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    What made you choose your current username?

    It is as the title says, I am curious too.
    And if you don't like it, would you change it?

    I'll start:
    I picked the username I have because when I first joined AC, thats what I thought was awesome. I wish I remembered why..
    I used it again simply because its what everyone knows me as, and I couldnt think of another one.
    I would change it in an instant if I were given the chance.

    Your Turn!

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    I remembered the Phoenix scene during one of the Harry Potter movies and I was trying to incorporate Phoenix into a name.

    The end result was Phixen and I don't really remember the other end of the story.

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    Back in 2008 I was registering this other forum and I was probably watching Bleach...

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    my old name was too long, so i just shortened it here while i had the chance.

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    Are you from the past? italialex7's Avatar
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    Because of heritage and I have been using it for a long time!

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    Mine is a lso because of heritage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lamehamed View Post
    Mine is a lso because of heritage.
    I gave you this name... >: O

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    Fireclaw is my Warrior name (from like 2 years ago when I was obsessed with the book series Warriors) and X is a variable which can be any number... Since Fireclaw was taken on AC, I put the X after it, to represent the random numbers that people usually put when their first choice usernames are taken...

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    I was a member of a forum before AC for a few years on and off and there I had a pretty retarded name. I made it when I was 14, so go figure.
    So when I signed up for AC I wanted a name that could be... a name and people could just call me by it.
    I was also studying Ancient History at the time and wanted the name to be nice and feminine. n.n

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    1. I like Jace Wayland from my favorite book.
    2. I like the angel Eziel who revived Jace when he died on my favorite book.
    3. It resembles my real name when pronounced.
    4. Its what I've been known when AC still exists.

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