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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Silver, Sea and Badshah

    Unfortunately, the Jokerz members proved to be a bigger challenge than the Alliance soldier could handle. While he was blinded and distracted by his own grenade that was shot out from the air, he got injured by a few bullets the Gunslinger fired upon his bush. What was worse, the smell of blood and the noise lured the zombies over. The last thing he could see was the rotting face of his girlfriend drooling at his face before she smashed his head open and ate his brain. This was the scene that Magnus would come upon; a swarm of zombies feasting on the remains. At this point in time, Gunslinger and Musician would be on the way towards the school, the music still a very clear giveaway of their presence. The noise was considerable; it would not be surprising if no one noticed Jun's question. Meanwhile, a new wave of zombies was forming. The music captured the attention of zombies on the way to school, and now they were turning and looking for the source of the disturbance. Soon enough, none of the dreamers still out in the yard would be safe.

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    Magnus - Zombie Apocalypse ... Or is it? It basically is

    Magnus continued on his path to run into a gruesome scene. A herd of zombies were feasting on the body of one, dead man. It would usually leave a long lasting impression on anyone's memory and would affect Magnus even more if he actually knew the guy was a member of the Alliance, but thankfully, Magnus knew that this was just a dream. The victim would probably have nightmares in the future, but for now, he was physically safe.

    The noise that attracted the zombies could also be heard by Magnus, who deemed his current path unsafe due to it. He figured that he'd just run into more zombies if he went on towards the source of the music, so it was better to just go the opposite way. Since Magnus's destination was inside the school, he'd walk quickly towards a window and see it was blocked by wooden planks. Nothing too difficult to handle. He'd materialize a hammer into his hands and make a hole big enough for him to get through using small and concise hits. After all, he didn't want to give away his own location like the other guy.

    "I should close this hole so these sons of bitches don't follow me"

    Magnus murmured to himself once he was in the classroom and used the limited reality manipulation to fix the blocks on the window. As for the classroom door, if it was locked, Magnus would be able to unlock it from the inside since you don't really need a key for that and once he exits the classroom, he'd lock the door from the inside before shutting it so once he does shut the door, it will once again be locked completely.

    Once out in the corridor, he'd begin looking through the small glass part on the classroom doors into every classroom, trying to find the dreamer of this nightmare.

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    bad and sea?

    Due to all the commotion, Musician and Gunslinger missed Jun's question and just hurried for the nearest door which was locked, tough not for long as they kicked it in to gain access inside before blocking it with a locked/desk or something just as sturdy and large. Gunslingers first priorty once was to "secure a beach head" by cleaning the vicinity of zombies, just around the corner from Magnus. Musician had actually stopped playing around this time but gunslinger was still going trigger happy with his guns.

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    Zombie thing

    George slammed his fist against the ground after he finished blocking the entryway. He lost one of his best friends in front of his eyes. It was a dream. The real Peter is fine and dandy in the real world. However, this felt as real as anything. His vision became blur. His muscles became weak. George could not hold his body off the ground any longer. He collapsed, seemingly lifeless.

    George suddenly found himself floating in a place void of light. Absolute darkness swallowed him whole. He looked left, right , up, down. Nothing. Everything was pitch black. He tried to shout, but couldn't release even a whisper.

    Suddenly, an orange light shined from the distance. George covered his eyes from the intense brightness. The light felt warm and cozy. He removed the cover in order to embrace the light. And then she spoke.
    "Let me guide you. The darkness of the virus is slowly consuming you. Follow me in order to escape towards the light."
    George extended his hand and her hand materialized from the light, taking his into her grasp and pull him towards the light. The darkness behind George was gradually getting obliterated by light. The warm orange light he was heading to.

    Then as the whole place was filled with that light, George found himself back in the real world. He was already on his feet and holding his spear firmly on his right hand. Less than a second had passed since George collapsed. He felt invigorated. His wound stopped hurting. The shock of losing dream Peter was gone. With a confident look in his eyes, George crouched slightly and followed steadily behind Jax.

    When they reached the stairs, he took the one Jax pointed to. "By the way, my name is George." He said, before going up.

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    Teddy Zombie Apocalypse ... Or is it?

    Alliance HQ - Teddy's Room

    After finishing a pie of pizza, Teddy walked over to his fluffy pillow and started to relax. Ahh...what a perfect day to sleep...maybe I'll do some work after this or something... At that time, an alarm went off in his room about a anomaly dream occurring right this moment causing Teddy to yawn sadly. Guess I should like, help them or something. His eyes began to close as he rested on his pillow and drifted off to dream land.

    Scary as **** dream

    The Prince of Pillows appeared in a bright flash of light near a creepy looking school, yawning through the entire entrance. Never fear! The Prince of Pillows has...ahhh....has...ahh...arriveeeeed. Blinking softly, a tired individual, the Prince of Pillows started to look around and noticed several odd looking things in the distance. These must be the dreamer's nightmare of whatevs. Let's see now. Pulling out a sword handle, the Prince of Pillows then twisted the handle, causing a fluffy pillow to erupt from the handle as he began to smack around a few zombies around him. Away with you! I must save the dreamer!
    Everything dies. You. Me. Everyone on this planet. Our sun. Our galaxy, and, eventually, the universe itself. This is simply how things are. It's inevitable... And I accept it. What I will not tolerate-- what I find unacceptable-- is going quietly, like some mewling child, before my time. There is something out there, coming for us, trying to kill us all-- And I would do to it what it would do to us. Brothers. Sisters...will you help me kill worlds?

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    Zombie Apocalypse.. or is it...?

    Jun attempts to find someone by trying to get someone to reply him seems to have ultimately failed and Jun decided not to wait any longer. Staying any longer at the courtyard would be very dangerous, thus Jun decided that he should break into the school this time round, hoping that there will not be any issues like the first time. With guns continue blazing off, the music have already stopped. Quickly moving around the school courtyard, trying to be as discreet as possible, Jun attempts to search for a window not boarded off, or better yet if the window is already broken then Jun could easily get into it. But what Jun is trying to find is simply a window that he could break in using his baton, trying not to injure himself in the process.

    Eventually Jun would be able to locate a clear glass window where he could check if the window is locked or not, if it isn't then Jun would quickly used his baton and skillfully smash a small hole through the glass window, big enough for his hand to go through. Using his hand, Jun would quickly get the window lock opened up so he could enter the school building as well. However if it isn't, Jun would simply entered the room without making much sounds or capturing attention.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    Courtyard - Taco Lord

    Teddy's action of attacking with a pillow dumbfounded the zombies enough to give him a few seconds to pound at them with it... to no effect obviously. If he didn't take this chance to switch to a more conventional weapon or to run, his pillow would be slashed at and impaled by the first swipe of zombie claws. What would be worse, the zombie poison would corrupt the pillow and it would morph into a rotting version of itself, mouldy, smelly and with a lot of teeth. Letting out hideous groaning noises, the pillow would twist in his hand by itself and attempt to take a bite off his arm. Of course, the other 3 zombies in the area wouldn't be far behind and attack as well. Soon after, a screeching scream reverberated through the air, coming somewhere from within the school building.

    Right Corridor - Bbomb, Sea

    Jax and George decided to split up and check the deserted corridors. Being quiet enough about it, they managed to get out of the hall unnoticed. The classes at the side of the corridor were deserted, filled with debris and bodies. As Jax crept along the walls, he would soon notice another shape going in the opposite direction of him; that meant they would meet up shortly.

    Jun would get inside without a problem and find himself in an empty corridor lined with filthy classrooms with nothing but an occasional body or a pile of rubbish. That is, until he noticed something - or someone - coming closer to him from the other side of the corridor. It would be within a minute of these two running into each other that a screeching scream shook the walls of the building, coming from somewhere above.

    Left Corridor - Bionsan, Badshah, Silver

    George would have similar luck as Jax in the other corridor; empty classrooms, litter, and bodies. Soon enough, something new occurred, however. He noticed someone breaking in through the window, and sounds of shooting resounded from behind the bend on the corridor a few meters ahead of where he and the stranger were.

    Magnus would get into the building without trouble, at least of the zombie kind. Nevertheless, he'd practically drop on George's head, and the shooting that he was trying to avoid outside seemed to follow him into the building, if a bit farther along the corridor.

    Gunslinger gunned down the lone straggler zombie that got left behind by its faster colleagues and would have the time to look around the empty corridor for a few moments, before a screeching scream bit into his, Magnus and George's ears. The anxious voice seemed to be coming from above.

    Tower Classroom, Emma Lovecraft - Everyone

    The frequency of pounding on the door was increasing overtime, and the spiteful voice of the dead teacher from before was joined by more and more others now. Emma, cowering under the desk, was simply terrified. Suddenly, she felt even more threatened than before, even though the zombies outside didn't change their tactics. A horrible feeling ran through her body. And again. Shortly after that, it happened 3 more times. She wasn't sure what exactly was going on, but her mind surged up in a powerful reaction, rejecting these intrusions. Emma screamed on top of her lungs, writhing in pain. This scream was the one the dreamwalkers scattered over the school building and the yard could hear. Soon after, an invisible shockwave ran through the corridors, knocking everyone off their feet and slamming them into walls. More zombies started to pop up all over, and these seemed more interested in the intruders than in Emma. They also seemed more powerful than before.

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    Zombie Apocalypse... or is it?

    As soon as Magnus stepped in through the window, he's encounter another human being, this one wasn't a zombie like some of the other creatures he had seen on his way in. He's quickly put his index finger on his lips and motion George to be quiet.

    "Are you the one that's having this dream?" Magnus asked George, almost whispering the question "If not, then wake up, this one isn't safe for you."

    Well, the dream wouldn't really affect George physically, but his mental state may not remain the same after such an experience. And to make it all worse, some nincompoop kept on shooting random bullets to attract all the zombies towards himself and since Magnus/George were also close to him, they'd get caught up in the gunslinger's mess as well.

    ****, this ****er is too ****ing noisy

    Magnus thought as he began moving towards the door when a scream like shockwave rung throughout the entire school and suddenly, Magnus was flying towards the classroom walls and then fall to the ground after being slammed onto them. He'd get up, dust off his clothes and begin walking towards the door. He knew the dreamer was somewhere in the building due to the scream. It only made sense consider the fact that this was a nightmare and the shockwave following the scream could only be the work of the one dreaming.

    This meant only one thing, Magnus had to go to the principal's office. There, he'd have the access to the school's speakerphones and would be able to talk to whoever that was having this nightmare. He'd open the door and begin heading towards the office, dealing with zombies as they come depending on where they are. He'd most likely shoot them dead while running towards the principle's office as fast as he could.

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    Spoiler: OOC
    As you know, the setting is in the future. The IC will start with the arrival of an expedition squad from the past. You can be in it or you can be a part of BORDER. As for a team, they are usually made up of 3-4 people. You can be in a team with PCs, make teammate NPCs, or not be in one at all (in which case, you will be in one, but your teammates will just never be introduced). Just know that team battles are really important, especially for white trigger users, to be effective but they don't have to be with your teammates. As for the expedition team, if a PC joins, they automatically get to be the leader unless they opt out. I will have a NPC in the expedition team for exposition purposes, but there are 2-3 slots open for PCs.

    World Trigger

    It was over fifty years ago that a team of A-rank BORDER agents were sent to a neighboring planet for a standard expedition that went horribly wrong. Once the ship reached the other side, the gate that lead them there, never to open again. The agents realized it sooner than later and immediately began looking for a new path back to their homeland: Meeden, also known as the human world. They ended up travelling one Neighborhood (a neighbor world) to another, facing countless enemies on their way and encountering a myriad of civilizations unknown to them before. During their travels, they had traveled through a world where time flowed differently from Meeden and unknown to them, the year and some change that they had spent in the neighborhood country had turned into half a century in the human world.

    Return from Expedition

    A black sphere spawned out of the sky and allowed a ship that had been long lost to return home. It housed adventurers who still believed they had returned to an era they could call their own, but they would immediately realize that something was amiss the moment any of them laid eyes on the world around them. A city full of buildings taller than any existed during their time and roads that convoluted around each other like a maze were just the first indicators that a lot of things had changed. Yet, the familiar language across signboards comforted them, giving them some room to breathe out a sigh of relief since it essentially assured them that they were in the right place.

    "Ahhhhhhhhh, we're finally home. It's been forever, I was almost sick of seeing the same few faces everyday" said Benjamin, better known as Benji, trying to use humor to lessen the tension. "Anyways, this could just be, you know, the results of rapid industrialization or something. Right? They could've found some new neighbor technology, right?" He tried to keep the optimism high and think of some crazy scenarios to reassure everyone, though his questions at the end wouldn't really help.

    In the distance, three skycrapers stood far away from the rest of the city. They were stemming from a body of water and the logo on the building clearly marked who it belonged to. BORDER had made giant strides of its own, it seemed.

    BORDER Headquarters

    With each expedition bearing results more grand than the previous, BORDER was able to secure many resources and had grown into a force to be reckoned with. Meeden wasn't the herbivore that anyone can pick on anymore and it was all thanks to the defense organization that had managed to protect the human world from onslaughts of several different nations. One such attack resulted in a complete wipeout of BORDER data resulting in a complete revamp of the system. Many of the older generation of agents were unaccounted for and those returning from the expedition from 50+ years ago were a part of them.

    Currently, not many countries dared to invade Meeden as readily as they used to and as such, BORDER's operations began to focus on sending agents to different Neighborhoods in the search and retrieval of better technology and more black triggers. There were fewer upper class agents wandering about the headquarters than before, most of them focusing on training those ranked lower than them or honing their own skills, but it didn't mean the world was vulnerable. It was still in capable hands.

    The gate that lead the lost ship back to its home would be detected by the hq and every agent would immediately notified, allowing the first few who responded the chance to engage the possible enemy. Their mission was to capture if possible or kill the unidentified intruders. The rest could hang around on stand by or go back to doing their previous activity.

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