New World - Chaos Island
Inmoral Festival - The Battle!

[Sensui | Fischer]

Despite the valiant display show of force towards Sensui, Fischer realizes that Sensui’s strength turns out to be overwhelming compared to Fischer. Evidently as Fischer finds out Sensui destroying the tornado with his own. As Sensui’s giant fist continues forward past the attack, his hands burnt from the firestorm in which Fischer generated on his own – the Jackrabbit immediately took a step back, before he could turn a complete 180 back, delivering a side kick hard towards the incoming fist. With Kick point, the Jackrabbit had to make a decision to find out if utilizing the kick point would even things out in terms of physical strength.


Slamming hard, but his leg coated in black – the leg met with the giant fist, but as much as Fischer would try, eventually his attack would be negated as the giant fist would knock away Fischer, causing significantly more damage as the Jackrabbit was sent hitting hard on the concrete wall. Blood coughed out as Fischer slowly recovers from the attack, the only consolation he could have was mitigating the damage. Yet as Sensui spoke how comparing strength with Zoans, it only serves to strengthened Fischer’s resolve to actually beat Sensui, invigorating Fischer as the Jackrabbit smiled, just a little.

“You’re good.”

Wiping blood with the back of the hand, Fischer took a few deep breaths, a small breather as he recovers from the concussion after being slammed into the wall. Fischer would immediately jump high up before spinning continuously like a ball, gaining massive momentum and power before stretching his left leg out towards the end when he is to be close enough to Sensui, aiming to land a single but powerful heel slam on to Sensui. However, should Sensui immediately back off, Fischer would instead generate an air blade towards the end in an attempt to hit Sensui. Regardless, the heel slam would be strong enough to at least crack the ground if not destroy it easily, a show of pretty powerful kick.


Tendron (後バラ肉 (タンドロン) Tandoron?, literally meaning "Collar"): A straight on side kick targeting the middle area of the opponent's collar bone.

Concassé (粗砕 (コンカッセ) Konkasse?, literally meaning "Crush"): Another finisher, Sanji leaps high into the air and starts flipping over rapidly to gain speed, then he brings the heel of his foot down on the opponent's head.