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Thread: Dem pics

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shikamaruuu View Post
    Truly breathtaking! I'm dying to see Kyoto. All that rich history not to mention the pagoda temples and the beautiful historical architecture *_*.

    How long are you there for?
    It really is breathtaking. Kyoto was the most beautiful place with temples and shrines all around. I walked around gasping by myself by all the pretty buildings^^ There was a woman in Nara who came up to me and told me about the story of the pagoda while sheltering me from the rain and later on in Arashiyama a kid came up running to me and gave me an umbrella. So many nice people

    I was there from around October until the beginning of January.

    Quote Originally Posted by BBomb View Post
    /now show pics of Norway

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    I'm on my way to Norway

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    Did celebrate 17th of May yesterday. It's 200 years since Norway became independent of Sweden.


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    Interesting looking food :OOO

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    Strawberries, pineapple, salmon, egg, cheese, ham, tuna salad? :0

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    It looks weird xD

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    Yeah, I wouldn't recognize the food if I didn't know what it was ...

    Other pics from Norway in a random order


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    'Murica is where I am from :O

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    America, ay?


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    Have you traveled the world

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