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    Basic Information
    Clan: Suzaku


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    Basic information:
    Name: Méiguī Huáng​lóng
    Alias:"Méi", "Silent Shadow"
    Main Clan: Huáng​lóng
    Likes: desserts, reading, studying, and training
    Dislikes: Politics, boredom, Fish...
    Character Path:Physically Gifted
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 135
    Chakra Nature's:


    Personal Info:


    Skill Points, Path, and Clan Boosts
    Path- Physically Gifted
    Clan- Huáng​lóng Clan
    Skill points: 400

    Natural Abilities
    Might:61 Tier 3
    Mobility:100Tier 1(Legendary)(God Tier)
    Vitality:41 Tier 4

    Mental Skill
    Intelligence:41 Tier 4 (Tier 3)

    Ninjutsu:61Tier 3(Tier 2)
    • Huáng​lóng Samurai Primary Tier 3 (Tier 2)

    Combat:61Tier 3
    • Huáng​lóng Kenjutsu Tier 3( Tier 2)
    • Huáng​lóng Taijutsu Tier 3

    Godly Mobility Perk
    Silent Killer
    Méiguī has perfected the art of assassination. She is capable of moving in a virtually unrestricted manner. She carries no resistance when moving, and this builds no friction. Most impressively, Méiguī is capable of moving without creating sounds or disturbing the environment. Her movements are so cleverly precise, that she doesn't even displace grass or sand upon combat. She leaves no visual trace of her movements, and no audible trace can be heard.


    Huáng​lóng Kenjutsu:
    Koutei no Kiba (皇帝の牙? Literally meaning "Fang of the Emperor"): The Huáng​lóng clan has a unique technique that focuses on their ability to mold their chakra into weaponry, or even coat existing weaponry in a shroud of chakra. The chakra either in weapon or shroud forms are known to vibrate at an increasingly high rate. Resulting in extreme heat as though they were near the flames of a dragon. Due to the high frequency and extreme heat, the chakra weapons or even weapons shrouded in this magnificent chakra is able to rend, tear and shred any opposition. Due to this being natural chakra, any single user can mold their elemental chakra into this ability creating even more devastating effects. The current heir to the Huáng​lóng clan is able to channel his Katon chakra into this ability, amplifying it's heat and thus vibration frequency to an obscene rate. Due to this, he is able to cauterize or even set his foes aflame upon striking them.

    Samurai Kenjutsu:

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    Hype - Land of Lightning NPC


    Basic Information
    Name: Inazuma Yotsuki
    Alias: Flash of Lightning
    Age: 32
    Classification: Shinobi
    Clan: Yotsuki
    Character Path: Physically Gifted
    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 257 lbs


    550 Skill Points 0 Points Remain
    Yotsuki Can Physically Gifted Lightning Armor

    Skill Sheet
    • Might: 81 Tier 2 Tier 1 Legendary Tier
    • Mobility: 100 Tier 1 Legendary Tier God Tier
    • Vitality: 81 tier 2 Tier 1

    Mental Skills
    • Intelligence: 81 Tier 2
    • Wisdom: 35 Tier 5

    Ninjutsu: 100 Tier 1
    • Raiton Tier 1 Legendary Tier
    • N/A Tier 2
    Genjutsu: 0
    Combat: 81 Tier 2

    Chakra Reserve and Energies: 2500
    Seishin: 1300
    Shintai: 1200
    Yotsuki Clan
    Yotsuki Clan (夜月一族, Yotsuki Ichizoku) is a clan from is an influential clan hailing from the Land of Lightning. They are a durable warrior clan, focusing on brute strength and durability. Coupled with their lightning release prowess, they are a force to be reckoned with..
    Tier Boosts
    Might +1 Tier

    Vitality +1

    Rank Boosts
    Raiton Mastery +1 Rank

    Godly Mobility Perk
    Through use of lightning armor, Inazuma is granted unprecedented levels of speed. Just like lightning itself, when Inazuma moves, it generates a Soundwave of concussive force. His speeds are likened to a sonic boom, in that the boom occurs after the movements. Not only are they deafening, but they work as a secondary blow to any strike he performs. In fact, he is even capable of sending opponents flying simply by running past them..
    Legendary Might Perk
    Iron Grip
    Inazuma is an excellent grappler. Legend has it, that once he gets a grip on an opponent, it is nigh-impossible to break the grip.
    Legendary Raiton Perk
    Charged Up
    Automatic Lightning Armor

    0/25 techniques open
    • Soon to come

    Yotsuki Clan
    Yotsuki Clan (夜月一族, Yotsuki Ichizoku) is a clan from is an influential clan hailing from the Land of Lightning. They are a durable warrior clan, focusing on brute strength and durability. Coupled with their lightning release prowess, they are a force to be reckoned with..
    Tier Boosts
    Might +1 Tier

    Vitality +1

    Rank Boosts
    Raiton Mastery +1 Rank

    Godly Raiton Perk
    Legendary Water Perk

    0/25 techniques open
    • Soon to come

    Basic Information
    Name: Raiden Yotsuki
    Alias: Dark Zeus
    Age: 27
    Classification: Shinobi
    Clan: Yotsuki
    Character Path: Naturally Talented
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 224lbs


    550 Skill Points 7 Points Remain
    Yotsuki Clan Naturally Talented

    Skill Sheet
    • Might: 41 Tier 4 Tier 3
    • Mobility: 100 Tier 1
    • Vitality: 81 tier 2 Tier 1

    Mental Skills
    • Intelligence: 100 Tier 1
    • Wisdom: 100 Tier 2

    Ninjutsu: 100 Tier 1
    • Storm Release Tier 1
    • Lightning Release Tier 1 Legendary Tier God Tier
    • Water Release Tier 1 Legendary Tier
    Genjutsu: 0 Tier 2
    Combat: 21 Tier 5

    Chakra Reserve and Energies: 2500
    Seishin: 1500
    Shintai: 1000

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    Basic Character Information

    Full Name: Hiryuu Hyuga
    Epithet: Yasashiryu[優しい竜, Gentle Dragon]
    Race: Human
    Age: 19
    Height: 172.1 Centimeters
    Weight: 54.2 Kilograms
    Blood Type: O
    Path: Naturally Gifted
    Clan: Hyuga
    Residence: Any Local Inn
    Occupation: Shinobi/ Meditation Guru
    Rank: Jounin
    Likes: Peace, Meditation, Beauty, Competition, Virtue, Training
    Dislikes: Vulgarity, Unnecessary Violence, Disrespect of Ancestors, Misfortune, Recklessness

    Hiryuu is a man of an average height of 5 feet 9 inches weighing at 119 pounds. His skin is fair which is a more under looked feature of the Hyuga Clan. Due to his training from childhood he has a lean musculature. He has long black hair that is braided into one braid that reaches up to the center of his back. Hiryuu's most distinguishing features are his white eyes that are the pride and joy of his clan. Hiryuu doesn't dress like the standard ninja as he wears a red high inset collared shirt with the fasteners being a frog eye design. The sleeves are rolled up because they are to long. and they would get in the way. His pants are white fastened with a white sash. Underneath his shirt he hides a dragon tattoo he gotten when he was younger. The dragon tattoos reaches from his left chest to his wrist. As footwear Hiryuu wears a pair of black Chinese slippers.

    Hiryuu is a peace-loving man who will always try to talk his way out of battles, though he does not wish to insult opponents by refusing to fight. He has a great distaste for fighting, normally telling people that "it doesn't matter whether you owe someone or they owe you; as soon as you start fighting, you are in the wrong either way." The slightly eccentric Hiryuu also seems to like making an impression on opponents. Though Hiryuu tries to talk his way out of a fight, he will fight when the situation demands it.Hiryuu maintains a level of honor and integrity when engaging in battle. He refuses to fight with children or even in the presence of a child.[8] He also dislikes taking the life of innocent people. He always maintains a veil of respect for his opponent, is polite in combat situation and prefers to fight one on one. Hiryuu regularly meditates saying that it opens his mind to see the bigger picture of a person's actions which follows with him questioning them and their resolve to follow said actions through. He is also struck by beauty as it is such an arbitrary word to define many things both physical and metaphysical. At the end of the Hiryuu is just a pacifist drifter looking to bring peace to the world.

    Information of Ability and Capabilities
    Total Points: 400
    Perks: Natural Gifted, Hyuga Clansman
    Chakra Amount: 500+ 200 = 700
    Shintai: 450
    Seishin: 250

    Might: 45 (Tier 4)
    Mobility: 81 (Tier 2)
    Vitality: 41 (Tier 4)
    Wisdom: 61 (Tier 3)
    Intelligence: 81 (Tier 1)
    Taijutsu[Jyuken]: 61 (Tier 2) (Tier 1)
    Ninjutsu[Fuuton]: 30 (Tier 4)

    Byakugan[Kekkei Genkai]

    As a member of the Hyuga Clan Hiryuu posses the Byakugan on of the Three Great Doujutsu. This dōjutsu usually is manifested as very distinctive eyes, characterized by their enlarged and featureless white irides with no visible pupils. While active, the pupils become more distinct and the veins near their temples bulge. Unlike other dōjutsu, the Byakugan is normally available to its users from the time of their birth. The Byakugan gives the user a near 360º field of vision, except for one blind spot at the back of the neck above the first thoracic vertebra. Currently Hiryuu is able to see up to 10 Kilometers away and possibly further the more his trains his Byakugan. Its vision can penetrate through most solid objects and obstructions, though certain barriers may distort the Byakugan's perception somewhat. The Byakugan is also able to more effectively follow high-speed movements to better react to them. Arguably, its greatest ability is to see chakra to a greater degree than the Sharingan it can identify chakra by the specific individuals it originates from, determine when genjutsu is being used,[15] and discern certain types of clone from the real thing. The Byakugan's ability to see chakra is so acute that it can actually see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that run along it.

    Juken[Primary Taijutsu]
    iJuken s a form of hand-to-hand combat used by members of the Hyūga clan. It inflicts internal damage through attacking the body's Chakra Pathway System, subsequently injuring organs which are closely intertwined with the area of the network which has been struck. To do this, the user surgically injects a certain amount of their own chakra into the opponent's chakra pathway system, causing damage to surrounding organs due to their proximity to the chakra circulatory system. Even the slightest tap can cause severe internal damage, hence the name "gentle" fist. By employing the use of the Byakugan they can target the tenketsu, thus enhancing the havoc and control a Gentle Fist practitioner can impose upon an opponent's chakra network. These 361 nodes are key gate-keeping interceptions in the chakra circulatory network, thus forcibly opening or sealing them in whatever manner the Gentle Fist user sees fit, is a powerful tactical option to have. The affected person's chakra flow can either be increased or disrupted completely, preventing them from using techniques

    Hakkeshō: Kaiten
    Hakke Rokujoyon Sho
    Derived Technique
    Hakke Hyaku Nijūhachi Sho
    Hakke Kusho
    Derived Technique
    Hakke Kugekisho
    Jūkenhō Ichigekishin
    Jukenho Shoutei
    Jūho Sōshiken
    Derived Technique
    Juho Sohiryuken(Gentle Step Twin Flying Dragon Fists): This technique is derived from the technique Juho Soshiken created by his ancestor Hinata Hyuga. Using the same method of releasing charka from the users tenketsu points in their hands, but instead of the original appearance which in Hiryuu's appearance was to "flashy". Hiryuu decided to compress the appearance keeping the chkra output in check while also making the technique better hit the tenketsu points. Like the parent technique the chakra dragon heads siphon chakra from the target to augment its own density and power. It also can be used in conjunction with Juken techniques
    Dragon Head Appearance


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    Name: Hayato Kuzuryū (隼人 九頭龍)
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 176 cm
    Weight: 54 kg

    Kuzuryū Clan [九頭龍 一族]
    A small, quiet ancient clan that not many knows of. The clan is however known by some people to produce assassins of a samurai background. The Kuzuryū ways of the sword as well as its tradition are rather similar to the shinobi. This made the techniques in which members of the clan more about killing, fast and precise movements and less about actual sword fight. Kuzuryū clansmen tends to have their swords made lighter compared to a normal sword to allow them to deliver killing strikes much faster.

    Clansman of Kuzuryū bore the emblem of a dragon head on their clothing, commonly found on their shoulders.

    Tier Boosts
    ♠ Mobility
    ♠ Wisdom
    ♠ Kenjutsu


    Total Points: 400
    Perks: Naturally Talented, Kuzuryū Clansman
    Chakra Amount: 500
    ♠ Shintai: 300
    ♠ Seishin: 200

    Might: 65 Tier 3
    Mobility: 100 Tier 1 -> Legendary
    Vitality: 63 Tier 3
    Wisdom: 21 Tier 5 -> Tier 4
    Intelligence: 21 Tier 5
    Physical Combat: 100 Legendary -> Godly
    Ninjutsu : 30 Tier 5 -> Tier 4

    Kuzuryū Style

    A style that is developed by the Kuzuryū that teaches both Ittoryu and Nitoryu. While the two forms are rather different, Kuzuryū's style did not differ much. This sword style differs primary from most Kenjutsu not in the techniques but rather, the concept. Rather than actively clash one's weapon against the opponent's, instead learned to predict, dodge and go for an opening to deliver a quick and lethal strike, similarly to an assassin. Thus it is not unusual that the user utilize a reverse grip during combat often. Kuzuryū users are also known to utilize their body to block attacks at times before attacking, but mainly prefers dodging then attacking. Simply put, a style that places the user in an optimal position to not only avoid but attack at the same time.

    Taught to be quick and precise during decisive moments in a fight, most of the techniques possess a powerful explosive start when used, which can be particularly dangerous even for opponents that have faster reflexes and speed because its speed only comes when the user suddenly strikes back. Some may Kuzuryū consider a 'counter attack' style due to its seemly defensive but lethal nature.

    Hayato's slightly made changes to his Kuzuryū style by putting himself in a slightly more aggressive position, which allowed him to strike even before the enemy could show his/her attack. Or sometimes shown to even body parts like legs and hands to throw the opponent off.

    Godly Physical Combat Perk: Critical Strike

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    So much formatting to me done

    uindokattā koh
    kumogakure's slicer

    basic information

    NAME: -Uindokattā Koh-

    AGE: -11-

    GENDER: -Male-

    BIRTHDAY: -January Third-

    VILLAGE: -Kumogakure-

    CLAN: -N/A-

    RANK: -Genin-

    POSITION: -Genin Team 2 Member-



    HEIGHT: -4"2-
    WEIGHT: -120 Lbs-

    Koh has short, messy, snow white hair, and red eyes. He wears a white jacket with blue strips along the sides, with an over-sized zipper at the neck. His village headband is worn around his left arm.

    The young ninja stores his weapons in pockets with the oversized sleeves of his jacket, all of his ninja tools, hidden from the view of most people. He keeps his hands hidden while is he not in battle. His white teeth nearly always show his creepy smile.


    NINDO: -Anything worth doing is worth over doing-

    Intuitive - While he would not be classified as a genius to most, Koh is very cleaver in the ways of combat, he is able to adapt on the fly with creative ways to meet his needs.

    Mature - When asking the age of this young man many are surprised to hear he is only eleven years of age. This is largely to due with the many years of reading to escape his home life. His use of vocabulary and knowledge of physics baffle most children around his age.

    Stubborn - Once Koh has set his mind on something he will tunnel-vision on it. Sacrificing meals, sleep, and his own personal time. He will not be convinced he is wrong by his peers very easily

    Controlling - Koh has a sharp tongue that is ready to bark orders to his peers. He feels the need to be in control of all those around him. While ready with a solid plan in most situations, he to realize he cannot control those around him like the puppets he plays with.

    Perspective - Koh keeps a keen eye on the changing world around him. While listening to watch his elders teach him he also goes as far as to make sure he understands why they say it. He needs to be very aware of what everyone is seeing to be able to effectively use his tools and puppets.

    Deceiving - Koh does not shy away from bending the truth to get a more favorable outcome. Even the way he fights is about misdirection. With many lies comes the possibility of being found out, he is good at hiding it in his expression, yet when the truth comes out he will become almost cripplingly embarrassed

    Unsympathetic - Due to the emotional detachment he faced at such a early stage of his life Koh cares very little for the faults and losses of others. The moment someone fails to show value to him there is no possibility of him inconveniencing himself for them.

    Morbid - Without anyone teaching him the meaning of morality Koh has a very keen interest in death. He sees it as something fascinating and useful to manipulate the enemy.


    Being born to two non-ninja parents has not stopped them him from having them teach him the skills that would blossom into his ninja techniques. His mother was a performer from Sunagakure; She used her skills as puppeteer while traveling from village to village preforming great shows teaching children of the history of ninja. His father was a weapon smith, the two of them were a part of a caravan until the birth of Koh.

    For the first four years of his life Koh lived with a fairly boring life, his parents teaching the curious boy their respective arts. This was all until his mother, whom had grown bored of the village life and decided to leave the two seemingly unannounced to the boy. As a result his father proceed to binge drink, mostly forgetting the needs of the boy himself. All normality in this young man's life was replaced with drunken emotions or nothing at all. The only time he could peacefully be with his father was when he was teaching him his craft of weapon development

    The years between saw Koh either in his room, reading increasingly difficult works of science and math; or in the forge with his father whom would begin to say less and less to him as he began to master his father's art. His thought began shifting to that of how to kill a man more efficiently.

    Koh attempted to sign himself into the ninja academy at the age of six to separate himself fathers drinking. It was a failed attempt, his personal problems were his alone. Let alone his was not even the son to any of the village ninja. This did not stop from visiting everyday, seeking attention or acceptance. It was not until he started using his mother's art to seemingly bring toys to life that they had considered his early admittance the following year.

    All the years to himself made it fairly easy to keep up with the children a year older then himself academically. While in terms of physical strength and emotional growth the gap was very apparent to himself and the teachers. Yet his firm grasps on the basic ninja skills was enough to let him pass and earn the rank of genin at the age of eleven.

    [That brings us to today, (I will add more once I meet my squad members)]

    fighting style

    He is very rarely seen directly in the fray and that is the way he likes to keep it. By using basic clones and manipulation of information he keeps his enemies as unaware as he can. When in open areas Koh is forced to fight differently, it is in these times where he uses his skills with his trench knives and an array of distracting weaponry,

    combat information

    NATURAL CHAKRA: -Fuuton-
    PRIMARY SPECIALIZATION: --Ninjutsu [Puppetry]-


    20 | Kunais
    30 | Shurikens
    15 | Shinobi Wires Rolls [20 ft]
    05 | Trench Knives
    50 | Exploding Notes


    Improvised Puppetry

    Koh's fighting style has had him controlling everyday objects instead of a true puppet do to lack of family funds. He does not consider this a weakness do to using Shurikens and other objects around himself with his art.

    Masterful Tactician

    Koh has read many books above his age level about the battle field. This paired with his perception and controlling nature of his allies let him natural lead his allies.



    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]


    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]


    Kugutsu no Jutsu [Puppet Technique]

    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]


    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]

    Technique Name [English Translation]


    Soushuriken no Jutsu - [Manipulate Shuriken Technique]


    Technique Name [English Translation]


    Henge no Jutsu [ Transformation Technique ]

    Bunshin no Jutsu [Clone Technique ]

    Kawarimi no Jutsu[ Substitution Technique]

    Kakuremino no Jutsu[ Cloak of Invisibility Technique]

    Nawanuke no Jutsu [Rope Escape Technique]

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