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    Should've given the ball to Lynch...

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    also i dont know much about eggball it was an entertaining match to watch.
    and yeah that pass was dumb ...


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    There is so many speculations coming in now.

    One says they chose to pass to make wilson MVP since he was throwing the touchdown.
    Another was the patriots knew they were gonna win cause someone told them what the last play was going to be.
    And many more

    But it's past now I just want to see the draft now.
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    Eh, people will make a lot of excuses... lel
    I thought it might have been an attempt to trick the Pats. Like, it was obvious they were gonna have Lynch run it. (Or so everyone thought) but they decided to throw it for an easy win. (which worked out wonderfully)

    As gay as that play was. What really surprised me was why the Pats didn't take the timeout. xD Such a baws gamble.

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    That is why everyone thought it was a setup cause bill didn't take a timeout and was looking worried... Some say the Hawks threw the game.

    I don't believe in any of that though just a lot of rumors thou.
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    Yeah i know!!My Bad,,,My baaaad!!!Its more than a month now since SB XLIX and i completely forgot about Animeflame. I know it's late but hey Patriots won it all!! I knew it since day 1 they have lost to the Dolphins i had vision that we are gonna win and it HAPPENED.

    PATS NATION BABYYYYYY!!!Best QB of all time TB12!!!
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    well payton decided to stay. welll ****
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    Football season is back. Preseason started already in 4 weeks regular season will be here.
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    Just wanted to say Patriots pulled off an amazing win tonight over the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl. First time in history that the Super Bowl has gone into overtime. Patriots came back from 21-0 at one point to pull out the win, 34-28

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