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    Ragnar Lothbrok - 100.000.000
    Toyo Tenshin - 100.000.000

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    Name: Akari Yato
    Alias: Axl
    Affiliation/Rank: CP9 Agent

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    In my head
    Name: Jafar Namkural
    Affiliation/Rank: Marine Researcher?

    I don't really know... XD
    He's not the type to have an official position, even if he accumulates reputation. Or he can have a normal position, I don't really care. n.n

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    Name: Jaden "Whirlwind" Spade
    Rank: Captain

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    Where there's smoke, just look for the guy watching while eating popcorn.
    Name: Levant von Schweitzer
    Rank: Captain
    Base: G-5

    "My life can be summed up in five simple words, which perfectly describes any of my situation: I don't give a F--" - Rev~


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    For those who want a picture next to their name on the front page (be you a member Marine/CP9 agent or a bountied pirate, as long as you're somewhere on the front page), post the picture here, cropped to 150x150, and I will add it to the front page. For those who don't know how to crop, just post the full-sized one and I'll do it myself.

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    For Mr Torgue. Just needs to be shrunk down.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Zero View Post
    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Law's Room
    CP9 - Eduardo Saints

    CCP - Evan knot

    CCCP - Tyrar

    I had already open the program so,
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    Posts 19,618

    Cerveny - One Piece

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    Name: Jaden "Whirlwind" Spade
    Rank: Captain

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    Too lazy to edit myself :/


    If someone wants to crop, be my guest.

    /Tetra Svalin by the way.

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