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    The man that, at that point, was still known as François, discarded his cane and then started to unbutton his shirt, before taking it off completely. In the blink of an eye, literally, François disappeared and was replaced by a Giant. Asger's eyes widened in shock and he grit his teeth angrly. Before him stood a fellow Giant and his very own brother, Uos. Asger reached for the massive curved blade on his back and wielded it in his right hand. He started to walk toward Uos. When Uos attached with his Hasshouken punch, Asger swung his blade, unleashing a Hasshouken shockwave that cancelled out Uos' own. In his life, Uos used Hasshouken, so the fact that the Uos in front of him was also using Hasshouken, made the trickery even more authentic.


    Asger roared, revealing to the impersonator that he was, in fact, the older brother of whom he was impersonating.

    ‘’So that was Uos huh...’'

    Mori said, carrying Irra to a safe distance and putting her down, leaning her back against a wall. Mori then turned around, looking back toward the battlefield.

    ‘’If that is the case... Asger won't let this go easily.’'

    Mori said, making his way back to Asger's side. At that point, Asger was no longer waiting for an explanation. He charged toward the impersonator, wielding his massive curved blade in his right hand. Upon closing the distance, Asger would swing it from the bottom right to the upper left horizontally, aiming to cut the impersonator down. Asger's blade was raging with black Busou-shoku no Haki, and fueled by his rage, and whether it hit, or missed, or was blocked, it would release an intense gale of Hasshouken vibrations and wind. As for Mori, for the time being, he stayed behind, wanting to see what this was all about - after all, the impersonator had to have a trick to it.

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    "Ah. So that's why. My condolences for your loss." Rohan would say while mimicking Uos which would unfortunately anger Asger even further. While in fact it truely was Rohan's intent to feel the other giant's pain. Asger at this point would rush toward Rohan in the aim to slash him down with a hasshoken imbued blade, haki burned from the blade. Rohan however would evade the slash from the blade by dashing off to the side, Asger's right to be more specific. His dash was so quick in fact that it'd allow him to leave the hasshoken airwave behind him.

    How this version of Uos was fast enough to evade Asger's attack all had to do with the real user, Rohan. Asger's movements were surely adept for his size but compared to Rohan's martial arts knowledge he was rather easy to read. Still even with that his current size and agility would make it hard to avoid it completely. It'd forced Rohan to activate a custom life return technique of his.

    Asger if he could look closely to his lookalike brother would notice multiple lines covering his entire body as his skin turned redish from accelerated blood flow. It'd allow him to boost his agility for a short burst in cases just like this. Now Uos would find himself next to Asger's outstretched arm from swinging his sword, aiming for a quick and powerful counter attack. The lines at Uos's body at this point had faded appearing for only a split second. Rohan would quickly grab Asger at his wrist with his own right hand, gripping it tightly. Rohan's grip was so intense in fact that it clearly was stronger than Uos expected strength and Asger would've noticed it. The red skin from before was still there but amplified as the muscles in his arms and hands had bulked up considerable, going beyond Uos's supposed strength.

    Now with Asger hopefully locked as he'd have to struggle to get rid off this grip Rohan would twist his upper body and hip to deliver a clean powerful left punch with perfect technique. This arm too had boosted strength and had been imbued with haki to coat it black, hasshoken energy also roared behind it. "Military shotgun!" Rohan would shout as Uos as the punch would aim to hit Asger at his ribs. This left punch had been strength boosted, haki amplified and carried hasshoken energy to push the force internally as well. If the punch would make contact with Asger the sound from the connection would truely sound like that of a shotgun. It carried enough power to shatter the ribs of even a giant while greatly injuring him as well. It was clear that Rohan wasn't playing around, time wasn't in his favor so he couldn't afford to waste time against Irra her underlings.

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    Asger was quite quick on his feet for a Giant, but Uos seemed to be quicker. Uos stepped to the side and got out of the way in time, ending up on Asger's right side. There, he grabbed onto Asger's right wrist, preventing him from swinging his massive blade any longer. Asger grinned and faced his opponent, speaking to him.

    ‘’Good, those are not the movements of my brother at all. You are an impersonator!''

    Asger said. He knew it, but he wanted to see it first hand - proof, that is, that he was not fighting his own brother, but rather an impersonator. At that point, the impersonator cocked his free arm backward and then threw it forward in the form of a punch. However, as his arm was extending, Mori appeared right above his arm with incredible speed. Mori was considerably faster than both Asger and the impersonator... but what was even more impressive, is that he was also physically stronger than them, despite the clear size difference. A true karate master and a great Fishman. Wielding a bubble of water surrounding the palm of his right hand, Mori struck downward at an angle, toward the top of the impersonator's forearm, which was massive in comparison. The impact would generate a powerful shockwave that would redirect the impersonator's punch downward at an angle, toward the floor, missing Asger and hitting the floor off to the side of Asger's feet.

    Asger would exploit the fact that that would likely have caused the impersonator to lean forward uncontrollably and right into a punch. Pretty much right after Mori had struck the impersonator's arm and redirected the punch, Mori would find Asger's massive fist flying right under him, missing him by a margin, and curving at an upward angle toward the impersonator's face in the form of a Hasshouken uppercut - that, too, raging with black Busou-shoku no Haki.

    The camera whirled out of the action sequence and toward Irra, showing her move a finger slightly. Irra was slowly slowly waking up.
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    Rohan figured he had the giant right then and there unfortunately however, there was also a fishman to deal with. The man known as Mori would appeared much faster than Rohan in his current form and delivered a powerful punch to redirect his own attack. The massive attack would cause a ripple throughout his entire arm injuring it as well. Now with forced movement that wasn't his Asger would appear with a massive, haki imbued uppercut. But Rohan knew it was coming, Mantra had warned him of the impending attack.

    Rohan would let go of the giant's wrist and just like before with but the flick of a finger the giant had disappeared, revealing a completely different being altogether. With wings on his back flapping through his near perfect body control, Rohan kept himself in the air while a massive giant like punch was headed his way. Mori and the giant would notice it. Rohan wasn't moving away, confident in his own abilities. Rohan in the form of a tengu would clench his right hand into a fist and gathered a lot of hasshoken power into that fist, shaking because of it. " Big Bang...Impact." Rohan would mutter as his fist also had been coated with armaments.

    Rohan at that point would extend his right arm forward in a punch, going for a powerful clash with the giant himself. However right at this point something would've happened neither Mori nor Asger would've expected. From that clash a powerful blast of hasshoken would erupt in a dome like shape, expanding allowing it to engulf everything around it. Even Mori if he remained close to it would be caught from this massive attack. The energy would ripple through Asger's arm into his body wreaking havoc within. While the giant's haki was better than Rohan's the massive hasshoken attack and the Tengu form's strength more than compensated for that. And if Mori could see it he'd notice that Asger's bones would break from that mere punch. While the fishman's own strength was surely better than the Giant's. Rohan's current strength eclipsed that of the fishman and Asger resulting in blasting the massive giant down with but a punch, while also aiming to catch the fishman in the same blast. Rohan after his punch would remain in the air through his new wings and would grin while speaking. "Yeah, this form suits me much better! Apologies but I can't afford to waste time. The gas won't linger that long within someone of her caliber."
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    Mori's attack succeeded in not only changing the direction of the impersonator's punch, but also damaging his arm. However, what came next was unfathomable. The impersonator suddenly disappeared - or rather, that was what had visually happened to Asger and Mori, when the impersonator's size suddenly changed to the size of a normal human. Now a Tengu, the impersonator answered Asger's punch with a punch of his own, making for a massive clash. Mori didn't want to be anywhere near that clash, so he jumped off of Asger's arm, which was underneath him, and propelled himself toward the ceiling. When the clash occurred, Hasshouken vibrations flew everywhere, and the two men's respective Busou-shoku no Hakis crashed against one another as well, causing electricity to crackle through the atmosphere. The entire cellar was shaking and breaking - or rather, what was left of it, after Asger's big body went through its roof.

    At the end of the clash, Asger was sent reeling, his back crashing against a wall and destroying even more of the cellar. However, as he was reeling backward, he swung his massive blade - his right arm having been freed after he was sent backward. The massive blade came downward, imbued with massive black Busou-shoku no Haki, and Hasshouken vibrations increasing its cutting potential.


    Asger growled in pain as he came crashing into the wall, his left arm falling limp to the side of his body. By that point, Mori had already landed upside down on the ceiling and pushed off of it, rocketing toward Irra. When he heard the impersonator say that he didn't have much time before Irra woke up, he figured the impersonator might try to kill her while she was still asleep, and so Mori went to guard her. Asger was alone on the offensive now. He slowly started getting back up, black Busou-shoku no Haki spreading across his whole body in the design of tribal markings. Asger's body suddenly started to bulk up and grow, increasing in size due to newfound muscle mass. He was soon bigger than any Giant the impersonator had ever seen before, and a good height taller than even Uos. This form was what gave Asger his nickname.

    ‘’Busou-shoku; The Giant King!!!''

    A black demon of death, Asger now stood, tightening the grip on the hilt of his massive blade. The black Busou-shoku no Haki started to spread across the blade as well, screaming.

    ‘’Let's finish this, you puny man!''

    Asger roared, charging.

    In the meantime, Mori had already landed next to Irra. Her finger moved again, signifying that she was closer and closer to waking up. Mori crouched down in front of her and shook her, trying to speed up the process.

    ‘’C'monnnn... wake up, Irra-san...!’'
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    The clash between the giant and Rohan the tengu was impressive to say the least. Hasshoken vibrations flew everywhere as their caused electricity to spark in the air. However, the tengu came on top and blasted thet giant backwards with incredible strength and power. Still the giant wouldn't go down with returning the favor in at least someway.

    Asger as he flew backwards now had his sword wielding arm free and decided to swing it at that very moment. Both haki and hasshoken coursed through the blade, amplyfing its powers greatly. Rohan without mantra and hasshoken sense at his disposal could only count on his eyes for this one. And even though he could see the move coming, its size made evading not a easy task. With but a flap of his wings Rohan blasted himself backwards as fast as he could given the timeframe but it would be easy to see that the man would not make it out without any injuring. Rohan put up his arms in a cross formation as he flew backwards. Haki coated his upperbody in a thick black layer within his body however life returned strenghtened his bones and skin to a very durable level.

    The slash from the giant connected and send the man flying towards the ground, wings catching his fall so he wouldn't crash. Rohan at this point would lower his arms as haki faded from them. Blood was pouring from the wound on his forearm and chest but the Tengu wasn't faced by such a wound and simply exhaled, concentrating. Soon the wounds would close themselves as he accelerated the coagulation process allowing him to close up the slash marks without losing to much blood. Still damage had been inflicting by the giant who at this point had begun a transformation.

    Rohan at this point would move over to the rubble to take out the cane he had thrown earlier. He'd unsheath the cane and open the pommel revealing his own rank one sword, the Sundari.

    Before Rohan now stood a massive giant clad with incredible armaments that had bulked the man considerably. Still Rohan wasn't faced by this phenomenom he could only chuckle at the giant's display.

    "Let me return the favor."

    Rohan would say as haki would too coat his body completely and buffed up his muscles due to the force of the armaments. The haki would also crawl to his weapon as it buzzed with hasshoken. Rohan at this point would fly up with his wings like a rocket towards Asger both hands on his weapon. "Ataru!" The man would shout as he swung with his weapon horizontally. What came from that single swing would most likely overwhelm both Asger and Mori for they normally wouldn't have seen such a swordsman before. The man can fight like a true martial arts master with both his fists and a sword. One could say he's even better with a sword but that's negotiable.

    Now from that one single swing an attack had released itself that could easily cleave a thick mountain in but tiny pieces. The boosted strength, abilities of a swordsman and hasshoken all synced up in a very powerful trinity. The swing was wide much wider than Asger's own body and if Asger attempted to block it with his own weapon he'd find that it was but mere paper against this weapon. Such is the limit of a normal sword against the might of a rank one in a capable hand. Hell even a Rank one sword would probably crumble behind such an attack. How Asger's would defend against this with but one arm remained to be seen.

    However, even if that wasn't enough from that single swing was another attack that'd come shortly afterwards. If the attack would connect with Asger or anyone else for that matter they'd find themselves getting cut but also literally set on fire due to a massive explosion. Such an attack would under normal circumstances end a fight with a regular human right then and there. But Rohan had never tested it against a giant.

    Rohan after his attack would simply stare at the would be blaze, wondering how Asger would defend himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ace098 View Post
    The bookshelf proved useful in pinning the Haunter even if it didn't necessarily damage him. Dani wanted the girl to escape, and that was more than enough for now. But as she pointed her hand, Dani felt strange taps on her body from behind. Nya was doing her evil deeds, and sure enough, she was against Dani's intent of protecting the little girl. But it wasn't a direct attack. These were something different.

    As Dani turned to face Nya, she felt a strong sense of weakness, like she didn't have the energy to keep herself standing. She scowled at Nya, cursing under her breath for having let Nya get an advantage over her. She had let her guard down for a second, turned her back to the mummy, and now was having to deal with both her and the Haunter by herself.

    "Rrngh...****in' hell!"

    Dani's physical body was tired, but she wagered she could at least use her abilities to fight back. A single finger was all she needed, pointed at the mummy, and then up at the ceiling. Dani severely reversed gravity for Nya, making her gravity pull up towards the ceiling, to make her "fall" upwards and smash her body against it.
    The curse would hit Dani hard, sapping her of her strength and energy, given the multiple taps. More would come, but Nya would place a finger at her lips, laughing her sharp tongued chort. Wagging her finger, Nya was certainly insulting Dani and coddling, giving the language one gives a child who did wrong.

    Surprise replaced that face, however. Surprise and curiosity, as Nya was now floating. Not just floating, but falling up. The sudden jerk would knock Nya to the roof and then through it, breaking its shingle as Nya was not light at all; at half a ton, she was a car going through something designed for acorns and rain.

    Dani would find salvation in that one move, as light poured into the room from that spot. The ambiance would let her see again, most properly, in time to see the figure break from the book case. Steps more haggard and with rage, it begin to move more hastily to the child, each step it take absorbing what light made its way to its foot fall.

    No mummy would interrupt her, but the creature was gaining. What was bad, Dani found, was a prick on her skin. Unavoidable, it was a mosquito. Another buzzed by her head, followed by more. Dani could feel their vibrations, and she could see from the hole she made in the roof,
    the swarm. A mummy's curse was never quite done, and now a mass of mosquitoes came into library.

    They buzzed and moves around Dani, taking pokes at her when they could. She would not be bled dry, by no means, but mosquitoes were nasty.
    Disease, pock marks, and itchiness were all troubling, especially for the ones that got in Dani's eyes and ears, nose and mouth. The creature that moved to the child was being aided by a nuisance, and Dani had only so much time to react.

    Meanwhile, Dani's cloth was wrapped around the tree the library was built into. Holding on and maneuvering, she would aim to get out of the gravity well's pull. After all, she was not that strong herself; just made of really neat metal.
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    Asger laughed, taking the impersonator's new transformation as a win against Uos. That was all Asger wanted - for one last time to fight with his brother and beat the **** out of him like he used to during all of those sparring sessions. However, now that the impersonator transformed into something even stronger, and yet, a smaller target, Asger figured he would be at a disadvantage. He didn't realize how much of a disadvantage until that flying slash came. Asger brought his sword up to block, and it did, momentarily, because no matter how strong the flying slash, it was without Busou-shoku no Haki in its nature, and without Busou-shoku no Haki, against Asger's enormous own, the flying slash had met its match. However, it did come out on top, and Asger's blade snapped, the flying slash ramming into Asger's abdomen. The Busou-shoku no Haki that Asger's upper body was imbued with blocked the flying slash, and Asger's giant hands closed in on the flying slash from both sides, as if to crush the flying blade and disperse it with overwhelming Busou-shoku no Haki and Hasshouken. The flying slash, at that point, exploded, engulfing Asger. When the obscurity from the explosion cleared, Asger was still seen standing, but his Busou-shoku no Haki, and consciousness, were fading.

    He glared at the small man that was hovering in midair, and breathed heavily.

    ‘’I have to respect a man of such strength. And it's not like it's the fault of your character that the nature of your abilities rubbed me the wrong way.

    You are a capable man.

    Asger grinned, all of his overwhelming Busou-shoku no Haki leaving his upper body and focusing on his right fist. The sheer amount of Busou-shoku no Haki there was impeccable, and Hasshouken was revebrating as well. Asger charged for one last attack. He would throw his right fist forward, throwing both the Busou-shoku no Haki and the Hasshouken forward in the form of a blast of unprecedented nature, blowing half of the massive cellar away, and hopefully engulfing the impersonator. After the attack, Asger would be seen on his knees, sweating, breathing heavily,
    and barely conscious. Right before falling over, he would ask one question.

    ‘’What is your name?''

    Asger inquired, falling over and collapsing.

    In the meantime, the fact that Irra was already close to waking up, coupled with the noise and mayhem that Asger's last attack just caused, as well as the fact that Mori used Fishman Jujitsu to get some water on Irra's face, caused Irra to open her eyes. She pressed her right hand against the right side of her head, almost as if trying to get rid of a headache.

    ''Ugh, what the hell happened...''

    ‘’You got taken out by sleeping gas... this was all a trap...''

    Mori said, Irra slowly getting up by using the wall behind her to help herself.

    ''Asger fought in my stead, I see. Looks like he's finally getting around to acting like a subordinate of mine.''

    ‘’Not really... he was fighting Uos. I don't know how, but he was definitely fighting his younger brother until just a moment ago, when he was replaced by that red winged creature over there.''

    ''Ohhh? Is that so...''

    Irra said, thinking for a second.

    ''Go get Krieg, he's waiting upstairs. I don't necessarily need Krieg to jump into the fight, but him being on the way down should put some phychological pressure on our opponent.''

    Irra said, giving Mori his orders. Mori nodded and left to get Krieg. As for Irra, she took out what looked like a small capsule from her clothing. She pressed the button on the capsule and threw it into the air. A number of weapons came out of the capsule. One was a Raid Suit, a suit that spun around midair and then wrapped itself around Irra to a perfect fit, almost like a sentient piece of clothing. One was an Eisen Sword, which Irra caught in her right hand. Then there was the Eisen Dial, which Irra caught in her left hand. She pressed the apex, and the Eisen Dial released Eisen Clouds. The Eisen Clouds formed into an Eisen Shield, catching a number of other dials that had been released by the small capsule, in the process. The end result was an Eisen Shield with a Reject Dial at the center of it, and a Jet Dial, a Flash Dial, a Fire Dial, a Thunder Dial and a Breath Dial in a circle around the Reject Dial. This made Irra's Utility Shield. Stepping forward, Irra called out to her opponent.

    ''That was a nice plan you'd concocted. Too bad I'm a light sleeper. A big bounty on your head will do that to your sleep.''

    Irra said, ready to start her counterattack. After all, in her eyes, everything up until now, she saw as defense on her side. Now it was attack time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoffripper View Post
    Training Arena, a training session between Agent and Marine.

    *It was not unusual for the different department within the world government to cross train, creating new ties and opening new horizons for their fighting capabilities. This time the training was between a man named Arthur and a woman of stone, named Jasper. Arthur was a little curious as to what made the stone woman, well .. do anything for her race was rare and far under studied. The information given to him before hand did not mention much aside from the fact, like him, she was a devil fruit user and one with what could only be stated as "Immeasurable strength". Right now Arthur would be within the locker room, preparing himself for the training session to come, mainly dressing himself and getting his supplies ready. The mask her wore when he would snap could be seen hanging, tied around his neck. It would bare a large toothy, lip-less grin. Finishing all his checks and arrangements he would exit the locker room and make his way down the hall toward the arena.

    Exiting out of the hallway he would be meet with the blinding light of the high noon soon that would sit overhead, his eyes quickly adjusting, would take in a scene he had seen few times before. A completely empty stadium, all the seats would be empty save for a few of the higher ups, they only acting as observers and stop gaps in case anything got taken too far. Walking up toward the battle area itself he would take his first steps up onto the ring where he would notice a massive rock, covered in moss, sitting within the ring. He began to think and only two options came to mind .. it was left over debris, too large for others to carry still within the ring form the last fight; or his opponent. As such he would first address the rock, hoping to get a response of some sort of be seen as crazy.*

    Jasper? You are Jasper right? I'm Arthur, sent here to train against you.

    *With that Arthur took his first steps into either lunacy or in meeting the woman who is to be his opponent.*
    Jasper vs Arthur

    As the opponent stepped into the training arena, he'd call out to Jasper, or what he believed was Jasper. His assumption correct, the stone girl would begin to move, rolling back and forth until rolling into a standing position.
    The woman named after the gem her body was made of would look at the Marine sent to be her opponent. She seemed confused by the wimpy stature and the creepy mask.

    "I am Jasper. Are you ready for Jasper?? Jasper ready for you."

    The Goron had been tired of waiting. She wanted combat,
    and she was finally going to get it. She returned to her Stone position, only this time she began rolling. She collected momentum, which would send her barreling toward Arthur as a mass of Stone. The weight carried at that speed would make for a heavy impact should Arthur not Dodge.

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    Arthur vs Jasper

    *Japser, the woman of stone would reply to Athur, slightly reliving him, as she would uncurl herself. He was no insane and the rock was a real person, but he need not get ahead of himself. Just as soon as he would address her, she would address him and begin her attack, for she was tired of waiting. Curling back up into her boulder form she would begin to roll around, gaining speed and momentum in the process. Watching as she would circle around the ring and then make a B line would him he would release small amounts of purple liquid from the soles of his feet as he would slide off to the right of the attack, allowing the woman to pass over the ritual trail of poison left behind from him skating off. The poison was pretty harmless, though over time would begin to weaken the woman of stone, exposure to more would only hasten the effect.*

    Whoa, there. That's dangerous you know. We're not all made of stone you know!

    *He would say having narrowly avoided the attack, though noticing her sheer strength through the indention left within the arena as she rolled on. If she would continue to roll around and further gain momentum or not, Arthur could be seen spewing fourth copious amounts of purple liquid all over the arena. It would not be long before the area around him was filled with poison, though it did not spread over the whole arena. Instead he focused on releasing large amounts around him, stack it, layering it around himself. Once it would reach several meters tall the what would resemble a tower of purple slime, with Arthur in the middle of it. It would bow down in the center before, like a geyser of water, spew forth both gaseous and liquid poison into the arena. This would effectively make the entire arena a toxic playground. Both the gas and the liquid are both poisons that aim to dull the senses of those infected, weakening them over time till they are rendered unable to move. Though it would not be instantaneous the effects of prolonged exposure stack up quickly.*

    Though really, who am I to speak of danger.

    *He would say in loo of his past comment of Jasper's attack being dangerous, even though it very much was. Creating a toxic battle field was also quite dangerous.*

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