingers, toes, and mouth in a show of dexterity and acrobats. The barrage of bullets was locked on, one for each guard in the vicinity. By the time the chief landed just three meters behind her original position, guards would presumptively fall. Guards on the roofto and on the street behind the Chief would presumably fall. If Amanita did not intervene, the guards that held the prisoner would also be shot down. If they lived, Amanita would have the power to command what they would do as fodder NPC. An important piece, mind you. The chief was authorized to use lethal force against everyone but Amanita. To the Commodore, the chief did not have the clearance to end, but it said nothing of disposal otherwise.

    The chief did not show emotion; she had none. Upon landing, the chief merely lifted her hands at Amanita. Bullets hazed out of the now open-fingers. The chief's second AI locked on to Amanita, as two chains menacingly appeared on the bot's back.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kunshu View Post
    Amanita vs VII

    Amanita's words fell on metal ears, the sole response being a robotic assessment of the situation. Amanita was not given any answers as to why VII was here. Due to Cipher Pol's secretive nature, and Amanita's general disdain for them, this did little to improve the already shaky foundation of this meeting. Amanita was boiling with anger, and when VII decided to seek permission to terminate her, she reached her breaking point. Before she could respond in anger, however, VII ignored her previous orders and attacked. Amanita, having barely seconds to respond, only managed to react in time to save the marines directly behind her; the ones around the prisoner. She removed her coat, flinging it around like a shield of fabric. The coat, made of mythical spider silk, would halt the bullets. No matter their speed, they would not pierce this material. The soldiers behind her had looks of terror on their face. Amanita put her coat back on, a stoic expression across her face; nay, 'twas one of determination. In a loud, authoritative voice, she yelled:


    The soldiers, reacting to the sound of her voice, swallowed their fear for a moment, before loudly responding with a "Yes, sir!". They were on the move. Two of them began to run with the prisoner, while the others grabbed their wounded comrades and brought them to safety. Amanita was not the type to sacrifice her loyal soldiers needlessly. While they did this, Amanita had assumed a boxing stance. She dashed forward, her arms in a defensive stance in front of her body. As a long-arm, she was more than capable of shielding her entire body with the powerful armor that covered her arms.

    "Don't you underestimate me you oversized trashcan!"

    The first strike went out; lightning fast it was. A powerful jab with her right arm aimed directly at VII's chest. If it connected, VII would suddenly find that particularly spot enitrely caved in, and dripping with juice. Should VII be paying attention, she'd see something strange; Amanita had grown slightly larger. Amanita would not give VII time for a counterattack, even if her first one didn't connect and she never grew larger, Amanita would begin delivering a flurry of punches aimed at VII, each with enough force to shatter the toughest of metals.


    As mentioned before, each connecting strike would drain juices from VII's metallic body and grow Amanita larger and stronger. To Amanita, everything was a wet sponge.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Tequila Wolf - Detention Center
    CP Intervention: The Fight!

    [Amanita | Chief VII-X]

    The red bleeping eyes of the chief followed the small woman, as she blocked the bullets and gave orders to the soldiers who held the prisoner. Amanita told them to carry the prisoner out. Her eyes bleeped quickly, now targeting the fleeing soldiers. However, Amanita intervened, getting into a boxing stance and rushing the robotic woman. The speed of the woman took the chief off-guard, and a clang echoed trough the bridge as the first punch hit VII-X on her chest chassis.

    There was an immediate response. VII-X was sent reeling back, propelled by the blow and her own Jet mechanisms. The chief would find herself go past the edge of the bridge, sent over the now open waters. Mainframe responded immediately to her chassis being bent in, and jetted out of the way to avoid the subsequent strikes. Amanita had grown bigger, and VII-X's mainframe was running scenarios on where a Commodore would be powerful enough to bent in bakumetal. Why the sudden change in her body? Mainframe's first link was Life Return. Just off the edge of the bridge, with the waters below her, VII-X geppoued, and her mouth and both hands glowed - locked on.

    "TARGET ACQUIRED..."- VII-X's whispered

    Three lasers shot out from the mouth and each hand. The mouth laser shot towards Amanita's pelvis, at the speed of light. The subsequent explosion would rock the very bridge. The other two lasers, shot simultaneously, were shot towards the distance - one to the left and another to the right. The second and third laser, thanks to laser diversification system, were balls of light, which lacked piercing power but were super explosive. About a kilometer from the area of the bridge the two were on, the lasers would land on both sides, still at the speed of light. They would hit the pillars of the bridge from below, given VII-X's angle outside of the bridge. The subsequent explosion caused each part of the bridge to collapse. The soldiers carrying the prisoner, and Amanita, were now trapped between the two gaps in the kilometer-wide piece of bridge. Chief VII-X would nt let the prisoner escape.

    With haste, Chief VII-X pushed off the air, propelling herself towards Amanita. Her skin began to let off steam, and behind her, chains whirled back and forth. Upon landing on the bridge and continuing her rush, the chains dug into the bridge, melting and cutting the cement on touch.

    Spoiler: Odin vs. Papika
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post

    Shells Town
    A Slave's Wrath: The Siege!

    [Odin | Domo's Character]

    The waters were still. The water gently sloshed against Shell's Town shore. On the docks, mermen and dwarves outfitted with collars worked the boats, tending to the bustling city behind them. Behind the docks, in the center of the island, was a large Marine stronghold, topping all the buildings. The camera floated like a bird atop the structure, zooming into the main balcony, into the office that housed it. A Marine Captain, outfitted with an illustrious coat, read the newspapers. The front page headlines "Ironbeards', and the smaller section headlined 'Revolutionary Army'. The Captain gently turned the page, as the peaceful breeze went through his coat.

    The camera flickered, showing two bare feet trudging to the sand, trying to get to shore. The young boy tripped his knees in the sand. The camera trailed his knees to his face, showing the brown-haired young boy, riddled with battle wounds. A soldier tending to the slaves quickly approached, helping the young boy up. Suddenly, they both fell once again. The young boy continued towards the shore, a bloody knife on his hands, recently wet. The squadron pointed their rifles at the young boy. Suddenly, a force pulled them into the sand. The alarm sounded. Squadrons corned the shore, the boy. Without much warning, bullets entered the young boy. The young boy fell to his knees, and before falling, raised his hands in the air.

    The water behind him churned. The shot whirled into a Lieutenant's eyes, watching the events from a binocular at the stronghold's balcony. The Captain stood next to him, his face pale.

    "Sir! The shore j-j-just.... disappeared! Leagues of water evaporated into thin air!"- the Luitenant shouted, leaning over the bacony

    "No... it didn't disappear. I-i-i-t dehydrated. H-h-h-e's here... He's trying to cause a Tsunami!
    - the Captain shouted

    Not a second after the captain spoke those words, a cannonball caused a large explosion at the center of town. The buildings within the proximity of the stronghold collapsed as if pulled into the ground. From the clouds came human-sized aircraft, shooting out beams of light. Hundreds fell on the city, disengaging the cannons that outfitted the stronghold. From the ground all over the city came diminutive beings, taking the soldiers by surprise, overwhelming them. The buildings collapsed at their call; they had dug beneath them. From the sea came mermen of all sizes and shapes, taking the dock. Though their numbers were much lesser than the soldiers, they only grew as the slaves freed. The well-prepared siege had flipped the tables.

    The Lieutenant's eyes widened, his eyes quivering at the sight of his Captain. The Captain was suspended in mid-air, seemingly by nothing at all. Grains of sand appeared at the Captain's neck, slowly converging and materializing into a figure, planted on top of the Captain's left shoulder. An old dwarf, rejuvenated by purpose. The God of Dwarves. The King of Asgard. Commander of the Revolutionary Army. The pale skin and back-length white hair, beard, fluffy tail, and deep wrinkles, adorned his Viking-warrior attire and decades of battle scars. The Allfather's glowing green eyes expressed anger, as the diminutive hand tightened the grip on the Captain's neck.

    A low voice swept the balcony.

    "A question away from the end of your life, captain. Where does the Blues buy slaves?"- the Commander asked with authority

    The Lieutenant's hand pulled out a revolver, it shaking wildly. The young man pointed the gun at the dwarf and asked him to stand down. The Commander did not even look at the Luitenant. The young man shouted at his Captain, telling him not to say anything. It was confidential; a soldier's promise. The Lieutenant's face turned pale when the Captain began to speak.

    "All I know the vice-admiral at Louguetown is the liaison! I-I-I don't know anything else! P-p-p-please, don't kill me! - the captain pleaded

    "Fitting. Bravery to shackle souls, yet fear in the face of death. How pitiful.
    Death is better than enslavement. No... you shall live, child. Release of death is a privilege slaves do not have.
    - the Allfather said, his hands whirring

    Suddenly, the Captain's body began to wrinkle, to wither away. The Captain's body crashed against the edge of the balcony, now looking like an old man. Suddenly, cuffs of sand appeared on his neck, hands, and feet, pinnng him to the balcony. The Captain breathed with difficulty, but lived. Odin, the God of Dwarves, turned to the young man. Tears streamed down the Luitenant's face. His fear did not forwent his values. The Luitenant stood valiant against the Commander, as the explosions echoed around him.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
    Seige of Shells town
    Papika Vs Odin

    The weather was clear on this fateful day. A few clouds hang in the skies over East Blue, but the winds were calm and the sun was shining bright in the sky. Despite this peaceful weather, this day could be considered anything but peaceful. Shells Town was the stage for this play. The Revolutionary Commander known as Odin would make his presence known upon this very island. Intelligence reports suggested Revolutionary activity in the East Blue, but nothing definitive could be confirmed. Only one ship would be sent from Marineford to investigate.

    The S.S. Flint, a flying aircraft carrier that acted as the flagship of the World Government Air Corps. This was the personal ship of Admiral Aokurage. Though this was her ship, Suu was not present upon it at this time. The Admiral had other matters to attend to at this time. Instead the ship carried another upon its deck. The young protege of the Admiral was here. She stood at a towering height, standing upon the deck as the helicarrier broke through the clouds. Without warning she'd leap from the deck and descend upon the aircraft firing lasers. Her talons would dig into the craft as she'd aim to ground it.

    This girl is Papika Osprey, commodore of the marines and protege of Admiral Suu. After landing upon the island, Papika would receive a transmission on her den den mushi. It was the communications officer aboard the helicarrier. She had important information to relay to the commodore on the ground.

    Papi I've got bad news. I can't get in contact with the captain of this base. I need you to go investigate.

    You can count on me!

    The commodore responded with an up beat, go getter attitude before taking off into the air. Papika would fly right toward the base at the center of the island. Those upon the balcony would see the harpy approach. It wouldn't be long before the commodore descended upon them. She could see the people upon the balcony, and figured that was a good place to start. The harpy would land upon the railing of the balcony. She was perched on it like a bird. She looked and saw the state of the captain. She was shocked at what she saw.

    What happened?

    Papi would exclaim before her eyes locked upon the dwarf. The harpy stood and waited for a response, but she was ready in case things took a turn for the worst. Though she would not know it yet, the dwarf who stood before Papika was in fact one of the revolutionary commanders. This was going to be no easy situation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Shells Town
    A Slave's Wrath: Foreboding!

    [Odin | Paprika]

    The explosions and shouts gently lofted in the air around the balcony. Overlooking the town, three stood on the balcony. The Captain was pinned to the ground, withered. The Luitenant pointed his gun at the dwarf floating in mid-air, defiant. The young man trembled. The Marine aircraft was followed by the Allfather's eyes, and the figure that jumped from it. The wind was cut by a figure, landing on the railing of the balcony. A young woman with wings and talons. A harpy? The Commander gave the woman a once-over before his eyes diverted to the city below them. The Army was retreating towards the shore, mermen soldiers and mermen free slaves, towards the receding waters. It was faint, but the whole city rumbled, as the waters kept receding.

    The Lieutenant quickly answered the newcomer.

    "H-h-h-he... Came for our workers! T-t-t-the Captain, t-t-told him... sensitive information!
    The island is being sieged! T-t-that man! It's the Revolutionary Army!"
    - the Luitenant said, sweating

    Odin quickly turned his gaze to the Luitenant and shook his head in apparent disappointment. Floating in mid-air at eye-level, the old man waved to the sky. The dwarven airships began to descend on rooftops. Dwarven soldiers and newly freed dwarven slaves entered them. It seemed the Army was leaving in haste. Suddenly, the Captain shrieked. The bonds on his hands and feet lifted him up, a few feet above the ground. He was but inches from the edge of the balcony. The old man turned to the Luitenant and the newcomer and spoke with a tone of authority. Allfather has his own answers to what happened, of what he had done.

    "In giving freedom to the slave, we assure freedom to the free,
    Honorable alike in what we give, and what we preserve.
    We shall nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.

    Abscond from this place, before the wrath of a slave washes over this island.
    Today both of you live. To tell the tale. Deterrence by foreboding.
    - the old man said, his words booming

    The town began to rumble more and more, before it stopped abruptly. In the distance, the water stopped receeding. It hung peacefully, like the calm before a storm. Slowly, the Captain began to ascend into the heavens, shackled, and screaming. If nothing was done, the God of Dwarves would follow.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post
    The Siege of Shells Town
    Papika Vs Odin

    The tides of war were receding as quickly as they had descended upon this place. The revolutionary army were quick to free the slaves. The Air Corp was not one to simply let them escape. Air Crafts would be launched into the skies and would meet the dwarven crafts in combat. Meanwhile Papi was on the balcony. It was here where she'd meet with one of the commanders of the Revolution. The situation was far from simple. The dwarf sought to free the slaves, and make the captain pay for such a crime. Papi was not a supporter of slavery. Admiral Suu sought to abolish the practice, and Papi was in agreement. However, the harpy couldn't simply let Odin leave after the destruction he'd caused.

    Suu herself would never stand for this. In this attack on Shells Town, a lot of innocent lives are caught in the crossfire. The usual carefree harpy would be forced to get serious. Both Odin and the Captain would be brought to justice. Papi's resolve was made. She'd deliver the both of them to Admiral Aokurage personally. The captain was being lifted by his bonds, ascending to the heavens. Odin would be sure to follow if he weren't stopped.

    I can't let you leave! Slavery is bad, but so is hurting a lot of innocent people.

    The commodore would follow her words with action. Putting her power into her legs, Papi would leap forth from the railing of the balcony she was perched. She headed right for the captain. Her talons would extend to grab the captain out of the air. Should she find herself successful, she'd toss the man to the Lieutenant before giving an order of her own.

    Take the captain and run, I'll handle things here!

    After throwing the captain, Papi put her power into her wings and would fly at full speed at Odin. As she drew near to the revolutionary, she spin her body around and aim a powerful kick at the dwarf. Her talons would be stained black with armaments Haki. Should her kick hit its mark, the harpy would not stop there. Her talons would clasp around the dwarf and aim to bind him. He would feel the immense strength of her grip upon his body.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Shells Town!

    [Odin | Paprika]

    The Commander watched as the flying woman took the captain in mid-air. Odin did not try to stop the newcomer but took note of her hostile nature. It would be worthy to note that the binds of sand still existed on the Captain's arms and legs, as the Luitenant caught his superior. The harpy asserted he was against slavery. The dwarve's face seemed to turn to mild anger as she noted that killing innocent people was as well. With newfound interest, the dwarf raised hand as the harpy flew to him. From his hand came sand, creating a shield the size of him between the dwarf and the harpy - the shield had haki. The kick hit the sand, relatively small in comparison, and Odin's eyes widened when the woman continued, blasting through the sand. Odin could no longer evade.

    Sand expelled Odin back to muffle the blow, as he brought a new haki sand shield affront him through a kick - this sand white, his strongest. A tri-parte cobination defense. The dwarf's body flew back from the contact, rocketing towards the other side of the room. The dwarf being so minuscule versus the fifteen foot harpy, he slipped through her fingers, literally. There was silence. The camera whirled into Odin, showing a young King in slave clothes running from a city. Behind him were his slaven brethren. Others clamored from the city below, still in chains. From the tiny hole in the wall came sand. Sand whirled into the dwarf, panting. Blood came out his mouth. This woman was no normal marine, and Odin had underestimated her. Newfound will found its place in the dwarf, and he spoke loudly.

    "Those who defend the enslavers, are mere slaves the same!
    - the Commander shouted, his voice roaring

    Suddenly, the very balcony erupted. Sand cut through the air in the form of long blades twice the harpy's size, tinted with haki, all aiming to converge on the harpy. The blades would curve downward, hitting the balcony and cutting it in pieces, causing it to fall on the ground. Should the harpy dodge, the sand would return from the ground in the form of masses of sand, and chase her, aiming to engulf the harpy and implode on her. They did not carry dehydrating ability. Odin appeared above the events, floating in the sky, sand raging all around him.

    "DESERT IMPLOSION!!!"- the dwarve's voice boomed
    Quote Originally Posted by Rainbow Dash View Post

    Shells Town
    Papika Vs Odin

    The harpy had thrown her kick at the dwarf commander. It hit its mark as she intended, though with less power. Odin had used his sand to make a defense against her talons. Papi's kick also come with the intended purpose of grabbing the dwarf, but his small size allowed him to slip through her grasp. Now it was Odin's turn to mount the offensive. He'd retort to Papika's words with those of his own. Those who defend the slavers are equally as guilty. Papi's brow furrowed as he spoke. Then came the sand. Blades of sand painted black with Haki would come for Papi.

    Suu will bring them to justice, I'll make sure of it! You're not the judge!

    Papi would respond to Odin as she dealt with the blades. Her right talon'd foot would stomp against the balcony as the blades came down. The force of impact would open a hole under her feet, which she would fall through. This left a smaller opening for the sand to follow her, but she wouldn't stop there. She'd only fall for a bit before she unfurled her wings and would dive through the wall of the base. With this she was now inside the base and running. Walls that stood in her way would be smashed through, though after a few steps she'd stop and pause for a moment. She brought her wing up to her chin in contemplation.

    What was I doing here again.... Oh yeah!

    She paused for a good moment in confusion before she remembered. Papika was a bird brain at heart. Those who knew her claimed she couldn't go more than three steps without forgetting something. With her memory rekindled, Papi continued her charge and would break through the exterior wall of the base on the opposite side, taking flight as she exited through the newly created hole. She'd circle over top the the base and return to the balcony area she was before. Once she drew close and Odin was in sight, that is when she'd attack. Her wings would be pulled back, then with all her strength she'd push them forward. She wanted to use all her power to create an intense gust of wind to blast Odin down into the balcony.

    Spoiler: OOC

    Basic drawing of the path Papi took.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ichimonji View Post
    Shells Town!

    [Odin | Paprika]

    The sand followed the large bird-like being, as she cleverly used the building to shield herself from the onslaught. The woman sand would follow her, until Odin could no longer see where she had gone. Upon this occurring, the sand came up, breaking through the floor of the balcony and coming back to Odin, whirling around him. The King had long since appeared mid-air high above the balcony, his ears trailing the sound of the walls crashing. Paprika came out of the building, taking flight with a newfound charge. The King turned to her and gritted his teeth.

    The wings created a gale of wind which slammed into Odin. The King crossed his arms, the sand around him acting as a small dwarvem hurricane to go against the gust of wind. The two forces collided, and the dwarf struggled to hold his ground. The gust was too strong, and Odin found himself pushed towards the balcony. The dwarves body would hit the ground of the balcony, immediately exploding in a torrent of sand. The King was angered by the words of the woman. Odin bore his race's pain - he WAS the judge, jury, and in Paprika's case, the executioner.

    "Ground Death..."- the dwarve's voice echoed

    The base rumbled, and suddenly the top few floors deteriorated and turned into sand, a lot of sand. The King's Suna perk was simple but effective, i allowed him to use less stamina when controlling sand, allowing him to use more amount with less drain. The sand suddenly shot up in various massive pillars, all around Parika - a few yards from her body; she was essentially caged in. The pillars converged at the top and had converged at the bottom since their creation. The voice of the dwarf echoed through the sand, as the pillars closed in to come together in a torrent of fury, creating a literal tornado of sand. The tornado closed in on Paprika with the fury of a god scorned. The tornado had dehydrating abilities.

    The dwarf was not the tornado itself, but was connected to it. His tiny body was being transported by the tornado, at the top, at incredible speeds of the wind. The first sand that would theoretically close into Paprika, was blackened with haki - only that part - for concussive and explosive force. We'd be remiss to mention why the RPer chose this particular attack. The pillars shot up around Paprika, creating a "cage" of sand. The mythological bird Roc is black. The question then remained for this caged bird: Will this Blackbird take its broken wings and learn to fly? You were only waiting for this moment to be free. Blackbird, Fly. A heavy metaphor of the slaves caged - Odin was their wings.

    "Bushouko Koka: SABLEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!"- the dwarve's voice echoed


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    A massive flagstandard made entirely out of bakumetal. In actuality, the flag is a large, powerful blade. Due to its bakumetal nature, the flag is able to wrap itself around the standard to form a shield, protecting the user from frontal attacks. Embedded in the standard is a thunder dial, allowing the user to electrify the weapon, while a rubber handle allows them to use it without fear of being electrocuted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Zero View Post
    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Story Related Spar between Sentai Pink (Yukiko) and Ajani Goldmane (Garra) [7 Posts Each]

    Spoiler: Sentai Pink and Ajani Form an Alliance
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    After her travels lead her to a rather small island with plentiful forests, she stops by the islands only village, and sees if anyone is in need of her help. For awhile, she comes up with nothing, and is rather pleased everyone is doing well. However, she comes across a group of children gossiping. They talk of a lion looking thing that is causing much devastation to the area. Appearing at random times it seemed. She didn't believe this, as it sounded like kids telling tales. However, when she overhears a group of adults talking about the same thing, she takes it seriously. After searching for the lion in question, she comes across someone who she believes to be responsible. She finds a safe place to transform, and does so. Coming out to confront the lion man fully suited, she speaks in a bold manner.

    I'm here to stop you!

    Little did she know, she was actually talking to a Marine Captain, and not the beast who was causing so much havoc. A curse of her lack of a proper upbringing. She did not know about the Mink race, and so she assumed this man to be a zoan user who was abusing his power to wreak havoc on an innocent island. To cement her rather unwarranted hostility, she would hold a clear looking blade, readying herself to use it. The man before her wouldn't exactly know it wasn't an actual blade, and instead her devil fruit ability. Things were about to get rather interesting, and in the distance loud footsteps could be heard. And they were getting closer and closer.

    Spoiler: ooc
    This is an IC spar that will result in Sentai Pink and Goldmane allying with each other in secret.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post
    Ajani nodded to a woman as he made his way into the peaceful town upon the island. She waved uneasily back at him as they passed. It was easy to see that while the people welcomed the arrival of a Marine Captain, but it was clear that they hadn't expected a mink. A lot of the time Ajani tried to pass himself off as a zoan user, but he hadn't made an effort to come off as such this time. He did his best to come off as warm and kind, but he didn't know if he was going to make much of an impact here. Regardless, the mink was here on a mission. It seemed that a lion was massacring the small town erratically. It was kind of ironic that Goldmane decided to be the one that would take this mission, as he was a lion mink. But if peaceful people were in danger of being hurt, He wanted to be the one to stop it. He was just about to begin investigating when he heard a voice.

    I'm here to stop you!


    Turning around, He would be faced with a pink garbed woman. His eyes grew wide as he realized who it was. She was the self proclaimed hero and rebel towards the World Government. It was the infamous Sentai Pink. Her bounty was 210,000,000 beri, which made her a significant threat. But it was what she said that made him grow more suspicious. She wanted to stop him? He couldn't allow that. Baring his fangs and letting out a roar, Ajani extended his claws.

    Sentai Pink, I cannot allow you to stop me. I'm taking you down.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    When the lion responded to her confrontation with a roar, and a statement that he could not allow her to stop him, she responded with nothing more than her blade, or rather, her barrier blade. She launches herself towards him, not with any barrier platform, but rather, her raw speed. It would be blindingly fast to the untrained eye. When she gets within range, she motions the barrier blade she is wielding like a proper sword, and aims to get a slash in as she dashes past him. In the same fluid motion, as she dashes past him, she turns and sends out a crescent shaped barrier blade to complete her two part attack. After her attack, the lion would be able to notice she was no longer holding any kind of weapon. She was now observing, waiting for a counterattack. To provoke such an attack, she would speak to the lion.

    Lion! You shall answer for your actions!

    With the way the hero was talking, it could be gathered that she had mistaken him for another lion. Perhaps the same one Goldmane was sent to deal with. Regardless, their battle was still very much real for the time being, and even if that were the case, he would have a hard time convincing her of the fact that some other lion creature was the one attacking the town. Especially since she had no idea the Mink race even existed due to her limited upbringing. ...Meanwhile, drawn to the town by the sound of the fight between the two, the true culprit advances closer. Even the guards who are supposed to be on lookout duty find themselves distracted... Truly, the hero's brash actions, and the Marine's duty would soon bring a crisis to the town. A town that the both of them want to protect.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post

    After yelling at the woman, Ajani let out another roar, beginning to transform into a diamond mink. He was barely able to transform half his body when he was hit by the barrier blades. She was so fast. The force would send the mink backwards into a brick house, creating a Ajani sized hole in the wall. By this time, Ajani was already transformed completely into his diamond form. he was embedded in the wall on the other side, generally unharmed, but he stood before a family sitting at the dinner table. Pulling himself out, he calmly turned towards the family and bowed. He made sure to speak as politely as possible to them, wanting to show remorse for the incident.

    Forgive me for the intrusion. I will be sure that you are paid for the damages.

    The family looked on with confused faces as the diamond skinned mink made his way out of the house through another part of the wall, causing the family to yell obscenities at him. Standing before him, a couple yards away was Sentai Pink. She would stare at him from behind her mask and speak in his direction with authority. Lion! You shall answer for your actions! Ajani shook his head and pointed behind him.

    MY ACTIONS? Look at the damage you caused! You are crazy if you think I won't stop you from your dastardly ways

    Extending his claws, the mink would Soru towards Sentai. His claws, while diamond, would be black from his haki, prepared to strike the woman in the chest with a well placed Shigan.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    After the lion was hit by her blade attack, he was sent crashing into a nearby house. This fueled the hero's fury. It's extremely likely that he could have prevented himself from crashing into that civilian house, but he did so anyways. He was truly evil, causing destruction for no reason other than to fuel his own enjoyment. To make matters worse, he had the audacity to blame her for the damage, when it was clearly his diamond body and lack of preventative measures that were to blame. When the lion briefly disappeared from sight, she would prepare by surrounding herself in a barrier. Barely getting it up in time, she would find herself in an advantageous position because of her barrier being clad in her haki, vibrations generated from her haki would create shock-waves that would apply a crushing like force to the lion in response to being struck by his attack.

    The damage I caused? You're the one who crashed into it with your hardened diamond body. You're the one who didn't even try to change your course. You're evil, through and through, and I am stopping you here! This town's safety depends on it!

    Based on his quick movement just now, in addition to the single finger (claw) attack he attempted to hit her with, she surmised him to be capable of the Rokushiki style of Marine origin. Did this make the lion a corrupt Marine who used his power to prey on a weak town? This fueled the fire of her fury. After quietly mumbling to herself, she sets into motion a plan. What seemed like mumbling was actually her giving instruction to her suit's AI system, Olivia. She had instructed Olivia to set up transparent wires all around as traps. The wires were durable and boosted by the invisible boost of her haki, and even if they did not trip the lion, they would serve to let her know where he was at all times. As her suit was capable of tracking which of her wires was severed.

    Time to prove once and for all that you are nothing but a liar!

    Attached to one of the wires was a barrier "grenade". Unlike her previous defensive barriers, this barrier was almost impossible to see.. When the wire it was attached to snapped, it would drop the barrier on the ground. This barrier, unlike all of her previous ones, would shatter upon impact into numerous barrier shards that were not only boosted by her black haki, but were as sharp as any blade. Normally such an attack would be meaningless to someone with the diamond defense capabilities that Goldmane has. However it would prove to be a test. Would Goldmane ignore the barrier shards given their inability to harm him and risk civilian injury? Or would he take the attack to defend the civilians? The hero of course would allow no harm to come to them. Should any of her shards threaten a civilian, she would simply create a new barrier causing the previous one to disappear.

    Meanwhile... the looming threat of the true demon, the actual lion responsible for the sporadic attacks on the town and its neighboring forests, was almost at the town. Going unnoticed due to the attention the fight was getting, it would soon surprise the town and threaten the lives of everyone present. If only either of the two had Observation haki, perhaps they could have sensed it approaching. As the beast made its way through the forest, tree after tree was crushed as it simply walked over them. It was so massive and destructive, but it was also unbelievable quiet given its extreme size.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post
    Ajani couldn't believe the audacity of Sentai Pink. The fact that she blamed him for the destruction of the villagers' home was beyond disgusting. The two haki enhanced attacks would collide and black sparks occur before Ajani was forced skidding backwards. Sentai Pink's haki was apparently stronger than his. If he hadn't used his Tekkai as the collision had occurred, he might have broken his finger. His fists clenched, a grinding sound being made from his diamond skin rubbing together. She was pretty strong, but he couldn't give up against her. He had to protect the villagers. The more he thought about it though, Ajani began to realize something. The girl seemed to think that he was the on that was endangering the people. Was she delusional? Couldn't she tell that he was a Marine Captain? Looking down, Goldmane noticed that he wasn't wearing his captain's jacket. He shook his head, realizing that this was a poor misunderstanding. She must have been looking for the lion just like Ajani was.

    Time to prove once and for all that you are nothing but a liar!

    With a start, Ajani would start to take a step forward in order to stop whatever she was planning, only to feel something tug on his leg. Looking down he would see nothing, but he did hear a shatter. A bomb seemed to go off, shooting black shards in all directions. At that moment, one of the children from the house he had crashed into looked out from his outline. With a panic, he would pounce towards the house, over the shards and landing in front of the boy with his arms outstretched, smiling at the boy as the shards would bounce off his back. He would smile at the frightened boy and then let out a bit of a forced jolly laugh. He had to remember why he smiled in the face of danger. I smile to show the pressure of heroes and to trick the fear inside of me. Patting the head of the somewhat frightened boy, he would let out a haughty laugh once more. The sun would reflect off his body and almost make him seem to shine even brighter.

    It's fine now. Why? Because I am here! AJANI GOLDMANE! I AM A MARINE AND THE SYMBOL OF PEACE!

    The tears in the boy's eyes would glisten as he would close his eyes, beginning to streak down his face. Turning away with the smile still on his face, Ajani would walk towards the woman once more. Before he could say anything, he would hear the cry of the little boy. Turning his head slightly, Ajani would acknowledge him. The little boy clenched his fist and then screamed with all his might.


    A toothy grin would spread across his face as he would turn to face Sentai Pink once more. Pointing at her, he would look with great displeasure. His own voice would raise as he would yell at her.

    I will not allow you to cause any more potential harm to these citizens. If you want to fight, we can fight. But lets take this fight somewhere out of town.

    It would seem that Ajani didn't notice the approaching evil at all. He was very focused on ensuring that the girl before him didn't cause any more risks to the populous. Unfortunately, because of this, he wouldn't be ready for when the true evil appeared.
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    After the hero witnessed the lion Marine shield the boy from her attack, she began to wonder if she had the right lion. It made no sense for him to do this... Unless, he was tricking her. Trying to get her to lower her guard by taking an attack that would do almost nothing to him even if he got hit by it directly. She felt slighted at this, and so she decided to amp up her attacks. She wanted to put out more dangerous attacks and see if he would be so willing to keep up his little facade. She decides to take to the sky using her Grasshopper platforms, but not before doing a full body ignite of her Red Hawk technique. This technique would momentarily surround her in fire. The moment she would launch up using the first of her Grasshopper platforms, the fire would disperse and it would appear like she had vanished.

    From her sky high vantage point, she would be able to see a lot of things, but unfortunately, the beast would be coming in the opposite direction she was facing, and her full attention was on Goldmane, so she did not turn around to take notice of the approaching threat. With her being so high up, and having the sun as a means of concealing her descent, she would proceed with her attack. She launches herself forward with as much strength as she can muster. As she is in the middle of rocketing towards Goldmane, she begins to do a few spins to build up her momentum even further. Moments before she would crash into Goldmane, a massive barrier hammer is formed, it is not only powered up by her black haki, but it would also be completely engulfed in flame. The final bonus, would be that upon impact, vibrations would amplify the crushing force of the attack in addition to giving it an overall damage boost.

    Judgement's Hammer!

    The kicker to all of this, was that the hammer was so massive, that if Goldmane tried to avoid it, the house of the boy who was shouting at him would possibly get threatened. Of course, if his true colors showed themselves, and he evaded her attack, she would be able to recall her hammer before the house was threatened. She had no intention of harming innocents, far from it. She wanted to expose this man for the fraud he was. Unfortunately for her, she was wrong about Goldmane. He was not the threat she needed to eliminate. A fact that would be painfully apparent to her in just a few more moments.

    The beast in question would finally come crashing through a building. The hero turns to see the source of the noise, and sees both the awakened Manticore Zoan user, and a large piece of building that is about to fall on a little girl who is too stunned to move. Without hesitation, a barrier is formed around the girl, and protects her from the falling rubble. However the beast is nearby, and so she keeps her barrier on the little girl as a precaution. She then dashes for the beast, with no defensive options, or any real attacking options, given that she was still protecting the girl with her barrier.

    Come on then fiend! It doesn't matter if I have no real means to attack or defend myself at the moment. I shall not let you hurt this town!

    As she speaks her decree, a massive claw comes towards her way, she is prepared to dodge, but due to the sheer scale of the attack, she was unable to evade it entirely, her suit was now damaged some, and blood was trickling down from her chest. She let out a shout- not one of pain, but one of determination, and proceeded to launch a haki enhanced wire attack at the beast. She fired two wires- each of them aimed at the beasts eyes. It was the best she could do for now.

    Little one! Get out of here fast! My barrier is an absolute defense, but without them I will be unable to slay this thing in an efficient manner. Do not worry! Until you are at a safe distance, my barrier will protect you- so just go. And leave this monster to me!

    Listening to the hero, the little girl proceeds to evacuate the scene. The monster lion tries to attack her, and the girl screams, but as promised the barrier was an absolute defense, at least, against this beast. It protected her from harm until she was far enough away from the fight.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post

    The Mink saved the little boy, completely prepared to defeat the girl now and bring peace to the island. Unfortunately, something about what Ajani did caused Sentai Pink to become angry. Her body would become engulfed in fire as she would jump high into the air, creating some kind of giant hammer. Her aim was to attack the very house he was aiming to protect. Coating his left arm in black haki, the man prepared to return his own attack back. He didn't know if he could destroy it, but he had to try in order to save the family. Why was she so intent on attacking this family, yet calling him the villian? She had to think he was the lion that was causing the destruction of the village, but that couldn't have been farther from the truth.

    Before he could react to her attack though, the monster that he had been searching for burst onto the scene. Sentai dashed towards it, seeing a little girl who could have been injured. A barrier was formed just in time to keep the little one safe, but it seemed that Pink could only make so many barriers. It wasn't likely that she could fight as effectively without them. With a grunt, Ajani would dash forward, jumping into the air and using Geppo to hop towards the Manticore as it slashed at the girl in the pink Sentai suit.

    I can't let heroics like that go to waste!

    Drawing his left arm back He made one last jump as he extended his arm in a flying super hero pose, hardening his body with Tekkai to not only enhance his durability, but to enhance the impact of his attack. The black haki would vibrate, just like the girls, seeming to show that he had learned her technique just from watching. The crushing collision of the attack would be great if it landed, but there wasn't much Ajani could do now. He was completely still now that he was using his special attack.

    Flying Fist of Absolute JUSTICE!
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    When Goldmane rushed in, and focused on the monster rather than herself, she realized she had made a mistake earlier. He was no corrupt Marine. He was likely sent to this island do deal with this threat. Unlike herself, who only happened to be passing by at the right moment. She realized she had no information network to speak of, and that, if she wished to continue doing her heroics, she would need to establish one. This would be her first chance to do so. She could hear the music of her soul louder than ever before. Noticing that Goldmane was preparing some kind of attack, she moved to back him up. The monster moved its massive paw for a swiping attack.

    She wasn't going to let that happen. However there was a dilemma. Due to the size of the beast, if she blocked the attack with barrier it would either a barrier large enough to protect Goldmane and the town, but ruin his attack, or it would be a barrier small enough to protect Goldmane and allow his attack, but at the cost of further damage to the city. She wasn't going to stand for either option. She sets up a barrier to protect the city from the monster lion's attacks, and launches herself towards the beast. Coating herself in black haki, and then igniting, a flaming figure that was herself intercepts the attack. The creature lacks the comprehension to avoid further contact with the fire, and so he suffers intense burns on his front right paw.

    Sorry for mistaking you for someone else! Let's put our squabble aside and take care of this thing. I'll do my best to ensure the town doesn't get destroyed during our fight, so don't worry about that!

    With the paw attack intercepted, the creature lashes out using its scorpion-like tail. The force of the attack knocks the hero into her own barrier, the one that was defending the town. As she is about to collide with it, she alters the properties of the barrier and momentarily turns it into one giant Grasshopper barrier. She then uses the bounce to propel herself back towards Goldmane and the beast. During her flight, she pulls out her Sentai Blaster and fires a barrage of moderately powerful lasers at the beast. It is incapable of dodging them, but its size and defenses are not to be underestimated. It hardly flinches, and simply carries on with its plans. From the tip of its tail, a purple liquid is shot out. It is a poison, and this causes a moment of hesitation from the hero. She had no means of protecting herself against poison. Her barrier could not stop that kind of attack. She had been brave and fearless up until this point, but would that continue?...

    Of course it would. Arriving on the front lines of the battle once more, she takes the barrier that was defending the town for a moment. Deciding that she would put the phrase she read so long ago to practice, she creates a barrier underneath the beast, trapping it within at the same time. And using it like an elevator, causes the beast to rise rapidly into the air. As high as she can make it go. Once he is as high as planned, she will simply cancel the barrier and put it in place to defend the town once more. He was rather tank-y when it came to dealing with their attacks, but how would he fare against something like gravity? She was eager to find out. The beast crashes into the ground with a mighty THUD. It lets out a screech of pain, and remains grounded for a few moments, giving Goldmane a chance to strike with a follow up attack.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post
    As Ajani flew through the air, the manticore raised a paw to intercept his attack. He was pretty confident that his body could intercept the attack, but it would ruin his chance of being on the offensive. Never the less he didn't have time to debate because Sentai Pink would emerge covered in haki and flames, intercepting the paw and allowing him to strike true. Calling out to him, she would apologize for the misunderstanding and call for a pax in order to defeat the monster. This was, of course, something that Ajani could oblige as he considered the safety of the town to be paramount. He would strike the stomach of the beast, his attack causing the beast to skid backwards a bit and roar with slight pain. Using its free paw, it would swipe at him, throwing him into the ground below and causing him to leave a body sized hole in the ground.

    The marine captain wasn't hurt from the impact, but he was a bit stuck in the ground. Releasing his body from Tekkai, as well as returning to his normal form, Ajani would struggle to stand up in his mini-crater. The walls were tight against his body, leaving very little room for him to get up. With a roar, he would use his claws and squirm his way up. It looked like he had made quite a deep indent, but he eventually got up in time to see the monster being lifted into the air by Sentai Pink. From there the mink knew what he was to do. With a grin he would run past the girl, letting out a confident chuckle.

    Just like that!

    Quickly, he would Soru up into the air to where the manticore was, then he would use geppo to get even higher, watching for when the girl would drop him. As the monster dropped, Ajani too would drop down above him. Curling himself into a ball, Ajani would harden once more with tekkai and coat himself in his diamond form. Coating his bottom in black vibrating haki, Ajani would let gravity be his aid. The animal would land on the ground with a rumble, letting out a cry of pain. It was just in time, as Ajani would land on its stomach with the force of a haki covered boulder.

    Tekkai Cannon Ball OF ABSOLUTE JUSTICE!

    The impact would cause shock-waves in all directions, blowing back any bystanders harmlessly. Hopefully this would be enough to take out the beast. Regardless, Ajani would stand atop the beast's belly triumphant. He would let out a hearty laugh before looking at the little boy in the house that had cheered him on. Giving him a thumbs up, the little boy would begin to cry with joy.


    Wherever the strong would harm the weak, I will be there.... Remember that
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    Not even a moment after crashing to the ground, the manticore beast would find its screech of pain interrupted. Goldmane had crashed into it as a super haki enhanced boulder. The beast cries out once more, and as a gut reaction, it spits up a corrosive saliva. This would threaten Goldmane unless he acted quickly and moved out of the way. After, he would reassure the townsfolk with a thumbs up and a smile. Paying particular attention to the boy he saved earlier. The hero was watching, and was about to consider things wrapped up. However she noticed two things and acted immediately. The first, was that the beast was not finished just yet, and the second was even more troubling to her. The poison the creature spewed out earlier was approaching the town. Her barrier would not protect against an attack like the poison, and so she needed to act.

    She gave her word that the town would be protected during their fight with the manticore, and she intended to keep her word. She would disappear from the sight of the townsfolk around the same time that the manticore decided to strike back at Goldmane. A ferocious bite would threaten the lion Marine, who was standing triumphantly over the belly of the beast. Meanwhile, she would appear just in time to move the boy who shouted to Goldmane out of harms way. After placing him further from the poison, she would advise him to proceed with caution, then call out to Goldmane directly.

    It's great to see you cheering for someone you look up to. However, my barrier will not prevent the poison from seeping through. So watch out for it, okay?

    She then motioned to the floor indicating how close he was to the poison. After, she would turn to Goldmane.

    This thing still has some fight left in it. Let's save the showmanship for later, okay? I say we hit it with another combination attack. I trust you to follow up on my lead!

    With her back to the town, she faces the manticore. The barrier protecting it disappears. From her foot, she sent a barrier tunneling underground. What she was planning was similar to her Mole Claw attack, which involved striking an opponent from below with a barrier with a bladed edge. However, instead, it would be a pillar. With just enough force to knock the beast up a bit. If Goldmane was prepared to follow up, now would be the time. However, the hero was not yet done with her attack. She would jump up as high as her legs would take her, and then a haki enhanced wire shoots out, and attaches itself to the airborne beast. The wire retracts itself, and violently pulls her towards the beast. During the process, she surrounds herself in her Geist armor, a full body barrier suit, and shapes the portion surrounding her head into a large spike that was blackened from her haki, pulsating. She was to be the nail, and she wanted Goldmane to be the hammer. With the beast caught between the two. Once she comes in contact with the beast, the tip of her barrier armor that would be lodged into the beast if things went according to plan, would ignite, and threaten the creatures insides with burn damage.
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post
    After landing triumphantly upon the monster, acid seemed to burst forth from the animal's mouth. Goldenmane had to swiftly roll out of the was as the toxic sludge landed upon the animal's own belly. He would then jump into the air, floating through the usage of Geppo, just barely avoiding the maw of the giant beast. His frown was apparent as he noticed that the venom was making its way towards the little boy he had saved, but before he could react, Sentai Pink managed to save him. A sigh of relief would come from his lips as he would float above the monster. They needed to make an end to this fight before it got out of control. Sentai seemed to feel the exact same way as she purposed that they worked together in order to take the manticore down. Nodding, he awaited her attack.

    Sentai Pink began to knock the monster up with a barrier and made her way towards the animal, while Ajani backed her up, dashing behind her and following her lead. She seemed to be covered in a barrier, covering herself with Haki. It was almost like she formed herself into a sort of nail. That was when the mink began to grin. He knew what her plan was now. With a jolt, Ajani would jump with her, drawing his hands back and bolstering his strength. He didn't add any haki to his attack, but he brought both arms forward with his palms together, making a double handed strike at the back of her feet, launching her forward at intense speeds.


    Landing upon the ground he prepared himself for if the attack didn't work out. He followed the suggestion and saved the heroic gestures for when the beast was downed. The Lion was a bit limited in what he could do in regards to this fight. As much as his superiors might not like it, he would have to leave the rest up to Sentai Pink. She seemed like a reliable girl, when she wasn't so consumed by her hotheaded nature. He was simply left to wait for the result, something his nature wasn't always accustomed to.

    I really need to power up.... I'm not strong enough the way I am now. Not if i want to be the Icon of Peace that the people of the World need...
    Quote Originally Posted by Yukiko View Post
    Sentai Pink and Goldmane- Forming an Unlikely Alliance!
    While she the combination attack ended up different from what she had imagined, it got the job done. With Goldmane's assistance, she rocketed towards the beast and went right through it. Lighting its insides up, it would end up knocked on the floor, unconscious or dead from all of the injuries it has sustained. Perhaps if it was more sentient it would have proved to be more of a challenge, but its wild nature was easy for the two to deal with. Given their more defensively inclined abilities. Deactivating her Geist armor, she would ask her AI known as Olivia to check the beast to confirm its status. Shortly after her asking, her suit would speak up. The first time it would speak out loud, which would likely surprise those present. Unless they were familiar with the capabilities of her suit.

    Confirmed. The creature is unconscious. I suggest restraining it and moving it to captivity.

    I'll leave that to the Marine then...

    The hero would let out a sigh of relief. Terrible beast or not, this creature was once a person before either being overwhelmed by their fruit, or allowing such a transformation to take place. She did not want to take their life, she only wanted to stop them from harming any more innocent people. A task which she completed. Albeit with the help of a Marine who she had mistaken. She did not know of the Mink race, but that was no excuse for how rashly she acted. She had the skills needed to be a hero, but she lacked the knowledge. She needed to learn more about the world in order to be a better hero for the people. Even if a majority of them will treat her as a criminal because of the bounty she obtained for interfering with a corrupt Marine plot involving an obelisk. She turned to face Goldmane, and would ask two things.

    May I ask for your name? Your true name. There is also one more thing I would like to know. Have you consumed a Diamond devil fruit in addition to a Lion one? I didn't think it was possible to consume more than one devil fruit...

    After asking her two questions, it would become obvious to Goldmane that she was acting due to a lack of knowledge. Having no idea a race such as his existed. With his reply, she would gather insight, and be a step closer to being the hero she wants to be. Should Goldmane... no, Ajani, ask for her name in return, she would pause for a moment to think about it. It was a risk to divulge such details, but she got the feeling that someone such as himself would rather die than tell a secret that was not his to tell. Especially if it was someone such as herself, who fought along side him like she has. After taking those few moments to think, she would start off her answer by removing her helmet.

    Ajani? Nice to meet you. Call me Rhea. Rhea Aldaine. I believe we can provide each other with useful information. You, with the resources of the Marines behind you, and me with my constantly traveling nature... What do you say to a sort of secret partnership?

    With her helmet removed, Ajani would be able to see that the hero who had fought along side him was still a kid. A girl only 17 years old. Traveling and fighting fierce battles on her own. It was how she wanted things to go, but it would still likely be a shock. After he hopefully agreed to her partnership idea, she would give him a smile before putting her helmet back on. It was time for her to go. There were other people out there who were in need of saving. And while she knows she can't save the people she can't reach, she does her best to reach as many people as she possibly can. Even if those people don't see her as a hero, she will save the people who need saving. And thus, her adventure on this small island comes to an end...
    Quote Originally Posted by Garra View Post
    The Leonin would grin when the girl ended up finishing off the Manticore. They had accomplished their goal, though it was bittersweet. Ajani had been unable to contain the threat himself. Sure, one could say that Sentai Pink had somewhat interfered with his ability to find and defeat the monster, but the reality of the situation was that if she hadn't been there, he most likely wouldn't have been able to defeat the lion. He wasn't as strong as he could have been or needed to be. In a way, he was kind of a failure. But he couldn't allow his head to hang with disappointment. He had to look strong for the people of the village, and for the World Government. They were the face of protection and order. Never the less, thanks were in order for the lady hero, though she was considered to be a traitor to the Government. He should arrest Sentai, but something in him told him that she wasn't really an enemy. She just wanted to do what was right, even though it wasn't always the right thing.

    Walking over to the beast, he reached into the folds of his clothes, somehow pulling out a large pair of seastone collar. The mink placed it around the neck of the monster, causing the knocked out animal to become a limp mass, weakened by the thing around it's neck. It wouldn't be causing much issue for anyone now. He would then grab his long range denden mushi, speaking into it with a proper authoritative voice.

    Commadore, I have located the threat of the island and apprehended it. Please meet me at the dock and I will bring the prisoner for transport to confinement.

    He would then return his attention to Sentai Pink. She was very cordial towards him now. She asked him of his name, seemingly curious of who he really was. He would politely introduce himself as Ajani, as he had no other name besides the one that others called him by. She would definitely entertain him by asking him if he ate a lion devil fruit as well as a diamond devil fruit. At this question he would laugh quite heartily, loud enough that it would echo off into the distance. It was almost refreshing to know that there were still people who had no idea what a mink was. He had to take a moment to bring himself back into order. With a welcoming grin, Ajani would address the issue of what he was.

    No, no... I am from the Mink Tribe on Zou. We haven't really left our land for quite a long time. I decided that it was time to represent our people before the face of the World Government. But what of you? What is your name?

    She would respond with Rhea Aldaine, removing her helmet and surprising the mink with the face of a young cub. She would offer him the opportunity to be an ally. Together they would be able to keep people safe from harm. Almost without a chance for her to react, Ajani would pounce on her, a rumbling coming from his belly. Though it might seem like an attack at first, if she listened carefully, it would sound like the purring of a house-cat, but much deeper and richer. His rough tongue would drag along her face as he licked her, most-likely making the girl uncomfortable because of the fact that she didn't know much about minkship.

    Garchuuuu. Of course I'll help you Rhea! The way you were willing to help this village, I will help you. We will always
    be friends! Garchu!

    He would hand her a transponder denden mushi that only connected to his, handing it to her between nibbles.

    Anytime you need something give me a ring. I will do the same.

    After a moment, he would remember that he had messaged his commanding officer. Becoming professional again, he would separate himself from her and nudge her away. He didn't want her getting caught by any other officers. She was already a wanted woman the way she was. Lucky for her no one knew her true identity.

    I need to take this monster into custody. You need to get out of that suit before the navy gets here. As far as I'm concerned, you got away during the fight against the Manticore. I will be sure to keep in touch with you... Grwaaaoor.

    With that, Goldenmane grabbed the manticore by it's mane and dragged it towards the docks, waving to his new friend without turning back.
    Never underestimate your opponent, no matter how small they may seem.

    Sai Mugurama
    Ajani "Goldmane"

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    Loaning Domo 300k, or however much he needs

    Using this + my 300k to buy a low make gadget (Breathing Apparatus.) Should be 400k + 200k non-cyborg tax.

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