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    One Piece RPG Shop thread

    Basic Shop (Accessible to everyone)


    Wazamono Grade/Rank 4 Swords:
    Description: There are an undetermined number of Grade Swords. They are sharp swords, and the lowest grade possible for a named blade. They have 40 durability, meaning they can handle an impact damage of 50 Strength or less.
    Price: 400,000 ฿

    Ryo Wazamono Grade/Rank 3 Swords:
    Description: There are 50 Skillful Grade Swords. Their quality is higher than the Wazamono but lower than O Wazamono Grade Swords. These are the highest Grade Swords available in the Basic Shop, and have 70 durability.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Vivre Card:
    Description: A nearly indestructible piece of paper combined with DNA of an individual that will lead the holder to the individual. The paper will start to burn away the closer the person is to death.
    Price: 200,000 ฿

    Black Market (Accessible to everyone)

    Chunk of Adam Wood
    Description: A piece of wood from Treasure Tree Adam. Though it is not large enough to reinforce a ship, a fine weapon could be made from it.
    Price: 3,000,000 ฿

    Chunk of Kairoseki
    Description: A piece of the mysterious stone that holds the power of the sea. Weakens Devil Fruit users and bypasses Devil Fruit invulnerability. Turning a bladed weapon into Kairoseki will dull the blade, hampering its ability to cut. This can be negated through upgrading the weapon into a Wazamono or Ryo Wazamono level blade.
    Price: 750,000 ฿

    Spiritual Exorcism
    Description: A corrupt priest from a far off land exorcises the devil out of your body, removing your Devil Fruit powers. This leaves you free to consume another.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Master Mushroom Hypnotism
    Description: Master Mushroom, the hypnotist master with a mushroom head hypnotizes you and swaps your memories of training your Fighting Style for another.
    Price: 500,000 ฿

    Boris the Drunken Surgeon
    Description: Boris will his underworld famous surgery on you, moving muscles and nerves around to change your basic stats around.
    25% of your total stats: 200,000 ฿

    Occupation Change
    Description: Through magical means, you are able to completely change your occupation/professional traits.
    Price: 600,000 ฿ and the complete erasure of any products/knowledge made from your traits (even if owned by someone else)

    Race Changing Punch!
    Description: A mysterious figure from another universe shows up and punches you so hard that it scrambles your atoms on a genetic level, forcing you to become another race.
    Price: 500,000 ฿

    Spritual Reincarnation
    Description: Kill yourself and have a priest conduct your spirit into a customized body of the same level.
    Price: 1,500,000 ฿

    Perk Cola
    Description: SUUUPPPPPERRRRR~ Cola. It allows for the ability to change a single perk.
    Price: 500,000 ฿

    Meta Munchy Meal
    Description: Offers an extra Devil Fruit Slot for your overall characters. This means you can potentially have a third or fourth character with a Devil Fruit.
    Price: 5,000,000 ฿ for third slot
    10,000,000 ฿ for fourth slot

    Custom Cursed Weapon
    Description: A weapon of great power capable of preforming normally undoable feats. When being created, a drawback of equal power is need to balance it out. Needs approval and Pricing by a GM.
    Price: To be Determined

    Mystery Box~
    Description: What could be in it? It could be anything or nothing. Gold? Dial weapon? Or even...the legendary Pandaman Key chain?! Just buy it and try your luck!
    Price: 1,500,000

    Treasure Map
    Description: A map leading to a random island in one of the major oceans. This is VERY VERY luck based. Luck will determine how difficult the quest to get the treasure is and how valuable the treasure will be.
    Price: 1,800,000

    Material Shop (Accessible to all)

    Description: An ingot of iron ready to be melted down and used to form something such as a weapon or shield. Bigger weapons will most likely need more than one ingot, so they are often sold in bundles.
    • 1 Ingot: 50,000 Beri
    • 6 Ingots: 300,000 Beri
    • 12 Ingots: 600,000 Beri

    Description: An ingot of steel ready to be melted down and used to form something such as a weapon or shield. Bigger weapons will most likely need more than one ingot, so they are often sold in bundles.
    • 1 Ingot: 80,000 Beri
    • 6 Ingots: 480,000 Beri
    • 12 Ingots: 720,000 Beri

    Description: A solid piece of wood that can be cut, sawed or shaved down to fit whatever it’s needed for. Because wood is not as malleable as metals, it is often sold in different sizes. Large is nowhere near the amount needed for a ship, but can make a few decent sized wooden shields.
    • Small: 100,000 Beri
    • Medium: 200,000 Beri
    • Large: 400,000 Beri

    Adam Wood
    Description: Some of the best wood you will ever get your hands on. Lightweight and highly durable, it’s sought after by many to make ships and other objects. However, its rarity and strength makes it very expensive and can only be bought in moderate amounts, usually only enough for a single shield.
    Price: 1,200,000 Beri

    Description: While it lacks the durability of metals or wood, leather is commonly used as straps for weapon sheathes or to coat wooden shields. A skilled craftsman could find any number of uses for it. Since leather is much easier to work with than metal or wood, it is sold in bulk with different levels of strength.
    • Cow: 150,000 Beri
    • Desert Lizard: 250,000 Beri
    • Sea King: 450,000 Beri

    Description: The inner workings of a mechanical friend in your hand. Fully customizable by the purchaser; it comes with an assortment of wires, circuit boards and over mechanical stuff. This is advanced technology and has a wide variety of uses, so its sold in various sizes of bundles from small, simple tech to giant robots capable of mass destruction.
    • Small: 600,000 Beri
    • Medium (Spacey): 1,200,000 Beri
    • Large (Human sized): 1,800,000 Beri
    • Extra Large (Pacifista) 2,400,000 Beri
    • Humongous (Franky Shogun): 3,000,000 Beri

    Description: Various chemicals made available for purchase. Since these vary in composition and quantity by so much, it’s impossible to make an accurate pricing system for them. Instead, its price is given out upon purchase.
    Price: Requires GM pricing upon purchase

    Medical Supplies
    Description: Various medical supplies such as syringes, gauze, penicillin, medicine and antidotes. While it is simple enough to get most of these supplies, having more for experimentation never hurts.
    Price: Requires GM pricing

    Description: Highly Flammable and Highly dangerous. Sold by the barrel. Do not place near open flames.
    • 1 Barrel: 300,000 Beri
    • 2 Barrel: 550,000 Beri
    • 3 Barrels: 850,000 Beri

    Map Making Materials
    Description: For the mapmakers out there, this is sold in a bundle. Each bundle contains a large amount of paper, sketching pencils, compasses and colored pencils.
    Price: 800,000 Beri

    Description: Being rubber, it is highly flexible and resilient. Not up to snuff when confronted by blades, it still has various uses as a production material. Sold in 5 ft x 5 ft x 3 ft chunks.
    Price: 500,000 Beri per chunk

    Other Materials
    Anything not listed above can be added upon request.
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    Grand Line Shops


    Axe Dial:
    The Axe Dial is capable of releasing an X-shaped air wave that can cut through a simple iron shield.
    Price: 800,000 ฿

    Flash Dial:
    Description: Can store and release light. The Flash Dial lets out an extremely bright amount of light for a very brief period, effectively causing temporary blindness if used against a person.
    Price: 900,000 ฿

    Heat Dial:
    The Heat Dial stores and releases heat energy at various degrees.
    Price: 800,000 ฿

    Breath Dial:
    The Breath Dial is capable of storing and releasing air-currents.
    Price: 900,000 ฿

    Flavor Dial
    Description: Can store smells and aromas, along with other types of gas, such as explosive and flammable ones.
    Price: 800,000 ฿

    Ball Dial:
    The Ball Dial produces ball shaped clouds capable of being stood upon and filled with objects such as gunpowder for explosions. They aren’t usable on the Blue Sea, only in the White sea in the sky.
    Price: 700,000 ฿

    Milky Dial
    Description: Can store clouds. This can be used to create pathways in the air out of clouds, upon which devices capable of moving upon clouds can travel. This dial can only be used on an island on the sky. Trying to use it on the blue sea will result in the clouds dissipating before forming.
    Price: 400,000 ฿

    Impact Dial
    Description: May be hit by anything blunt, or that does not slice, and will absorb the kinetic energy. Once the apex of the Dial is pressed, the stored energy is released, usually causing internal injuries to a living body, while not leaving any visible external damage. The Impact Dial can also absorb the impact of explosions.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Eisen Dial
    Description: A dial that produces clouds with the strength of normal iron. Like other cloud based dials, they normally don't work on the Blue sea.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Water Dial
    Description: Can store and release water.
    Price: 1,000,000

    Thunder Dial
    The Thunder Dial is capable of storing and releasing electricity. Unlike other elemental dials, it has a very short range of effect when released. It is primarily used to give an electrical charge to a weapon.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Flame Dial
    The Flame Dial is capable of storing and releasing flames.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Lamp Dial
    The Lamp Dial is used for capturing light and releasing it at a lower brightness than the Flash dial for a longer time.
    Price: 200,000 ฿

    Tone Dial
    Description: Can to record and replay sounds spoken into it.
    Price: 200,000 ฿

    Vision Dial
    The Vision Dial is used for capturing images and playing them back. The Vision Dial is comparable to a modern-day camera. It is useful for scouting and recording evidence.
    Price: 300,000 ฿

    Blue Sea Dial
    Transform your Ball/Milky/Eisen dial into a dial that will work on the Blue sea.
    Price: 400,000 ฿



    Burn Blade
    Description: A sword hilt with a breath dial and flame dial installed to make a blade of flames.
    Price: 1,600,000 ฿

    Heat Lance
    Description: A lance with a Heat Dial placed inside. It heats up and burns whatever it strikes.
    Price: 1,200,000 ฿

    Jet Dial
    Description: A more powerful version of the Breath Dial, which blows out a burst of air at great speed.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Reject Dial
    Description: A more powerful version of the Impact Dial. It releases a greater amount of energy, but the recoil is extremely dangerous.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Flash Gun
    Description: A firearm that can produce a bright flash when fired, so the opponents can't see the bullets that is fired along with it.
    Price: 1,200,000 ฿

    Burn Bazooka
    Description: A bazooka with three Dials installed into it. Fires in two modes: Gas mode and Flame mode.
    Price: 1,400,000 ฿

    Eisen Sword
    Description: A sword composed of Iron Cloud. The Eisen Dial in the pommel allows changing the Iron Cloud into many different shapes. This weapon will only work on a Sky Island.
    Price: 1,600,000 ฿

    Reject Shield
    Description: A shield that has a reject dial in stored to it. Unlike the Impact, the reject shield can absorb a larger amount of kinetic energy and release it with a force of 10 times higher than that of the impact dial.
    1,600,000 ฿

    Custom Dial Weapon
    Description: A custom weapon that uses dials to grant additional power.
    Requires approval/pricing.

    Karakuri Island



    Common Grade
    Akin to swords, axes, and guns, this grade of weapon is the basic a cyborg can implement without breaking the bank. The weapons can be sheathed inside the cyborg and can be brandished in a simple motion or action.

    Exotic Grade
    Requiring more complicated systems within, as well as better knowledge and know how of their functions, this grade of weapon can be labeled as bizarre and different. Chains, chain saws, nail guns, sticky goop, and other fine features are located within exotic.

    Low Elemental Grade
    Akin to basic flamethrowers, smoke canisters, and even tasers, the cyborg has a basic elemental based weapon installed within them. Its use is limited, but it provides the element desired

    High Elemental Grade
    Lasers, fire blasts, air cannons, tesla coils, and other ridiculous acts of science fiction exist within this grade of weapons. The amount of these weapons allowed per cyborg is limited and varied, each piece being a high work of technology.

    Bakumetal Weapon
    A weapon made of a unique metallic alloy and fitted with an internal battery. Thanks to its make up, it is a weapon capable of taking two different forms while remaining more durable than steel. Due to its capabilities and difficulty in production and pre-configuration, it is a very expensive weapon. Yes, you can make a Crescent Rose with it.
    Price: 2,500,000 Beri

    Low Make
    Simple gadgets that can enhance one;s performance in battle, they perform basic functions without much glitter or galore. Change and upgrades in optics, senses, and simple utility items would be under this category. Upgrades to weapons and other armaments could also be within here.

    High Make
    Able to augment the body in bizarre ways, these gadgets provide a wild variety of utility depending upon what is created. Centaur legs and extra limbs are a few of the off hand things that can occur.

    Low Quality
    A basic chassis more for mounting weapons than for armor. It can weather blows, but it should not be relied upon. Cheap. Allows minimal cyborg weapon mounting. Limited in exotic and low elemental grade.
    Price: 600,000฿

    Medium Quality
    More standard, this offers decent protection and grants resistances against certain damage types like slashing and piercing. It does have mild weaknesses from either mobility or missing chunks of protection. Allows moderate cyborg upgrades, though limited in high elemental grade.

    High Quality
    Near the level of Pacifista without being Pacifsita, this armor grants its wearer the best protection. It is thick, often of an unknown alloy that is greater than steel, and is meant for New World protection. Allows maximum cyborg weapon mounting and armor suit integration.



    Weatheria Blacksmith
    Description: Given the materials, the blacksmith can combine them to give the weapon a weather-based effect.
    Requires approval/pricing

    Wind Knot
    Description: A magical rope that is tied three times. Untying one knot results in a light breeze. Untying a second knot brings a strong wind. Untying the last knot summons a squall.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Clima Tact
    Description: The unupgraded weapon used by Nami. Requires at least 2 stars in a Meteorology trait to use effectively.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Perfect Clima Tact Upgrade
    Turns the Clima-tact into the upgraded weapon used by Nami. Requires at least 3 stars in a Meteorology trait to be used effectively.
    Price: 1,750,000 ฿

    Sorcery Clima-Tact Upgrade
    The Perfect Clima-tact is upgraded into Nami’s post-time skip clima-tact using the most advanced Weatherian technology. Requires at least 4 stars in a Meteorology trait to use effectively.
    Price: 2,500,000 ฿

    Weather Ball
    Description: A globe that appears to have lightning inside of it. Produces a storm cloud that will rain lightning down on the area. Caution: It has no targeting ability. You and any allies may be hit.
    Price: 800,000 ฿

    Rain Ball
    Description: A bubble that holds a cloud inside. Once popped, it rises into the air and expands then starts raining on the area.
    Price: 800,000
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    Grand Line shops Continued

    Water 7


    Description: A tropical hardwood used in building ships. It is stronger than average wood. This is enough to build a ship around the size of the Going Merry. It is lightweight, but can't stand heavy cannon fire.
    Going Merry Size: 1,200,000 Beri
    Medium Size Ship: 1,500,000 Beri
    Marine Warship Size: 1,800,000 Beri

    Description: A large Quantity of Iron used in shipbuilding. It is stronger than most woods, but weighs much more. It is capable of taking more hits than Teak, but moves slower.
    Going Merry Size: 1,500,000 Beri
    Medium Size Ship: 1,800,000 Beri
    Marine Warship size: 2,200,000 Beri

    Description: A large quanity of Steel used for shipbuilding. Significantly stronger than most woods, but it weighs much more, causing ships to move slow. This allows you to build a ship the size of a Marine Warship.
    Going Merry Size: 1,800,000 Beri
    Medium Size Ship: 2,200,000 Beri
    Marine Warship Size: 2,500,000 Beri

    Adam Wood
    Description: The best and most expensive material to make a ship out of. It is extremely durable and weighs less than Iron or Steel.
    Going Merry Size: 4,000,000 Beri
    Medium Size Ship: 4,500,000 Beri
    Marine Warship Size: 5,000,000 Beri

    Mass of Bakumetal
    Only able to be handled by extremely skilled metallurgists, those with extensive knowledge of shape memory alloys, and its original creator. Those without the proper knowledge or skills would be unable to work the metal as they’d like. This metal is sold (rather expensively) in a large quantity for the use in the building of vehicles, ships or other large structures. Harder than steel, easy to fix, and capable of transformation, it is top of the line material if one can get their hands on it.
    Going Merry Size: 6,000,000 Beri
    Medium Sized Ship: 7,500,000
    Marine Warship: 9,000,000

    Ship Weaponry
    Description: A custom weapon to be installed on a ship.
    Requires approval/pricing.

    Sabaody Archipelago

    Desciption: A process in which a ship is coated with special resin from the Yarukiman Mangroves, enabling it to survive the crushing depths of the ocean, such as at the bottom of the Red Line.
    Price: 1,500,000 ฿

    Flutter Kick Coating
    Desciption: Stored within Bubbly Coral, it works just like with normal coating, covers a person with a bubble to give them a bubble diving suit. When a person is coated, the bubble forms a spherical shape around the person from the knees up, with a thin coating from the leg down. Just like with Ship coating, the people are able to withstand great pressure as long as they are in the bubble, but the air they have is limited. The bubble will only work underwater, in Sabaody Archipelago and on Fishman Island.
    Price: 400,000 ฿

    Boin Archipelago

    Description: The unupgraded weapon used by Usopp. It’s composed of a long metal staff with a horseshoe shaped slingshot with 3 straps for enhanced accuracy and range.
    Price: 1,000,000 ฿

    Kuro Kabuto Upgrade
    Description: The smaller, lighter, and more maneuverable weapon used by Usopp. While significantly smaller than Kabuto, it adds 2 straps for more range, accuracy and power.
    Price: 1,500,000 ฿

    Grow-Up Kuro Kabuto Upgrade
    Description: The upgraded Kabuto weapon used by Usopp. Longer and stronger with a plant-like sling, capable of biting close range combatants.
    Price: 2,000,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Devil
    Description: A Pop Green that creates a large Venus Flytrap which attacks enemies. In addition to being able to eat enemies with its large mouth, it can ensnare those nearby with its vines.
    Price: 600,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Sargasso
    Description: Fires a Pop Green at a target, which then explodes into an array of resilient seaweed, strong enough to delay an avalanche of rock and earth.
    Price: 700,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Rafflesia
    Description: Fires a Pop Green at an enemy, not aiming for them specifically but a place near them. The pop green reveals a rather large Rafflesia flower. The flower then excretes a foul smelling odor, disabling the enemy's senses with its stench.
    Price: 400,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Take Jave-rin
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green and stalks of bamboo shoots up from the ground, stabbing and impaling anyone it crosses paths with.
    Price: 600,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Dokuro Bakuhatsu So
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green that explodes upon impact. It releases a large red explosion in the shape of a skull.
    Price: 800,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Humandrake
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green on the ground that only triggers to attack opponents once they step on it, with its living roots it leaps off to the opponent causing them to get off balance.
    Price: 700,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Trampolia
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green on the ground that launches anyone who gets close to it up into the air. It is shaped like a big flower with a bubble at the center.
    Price: 300,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Impact Wolf
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green into the air which then sprouts into grass that takes the shape of a wolf. The bulb where it came from that shaped like a wolf's nose can release a stunningly powerful shockwave that is three meters in diameter, which can shock an opponent.
    Price: 1,300,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Boaty Banana
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green on to the water that turns into a banana shaped like a boat.
    Price: 500,000 ฿

    Midori Boshi: Uchiwa So
    Description: Shoots a Pop Green which sprouts tall grass that looks like uchiwa fans on one end of it. An "uchiwa" is a non-bending hand-held fan primarily used for cooling oneself in hot weather.
    Price: 200,000 ฿

    Custom Pop Green
    Description: A pop green of your own making. Must work within the One Piece universe to be approved
    Price: To be determined upon approval

    Thriller Bark


    Worried you became too much metal and not enough flesh? One easy payment, and the shop reverses said order, returning your fleshy self, good as new. This upgrade or purchase can be replaced by race change, DF change, and other relevant changes.

    Animal Parts
    Humans, giants, and fishmen are pretty amazing, but animals are equally cunning. For a particular price, replace your body part with that of an animals, and reap the benefits! Also, reap the consequences as well.
    Price varies

    Stitch yourself on a fancy new arm or two, or replace a lost one or three, all at the cost of money
    and the potential awkwardness your brain must now deal with.
    Price varies

    Not enough liver? Need an extra lung? Got your kidney stolen? Want to stress your vitality more than ever? Look no further when you add a new organ for one low (expensive) price!
    Price varies

    Donate a limb, sacrificing a limb permanently until replaced, to get paid. The benefits are horribly outweighed by the consequences, but who cares? Money.

    If a player had purchased any additional organs or limbs beyond their normal, hire an expensive Repo Man to reclaim them. His services are precise to a scalpel point... and his immortality painful. A Role Play Hitman, of sorts.
    2,000,000 beri

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    Mystery Box contents:
    1. Custom Pop Green
    2. 200,000
    3. High Make Gadget
    4. Wind Knot
    5. Free Profession Change
    6. High Grade Animal Implant
    7. Pacifista grade metal
    8. Nothing
    9. Chunk of Kairoseki
    10. Z's Sunglasses
    11. 1,000,000 Beri
    12. Nothing
    13. Heat Lance
    14. Spiritual Exorcism Ticket
    15. 3,000,000 Beri
    16. Blueprint for Low Make Gadget
    17. Nothing
    18. 2,000,000 Beri
    19. Chunk of Kairoseki
    20. 1,500,000
    21. Reject Dial
    22. Devil Fruit
    23. Climatact
    24. Strange Egg
    25. God Usopp's Goggles
    26. Impact Wolf Pop Green
    27. 2 Thunder Dials
    28. 50% off next purchase of any item
    29. BOGO coupon (only works on items worth 1 Mil beri or less)
    30. Free Fighting Style change
    31. High Elemental Grade Cyborg Weapon
    32. Blue Sea Milky & Ball Dials
    33. Ryo Wazamono grade weapon
    34. Kuro Kabuto
    35. A whole bunch of watermelons
    36. 500,000 Extol
    37. Nothing
    38. Flutter Kick Coating
    39. Animal Part
    40. 50% off next Mystery Box
    41. 2 Sets of Unique Pop greens
    42. 2 Eisen dials (Normal)
    43. Book of Leveling 1
    44. Free DF Slot
    45. Bakumetal Weapon
    46. Plank of Adam Wood
    47. Burn Bazooka
    48. 750,000 Beri
    49. Block of Steel (Going Merry)
    50. Free Stat Change

    Rare Fruits possibly in the Mystery Box

    ● Gravity [Fujitora's]
    ● Peto Peto no mi
    ● Yuki Yuki no mi
    ● Gasu Gasu no mi
    ● Yami Yami no mi
    ● Goro Goro no mi
    ● Pika Pika no mi
    ● Toro Toro no mi
    ● Beta Beta no mi
    ● Numa Numa no mi
    ● Pasa Pasa no mi
    ● Moa Moa no mi
    ● Ishi Ishi no mi
    ● Magu Magu no mi
    ● Hie Hie no mi
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    Would I be correct to assume that the Scythe/Gun I wanted is a High-Make weapon? Can anyone give me an idea of the costs of such a weapon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kunshu View Post
    Would I be correct to assume that the Scythe/Gun I wanted is a High-Make weapon? Can anyone give me an idea of the costs of such a weapon?
    HAHA! You wanted a "scythe/gun". n.n

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    HAHA! You wanted a "scythe/gun". n.n
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