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    Dorama 20 Questions!

    20 questions...drama edition!!

    Well everyone knows how to play this game. If not here are the rules:

    Someone has something in mind and people have to ask questions.
    The person with the thing in mind can only answer with 'yes' or 'no'.
    If you really don't know the answer to the question you can say 'I don't know'.

    Your word can be anything to do with the drama; like an actors name, characters name or the actual name of the drama, theme song etc.

    When the 20 questions are over and IF no one has guessed right the answer will be revealed.
    Then the person (or another person) can think of the drama word.

    Remember to number your questions.

    Have fun!
    Set by xeltox

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    Anyone wanna play this game with me?
    I don't remember who made my sig pls hmu if it was you

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