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    The lightning Indra had channeled within the shield moments earlier, held an ulterior motive; it magnetized it. Due to the direction it was kicked, the shield itself stood behind the girl, in other words her blind spot. Suddenly, the said shield – that was the shape of a disc - reacted and began to spin violently as it was being attracted back to Indra. Standing in its path, however, was the now reinforced barrier girl. Its height of travel was manipulated in such a way that it would strike at the back of the girl's knees, most likely causing her to bend them due to the force behind the attraction, thus disorienting her mole claws as well as the trajectory of her hand-blade extension attack. She would have no way of even knowing about the said disc, due to it being hurled at her via her blind spot.

    Meanwhile, Indra turned into his elemental form and traveled literally into the wall of the remaining cottage - since most of it had already been blown away – and directly toward the ceiling where he would lay upside down. Should the girl look up she'd only be able to see the man from the torso up, as the lower part of his body was within the ceiling itself. Blood would also drop on the ground beneath Indra, as he had been sliced, though not stabbed, on his shoulder and at the side of his stomach. Furthermore, his palm was already extended and directed at her, with another electrical stream aiming to consume her from above. Also, various metals, including the shield, were beginning to react.

    "Tch... I admit you're stronger than I expected. Those barrier of yours are an annoyance. I believe I saw such a power once before. It was inside a warehouse. This isn't your first time attempting to sabotage the World Government, is it?"

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    As she was aiming to stab into Indra, she would be met with a sudden attack on the back of her knees. She felt no damage from the attack, but the force was enough to veer her attack off course just enough for her to miss a direct hit. He would still be damaged though, just not as much as she would have liked. Her suspicions would be confirmed as when she looked up to follow his movements, half of his body was gone, leaving only his torso and up visible. She realized she had been hit with the shield he had made earlier. Seems like he is adept at utilizing magnetism in addition to lightning kamehameha's. He then aims another electric beam at her She wouldn't be able to tank this one using her Geist armor, as she wanted to save it for later, and it was beginning to affect her more than she would have liked.

    Turning one of her feet into a Grasshopper platform, she bounces towards Frederigo. At this point in the confrontation, she couldn't worry about preventing the capture of Frederigo and fighting with the electric man, so she decides to abandon the fight and focus on safeguarding her capture. she places a spherical barrier around them, this barrier extends below ground as well. Prevent attacks from all sides. She would then be met with a rather interesting question. The man with the lightning powers seems to recognize her as a threat finally, and comments he's seen her powers before, at a warehouse. She remembers the warehouse. It was before she found her suit, and her purpose, back when she relied on a pirate crew for protection. Luckily, aside from that night, her actions to provoke the government would be non existent. So her real identity would be kept a secret.

    A warehouse? I don't recall ever being at a warehouse with marines. Wouldn't you recognize me? I am not exactly built for stealth while wearing this suit.

    Of course, she wouldn't readily confirm his suspicions, as it would compromise her identity. This fight seemed like it would be nearing its end soon, given her shift from defending and attack, to solely defending. She wasn't about to slip up at the end, and get a crazy lightning man on her tail for the rest of her days as Sentai Pink. At least, she wouldn't speed the process up any.
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    The numerous electrical discharges that had occurred within the area had created a magnetic field. In response to this, various household metals, such as knives, decorations, and even nails on the remaining walls and rubble, were magnetized. During the mysterious girl's travel via her grasshopper, several of these metals surrounded her in an attempt to slam or pierce into her from virtually all sides. The damage done via these objects would be insufficient to cause any major threats, but their distraction held merit. Because, a single nail, which was small enough to go unnoticed had stabbed into Frederigo's skull before the creation of any sort of protective barrier. This would without a doubt kill a man of his caliber.

    It was unfortunate, but Indra understood via his premonition, that if the girl had raised a protective barrier around both Frederigo and herself, the chances of retrieving him here would be quite unlikely. Indra had no intention of allowing the criminal to use Frederigo as leverage, as that would cause issues to the company tasked with the Celestial Obelisk, and compromise the World Government's structure. There would be no ransom, there would be no leveraging, there would be no threats or idleness. With Frederigo's death, a new Frederigo would raise to the occasion and take his place, no complications whatsoever. Sure, it meant that Indra had failed to retrieve the man alive, but there was no helping it.

    The girl would eventually succeed in placing a barrier around them, and would go on to respond to Indra's question regarding her previous actions within the warehouse on Ragnarok 4. It was a shame that they had failed to secure the girl's name and face back then, because it meant that her true identity would remain unknown. The girl would then perhaps notice that Frederigo was already gone, as his body would lean onto the interior of the barrier, his body and head sliding down slowly due to the lack of sufficient room to drop entirely. The blood from his wound would trail down and decorate the girl's barrier in red.

    Indra on the other hand would drop into the ground near them, revealing the entirety of his own substantial body. He walked toward the said barrier stoically, albeit somewhat annoyed. At this point the girl would without a doubt know that the Marine standing near her had executed Frederigo in cold blood.

    That mask prevents me from seeing that face of yours, the one I have so much trouble picturing, but I can sense it. You are surprised. Why are you surprised? Do you believe that your meddling here today would accomplish anything? You think that we would allow you to compromise us, even slightly? No... This is our world, and we don't play by your rules. We make the rules. That's all there is to it.

    Indra's brutality and blood-lust would be as clear as daylight, his malice would break into the barrier as he simply gazed at the unknown girl. Sentai Pink... Yes, that sounds appropriate. I may not know who you really are, but after today I know it was you that colluded with the Revolutionaries that day. I am certain of it.

    He would continue to gaze at her through the transparency of her barrier, and wait to see what she would do. Was it time for her to escape? One could say that she had emerged victorious in her mission here today, albeit, not in the manner she would have expected.

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    As she made her way towards Frederigo, she would be assaulted pointlessly. Various metal objects that had been magnetized by the massive amount of electricity produced during this encounter would bombard her. This served no purpose other than to annoy her. She felt no damage and her advance towards Frederigo was not halted in any way. She wondered if the electrical marine was growing desperate. Was he throwing out a a flurry of attacks hoping her defenses had a weakness? She didn't know, and would only figure out the true purpose of this barrage later. By the time she reaches Frederigo, she puts up her spherical barrier. A move she dubbed Beetle. She normally reserves this technique for trapping evildoers until they can be apprehended by the local authority. However this time she was using the move to keep herself safe as she kept hold of an evildoer. She stood in her barrier, looking towards the marine who challenged her for capture.

    It wasn't long before Frederigo's body would slump, and she realized what had happened. She was sad, sad to see a life go. Even one belonging to someone so terrible. She figured out that this was his true purpose with his earlier attack. He aimed to rid the world of Frederigo. Preventing him from being used against him and the World Government. While it was true that she no longer had any sort of bargaining chip against the World Government, she had something else now. Perhaps something even more useful. She started laughing when she realized what Frederigo's death could mean for her cause. Once she calmed down a bit, she would explain her laughter to the marine. In the hopes that he realizes what potential consequences his actions may have had for his precious government.

    I must say, while I am appalled that you would end one of your employees like that, it may have actually benefited my cause. Once the people who were oppressed in that awful place see their oppressor dead, they will surely be filled with hope. That hope will surely spark the fire of revolution within them, and they will rise themselves to stand against you. While there will always be another to take that mans place, there will always be someone to save the people from him. Light and Dark must coexist. You cannot destroy one if the other wishes to survive.

    She then felt the cold of his evil as if it had been made manifest. It pierced her, but she would not waver. He then went on to explain how he was certain she was the one who colluded with the Revolutionaries at the warehouse. True, she had. Their aid had been one of the reasons she was able to operate solo as she has been. She would no longer hide her involvement, and decided to end their little exchange by confirming things for him.

    Oh, sorry to say, but you wont be retrieving his body. I've already decided to use it to spark the flame of hope within the people. I believe I mentioned before that once I've claimed something, it is mine and solely mine. NOW BEGONE EVIL ONE. JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED.

    Her usual flair would return as the stress of an intense battle was removed from her body. She would look intently towards the marine until he left. She had kept him from claiming her target, but it wasn't an ideal outcome either. Still, she would consider it a success all the same.

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