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    Zombie Apocalypse… or is it?

    Jun was heading about the school corridor to travel about the school, but soon find his vision blurred out and his sense of control started to go weird ape **** on him, growing incredibly dizzy in the process. Yet in just a few moments, his senses slowly came back and started to hear weird groans surrounding him. Once his vision finally return, Jun found himself by the fence out of a courtyard, as if he teleported…? Maybe…? Jun knew that this is a dream world, so he won’t be questioning logic and just adapt to the situation. It is far more chaotic than he thought, with music, screams and even gunshots being heard. But then, Jun have his own problem to take care of.


    Two kids started to creep towards him, and both of them have unhealthy pale skin. They were unusually close to him, in fact they are incredibly close to him. Quickly, Jun make his way skilfully past the two kids, taking some precaution against them in case they started running, which he think they might, but they also might not. Jun also knew he have to look around for a safer route to see what is going on. But for now, Jun knew he probably should not fire his gun and attract any more. Instead, he took out his police baton and prepared himself to defend while moving to a less crowded area, or route of the courtyard, hoping to find someone that is actually not looking like a zombie.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Bionsan – read bomb’s update too

    The spear attack had the expected result and tore the middle zombie’s head right off. The weapon had enough force to continue on and stick into the ground a few metres away, making a humming noise as it vibrated until it stopped. The rest of the plan didn’t go so well for George. While he held the second monster at arm’s length, it was true it couldn’t bite him. It could, and did, scratch at his arm though. The injury would be relatively deep and the pulsing pain rather distracting. What was worse, it was infected. Should George lose his concentration or will, he’d end up as a zombie himself eventually. Luckily, his friend came to the rescue and helped to finish off the remaining monsters.

    As they sped off towards the school, there were no more attacks at them for the moment. Nevertheless, the groaning noises resounded all around them, with increasing intensity as they got closer to their destination. Suddenly, the crowd, which was simply ambling in the same direction as them until then, sped up into a run. Angry shrieks filled the night air and it was obvious the zombies were now converging on something near the doors instead. They could also hear bashing and kicking noises now. This could be a nice distraction if they wanted to slip inside… or they could try to find out what were the monsters pouncing on.


    Jax didn’t take the increasing warning signs seriously and continued on towards the door openly. When he started to run, the nearby zombies were already aware of him. With angry shrieks, they alerted their compatriots to his presence, and then lunged towards the poor man. No matter where he turned, he would be tackled by zombies – of small children; teenagers; teachers; and not the least importantly, of people he knew as well. They would all scratch at him and try to take a bite off him. Unless someone showed up and helped him, it was rather unlikely he would get out of that alive.


    Unfortunately for the Alliance soldier, these two Jokerz were hard targets. After a few seconds, he realized he couldn’t take aim at either of them. If he did risk it and shoot, he’d just give away his position. That meant changing the tactics. While he still observed his targets through the scope of the rifle, one of his hands reached into a pouch on his belt and took out a few concussive grenades. He’d pull out the pin of the first one by his teeth and throw it towards the Gunslinger, immediately following up by the next one in Musician’s direction. These should be rather hard to notice, since it was night and the zombies attracted by the gunfire and music would be multiplying and quite distracting.


    Somehow barely avoiding the claws of the zombie kids, Jun would finally release his focus on them and turn around to find a way towards an empty area. As he turned, he’d come face to face with his best friend… of course, zombified. This apparition would promptly aim to headbutt him from close quarters and then feast on his flesh; the zombie kids, of course, still close by behind Jun and closing in as well. Should he safely get away from the three or dispose of them, he might notice that unlike before, the yard was emptier now. The groans and shrieks seemed to be concentrated near the school building, or around the music.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Jax carelessly continued running towards the entrance, not knowing he'd be attacked by a horde of zombies. The groaning zombies closed in on him quickly and effectively. One zombie struck first catching Jax from his blind side, tackling him to the ground. Trying to push from off of him Jax scrambled trying to reach for any weapon he could get. Unfortunate for him it was his knife. Jax shoved the knife into the eye slot of the child zombie on him. It's mutilated face made it hard to even make out the sex. Blood shot all over his face and he trembled in disgust. He never imagined himself killing a child and it took alot of mental fortitude to do so..... or if your life was in danger. It was clear what this nightmare's main enemy was. Walking dead children, in other words zombies.

    Jax wasn't given much time to recover from his first encounter. Following the first zombie a lot more came. Jax reach for his pistol but the lunging zombie knocked it clean out his hand. He was down to a single weapon with many zombies lunging from every direction on him. He was moments away from getting bit on the neck from a zombie laying on top of him. The others were scratching at random parts of his body trying to get anything they could. If someone cold help him with at least the one zombie blocking him from his gun he could be saved but Jax doubted he'd be that lucky.
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    Zombie thing

    George looked for a way to enter the school. There were some windows whose barricade was badly placed. The space between the wood was more than enough for skinny ol' Georgy to go through. Peter was smaller than him, so it should not be a problem to go through there. However, Peter had other plans. "Dude, I think there's a guy getting ganked. I need to help him." Once again, George didn't get to say anything before Peter bolted off in the opposite direction, following the countless groans. George did his best to follow him. The sting in his arm however caused him to slowly fall behind.

    Peter reached the source of the groans. He couldn't see the man getting attacked but there was one for sure. A monster lying on the ground with a knife inside its eye gave him that clue. Peter reacted quick. He loaded a bolt onto his arm crossbow and shot at one of the monsters. It struct cleanly on the head, causing it to collapse. This action made the two adjacent monsters to turn and walk towards him. Peter rolled forwards while simultaneously loading a bolt, firing it at the end of his roll. It hit the left monster and that collapse lifeless too. The view towards the horde cleared a bit and Peter could now see the man being held down. Without a moment's hesitation, he jammed his arm crossbow on the remaining monster's torso and fired. The impact causing it to fly back and fall off its feet. It began crawling towards Peter. Then he immediately grabbed the big crossbow from his back, already loaded with a big bolt. He aimed at the zombie that was holding the man down and fired. The projectile bolting hastily through the air until it jammed itself in the monster's head. Several monsters were distracted from Peter's intrusion, leaving a decent time window for the man to escape.

    At that time, George arrived. The crawling monster from before reached for Peter's leg. George's spear did not allow that as it pierced the thing's head before it could complete its intended action. Peter was too focused on saving the man to notice. He rushed towards the horde, jamming his big crossbow against then and pushing them away. Even if the man was damaged in the brain, he would have more than enough time to escape their clutches now. "Guys, I got this! Get inside!" He shouted. George ran and grabbed his spear before heading towards the man. "Quick, through the barricades." He pointed towards the windows. Luckily, the barricades here were misplaced too. George pulled himself up the window and crawled through the open space between the planks, getting into the building. He grabbed a wooden platform from the ground and prepared to shut the hole after the man and Peter went through. The monsters Peter held though had other plans for him. They reached around the crossbow and grabbed his arm. One of them reached with its mouth to take a bite. Peter screamed in pain and fell backwards. The entire remaining horde collapsed on him, taking bites one after another. Peter's screams were lost within the countless sounds of groaning and chewing. "NOOO!" George screamed as he witnessed his friend getting eaten. The sound echoed through the corridors, possibly attracting any monsters that were inside. The pain on his arm causing him to become dizzy on the same time.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    As Jun made his way through the courtyard, the music now died down a little, meaning that Jun most likely is farther away from the main area of the school. However Jun also notice that the place is less crowded, and less chaotic. Though this does change as the two zombie kids continued to follow Jun all the way, a little irritating. As Jun moved forward, he saw his best friend - though apparently zombified. Of course Jun knew it is a dream, so he wasn't exactly that worried or feel particularly concerned. Except for the fact his best friend started to run forward at Jun, likely to attack him, prompting Jun to run towards the zombified best friend as well. As the zombie came close to Jun, the police officer quickly moved out of the trajectory at the last moment before turning around and kick the zombie's back, hoping to crash him towards the zombie kids, utilizing the supposed clumsiness that zombies tend to have to buy a lot of time.

    "I am not doing this correctly... I need to get somewhere else where there is still people around.."

    Jun believed that he should probably take a detour around, hoping to find some survivors or at least some hints of people surviving. Zombies attacking doors or anything might usually be a good sign to search for them. With that in mind, Jun took another direction around the courtyard back to where the music could be heard at a louder sound.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Bionsan and Bbomb

    Luckily for Jax, George's friend was feeling heroic. He jumped into the fray just seconds before the zombies broke through Jax's defence and ate him for dinner. However, this act of kindness cost him his virtual life as he was torn into pieces by the monsters. George and Jax would have just enough time to slip inside before the creatures lunged at the doors and windows again, growling angrily.

    Should they managed to secure the entrance, they would get a short breather. The entrance hall was filled with broken school equipment and other litter, and in the shadows on the other side, creeping shapes headed deeper into the building could be seen. At the beginning of the hall, just by the two newly acquainted men, a corridor lead up to a staircase at both sides. For now, they seemed deserted.

    Sea (and Silver)

    Successfully escaping the zombies, Jun would now be closing in on the source of the music. As he got closer, it would be clear that it was a place of heavy gunfire, and even a few grenade explosions could be heard. The state of the people in the are was unclear, as it depended on how the Gunslinger handles the situation.

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    Gunslinger and Drunk Musican

    Thanks to the musician drawing his attention towards the bushes, Gunslinger had no trouble spoting the grenades thrown, regardless of it being night and their relative small size, the movement would give them away allowing Gunslinger to shoot out of the air, if the alliance scrub would of tried rolling them across the ground he would of probably had more success in his attempt. Depending on how strong the explosive was, Gunslinger would either fire upon the bush while heading towards the building, or simply back away from the scene for a short period of time to regain his composure before firing upon the bushes and making his way towards the building, either way he would use the blast to his advantage as a distraction for the zombies. THe drunken musician would simply follow along in his drunken stupor and actually start singing, one could swear his lyrics were "trololololo"

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    Zombie Apocalypse…. Or is it?

    Alliance HQ - Office

    He opened the lower drawer of his desk to pull out a half empty bottle of scotch given to him as a gift by a friend. A cup half filled with ice cubes sat on his desk already, right next to a file with some papers inside of it. Magnus poured himself a drink and held the glass with his right hand as he laid back on his chair, falling asleep quickly soon after he finished his first drink. His eyes slowly opened...

    Dream World

    .... to discover himself standing in front of a school. It didn't take him long to figure out what had happened. He had successfully entered the dream that was reported earlier.

    I'm too old for this ****

    Magnus was thinking to himself as he pulled out a gun that had a knife blade attached to it on top of the barrel. That'll do nicely for him. He wasn't too sure what the dream was about, but first, he'd have to enter the place and since there was a fence right in front of him, Magnus just decided to climb through it and as he approached the school, he notice a few zombies here and there and figured this wasn't the kind of place where he should draw attention. Magnus just wanted to finish this up asap and go back home.

    "Every ****ing dream is like this nowadays. What the hell happened to good ole' pleasant dreaming?"

    He'd mutter to himself as he began walking straight towards a side door of the school. If he saw any zombies, he'd take actions depending on the situation, but for now, he was just focusing on trying to find a normal human.

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    Zombie Apocalypse.. or is it?

    Jun walked towards the school building, where the situation seems to be very chaotic, gunfire could be heard throughout the area - and this is where the loud music could be heard, attracting most of the zombies to this direction. Yet, given the gunfire, Jun decided to check the area out in order to search for survivors, knowing he should not fire his pistol, Jun took out his baton instead and move swiftly through the edge of the building where the sound of gunfire is located, making sure he don't waste time or energy to fight the zombies, instead Jun will only attempt to kill the zombies in the event where they are too close and getting dangerous to just get away from. Once Jun have reached somewhere near the building area, Jun spoke quickly, making it just barely loud enough so that if there are people around, they might have heard him.

    "Hey, anyone there..?"

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    Zombie Apocalypse…. Or is it?

    Just when Jax thought it was all over, he was saved. A bow pierced through the head of the zombie that was preventing him from reaching his gun. The moment it did the lifeless zombie fell limp on Jax. Jax pushed the dead zombie off of him and onto another zombie. The zombie stumbled backwards, falling on his butt. Jax grabbed his gu from it's holster and instantly shot 3 zombies in the head. Still grounded he rolled backwards and mid-roll he grabbed his knife out of the dead zombie's eye socket. One zombie charged at him the second he completed his roll. Without thinking twice he jabbed the knife through the bottom of the zombie's chin. Pulling the knife back Jax again used the limp zombie as a meatshield, he pushed the zombie backwards onto more zombies' coming his way. Jax definitely was looking to fight them all, there were just too many. Jax took off grabbing his other glock from the floor after tucking his knife back into it's sheathe. Jax followed George and pulled himself into the building. He expected the other two to be right behind him but only George was. Looking back he could see Peter getting pulled apart.


    George and Jax both yelled simultaneously, but both to no avail Peter was done. George shut the gap blocking zombies from entering while Jax panting hard pounded his fist on the floor.

    "Sh!t !"

    Jax looked up from the floor, staring into the darkness of the hallways. He could see silhouettes moving down the hall. The danger wasn't over yet. Jax tapped George's shoulder and signaled for him to follow behind Jax. Both glocks in hand he crept down the hallway silently... or a silently as possible. Every here and there he stepped on a paper. Jax saw two sets of stairs, one on each side. Looking back at George, Jax pointed his pistol to one staircase and he headed up the other. Split up they could cover more ground. Jax kept his fingers close to the trigger, cautious of his surroundings.

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