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    Underwater Gallery :O

    A wild newbie has appeared!

    Works are done... out of order, but would probably go by older to more recent works. :<

    Most recent work

    Signatures done back on another site~
    *For some reason it seems transparent background works for me.. so, yeah :O

    (The white background is supposed to be transparent though.*)

    (White background = transparent.*)

    (Same as above, white background is supposed to be transparent.)*




    Sigs done on AC/AF~

    Artworks done since the creation of this thread~

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    underwater.......sea, haha, i get it

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    I don't get it.. D;

    and still loving that FGT Ichigo sig..

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    Probably the best sig I ever done with using brushes

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    And lol, you always went with the really big sizes on NW.. xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Flesh View Post
    And lol, you always went with the really big sizes on NW.. xD
    Big sigs over there are the trend over there


    Um... okay? :O

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    I usually had like 400x180 or something lol.. xD


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    I made large sigs again though


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