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    CTF - Touma vs Spidey

    As soon as Spidey headed out, Touma unleashed his plan. It was pretty simple: shoot at the man from different directions. The spider webs or other obstacles didn't really bother the sniper who could see through everything and use any surface available to get to his mark, but he still needed to be careful. This was likely his very last attack and if it didn't work, then Spidey won as Touma wouldn't realistically have any time to react and prevent Spidey from getting to the base.

    "Alright, it's showtime"

    He'd fire off a total of 6 bullets in rapid succession with impeccable aim from the same gun. All of them were coated with haki and the special tech Sharpen and all of them took different trajectories. All 6 of these bullets were headed to the base ahead of Spidey, from where they'd ricochet and attack him from the front at various parts of his body. Touma had seen him stop bullets earlier so he expected the kid to be able to do the same again and kept the distance between each bullet's ricochet point far enough to make it almost impossible for someone to react to all 6 at a given time.

    But that wasn't all. That was only one of his guns. From the second gun, he'd fired another barrage of 6 bullets after he had fired the first ones. These weren't aimed at Spidey, but their trajectory crossed with the trajectories of the earlier bullets behind Spidey. In case the teenager dodged instead of blocking them, the six bullets from the second gun would collide with the six from the first, causing all 12 to shatter and releasing shrapnel all around. A single hit is all Touma wanted. This was his final gambit.

    Spoiler: OOC
    As I mentioned in my post, if this doesn't work, then I'm realistically out of time. You'd get the W

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    A Daring Rescue! Indra's Assault!

    Spoiler: Details
    Storyline: The Celestial Obelisk is a monument designed to commemorate the creation of the World Government and honor the Celestial Dragons. Construction first began over a century ago, with its labor force consisting of both criminals, and citizens that come from countries that aren't affiliated with the World Government. For all intents and purposes these people are slaves. These slaves are being worked to exhaustion and often their own deaths, while a sinister agency commissioned by the Celestial Dragons, known as Collar makes sure to replenish the supply of workers when necessary. The living conditions here are so harsh that slaves often choose to jump off the obelisk to their own deaths, thus liberating themselves. This occurrence is frequent and notorious, much to Collar's dismay. People call it the Free-Fall.

    Recently, a mysterious girl appeared at the Obelisk sight and captured the head of the Collar Agency, Frederigo “Bribebeard” McAllister the IV in attempt to halt the supply of slaves at the sight, thus jeopardizing the project. The Marines on the other hand were swift to react to this, and a Marine Vice Admiral has been sent to deal with the situation.

    Objectives: Indra needs to force Sentai Pink to retreat and retrieve Bribebeard. Sentai Pink needs to hold out until Indra withdraws.
    Turns: Whatever is appropriate.

    She was enjoying her time in the city of Payon. It was a nice city, with nothing apparently criminal about it. She had been there for a few days, staying at an Inn ran by a local elderly man, Jaxo. Over the course of her stay, she grew quite fond of him. As he reminded her of her own grandfather who has long since passed on. One morning, she is sitting in the dining area on the first floor. It was near the entrance, and it was also where Jaxo could usually be found. Whilst she was eating, Jaxo appeared to have a terrified look on his face. She put her meal on hold, and asked him what was wrong. To her horror, he told her he had heard that a nearby World Government construction projected was actually being built using slaves. After the initial horror, nothing but a fierce, righteous anger could be felt by her. She clenched her fist tight, and her other hand twitched on her morpher. She excused herself immediately.

    After a day of planning, and another day raiding the facility, she manages to capture Bribebeard. She is against killing him, even after all of the evil he has done. So instead she keeps takes him to a cottage at the edge of town. Holding him there, her goal is for the project to meet its end due to lack of workers. After a day of keeping him at the cottage, she would find herself dealing with a powerful foe. He was sent to deal with her. She had apparently made things very difficult, and the World Government did not like that. Having been transformed the whole time, when the man confronts her, she would be dressed in her Sentai Suit. It not only provided her with a means to keep her true identity unknown, but it gave her some notable defensive benefits as well.
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    Recently, a report had come in explaining that an unknown person had compromised the construction of the Celestial Obelisk, by abducting the the Head of Collar, a sinister agency tasked with securing “capable laborers” to complete the enormous structure meant to commemorate the World Government. Because of this, a Marine Vice Admiral was immediately dispatched to the scene. Indra had been selected largely due to his mantra capabilities, which would make it exceedingly easy for him to locate the Head of Collar, known as Frederigo.

    A day later, Indra had appeared near the city of Payon, where Frederigo was said to be held prisoner. Despite this being an official order by the Marines which meant that Indra had to accept it, he was also personally driven to retrieve the man, as he wanted to see the completion of the Obelisk during his lifetime.

    As anticipated, it was relatively easy for Indra to locate the exact location of the mysterious individual holding Frederigo, by simply picking up on electrical waves that would transfer Frederigo's relatively annoying pleads and threats right back to Indra. This eventually led Indra directly to the cottage. There, he would witness the prisoner along with the female abductor who appeared to be wearing a unique suit. Indra hadn't used any excessive means in order to enter the said cottage, he simply opened its wooden door and stepped into the scene, completely calm.

    On the other hand, witnessing that Indra had come to save him, Frederigo couldn't help restrain his seemingly elevated spirits, as he enthusiastically proclaimed that the Sentai was doomed. Once again, hearing the pesky Frederigo, Indra appeared visibly annoyed by him. “Just shut up Frederigo, you're giving me a headache.” The towering Marine demanded, and Frederigo immediately complied.

    What business do you have with this man? He is currently commissioned by the Celestial Dragons with a task that goes back well before either of us were born.” Indra uttered to the Sentai, hoping to gather information about her motivations.

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    After telling the captive to hush, the man would ask her intentions with the loud one. He went into a little detail of the task the man was assigned too, and then remained silent. The Marine before her stood rather tall. He was barely able to fit inside the cottage. She stood, and calmly walked between Indra and Bribebeard. Having heard enough to know this man was here to take Bribebeard from her, she knew he to be involved in the horrendous, and inhumane acts being committed just to erect an obelisk to commemorate a bunch of morons who believe themselves to be of more worth then others just by being born. She would remain silent for a moment. Letting the tension build a bit. She did not seem to fear the man before her, but she also did not expect things to go smoothly.

    You must be the one the evil ones at the World Government sent to capture this wrongdoer! Given that they are not directly involved, I wager you must not be an Admiral. Perhaps... Are you a Vice-Admiral? It matters not. I will not let you have him. All of the facts tell me without him, your plans for that place fall short. I will not let those people suffer for your vain statues. So, you'll just have to get through me if you want this man back so badly.

    She stood firm, and formed a barrier in front of her, protecting both her and the man from any frontal assault the would be assailant would launch. She would not be so foolish as to attack without confirming her opponents abilities. She was but a lone force, and she needed to be cautious in her battles if she wished to continue fighting for good. Should the man launch a frontal attack, she would respond by countering with a fast firing blade. It launched from her hand, and would be coated in her serrated Haki. Allowing it to bypass any devil fruit body the man may possess, as well as increasing the damage it would deal, should it land.

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    The towering man stood firmly as he listened to what the criminal wearing the rather flamboyant suit had to say about her actions here today. The moment she would complete her sentence, Indra appeared rather grim in response. “Tch... So it wasn't ransom you were after. You simply abducted this man to sabotage the obelisk out of ideology. I have discovered that those who are driven by ideology are the most dangerous people.” Indra said, ironically, since he was a prime example of the ideologically driven. But perhaps he also thought of himself while saying this.

    Shortly after a transparent barrier would emerge between the three of them. Indra stood on one side, while the other two stood behind it. Perceiving this, Indra merely extended his only arm forward, revealing it from beneath his coat. Then, as the arm was extended, he would casually open his palm. For a moment, nothing would occur as the Vice Admiral simply gazed through the transparency of the barrier.

    Moments later, a shimmering blue light materialized and vibrantly amassed to maturity. Its shrieking intensity was enough to demand caution out of anyone. Then, an electrical discharge exploded in all its vigor, in the form of a bolt that constantly branched itself at blinding speeds. It would continue to do so until it had grown wide enough to arch around the transparent barrier from both sides. Then, it would branch inward in the very similar fashion, aiming to strike the mysterious girl with its extreme velocity and powerful voltage. Its speed was enough to push the limits of anyone's reaction, evidenced by its near instantaneous construction.

    Meanwhile, Indra would continue to gaze through the transparency of the barrier as his lightning had danced around it, aiming to envelop the girl. He had decided not to go with a frontal attack, as he wanted to gauge the girl's own abilities a bit more before doing so, and this attack, would undoubtedly test her.

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    He was either not confident in his ability to bypass her defense, or simply did not want to bother trying. As he aimed an attack around her frontal barrier. His attack was incredibly fast. Thankfully, she does not need to move her own body to defend against this particular strike. Her frontal barrier disappears, and a smaller, barrier was formed where the lightning attack was about to hit. Getting it up in the nick of time, it was a Grasshopper platform. It retained the durability of her standard barrier, but instead of being rigid, it acted like a spring. When the lightning makes contact with it, it would either rebound towards Bribebeard, or dissipate. She then utilizes the Grasshopper platform to launch herself towards the marine VA.

    Wary of his fast attacks now, she would take no chances. After being launched, she surrounds herself in a barrier dome that would keep her entire body protected. It wouldn't be until the last moment would this barrier disappear, due to the blade like barrier now extending from her hand. This bladed barrier would not only be covered in haki that would give it a serrated edge, but her haki would also stir the air around it, causing sharp winds to swirl around her blade. With this, she aims to stab into his torso area, as it was the easiest mark to hit. Should the vice admiral be able to dodge, she would simply point her blade in the direction he dodged in, and fire it towards him at an alarming speed.

    What you call ideology I call being a decent human being! Anyone with any sense of morals wouldn't allow such a heinous act to continue. This is the problem with our so called World Government. Most of it is comprised of individuals who believe it is alright to harm the many as long as it benefits the one. The one in this case being the World Government itself!

    She was clearly passionate about this, and it would drive her to heights she was previously incapable of reaching.

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    Upon witnessing the transparent barrier disappear, and subsequently reform directly where the lightning would strike, the towering Marine stepped to the side and placed his hand on a metal table within the cottage. He simply channeled his electricity into the object, super-heating it with his abilities, while the mysterious girl was about to plunge herself forward in order to attack. One could say he was somewhat inspired by her abilities.

    The moment the girl plunged forward in order to attack Indra with her barrier abilities, that were manipulated in such a way to create an extending blade, Indra on the other hand reshaped the metal into a thick, disc shaped shield, and positioned it directly in front of him. Embracing for impact, he also jumped while crouching his body in such a way so the entirety of his build would be concealed directly behind the disc shaped shield, preventing any wind slashes from reaching him. Then, the girl's blade – specifically its tip – would impale through the metal construct. At that very instant, Indra channeled high volumes of electricity that would instantly conduct into the metal shield and onto the girl. The electricity wouldn't harm the barrier-blade, but was capable of traveling through it, so the girl was by no means safe from the shock.

    Furthermore, lightning was seemingly sparking out of Indra's one good arm, behind the disc shaped shield. He would let go of the shield and jab it with a flashing strike from his elbow. This was all being done roughly the same time electricity was conducted through the shield and the moment of impact with the barrier-blade. The said jab, would cause the shield – along with anything on the other side of it – to fly backwards and crash into a wall of the cottage. It would also pass next to Frederigo, but not hit him. Indra would then land on the ground again.

    "I on the other hand find your anarchy distasteful."

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    The moment she had lunged towards him, he reforged some nearby metal into a shield, and defended himself with it. The moment her blade's tip pierced the shield, it would disappear. However, no new barrier could be seen to take its place. This would give off the impression that she had created a truly invisible barrier, or that she retraced her barrier because it was useless whilst stuck into a shield. However she did not do either of those things. For she saw an opportunity. An opportunity to strike this man with all of her might. A barrier goes from beneath her foot, and underground, coming up and impaling the marine vice admiral's foot. The barrier sticking into the ground would give her enough footing, and so when the marine struck his shield, it would smack her, but otherwise she would remain where she stood.

    He would not be able to see it, but a smile appeared on her face as she surrounded her fist in her haki. The power of her haki was so intense, it stirred the air around it, causing sharp rings of wind to swirl around her fist. She gets into a basic form, nothing special, just something to allow her to strike with the most power possible given their current position. She aims to deliver an uppercut straight to his jaw. Should he wish to escape, he could. However it would cost him his foot. As the barrier that would be stuck in his foot would slice through it should he wish to remove his foot from its current position. She would be silent through out all of this, it was unusual for her, but all of her mental capabilities were focused solely on her fight. She couldn't afford a slip up. So, should he react in an unexpected way, she would be ready.

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    Standing on the opposing side of where the barrier blade had pierced the shield, the moment it disappeared Indra used his premonition to discern what the mysterious girl would do next with pinpoint accuracy. His skill with observation was on a level of its own, and perhaps the girl would come to understand this with what would occur next.

    Tch...” the Vice Admiral complained as the images in his head passed by in a flash of imminent danger. However, it mattered not as the girl would come to an understanding that anything she launched, Indra could do it much quicker due to the nature of his powers. That said, he merely pinpointed his palm in the direction of the girl and released a truly enormous stream – not bolt – of lightning that was ever widening. Regardless, the said stream would expand to such an extent, that the entirely of the cottage in its path would be enveloped in its range, and subsequently be blown into smithereens. However, Indra's palm was slightly slanted upward, so Frederigo could lay on the ground, which he most likely would out of fear. Furthermore, the proximity between the two combatants, and the nature of the attack averted the possibility of her hoping to dodge it. After all, his attacks traveled at lightning speed, and this enormous stream suddenly released from his palm was no different.

    With a single stroke Indra had tipped the scales, and now the girl faced the predicament of choice, instead of him. Because, simply put, his lightning stream was quicker than her barrier extensions. She could proceed with extending her barrier underground in order to potentially slice at Indra's leg, but this would mean that she would be entirely at the mercy and exposure of Indra's lightning. Her intended punch would also be insufficient to counter or block electricity of this scale, and the sheer voltage behind the attack – if not dealt with – would crisp her beyond repair, not to mention the paralysis it would cause to the body due to the shock.

    Should the girl decide to deal with the lightning stream, thus taking a defensive stance in order to deal with it, Indra would use this opportunity to turn into lightning and travel toward Frederigo's location in a speed movement similar to that of a Soru. Unfortunately, securing this prisoner took priority at the moment.

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    Like he had seen into the future, the man before her responded with a swiftness and an unusual efficiency. He held out his palm and before she could even get the other end of her Mole Claw into his foot, a wide stream of lightning was released from it. This confirmed something for her, he not only attacked with lightning, but he himself was just about as fast. It would be dangerous for her to let him get too far ahead of her. She had to defend herself, but she also had to ensure he stayed close to her. She was left with only one option then. It wasn't something she was happy about doing so soon, but she didn't want the chance of this lightning man escaping with Frederigo.

    Activating Geist armor...

    With that, a form fitting barrier suit would appear on top of her Sentai suit. She had taken some damage from the stream, but she was now safe from it. Not to mention, her Geist armor would still allow for her to attack with her Mole Claw. So she extends the barrier that is surrounding her feet, and it goes underground. This time would be different. As she was now able to create two Mole Claws, aiming to pierce both his feet and trap him. Not only that but, she would have something more deadly than her fist to attack him with. The portions of the barrier that would surround both of her hands extends and forms blade like extensions to them. All of this would be further enhanced with her armaments haki, not only for the damage boost, but because she was now certain he was a logia type.

    She may have taken some damage to get to this position, but given that her Sentai suit was reinforced, it was far from the end of the world for her. Her two bladed arms then launch forward, aiming to stab him. They would do increased damage too, as the haki that was surrounded them gave her blades a serrated edge. Should he except the damage to his feet, and evade her two bladed arms, she would launch them forward, disabling her Geist armor, as it would no longer be needed and it was quite a drain to keep up for extended periods. Regardless, once his lightning beam subsides, her Geist armor would disappear, due to the toll it places on her to keep up.

    Spoiler: Geist
    Geist She surrounds herself with a barrier. It is perfectly form fitting, and moves as she does. The benefit to this is the constant full body protection it offers. If she desires, she can alter the shape of it at her own discretion for use in attacks or to further aid her defense. In addition to this, she can alter the tensile strength of specific portions of her Geist armor using her Bariable perk. An example of this, would be to make the portion of barrier that covers her feet bouncy, turning her feet into personal Grasshopper platforms.
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