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    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    Watched it tonight. Overall a fun movie, but an underwhelming final act.
    well, it's a set up for the triology


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    Quote Originally Posted by osna View Post
    well, it's a set up for the triology
    I know and I liked the
    meeting with Luke

    It's just that the final battle wasn't much dramatic.

    Harrison Ford was the best part about the movie. Btw, how come Rey gets a hug, but not Chewie? Poor guy just witnessed his best friend die

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    Just saw Rogue One and I loved it! Thanks to reading the prequel novel to the movie Catalyst I had a good idea of Krennic and Galen Erso's relationship as well as wth was going on in the beginning. I highly recommend it.

    Lots of cool easter eggs. Vader kicks ass. And the finale was awesome!

    The movie was way better than The Force Awakens imo.

    This film gave me hope for the Han Solo movie but Im still skeptical especially because only Harrison Ford could pull him off but let's see.

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