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    General Bio

    Name: Ace
    Epithet: N/A
    Class: Ninja
    Path: Sage
    Rank: Genin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17 years
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 165 lbs

    Getting to know the Character


    The name's Ace

    Ace is a carefree, laid back free spirit who likes doing things that feel good. He is a good ninja when he applies himself, but his personality and easygoing demeanor often can get in the way of that. Instead of going to train or taking a job that pushes his limits, he would much rather spend the day at the beach and ride the waves. It's not that he's lazy (ok, maybe a little), he just prefers a laid back lifestyle. If he were to be put in a situation that pushes him into a corner, he will apply himself.

    Likes: Surfing
    Dislikes: Effort


    Level 36 252 Points

    Core Abilites


    Strength: 40
    Agility: 40
    Vitality: 40


    Chakra Control: 40
    Ninjutsu: 40
    Taijutsu: 40
    Nature Affinity: 12

    Chakra and Affinities

    Affinities 105 Points

    Water: 100

    5 Points Unspent

    Chakra 220 Points

    Shintai: 110
    Seishin: 110

    Skills and Abilities

    Academy Techniques
    Kawarimi no Jutsu
    Henge no Jutsu
    Bunshin no Jutsu
    Shunshin no Jutsu

    D-Rank Techniques
    Suiton - Water Whip
    Suiton - Water Replacement

    C-Rank Techniques
    Suiton - Water Clone
    Suiton - Water Clone Combo
    Suiton - Water Prison
    Suiton - Water Shield
    Suiton - Water Palm Blade

    Summoning (Tortoise)


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    Basic Information

    Name: Milia
    Epithet: None
    Class and Rank: Samurai – Shi
    Path: The Path of the Sword
    Level: 37
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'3”
    Weight: 182

    Character Information

    Long blonde hair adorns Milia's head, braided down her back and capped by a ribbon of steel. Her eyes shine of blue crystals, clean and clear with shades of silver gray tinting at their backs. Her skin is that of a pale pink, light and untouched by the Sun's most damaging rays.

    Milia wears armor and leather for protection and for her knightly way of life. Breast plate, shoulder guards, elbow guards, shin guards, leather gauntlets, leather jerkin, cloth padding, and leather boots are the main pieces of her wardrobe and armor. She does, under her plate, wear a blue and gold trimmed blouse; a less strict form of wear for a knight. Her small clothes is white and highly Western in origin and design.

    Naive, noble, and headstrong. Milia does not care for injustice, instead striving for the Greater Good of a situation and fighting for it. She is not blind and bound only to her alignment, however, and can permit certain codes of conduct against her own to exist freely without conflict. This has lead her to be easily used and easily trusting. Milia does not like discovering that she is ever being used, however, becoming extraordinary hostile and livid towards those who utilized her unfairly.

    Milia was an immigrant from the far, far West who had come overseas for training. She was entrusted into the service of the Samurai, and was given he opportunity to learn their ways in single combat with a weapon, to the point where one day she can return home a prodigy. Her master, Instructor Pines, is currently Millia's caretaker and teacher of Samurai ways.


    Attributes Points: 259
    Chakra: 250
    Seishin: 125
    Shintai: 125

    Strength: 60
    Agility: 60
    Vitality: 60

    Chakra Control: 05
    Kenjutsu: 60

    Yu (Courage): 00
    Jin (Benevolence): 17
    Rei (Respect): 00
    Makoto (Honor): 00



    Honed Edge - The user channels their chakra into their current weapon, granting it extra force onto the next attack or attacks to be made. The force increases proportional to the chakra utilized.

    Keen Wind - The user channels their chakra into their current weapon, then thrusting or slicing the weapon forward while also sending forth a wave of their chakra. The wave takes on the property of the attack utilized. Slicing attacks for slicing waves, piercing attacks for piercing waves.



    Long Sword - The blade of this sword extends at least an arm's length from the user, and has a blade on each side. It is composed of steel, with a handle guard of painted metal, and a pommel tipped with rounded metal and leather straps for grip. The blade is bare of decoration, but is sharp.

    Half-Plate Armor - Outlandish armor in a world of ninja and trickery, the warrior wears plated armor on their shoulders, over their breast and back, and along their elbows. This armor is not impervious to damage, but it does allow the user to go into combat without worrying about being slighted by an indirect damage source.
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    Name: Menma Kamizuru
    Age: 7
    Gender: Male
    Level: 41
    Rank: Genin
    Ryo: 400,000,000
    Spoiler: Appearance:

    Eyes: Gold
    Hair(Dark/Light): Green/Silver
    Skin: Pale
    Personality: A ditz who things women's breasts are snacks they hide in their shirts.
    Bio: Menma's mother was a Jonin who after going on an extended mission came back with him as a baby, she had apparently had a relationship while she was gone and it resulted in Menma being made. When Menma asked his mother where babies come from she told him that when two people love each other they plant a baby plant and eventually when it sprouts a baby is born. Since coming to the village as a baby Menma had done no Ninja training till recently when it was discovered he had an amazing talent and graduated from the academy at the age of 7. Even though Menma's mother is from the Kamizuru clan he does not normally use their techniques but does use Bee summoning.
    Seishin(Spiritual Energy): 240
    Shintai(Physical Energy): 170
    Strength: 30
    Agility: 30
    Vitality: 30

    Chakra Control: 53
    Ninjutsu Mastery: 60
    Genjutsu Mastery: 3
    Taijutsu Mastery: 3
    Bukijutsu Mastery: 3
    Forest Release Mastery: 65
    WATER: 63
    EARTH: 60
    Spoiler: Jutsu Library

    Academy Slots
    -Transformation Technique
    -Body Replacement Technique
    -Body Flicker Technique
    -Wood Clone Technique
    -Wood Release: Cutting Technique

    -Summoning Technique --(Bees)
    -Forest Release: Transformation
    Spoiler: Name: Forest Release: Vine Bind
    Rank: D
    Handsigns: Snake
    Description: The user creates vines around 1 of their arms which extend and can be used to bind enemies or to swing around.

    Spoiler: Name: Forest Release: Nativity of a Garden
    Rank: C
    Handsigns: Snake -> Bird -> Dragon
    Description: After spreading seeds on the ground the user causes them to quickly grow to maturity.

    Spoiler: Forest Release: Guruguru Technique
    Rank: B
    Hand Seals: Dragon -> Bird -> Snake
    Type: Support
    Description: It is a plant fiber armor, less for toughness more for improving the user's range, it can also be remotely operated to trick the enemy but then it won't be good at fighting more of a substitution where the enemy doesn't realize the user's left the suit but can leave exploding tags in it and it explodes or something. It also increases the effectiveness of Forest techniques while the user is in it and increases the healing of wounds for people in it but that is partly because it wraps and applies pressure to cuts and uses plant extracts for treatment, not as good as having a medical ninja but if your medical ninja is killed/injured it is good to have on hand.


    Menma Calls Wood Release Forest Release for some reason

    Spoiler: Missions

    Spoiler: D-7
    Helping Hand!
    Find Out
    Training Dojo!
    Helping Hand!
    Labor Assist!
    Help the intel!
    Domestic Disturbance!

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    Basic Information
    Name: Jin Shimura
    Epithet: N/A
    Class and Rank: ninja genin
    Level: 40
    Gender: male
    Age: wouldn't you like to know
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 165lbs
    Kekkei Genkai: Magnet release (iron sand)
    Ryo: 950,000,000




    Jin is laid-back, light-hearted, and a joker at heart though he is mindful enough to be serious if the situation demands it. In combat however, a more bloodthirsty and sadistic side of himself can be revealed


    The person known as Jin Shimura was born in a small backwater farming village where he lived with his father and mother. As a young boy, his parents would regale him with stories about the ninja of old. His favorite one was about his own family. After the end of the 4th Great Shinobi World War, the different lands tried many ways to maintain peace. One way they planned to maintain peace was to marry people from different village clans which would strengthen relation between villages. As such some of those marriages was between the fiercely loyal Shimura clan of Konohagakure that produced it's most renowned member, Danzo Shimura and the strong clan of ninja with the magnet release from Sunagakure that produced such strong ninja as the 3rd and 4th Kazekages. One unforeseen consequence was that due to the marriages, the magnet release kekkei genkai -which already didn't manifest in every clan member- became scarcer than it already was with neither of Jin's parents possessing it though Jin himself did.

    Anyways, Jin was captivated by stories of the exploits of his two clans' most renowned members like the 3rd and 4th Kazekages and even Danzo whom Jin understood that what he did was pretty dark but was also done for a reason Danzo believed was justifiable. This sort of understanding did eventually lead Jin to try to selectively copy Danzo. Thus in one of his stupider moments when Jin was shown a picture of Danzo when he was younger, and saw that he looked remarkably similar to him save for his scar, Jin gave himself one just like Danzo to better emulate him. Needless to say, that got him into much trouble with his parents who in exasperation told him that if he wanted to be like his clans' ancestors that he looked up to, it'd be better if he learned ninjutsu instead. That of course was easier said than done.

    Since Jin lived in a backwater little village, there wouldn't be much information about ninja stuff that he could just look up and learn. Regardless, Jin began to train himself whenever he had free time away from his farm duties. Learning whatever jutsus he could find information about or randomly think up. Jin did seem to excel in ninjutsu and using his kekkei genkai which he had decided to use in the form of iron sand like his ancestor, the 3rd Kazekage though neither his ninjutsu and iron sand jutsu were very refined due to being self taught. Needless to say, Jin became more preoccupied with ninjutsu than his duties around the farm. Surprisingly, his family was supportive of him and his desire to learn ninjutsu which was at odds with how most other families in his village were who would pressure their kids to follow in their footsteps and continue to work on their farms.

    Years later, Jin was now an independent adult but still had strong aspirations to become a ninja. One day while Jin was working in the fields helping a friend, a rare thing occured. The village had visitors. Since the village was very remote, any visitors would be swarmed by the villagers in order to learn any new information. Hearing about the visitors, Jin and his friend also went to the village square where the visitors were. Once there, Jin found out that the visitors were actually ninja. Honest to god ninja. It turned out that they had completed a mission and were returning back to their village -something that piqued Jin's interest. He had not known that there were still ninja villages or even ninjas left. As such, Jin immediately walked up to them and asked them if he could journey with them back to their village so he could become a ninja. Initially the ninja did not want to take Jin with them but after constant needling and showing them that he knew some ninjutsu, the ninja finally relented to take Jin with them. After saying goodbye to his friends and family, Jin traveled with the ninja to their village known as Kyojingakure. Once there, Jin had to enroll in the Ninja Academy as per regulations. While in the Academy, Jin quickly showed a talent for ninjutsu and he also refined the jutsus that he had self-taught himself. As such he quickly graduated from the Academy and was made a genin though he would get easily embarrassed about it if people asked him his rank since practically every other genin was much younger than himself.

    Level: 40x7=280 Points
    Core Abilities
    Strength: 10
    Agility: 40
    Vitality: 40

    Chakra Control: 40
    Ninjutsu Mastery: 60
    Taijutsu Mastery: 10
    Bukijutsu Mastery: 20
    Special Skill Mastery: 60

    Chakra and Affinities
    Affinities: 40x3=120
    Wind release: 60
    Water release: 60

    Chakra: 405 total
    Seishin: 205
    Shintai: 200

    Jutsu Library
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    Basic Information


    Akira Hyūga (日向 アキラ, Hyūga Akira)




    170cm (5'6")
    174 cm (5'8½") (after timeskip)

    130 lbs (59 kg)
    150 lbs (68 kg)

    Physical Appearance

    Akira is stubborn, short-tempered, strong-willed, and impulsive. Despite claiming not to care about what other people think about him, he attempts to maintain a detached and "cool" image. He generally keeps his face set in a near-permanent scowl, with his eyebrows drawn together. His outspoken, hot-headed demeanor is a trait that he himself has acknowledged, and if somebody picks a fight with him, he cannot help fighting back. Despite being considered a rebel, he excels at school and was able to become a Chūnin on his first try. He has quite a perverted side that has no regrets abusing his Byakugan to shamelessly peep on girls whenever he wants.

    He also seems to have a strange side to him as he is slight superstitious and claims to know one exorcism technique. The young man is also shown being a fan of the supernatural and extraterrestrial, referring to people or animals as U.M.A's if he does not recognize what they actually are.

    The birth of Akira was considered to be one of the most talked about issues in his own clan as despite being considered a member of the Main Branch, he is treated rather poorly or is outright ignored by other people except for maybe his siblings. This is mostly due to the fact that his mother was from the Main Branch, while his father seemed to have been an affair she had with another clan altogether. Because of this, while he is considered somewhat valuable, his clan tends to treat him more like a tool than anything else. The only ones that have treated him with respect is his younger, half sister and brother. Because of this, Akira had to learn many things on his own and is rather independent. During the Chūnin Exams, he showed great instincts and the elders believed that he had much potential as his drive to surpass those that came before him is what makes him also dangerous to his enemies. He was able to pass the exams on his very first try which caused many people to pay attention to him. Around two years later, he was sent on a mission as one of the Daikage's bodyguards along with Satsuki.



    Level: 76
    Skill Points: 532

    Natural Abilities
    Strength: 40
    Agility: 100
    Vitality: 60

    Chakra Control: 100
    Ninjutsu: 100
    Genjutsu: 0
    Samehada: 30
    Taijutsu: 0
    Byakugan: 100

    Wind: 100%
    Water: 100%
    Fire: 28%

    Chakra Reserves
    Seishin: 830
    Shintai: 850

    Jutsu List

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    ~ Personal Information ~

    Name : Itōssai "Itō" Tokugawa
    Epithet : N/A
    Age : 25
    Class : Samurai - Shi
    Level : 35
    Height : 5'9"
    Weight : 168 lbs
    Ryo : 0

    ~ Appearance ~


    ~ Personality ~

    Ito holds the bushido code in high regard, seeking honor in battle and life. The virtues he holds closest are Gi (義, lit. 'Righteousness'),
    Yū (勇, lit. 'Courage'), Meiyo (名誉, lit. 'Honor'), Rei (禮, lit. 'Respect'). As a result of this, he will become extremely humble at times. He believes in justice through combat and that a man's skills in battle or peace determine their worth.

    ~ History ~

    Born in the Land of Iron, Ito naturally aimed to become a samurai. He'd heard the stories of how the always neutral samurai chose to join sides with the Shinobi during the fourth Great Ninja War. He and many others in the small farming community where he grew up had known this to be their life as well since the day they could walk. However, Ito lived alone. He always had. It didn't strike him as odd. He chose to join the military at a later age after having travelled for several years. He figured he should know the world before making something out of himself. He had gained skills with swords by training with friends during his childhood, observing the samurai trainings from hiding spots and by practicing during his travels. When he finally signed up though, he realized nothing would have prepared him for the rigorous training ahead. Still, he went in with his mind set on becoming a samurai and that, my friends, is where we are today.

    ~ Statistics ~

    ~ Chakra ~

    Shintai : 125
    Seishin : 75

    ~ Attributes ~

    35 x 7 = 245

    Strength : 35
    Agility : 50
    Vitality : 30

    ~ Discipline ~

    Chakra Control :
    Kenjutsu : 50

    ~ Bushido Code ~

    Gi (義, lit. 'Righteousness'): /
    Yū (勇, lit. 'Courage'): 40
    Jin (仁, lit. 'Benevolence'): /
    Rei (禮, lit. 'Respect'): 40
    Makoto (誠, lit. 'Honesty'): /
    Meiyo (名誉, lit. 'Honor'): /
    Chūgi (忠義, lit. 'Loyalty'): /

    ~ Special skills ~



    Known as Windwall, this technique involves Ito swiftly drawing his blade, manipulating the chakra in the air to have a gust of wind shoot upwards in front of him, redirecting incoming projectiles. The wall doesn't last and is weak against melee attackers.

    Samurai Sabre Technique


    Iai Beheading

    Rain of Dashi Technique:

    The user moves their blade in a half circle, making the opponents attention focus on the blade, as the blade touches the ground, the samurai quickly twists the blade, turning up some of the soil and swings the blade to his opposite side with a horizontal slash. The slash causes dirt to fly up into the opponents eyes as the Samurai dashes forward attempting to slice across the opponents chest.

    Iron Body Technique:
    The user can parry blow that land on his armor without needing to parry them with his swords, the attack will still cause damage if strong enough.

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    Spoiler: Basic Information
    Name: Inuzuka Tsukiko
    Epithet: N/a
    Class and Rank: Ninja, Genin of Kyojingakure no Sato (巨人隠れの里, lit. 'The Village Hidden by Giants')
    Level: 44, 308 Points
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Height: 5'2"
    Weight: 112lbs
    Monetary Funds: 50 Million Ryo




    Tsukiko is a definite wild child. She's energetic, brash, speaks her mind, and lacks any form of inhibition. If she wants to do something, she'll do it, except in certain cases. She instinctively resents authority and order, and thrives off of any chaos she can create. However, several personality quirks completely defy her wild nature. For one, she cannot, under any circumstance, force a person to do something against their will. She can persuade and coerce people, but she cannot physically or emotionally force anyone to do anything. To do so would go against some base instinct within her.

    She's a very social being, preferring to be with plenty of others in public, and even in private at night, has difficulties sleeping alone.


    Tsukiko is not a born Inuzuka. She was adopted into the clan during what was believed her fifth year of life, when the current Clan Head found her in the wilds, feeding on the corpse of a large deer along with several wolves. Even back then, her abilities were showing, as when the Clan Head (Then only the daughter of the Clan Head) went to grab her, Tsukiko's hair shot out as tiny needles, turning the woman's arms and uncovered torso into a pincushion.

    It took some effort, along with using her Ninken to persuade the wolves to help calm the girl down, before she could approach Tsukiko safely. It was the young girl's first time seeing another like her, and she wasn't sure what to make of it. But when the woman wrapped both arms around Tsukiko, enveloping her in a warn embrace, all of the pent up human emotions within Tsukiko flooded out, causing her to wail like an infant.

    She was officially adopted as the daughter of the woman who found her, who was barren and incapable of having children, much to the joy of her Grandparents. It only took a year before she was fully accepted by the entire clan, even if she was unable to bond with a Ninken. After all, a pair of wolves had followed Tsukiko from the wilds, a male and a female, and it gave the Clan a new breed of canines to utilize. The first wolf pup was given to Tsukiko as a pet and friend, which she named Raiju, for the two lightning-shaped strips of silver fur along the side of his torso, contrasting the black fur of the rest if his body.

    This life continued for Tsukiko for several years, until she joined the Academy in Kyojingakure.

    Spoiler: Statistics
    Chakra: 425

    Seishin: 230
    Shintai: 195



    Strength: 26
    Agility: 26
    Vitality: 21


    Chakra Control: 100
    Ninjutsu Mastery: 40
    Genjutsu Mastery: 0
    Taijutsu Mastery: 20
    Bukijutsu Mastery: 0
    Nature Energy Affinity: 0
    Yaban'na-hada Mastery: 75

    Spoiler: Primary Ability
    Yaban'na-hada (野蛮な肌, lit. 'Bestial Skin'): A ninjutsu technique which utilizes chakra to augment the Keratin present in the body, giving it steel-like hardness and allowing the user to control it to a fine degree. The technique cannot be used on the living cells of the user's skin, however, only the Keratin within the dead cells, such as those that comprise the hair and nails.

    Spoiler: Jutsu Library
    Quote Originally Posted by Taijutsu 2/5
    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjutsu 6/8
    Shunshin no Jutsu
    Healing Technique - C
    Kuchiyose no Jutsu - Wolverine Contract
    Shikoku Fūin - C

    Raiton: Raikamen no Jutsu (雷遁 雷仮面の術, lit. 'Lightning Release: Lightning Mask Technique'): Similar in manner to the Raigen Raikōchū, this technique creates a blinding flash of light from the user's body. However, this technique does not initiate a genjutsu, it is purely a means for providing distraction or cover.

    Classification: Lightning Release, Ninjutsu, Supplementary

    Rank: C

    Hand Seals: Tiger

    Raiton: Seiden Hōden no Jutsu (雷遁 静電放電の術, lit. 'Lightning Release: Static Discharge Technique'): A technique which charges the user's body strongly with electric energy, which will discharge partially anytime the user touches something, aside from the ground. The energy discharged each time is enough to numb a limb, but will not cause serious damage to a person without hitting them dozens of times.

    Classification: Lightning Release, Ninjutsu, Offensive, Short Range

    Rank: C

    Hand Seals: Tiger > Boar > Snake > Horse
    Quote Originally Posted by Primary Slots 8/12
    Kōsei-jū (攻勢獣, lit. 'Aggressive Beast'): After the user coats their entire body in a layer of enhanced hair and grows their finger nails into long, ten inch claws, giving the appearance of a beast, they dash directly at the target, swinging both arms wildly without any pattern to make blocking the strikes difficult.

    Classification: Hiden, Nintaijutsu, Offensive, Short Range.

    Rank: C

    Kōsei Raijū (攻勢雷獣, lit. 'Aggressive Lightning Beast): This technique is nearly identical to the Kōsei-jū, save that it is performed which Lightning Chakra flowing through both the user's hair and claws, enhancing the destructive force of the attack many fold.

    Classification: Lightning Release, Hiden, Nintaijutsu, Offensive, Short Range.

    Rank: B

    Hand Seals: (Performed before activating Kōsei-jū) Dragon > Slam Fists Together

    Yūgana Tora (優雅な虎, lit. 'Elegant Tiger'): A Nintaijutsu style revolving around the use of a long rope of the user's hair and elongated claws on both the hands and feet, sharpened on both sides. The hair is used as a restriction for the opponent, by herding them with ranged strikes or preventing movement in specific direction, as well as capturing them if possible, while the claws are used in a twirling, circular, almost dance-like movement to allow for strong slashes.

    Classification: Hiden, Nintaijutsu, Offensive, Short Range.

    Rank: C

    Kumo Sokubaku (クモ束縛, lit. 'Spider Bondage'): By discreetly stringing hair between two objects in the area, the user can create a steel web in hopes of trapping something. Once an object or creature touches one or more of the 'web lines', the hairs will wrap around whatever touched them, completely mobilizing it.

    Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Mid-Range, Supplementary.

    Rank: C

    Hand Seals: Snake > Slam Fists Together

    Hebi no Kiba (ヘビの牙, lit. 'Fangs of the Snake'): From each of the user's palms fires a single small, needle-shaped horn. Both of these horns are barbed at the tip, and hollow inside, containing a neurotoxin which will cause sluggishness of movement for a short period of time.

    Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Offensive, Mid- to Long-Range.

    Rank: B

    Hand Seals: Dragon > Snake > Slam Fists Together

    [Locked until 75 in Primary]
    Jaō no Kiba (蛇王の牙, lit. 'Fangs of the Snake King'): The technique is identical to Hebi no Kiba, save for one detail: Instead of containing a weaker neurotoxin, this technique's needle-like horns contain a powerful Neurotoxin that causes complete paralysis.

    Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Offensive, Mid- to Long-Range.

    Rank: A

    Hand Seals: Dragon > Snake > Tiger > Boar > Snake > Slam Fists Together

    Rokurokubi (轆轤首, lit. 'Potter's Wheel Neck'): The user forms their hair into a massive, serpentine form with a replication of their own head at the end, and send it towards a target to try and physically consume it. Anything eaten by the hair construct will become trapped inside of it, any major attempts at motion causing the hair construct to prick the trapped being with hundreds of sharpened needle-like hair strands, stabbing deeper with more resistance.

    Classification: Hiden, Ninjutsu, Offensive, Short- to Mid-Range.

    Rank: B

    Hand Seals: Snake > Dragon > Hare > Rat > Monkey > Rat > Tiger > Snake > Slam Fists Together

    Chiyu Mayu no Jutsu (治癒繭の術, lit. 'Healing Cocoon Technique'): This technique encases the target in a cocoon of the user's hair, which is infused with Iryō Chakra, which radiates into the targets body slowly, allowing for a steady recuperation. This technique is especially effective as it cures lesser poisons, wounds, and fatigue simultaneously, though it is not without drawbacks. The user cannot move while the technique is in effect, and the healing is a slow process, taking hours for wounds beyond basic cuts and scratches.

    Classification: Hiden, Iryō Ninjutsu, Supplementary

    Rank: C

    Hand Seals: Rat > Boar > Tiger > Hare

    Work In Progress.
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