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    Marijuana and Legality

    Regardless of whether it's legal or prohibited in your country now, what do you think the legal status of marijuana should be?

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    I don't know really, I've never had the chance to experiment with it before. But if the stuff I read can be believed, it should be legal on a medical basis at the very least and maybe made legal for restricted recreational use. Limits basically, like with alcohol.

    The only concern though is that governments will tax the **** out of that, generally making people very pissy.

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    Legalize it! If it were legalized it would generate tons of much needed revenue, considering how big of a cash crop it is despite being illegal. Also, it would drastically cut down on already overcrowded prison populations. I think its ridiculous that alcohol and tobacco are legal, but cannabis is illegal considering the plethora of research that has without a doubt proved how harmful tobacco and alcohol can be. While at the same time, many studies has been proving time and time again the beneficial effects of cannabis. In the United States, now that Washington state and Colorado have legalized up to an ounce of cannabis for personal use, I think that more states will follow suit. Especially when other states start eying the dollar signs being generated by this lucrative industry. As for globally, I think that it is only a matter of time before more countries begin to legal cannabis and I welcome that day!

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    It should be legal and taxed like Alcohol and Tobacco. It would generate a great deal of money and help alleviate the debt that the U.S has accumulated.

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    MY personal opinion is to legilize it, however the swedish top would never do such a thing sadly... Dosnt bother me much tho. easy to get if you know where to look.

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    The way I see it, plenty of things that are legal should be illegal, and vice versa.
    As far as drugs go, Marijuana is still a drug (no matter what other people says), so no, I wouldn't applause if it would be legalized.
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    Legalize it please!

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    Legalise it

    So that countries can benefit of the money, LEGALLY. We all know the governments make money out it with the mob.
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    IMO there is nothing wrong with weed but if it was legal, then I believe that it would effect society as a whole and not in a good way. Weed you see take's away a persons motivation, it cause's people to not work as hard, which will effect our economy, even if they did tax it heavily, it would still be bad for it. So because of that I believe that they never will fully legalise weed.

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