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    I like the idea of Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle. Those who have the potential of becomin' a Phi Brain are called Children of the Phi Brain.

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    my old username was ugly and childish :U I love now more ~ <3
    (~~♪♫★avy and sig by nelkkeks★♫♪~~)

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    Well, I picked "Kore" because some of my friends on AC called me that,
    and because it is short for "southkorea" (my nickname on AC/DC).
    I wanted my friends to have a easier time to find me here,
    so I wanted to keep it as close as possible to my old nickname,
    but still a bit different since this is a different site.

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    Effy from Skins!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freya View Post
    I was a member of a forum before AC for a few years on and off and there I had a pretty retarded name. I made it when I was 14, so go figure.
    So when I signed up for AC I wanted a name that could be... a name and people could just call me by it.
    I was also studying Ancient History at the time and wanted the name to be nice and feminine. n.n
    do not lie, you were just playing WoW

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    The Undertaker is my favorite wrestler, i use this name everywhere

    Set by Xeltox

    Quote Originally Posted by White View Post
    Taha and I shared a bond that only two truly insane people could share.
    Quote Originally Posted by White View Post
    What are you talking about? Naruto just wants to become king of the hokage so he can save the soul society from the treachery of Achnologia.
    Quote Originally Posted by Prod View Post
    Everybody knows that Naruto just wants to become King of the Pirates so he can save the Soul Society while using his Super Saiyan abilities to Pierce the Heavens and stop the treachery of the Colossal Titan while piloting his Gundam...

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    My favorite character is Kuchiki Rukia but just for the sake of making every confused, I twisted the alphabets a little to make it 'Akiru'. Some of them fell for the trick though.

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    It's actually my real life nickname in which my friends got from a character in a movie. You can guess what movie it is, it's pretty easy.

    Why is there a random "e" at the end? Who knows?
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    scubastevee is a cool name. when i registered (yesterday) I chose Momiji simple because I felt like him yesterday only to realize that I actually had another name picked out but simple forgot since Momiji from Fruits basket was on the brain.

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    I wanted something silly to replace the boring nehezir and just blendered spagthetapdancer into being. Since I still behave the same, acts natural to spag became acts of spaggotry and here I am.

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