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    The Den-7/10

    What happens when you get a bunch of people and web cams together? What you'd expect and the unexpected, in this case it's the latter for Elizabeth. She's doing research for either a class project or just a scientific study on the people that uses devices like Skype and Oovoo to communicate with each other across the world. She got what she was expecting and something she wasn't. She witnessed a murder happen live and her sanity begins to be tested and her fight for survival begins.

    Best synopsis ever

    Anyway I enjoyed it, just another movie that tells you the obvious beware of what you do on the internet. Good time there was even a jump scare that got me. (I'm ashamed but I can admit it) I'd probably watch it again in a few months time.
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    Paranormal Activity Series - 2.5/10. The original paranormal activity was a genuinely great film. Using limited special effects and a lot of genuine acting, grit and tension made it a great film.

    Everything after that was rubbish and droll crap. Cheap jump scares provide nothing.

    One of my most recent films that I watched and I was genuinely terrified of was 'The Babadook'. The Babadook is one of those films you watch and it stays with you. I have seen all there is. The worst of the worst. But after the Babadook, even several weeks after, shadows, creaks and groans at night are genuinely frightening.

    The best thing about the Babadook isn't the acting - even though the acting is so surreal, intense and gritty.

    It isn't the antagonist, even though it is absolutely unnerving.

    It's the fact that , in my view, this is the directors debut film.

    Babadook is a MUST WATCH. I give it 'RUN FOR DEAR LIFE / 10'. And better yet, it's an Australian film. Love it. <3

    Do yourself a favour (or a disservice, depending on how you look at it) - and go watch the film. Don't bother with the trailer - just get to the film. If this film doesn't scare you like no other film ever has before, I will change my sig to whatever you want for a week. I'm that serious. This film is terrifying.
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    The movie that scared me the most was The Blob (1958), it gave me nightmares for weeks and the thought of watching it again still makes me tense up 15 years later.

    Now if you can stop laughing at being scared of that movie, think about just what the blob is. The blob is an acidic lifeform that dissolves and eats flesh to grow, it grows and moves at a fairly high pace, it actively hunts out prey and can sense body heat, and it is unkillable.
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    Before I forget it, RIP Zena. You were a good man and a better friend.

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    and it is unkillable.
    Everything that lives can also die. But that which is dead may never die.

    And...Go watch The Babadook.
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    "There is no greater evil in this world or any other than for the strong to stand by idly and let injustice to unanswered."

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