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    [Vote] Colouring Competition #1

    Week 1: Freestyle

    Use the form: +1 NAME - Reason Why
    You can't just put a reason such as: ooo I love Naruto!! or awhh yeah that looks cool!!
    Voting should be done both based on appeal and how it relates to the theme, if relevant;
    There may only be one vote per IP Address;
    Don't vote for yourself;
    If your reason is not valid your vote doesn't count

    This is NOT a C&C-topic (don't go saying what could've been better);
    If there is a suspicion of friend votes they will be DQ'ed and the runner up will get the win;

    Good luck everyone!

    Spoiler: Lage images within, open at your own peril






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    +1 xeltox
    I was actually torn between that and Luacu, the later provides a more realistic sense of colouring which is more of my taste. In the end however, I couldn't overlook xeltox's amazing effects, shading and colour combinations. I mean, look at that freaking fire.

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    +1 Freya
    I love the highlights and shading.
    It's placed at the right place and not just randomly

    Set by me

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    +1 Luacu
    nice highlights and shading... nice colors too...

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    +1 Xeltox

    Simple, with few colors, but shading is great in both the flower field and the fire in the background.

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    +1 xeltox
    Really like his colour palette, nice shading and highlights too :O

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    Couldn't decide between Xeltox and Naru. The flaming forest caught my eye but Naru's detail with all those characters, won out in the end.

    + Naru
    Well coloured with all that detail. A good balance. Not easy to do with that many characters on one spread.

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    +1 xeltox it looks like an oil painting and I love paintings, but I love Freya's shiny/glossy style too was a bit torn.
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    And the winner is xeltox, congrats!

    Look forward to seeing you guys in the next competition!

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