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    Quote Originally Posted by Tsukumo Yuma View Post
    I'm not sure if this counts but...
    Regarding the chat box on anime rush, if chatango can not recover from the masive DDoS attack, will the chatbox be replaced?
    Also, if chatango does survive the attack, will everyone have to recreate there account?

    I am asking because I heard that the attack is massive enough to destroy the site and all its servers.
    Firstly it is highly unlikely (essentially impossible) for a DDoS attack to destroy servers... Most likely you will not have to re-create an account, unless someone manually fries the servers and erases all their data (and the backups that Chatango undoubtedly has). So long story short. Chill out. If it's a DDoS, then the service will be back up soon enough.
    However on the off chance that this is not a DDoS attack, and if it cannot recover, then it will most likely be replaced with another similar service. If one cannot be found, well then the forum always has a chat thread.

    In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy the forum and you're free to send all your Chatango friends a message to use the forum's chat thread, we could use the activity

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    didnt report this on AR since no appropriate category, but you are missing an HD mirror on Sora no Method episode 10

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    Hey guys what happend to the HD videos? I was watching noragami and noticed the HD videos weren't there anymore. And its not just noragami, I think its for every anime, for exampe if you check One Piece, not the most recent episode but go a back a few more episodes and the HD videos are also missing.

    Anyone knows whats up? Or is it just a bug?

    Thanks for the help

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    I just saw the main 7 anime but one of them are mispelled which is Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry not Calvary XD plz no that like misleading title
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    Uchuu Kyoudai Episode 8 first mirror Videoweed has a virus laden ad, and all the other mirrors are broken (Yourupload is a spiny wheel of death, Uploadc was deleted, and Rutube has some Russian error I can't read)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Badshah View Post
    Before I forget it, RIP Zena. You were a good man and a better friend.

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    If one cannot be found, well then the forum always has a chat thread.

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    I hope you've seen that you need to update your photo bucket account.

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    Rofl no! I've only ever been drunk one .

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