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    Quote Originally Posted by FireclawX View Post
    Zomg, so awesome :O
    Can I render it out and use it in a siggy please?
    Sure just credit and alls good
    Quote Originally Posted by Lucian Silver View Post
    Stop colouring Bleach.
    But i like to volour vleach
    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post
    yeah start colouring onepunch man :O
    I havent read it :0 i should check it out

    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    Omg that awesome <33333
    Is it lineart that you colored? Because your shading is amazing <3
    I want to learn to shade like that too ;~;
    Thank you xD just try and do weird shadings nd see where it gors
    And yes lineart shading is ehat i think is the most fun, skin shading at least, hair is more tricky D:
    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    the shading is really one of the best ones i've seen and i dug really deep when i was first looking for examples
    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    Ikr? Look at the orihime one, her arms and at her back. I can never tell where to shade. Make a tut : P
    Haha no wai id be bored in 4 mins
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    oh Bleach
    anyways it's awesome
    where is rukia

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    I think all types of shadings are tricky xD
    I do just random shading xD

    Quote Originally Posted by Liaison View Post
    Nelkk just being tsun as usual.
    Quote Originally Posted by 3bada View Post
    Nelchan is badass. :O
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuroashi View Post
    I will follow you always sensei-chan
    Quote Originally Posted by IronMonkeyFist View Post
    You hold too much power over me nelkk. I may have to destroy you in the future.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mreaper View Post
    Nelkk is a shapeshifter! Burn it!
    Quote Originally Posted by kakashi19283 View Post
    I'm still not on nelkk's sig quotes. I need to change my game plan.
    Quote Originally Posted by wicked liz View Post
    You're the public face onee-sama, preach the word!
    Quote Originally Posted by Mreaper View Post
    Delicious nelkk tears
    Quote Originally Posted by Samukazi View Post
    If our queen state something, then it is a fact. Your opinion is irrelevant! Know your place you mere peasant. psftt

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    Quote Originally Posted by j0lee View Post
    But i like to volour vleach
    I too like to volour vleach

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    Didn't know you had the patience for this sort of thing. :L

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    She doesn't. She is probably stealing Kira's stuff.

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    Kira is my teacher :L

    Oh golly.

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    Anyhow, good job Julie. n.n

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    Thank you George n.n

    Also added some of the older coloured ones on the front page just now. Click them tumbnails

    Oh golly.

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