Name: Ajani "Goldmane"
Branch: Marines
Division: G-5 (if placed)
Position: Captain

Subject: Capture of Manticore and Encounter with Sentai Pink

I had received a report of a lion causing havoc on a smaller island within the Grand Line. We had reason to believe that what we were dealing with was in fact a devil fruit user attempting to cause as much trouble as possible in the only village on the island. I immediately made my way to the island in question. While searching the island for the attacker, I encountered the vigilante Sentai Pink. For reasons unbeknownst to me, the self proclaimed hero attacked me using what appeared to be the Bari Bari no Mi. She also seemed to use some kind of wires that came from her pink suit. I do not know the nature of the weapon, but I do believe that it showed that she has learned to fight with more than the use of her devil fruit. She caused the destruction of a home, endangering the people within and I continued to engage in battle with her in hopes of protecting the town from her attacks. Before the battle could be brought to a conclusion, the monster that I had been hunting emerged. Sentai Pink used the commotion to escape while I was in battle with what ended up being an Awakened Manticore Zoan user. Using my skills I was able to defeat the Zoan user and bring him in before he was able to do much damage to the village. Communicating with my Commodore, I brought the Manticore to our ship and we transported it to Impel Down. I did attempt to relocate Sentai Pink but I was not very fortuitous in my search. It seemed that she escaped from my grasp, but I will continue to search for her whereabouts.

Note: I also reassured the family that had their house destroyed by Sentai Pink that we would provide compensation for them. Take it out of my next paycheck if you have to.

Key Point Summary:
● Received a report of Lion attacking village on a small island.
● I was attacked by the Vigilante, Sentai Pink, who destroyed the home of a family.
● The Awakened Zoan Devil Fruit User, the Manticore attacked the village
● I dispatched of the Manticore
● Brought Manticore into custody
● Sentai Pink escaped

Spoiler: Notabene
This was a fight in GBL. I know that it has been counted before when Zero did something similar with Yuki, so hopefully this is successful