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    Dream Walkers IC Thread

    This is where all the dreams will take place. When posting, please remember to always mark your post by a colour coded header with the name of the dream you are currently in. All the other rules, as well as help with any problems you may have can be found in the OOC thread. Have fun n.n
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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Reality - suburbs of Cork, Ireland

    The life of a sixth-grader could be incredibly difficult at times; at least that was the opinion of young Emma Lovecraft, a child of considerable talents in the area of drawing, origami, jenga and the like, but with little patience to endure a music class at her elementary school. The teacher insisted on explaining about all the pieces of Ludwig van Beethoven before letting them play Fur Elise... which took far too long to keep the children interested. Emma was convinced her teacher was a mouldy old witch whose only purpose in life was to torture her students. To be fair, it wasn't that far off. She wasn't mouldy. The girl sighed, stretched her legs under the desk and leaned back, staring out of the window. Unfortunately, that was enough to catch Mrs Grouch's attention. After a sarcastic remark from the teacher, Emma was banned from playing and ordered to come to Mrs Grouch's office after school. She was in for a detention.

    The rest of the classes passed in a flash, as if to hasten the arrival of the unpleasant highlight of Emma's day. Saying goodbye to her friends, the girl dragged out gathering her things as much as she could and then reluctantly knocked at the door of the music teacher's office. A stern voice invited her in and then she was faced with the prospect of an endless lecture. She felt it was unfair, she didn't even do anything bad. This injustice was why she decided to be defiant. "I am sorry Mrs Grouch... but I didn't do anything! You are a horrible, horrible teacher and I hate you!" she exploded, unable to hold her feelings in any longer. The teacher gasped for air at the insolence: "How dare you! Not only do you not pay attention in class, now you are also being rude to your teacher! Do you want me to call your parents?! You -" Suddenly, Mrs Grouch stopped and clutched at her chest, toppling over to the ground, wheezing.

    Emma froze, her eyes fixed on the convulsing person in front of her. She couldn't hear; she couldn't move; she couldn't even close her eyes. Unblinking, her eyes started to water as her knees gave out and she crumpled onto the floor next to her teacher. It was happening again. She could see the lips moving, but no sound reached her ears. Gradually, the movements subsided and it was quiet. Rocking gently back and forth, tears streamed down her cheeks until she was found 3 hours later. Her grandmother, worried that she didn't come back home, called the school. By then, Mrs Grouch was almost cold.

    Emma was picked up and swirls of people passed in and out of her field of vision; questions were asked, but she had no reaction. It was obvious that she was deep in shock. In the end, she was transported to the hospital and sedated, her grandma sitting by her bed until she fell asleep. But it was clear she wasn't resting. A nightmare had her in its claws; the girl's body was twitching and she was crying out in her sleep. The poor old lady, at a loss about what to do, decided to push Emma's focus stone in the child's palm. It was out of the question to wake her up, and as far as her limited knowledge on the topic went, the stone should help her little girl to take control of her dream.

    Emma's Dream

    It was dark. Everything around her was dark. Emma curled up into a ball and continued rocking back and forth. What was it? Something horrible happened. Suddenly a familiar voice entered her ears: You... you... you let me... die... Ahhh... Such a horrible child... DIE!!! Emma turned around, terrified. A rotting, but still recognizable face of the music teacher jumped out of the darkness. On reflex, the girl rolled backwards to escape. When she raised her eyes again, the surroundings changed. It was still rather dark, but the eerie forms of desks and chairs revealed in the scarce moonlight told her she was in her classroom. And something was pounding on the door. It was a regular, almost mechanical noise. The occasional groans and screams interrupting it only made it that much more horrifying. Emma crawled under the teacher's desk, frantically pressing her palms on her ears and shutting her eyes firmly... so firmly that it hurt. She had almost lost the hope of being saved at this point...

    The school building seemed calm at a distance. That is, if you didn't listen too closely. Low groans and sounds of furniture breaking carried out into the school grounds. You could even see a few stragglers creeping towards the school building. Those dream walkers that noticed the disturbance this nightmare caused in the collective fabric of dreams and decided to go investigate would find themselves somewhere along the fence, on the inside, all alone. Among them ranked the members of Alliance for Safe Dreaming, the troublemakers from Jokerz, as well as simple curious dreamers with no affiliation. It was not hard to tell why they were there, apart from curiosity. The Alliance wanted to help the author of this nightmare to come to peace with themselves; the Jokerz wanted to check out its potential and maybe make this dream into one of their fun recreation spots; and the others could be there for a number of reasons. Sightseeing, thrill, adventure, making new friends, you name it.


    • Kill zombies

    • Resolve the nightmare one way or another
    • Find the dreamer
    • Get them on your side/ break them

    World belongs to the lazy!

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    Reality- St Petersburg

    Vladimir had just arrived home and was feeling so bored, so after a quick meal he decided to go mess around in the dream world for a while, putting his headphones on and turning on the music to help him focus his mind as he slipped into the dream world.

    Dream world- courtyard

    Just like the alliance could spot disturbances so could the jokers, a joker "friend" of Vladimir's would inform him about the disturbance which would end up with him entering the dream, though not in the usual manner, in this particular mind vladimir would actually split apart into two seperate people because why the hell not.

    Upon arrival the first thing he would do is test the rules of the world and confirm what he could and couldn't do with one personality, while the second was just drinking from a vodka bottle that didn't seem to run out while also playing an accordion at the same time. "Drunk Musician" would accompany "Gunslinger" while drinking and playing music, neither minding the potential zombies they would attract as gunslinger was having fun gunning them down in various ways.

    The duo would soon stumble upon a random alliance member and they would immediately realize that they were on different sides due to their polar opposite attitudes to the dream. "Gunslinger" would shoot the alliance guy's kneecap on the spot and then just watch as he tried to escape the zombies with impared movement. They would remain in the courtyard untill the alliance was completely turned into zombie food.

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    Zombie Apocalypse…. Or is it?

    Dream World


    Jun's eye suddenly opened, he wasn't sure where exactly he is, but surrounding him are countless neatly arranged chairs and small tables with the front, a whiteboard. Is this a school? Jun wasn't completely sure, but from what he is seeing, at the very least he is in a classroom. Jun was very conscious of this, he must have slipped into someone else's dream by accident, and most likely a young teenager's dream. Looking at his own uniform, and his equipment immediately, it seems Jun's is still wearing the police uniform, and that he still have his weapons and tools to use at this point. Looking out to the window, Jun could see the school grounds, and seems to very chaotic at this point. Sounds of things breaking could be heard everywhere, there are also weird groans. Outside are people... seemly limping about for some reasons.

    "I don't suppose this is a...."

    Jun have some idea what is going on, but he rather hope he is wrong for a reason. Taking out his handgun, the Beretta M9 - Jun hold the pistol with his two hands and start to head out to the other side of window towards the school corridor. Checking that if the coast is clear to walk about the corridor area. Jun believed he could probably do something about this, if he could find the person who created the dream world. Once Jun believed that the coast is clear, he started to opened the door and headed out of the classroom.
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    Zombie thing

    CLG gaming house

    "WHY? NUNUUUUUU!! WHY?" George screamed at his computer screen, the only light source at the medium sized room he sat in. His screams echoed against the empty walls behind him. Ten minutes later, George smiled with satisfaction as he managed to win the game. Seeing he reached the Challenger rank, George remained motionless for a solid minute when he finally broke the silence with a playful "Yaaay~". Feeling tired, he stood up and headed to his room. However, he was intercepted by Doublelift. "Dude" He said as he patted George on the right shoulder. Standing on the second step of the stairs, Doublelift was actually taller than George, who himself was a rather tall man. The Greek turned his head up to look at his ex-teammates face. "Are you going to sleep? You should check out this new dream. It sounds really fun. Some psycho dreamed about a zombie apocalypse. I was told it was fun. Everything else is trash."

    "Sure." George muttered, as he was too tired to say anything else. He nodded at Doublelift and walked up the stairs into his room. George held the Focus Stone in his hand and jumped onto his bed. A couple of minutes later, he was deeply asleep.

    Emma's dream

    George had cross the boundaries of Emma's dream. His body could feel it however his eyes were still blurry. He couldn't see anything. Shortly. He felt his skin being tickled. His vision filled with shade of green. Not that long after, he suspected he was inside a bush. His vision returned to normal for him to confirm that. He felt a stick in his hands. It turned out to be a spear made out of a piece of sharp metal and a bamboo stick. "It's like I'm Nidalee. Cool." George was excited. He leaped out of the bush and aimed around using the spear, with clear intention of throwing it. "On the prowl!" George roared.

    A sudden touch on his left shoulder scared the crap out of him. George jumped to the right and pointed the spear towards the left direction. Turning his head along with the spear, he was welcomed by an old friend.

    "WHY THE **** ARE YOU HERE? YOU'RE FROM AMNESIA!" George started trembling as the monster slowly approached him. All of this was too real for him to cope with. He closed his eyes. Just as he was about to give up on everything, a voice echoed inside his head. "I will guide you." George's eyes snapped open as he raised his long leg and kicked the monster away. He pulled his spear backwards and jumped up, thrusting the spear ahead and towards the monstrosity. The spear left his hand and flew with great speed, piercing cleanly through the monster's head as it was struggling to get on its feet.

    Landing in a cool pose, George walked towards the monster and pulled his spear out of its head. "This is easy." Looking at his left, he saw a building. Might be a school, he deducted and decided to head towards there.

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    Zombie Apocalypse…. Or is it?

    Dream World

    Jax opened his eyes just moments after closing them but he knew that when he opened them his surroundings would be very different than when he went to sleep. He was experienced with this sort of thing, slipping into peoples' dreams. After doing it many times Jax grew fond of doing so. All day he looked forward to when he got home, to go into the dream world. His real life worries were almost non-existent. All that mattered was what was in front of him, whether it be just enjoying himself or helping someone, it all excited Jax.

    Jax scanned his new surroundings and himself trying to get a feel for the dream he was in. Everything seemed normal, except one thing, with a single thought a belt materialized around his waist with two holsters, one on each side. In the holsters were two glock 17s equipped with silencers on both.

    Damn, that's nice.

    Jax grinned at his belt impressed with his abilities he had another weapon spawned, a knife about 8 inches long.

    I could get use to this.

    Jax looked up from his belt ready for the mission at hand. Now, just what was that mission? Through the heavy darkness he couldn't make up much other than silhouettes of people and groans loud enough to awaken the dead and a school building not too far ahead. He couldn't actually tell if it was a school but it was his best guess from the structure of the building. He would find out for sure soon enough. Jax began walking towards the building slowly looking for any useful information.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?


    The sound of music and gunshots could be heard throughout the whole school yard. Other visitors might be attracted to the commotion; but that is still left to chance. What is certain, however, is the fact that it attracted the attention of zombies. While at first, the Gunslinger would only be dealing with a few child-sized creepers, soon the yard around him and the Drunken Musician would be filled by undead faces of people they knew. The nightmare noticed them, and was now trying to scare them. As for the poor Alliance foot soldier, he would end up with his brain eaten and wake up back home, covered in cold sweat. However, he was no newbie. After a few minutes, he’d recover. And now, he knew what he was getting into. Sacrificing a few more minutes to devise a strategy, he would later get back into the dream and hunt down those two Jokerz, this time better equipped and attempting a surprise attack, sniping them from the bushes, first the Gunslinger.


    While it may have seemed to Jun that he was in the building, the image in front of his eyes would be going in and out of focus repeatedly, each time changing the scene. He’d glimpse a female zombie pounding on a door, a crowd of others creeping closer and groaning. Then he’d see corridors filled with the undead, all stumbling in the same direction. Finally, feeling dizzy from the lack of control over his senses, he landed by the fence, out in the school yard. He could hear gunshots, music, and screams, but he would have no time to worry about them. Two kids, looking about 10 years old, with unhealthy pale skin, were creeping towards him, drooling and slashing their nails at his arms and body as if they were claws.


    George had no trouble dealing with the first of his “acquaintances”; however as he glanced towards the school building, he could see that his way was blocked by 3 more. Two were moving extremely fast; they were clearly trying to flank him from both sides while the third zombie went straight at him, waving its arms in front. It was trying to give him a bone-crushing hug, then feast on his brain with its two friends.


    Jax seemed to be having fun trying out the rules of the dream. Since he didn’t make much noise, he wasn’t noticed by the occupants of the darkness just yet. As he moved closer to the building, he might notice that the number of shapes creeping in the dark around him was increasing. The groans were obviously coming from them, and it would be clear that if he continued out in the open as he did until now, he’d soon be discovered. Another interesting thing he might notice was the fact that all the shapes were moving in the same direction as him, towards the building, the silhouette of which was clearly visible in the moonlight. The tower in the middle seemed rather ominous and if one bothered to look more carefully, there were bats circling it.

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    Zombie thing

    "3v1? That's unfair!" George complained. He readied his spear and braced himself for the upcoming fight. He noticed the middle monster was slower then the other two. Thus, he immediately tossed his spear towards that one, aiming to hit its throat, possibly separating it from the rest of its body due to the force. But now another problem was imminent. George had no weapon to defend himself against the two agile monsters coming from left and right. In a moment's thought, he used his foot to raise a dust cloud towards the left monster, attempting to distract it enough for him to deal with the other one. He then turned to the right and ran straight at it. Being a tall man, George abused the length of his limbs and held the monster's head far from reach. The mushy texture of its skin spread a tingle down George's spine. However, he knew this wasn't fitting moment of cowardice, as it could cost his virtual life. He used his left leg to knock the monster off balance, making it fall. Without wasting a single second, George grabbed a rock and aimed to crush it against the monster's head. However, his hand stopped mid-motion. The other monster grabbed him from behind. It was stronger than him. George struggled but couldn't fully move. The thing groaned and leaned in to chomp a piece out of George's neck. And at that moment...

    Two projectiles swooshed through the air and hit the monster on the head. It collapsed behind George, motionless. Before he realized what happened, the other monster got on its feet and lunged towards him. He grabbed it buy its shoulders to keep it away from him. The monster desperately bit the empty air several times, with the true intent of biting George. Two more projectiles swooshed and pierced it right through the head. George looked at them closer this time. They were crossbow bolts. "Dude chill. I got you. I'm so good at this game." A familiar voice spoke behind him. It was Peter Peng, also known as Doublelift, his ex-teammate. He emerged out of the shadows with a large crossbow strapped to his back. As he got closer to pick up his bolts, George noticed a smaller one strapped to his right arm. Judging from the bolts' size. It was the smaller one that he fired from.
    "Dude what are you doing here? You should be practicing with the team." George shouted. It was not loud enough to attract any more of these things, but it still sounded angry. He really cared about his organization doing well.
    "I'm taking a break. Besides, I just saved your ass. Come on. Let's see if there's anything else in this place." Before George could reply, Peter already began running towards the building. George had no choice but to follow him, after picking up his spear.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Dream World

    Jax trying his best to ignore the groans coming from the other people coming he walked closer to the building. The closer he got the more bodies seemed to appear around him, also meaning the groaning was now at an all-time high. All the silhouettes were heading the same direction as Jax towards the building. Going the same direction as them probably wasn't the best idea if he was annoyed by the unnecessary groans. Jax had an idea that could get him away from this without putting a bullet in someone's head. He was outnumbered any way, he may have been hot-headed, but he wasn't stupid.

    Jax upped his pace and into a jogging speed towards the building. Attempting to reach the building before the crowd did, that way he could seal the entrance from the assholes who were obsessed with making sex noises. Jax would enter the building quickly closing the door behind him. He then would smugly grin as a large plank of wood blocked the entrance, disallowing people to enter from the outside.

    Get comfortable it's going to be a while.

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    "Interesting, guess this is a nightmare by the looks of it, and it's affecting even us" the gunslinger smirked while firing upon the familiars without pause, He was fully aware that this was a dream and everything inside was just a fiction of his imagination so he familiar looking zombies wouldn't deter him, if anything some might encourage him as he saw zombies of persons he dind't like or hated.

    Lucky for the a sniper rifle is a big gun that is difficult to conceal, the drunken musician noticing it and the wielder would suddenly change his tune and as if on que, gunslingers movemetns would suddenly change, moving in patterns difficult to predict before turning towards the bushes and opening fire. The musician was naturally moving in an extremely hard to predict pattern due to his drunken stupor.

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