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    Vs. Tyki w/Kureto
    Shiro was able to confirm, the hard way, of what the enemy's ability was. He seemed to possess the ability to become intangible at will. His hand was in her chest, not in the good way either. He began to spin, but Shiro wouldn't let him do whatever he had planned. Materializing a Grasshopper platform in front of her, Shiro pushes against it with her free hand, that is, the one not holding her weapon, and uses it to get some much needed distance between her and this mysterious enemy.

    "A guy usually buys a girl dinner first!"

    She was joking, but she was worried. If he was intangible, how was she going to hurt him? Yes, she wasn't worried in the slightest at what his intangibility meant for his offense, only what it meant for her offense. By this time, the one responsible for the shots earlier had joined up. He still seemed to be on her side, as he appeared to make an attempt at fighting the Neighbor. Due to the nature of her opponent's ability, she came to the conclusion that the wide arcing attacks her Yogetsu was best at would be insufficient. Which is fine, it is why she asked for this next Trigger to be developed. She activated her Yogetsu: Dual, a trigger that separates the two Yogetsu blades into separate weapons. Allowing for swift, and numerous attacks. She wouldn't attack right away, she would let the interrupter fight for now. She wanted to figure out his ability. Figure out if it has any weaknesses.

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    World Trigger - Hayato - Jin - Jasedavi

    Hayato didn't exactly appreciate Jin's response to his assistance but he wasn't so stupid that he'd make a scene with a humanoid neighbor standing in front of them.

    "Yeah whatever, same for you."

    Jasedavi attacked first, firing two shots. One at Jin the other to Jin's right presumably aimed at Hayato. It seemed like an easy enough attack to dodge until the attack got a little complicated. Some how Jasedavi redirected the bullets trajectory where the two bullets would clash for a boost in speed and power and hit Hayato from an angle where he couldn't see it coming. Fortunately, Jin teleported out of the way making it a lot easier to avoid the attack. Hayato jumped to the side to avoid the bullets while Jin counter-attacked. If Jasedavi managed to dodge, Hayato would split one of the trion cubes into several smaller squares and fire off several asteroids at Jasedavi right after recovering from last attack not giving him time to breath.

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    World Trigger

    Faust, Shizuo, Benji - Road

    Faust's barrier was able to protect himself from the sudden attack of the evolved neighbor. Similarly, the neighbor would be able to avoid taking damage from the lovers card by moving out of the way quickly, but what followed next would be the real headscratcher. As soon as Faust's opponent stepped out of the way, a small portion of ground below the neighbor would open up like a door, taking the neighbor inside of it. Soon afterwards, whether or not Faust had begun walking towards a random direction, a sniper's shot would pass by him and a message to his communication device from Benji would follow.

    "Follow the shot's trajectory, there is a really troublesome neighbor here"

    On the other side, Shizuo had managed to keep himself alive against Road and had also figured out one weakness of her trigger. While he chose to use the streets to get to the park, Road would follow him through leaping over rooftops. She didn't have a map or anything, so a visual from above was much better for her. Though as she followed, she was able to see where Shizuo was trying to lead her to and would immediately come to a stop.

    "I guess it's time I take your advise and keep my distance from old men" she'd say to Shizuo and come to a stop at the rooftop of a building that was surrounded by various obstacles to make sniping difficult. If Shizuo used his strategy of a barrage of fireworks, she'd dare him to keep on using him, confident that she could outlast him in a battle of trion spam. Most of her creations would fly towards the bullets instead of waiting around like the previous time, giving them a much higher chance of not only cubifying the attack before it split, but hitting more split bullets before they got too close to Road. Being able to absorb all that trion would also be a big factor in her ability to outlast Shizuo. While doing that, she would fill the rooftop with animals that could go "invisible" such as chameleons or jellyfish.


    Cris, Saki - Skinn Bolic

    Saki's buckler that combined her sogetsu and a shield would be effective for one or two shots at most and that was mainly due to the sogetsu. The shield would break immediately from the first shot but she would be able to use sogetsu to save herself, but even that would begin taking damage if she continued. She'd be able to save herself for now as the barrage stopped, but she had underestimated its rate of fire. By the time she reached Skinn's back, he was ready to fire once again and he would. Once again, a barrage of destructive bullets were being fired at Saki, but this time, they were just at a much closer range.

    As for Cris, she'd be able to dodge the first shot and deflect away the second by using her sword as a baseball bat, but with a part of her sword being exposed after it took Skinn's feet, the second attack wouldn't be able to connect. Before it hit the rocket launchers, the sword's path would be blocked by a shield. Cris could still use her telekinesis on it to change the path and still attack the rocket launchers from a different angle, but that would give enough time for Skinn to recharge Chelidon and fire off the second round of attack at Saki.

    Now, the second round of Cris's attack would be easier for Skinn to deal with as he was able to see it coming. The shield he was constantly splitting up until now would cover him entirely like a prism, protecting him from the tornado of smaller blades. Since the blades had been split up, their offensive power had been reduced considerably, but waiting around for Cris to stop the attack wasn't his style. And since the tornado would keep Saki away, if she didn't already get caught up in the second barrage of the bullets, so he'd use this chance to sprout wing-like extensions from his back and use them to fly up in the sky. He was now at a range that he was more comfortable in, so he'd take the opportunity to materialize the form of chelidon that was better suited for firing bullets.


    Kureto, Shiro - Tyki Mikk

    Shiro's maneuver would allow her to not get defeated instantly, but the moment she placed her hand on the grasshopper so that she could launch herself away from Tyki to put some distance between them, the neighbor would counterattack in that instance. He wasn't able to get her trion supply center, but as she was leaping away, Tyki would see that the blade was out of his body and would instantly make himself tangible momentarily with his hand still inside her body, just in a different part. It was all the way to the side of her chest, right before she escaped his reach, but he was able to destroy a little part of her trion body (the size of his fist). It wouldn't be fatal or even hinder her movements, the only downside was that the would was leaking trion.

    As for Kureto, by the time his tonfas reached Tyki, the man had managed to turn himself intangible once again. Kureto would pass through Tyki as if he was a hologram. If he wasn't focused on trying to make the most out of his opportunity with Shiro, Tyki might have been able to get a part of Kureto's legs as he passed through Tyki, but he got lucky this one time. He might not be so lucky the next time.

    "I was just trying to end this swiftly and painlessly. You should have figured out by now that your weapons will not work against me, so why keep on fighting?"


    Jin, Hayato - Jasdevi

    Two back to back teleporters surprised him, but the gauntlet user was the closet to him and his weapon of choice indicated that the man preferred to fight up close. Being a gunner, that wasn't Jasdevi's preferred range so as soon as he saw Jin close in on him, Jasdevi leaped back into the shield with green hue behind him, disappearing within it as soon as he made contact. He would appear instantly from a shield that gave off a similar colored hue located above Jin. Gravity would cause him to fall down while the shotgun bullets, if they were to go through the same shield, would keep their momentum and be fired off straight out of the second shield, missing the falling Jasdevi. A shield with red hue would end up catching him on his way down as Jasdevi was now essentially flying on a disc-like platform.

    If hayato still fired his bullets at Jasdevi, the bullets would be met with a shield with a blue hue and it wouldn't necessarily block the bullets, but instead, it would catch them, get stretched, and then bounce them all back at Hayato like a trampoline. Now, they knew the effects of four shields and one had yet to be revealed.

    Now holding the gun with both of his arms, Jasdevi would fire a powerful shot with enough force behind it to knock back his arms. It was a straightforward shot that would be easy to dodge, however, if Jin dodged it and allowed it to hit the ground, the shot would shatter like glass and smaller pieces of it would go flying everywhere.

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    World Trigger

    BORDER vs Skinn - Saki

    Despite speeding up with grasshopper, Saki was not fast enough to outrun the second barrage of missiles. She did manage to connect her sogetsu before it, however. Moreover, having seen the barrage twice already, she could see when it was about to come, which gave her enough of a warning to reconsider her next move. Sure enough, it would be suicidal to attempt cutting Chelidon mid-attack. She thus skipped attacking and passed straight into defense instead. Spinning the ringblade with one hand in order to deflect any shots that she didn't manage to dodge, she used her other hand to push off a grasshopper platform above her to send herself crashing into the ground, hopefully making most of the barrage miss her.

    Unfortunately, that decision also pinned her down when Cris started her tornado. With millions of tiny blades spinning right next to/above her, she couldn't move a muscle to avoid getting caught up in the attack. As a result, she couldn't prevent the neighbour from flying up. She could follow him though. Assuming Cris stopped the tornado right when he flew out, Saki would immediately use grasshopper to jump up after him, probably managing to take advantage of him transforming his trigger.

    "We can't let him get too far! You can use my grasshopper too if you want!" Saki informed Cris as she hurried after the enemy, spinning the ringblade on her wrist to build up momentum in it. As soon as she reached Skinn, she would aim a slash through his transforming trigger, hoping to destroy it and be done with this. In case she was not fast enough to make it to him before he was ready to fire, she would be wary and ready to alter her jumps out of the way if necessary.

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    World Trigger - Oopsie

    "Shit!" Saki ended up getting caught in Cris' attack, thus she had to halt the tornado barely after it started forming. Thankfully, this saved a lot of trion and stamina as the neighbor took flight anyways, getting himself out of the attack with easy. "Sorry, Saki! Thought you could get away in time!" She apologized.

    Saki told Cris, she could use her grasshoppers. But that would be no good. With Nicki, Cris could fight just as well from down here. The shards from her blade reformed once again, making the blade whole. It immediately shot upwards, towards Skinn's behind. The blade would come into close range and unleash a continuous flurry of slashes against his back. Even if it was just the blade, it felt like Cris herself was up there holding it. The slashes were precise and deadly. He would have to either block them or dodge them. Seeing as Saki was already attacking him from the other side, one of their attacks were bound to be a success.

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    World Trigger

    Kureto understood what happened, he saw what the man's ability is - phasing through the body of his opponent didn't exactly took Kureto off-guard. Instead it is what Kureto was expecting of, although injuring him would been so much better. As Kureto passes through the man's body - he immediately plant his left foot forward and twist his body around towards the man. His other foot upon turning his body around - push off the ground as he jumped away, but not before swinging his hand around as he turned and jumped - this would immediately not only attack the man with his bladed tonfa but at the same time defend himself from his opponent, preventing the man getting an opportunity to attack him while Kureto may be potentially left vulnerable to any fast counterattack.

    However, because of the way he moves - Kureto accidentally jumped back towards Shiro - likely knocking her off if made contact. But for Kureto, he didn't realize that - he did not consider Shiro at all - everything Kureto did was rather reactionary. In his mind - there was only the environment, him, and his opponent. Though if he were to accidentally knocked Shiro down, his side effect which allows him to think and process faster would easily result him in naturally removing his tonfa and grabbing hold of Shiro's arm to help prevent her from falling. Though if nothing else, Kureto would continue to concentrate solely on the man without having to do anything else for the moment.

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    Saki, Cris - Skinn Bolic

    Having taken to the skies thanks to his thruster, Skinn seemed too focused on trying to transform his Chelidon to notice Saki's sudden charge. She had managed to keep herself alive through the continuous rounds of bullets but her sogetsu had sustained damage. It could still be used for attacking purposes and deflect normal, non-meteora bullets, but trying to use it to deflect any more bullets would surely cause it to break. As soon as she went to the transforming trigger, however, Skinn would reveal his last-ditch effort to do some damage.

    Once she closed in on him, he'd stop the transformation right before the slash, which meant that the sogetsu would end up taking his arm instead. In return, he'd fire one last bullet from his hand at close range to a wide open Saki, almost immediately following the slash, giving her very little time to react. He had used up too much of his trion attacking up until now and the cut off legs weren't helping. He knew he had very little time left and came up with this double suicide strategy on the spot.

    Considering he had basically given up and was planning on taking all the hits, Cris's attacks from the back would pretty much all hit their target, but it wouldn't aid in increasing the damage to the opponent or help reduce damage to the ally.

    "Tch, I guess this is it"

    He'd say while falling to the ground and right before he hit the surface, the earth below him would open up like a door and close right after he had fallen into it.

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    World Trigger

    BORDER vs Skinn Bolic - finale

    It almost looked like her plan would go off without a hitch... almost. The only thing that saved Saki from instantly Bailing Out was the momentum of her slash. Having built up quite a lot of it in her ring blade, once she actually swung it, it affected her movement too. The fact that the neighbour stopped the transformation also helped, making the durability of her target much less than what she was preparing for.

    As it was, she sliced through his arm with almost no resistance, the tremendous momentum of the blade turning her body to the side right afterwards - basically she would be spinning out of the way. Nevertheless, the enemy made an immediate counter-attack, shooting at her point blank. The bullet would take a chunk from her trion body's side - it did no tear right through her since she was spinning away, but it still left a dewp gash leaking trion.

    Thankfully, they at least managed to take down their opponent. Saki descended back down to the ground while making a call to the operator:"Hey there again. We took the humanoid down, but we lost Luca and I'm injured. The rookie is fine so far. Do you need us anywhere else or should we retreat back to the base for now? We got some of those pretty white cubes, too." Once she reached the ground, she would praise Cris for a job well done and inform her of what the operator responded.

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