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    Not sure how you did that Lucian, I found it hard to budget


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    What the hell Lucian? That's an all star team. xD

    Spoiler: Team

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    Don't underestimate us.

    I've got the mighty triumvirate of the mighty Tommy Oar, the majestic Yasuhito Endo and the swift Massimo Luongo.

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    it's going to be funny if your front two don't score lucian

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    With my luck, they'll die from heartattacks in the first game.

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    Don't jinx it bro, I need Messi to fire if I'm going to have any chance. >_>

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    Not at all, I hope they do well for the sake of the tournament.

    I'm surprised no ones picked robben, I was torn between him and Van persie :<

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    I have

    Kombarov - Garay - Varane
    Hazard - Moutinho - Rodriguez - shweinsteiger
    messi - suarez - neymar


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    I just made a quick team... lel

    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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