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    [sub] Colouring Competition #2

    Week 2: Set Lineart
    Please Colour the following image~

    Spoiler: This One

    Link to full image
    Link to DA

    This is Oga and Beelzebub from the manga/anime Beelzebub
    Colour examples can be found here

    DUE DATE: July 31st

    Don't submit Colourings you didn't do yourself;
    1 Entry per person;
    Do not enter a tag you already won a Colouring Competition with;
    Post your entries here;
    Premades are allowed,
    Don't reserve a post, just post your artwork when it's done;
    This thread is for submissions only. Take any discussion to the General Thread~

    You are responsible for your own work to make sure that it shows up when it's time for the voting to start.

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