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    [GFX Battle] Phixen vs. Melody

    Theme: League of Legends
    Size: Signature sizes

    Melody of dead.deanders :


    Once both entries have been submitted, the voting can start.

    Voting will last for 1 week.

    Voting Rules:
    Use the form: +1 NAME - Reason to submit your vote or the name of the person and gmv after the name
    Voting should be done both based on appeal and how it relates to the theme.
    Explain what attracted you to choose this particular sig.
    This is NOT a C&C-topic (don't go saying what could've been better).
    There may only be one vote per IP Address.
    Don't vote for yourself.

    GFX Terminology
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    whereuhavea<3 i'mahollow. melody of dead.deanders's Avatar
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    edit: +1 phixen..

    i like how the render blends in with the surroundings as if there is a huge battle going on..
    the flow is great, use of balls which could represent the bombs, colorful text to break the monotony..

    but what i like the most are the gray clouds.. which on the other hand could be a fire smoke.. which could indeed create gray clouds if there was a battle going on..

    all in all, great tag phixen..
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    No problem!

    Both entries have been submitted, voting will end next Wednesday at 10:08.

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    +1 Melody

    Really like colours and feel of loneliness it gives from the simplicity...

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    +1 melody
    Atmosphere and colours.

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    +1 Phixen
    Depth, and lighting. I also really like the b/w, not usually a fan, but it works on this sig imo.

    Also, melody was lacking depth and was a little plain. Keep at it though!

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    +1 Phixen
    Thanks Nelkk

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