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    Short for my name Anthony or some people say "Antman" ?

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    Used to go by Darkseid because he was my favorite comic villain, then I stopped being dumb and switched to "Dark Side" after a few years. I add the J because that's the initial of my first name, and it's not as generic a name with it.

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    Tribute to my piggy bank, Mr. Bacon McSwag

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    Thurn is/ was one of my fav. names i came up with a few years ago.
    it comes from tolkiens elfish language. the meaning is up to you to find.
    if i had the chance to change my name again it would probably be Thaquiry, still the beginning the same but for the rest it is totally different.
    this is a name from a language unknown to most people.
    Only those who know about Florion would maybe know it but other than that none.

    Both are characters in books and stories :P
    made by dany-chan

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    I used to play dbz heroes united on Byond 5/6 years ago and one of the highest leveled player and also one of the most popular player was Extacy (I never realised it referenced XTC until last year lol), in honor of my fun times of DBZHU i went on and named my game/anime characters after him.
    Set by Umai
    King of Gielinor, Plat IV scrub
    Anime youtuber

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    I like fish!!!

    Set by Aclaw

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    I had an unfortunate young teenage moment in AC when creating my last username... this current name is a nickname derived from that so people still knew who I was when we all came to AF

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    I combined my nickname from animecrazy Tsunade201 with Umi to create Tsumi, then added the 4 to 201 since it's my fave number.
    later found out thanks to mai that Tsumi has another meaning in japanese xD

    Tsumi (罪) is a Japanese word that indicates the violation of legal, social or religious rules.[1] It is most often used in the religious and moral sense.[1] Originally, the word indicated a divine punishment due to the violation of a divine taboo through evil deeds, defilement (kegare) or disasters.[2] When translated in English as "sin", the term covers therefore only one of the three meanings of the Japanese word.

    Call me Tsu, Tsunade, Tsumi, Tsunade201, Tsumi4201, .... whatever you want
    There's Lys and Lays too now

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