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    One Piece Newspaper

    One Piece Newspaper

    The One Piece Newspaper is the main form of mass media in the Grand Line and in the New World, responsible for delivering the news of worldwide events to every corner of the ocean. It is an independent entity overseen by the WG, with it's HQ in the Grand Line. News travels fast through News Coo, the pigeon brethren who bring the paper to the world.

    As the cornerstone of the mass media, the newspaper is tasked with spreading worldwide news on the matters at hand. It has various sections to do so, which include, but are not limited to: Recent Events, Archives, Profiles, Obituaries, Bounties & Miscellaneous. Monthly, issues with interviews to the most prominent players of the world are included in the monthly issue.

    The paper is printed weekly with agents all over the world, be it pigeons or carriers, and disseminate it all over the world. Currently, the editor in chief is Ichimonji, with the editor in crime being Rainbow Dash, Mr. Zero, & Kunshu. Weekly updates keep the news alive, and promulgate the theme of the world.

    NPC Format
    HTML Code:
    [B]Name:[/B] [I]Example[/I]
    [B]Biography:[/B] [I]Example, though keep it short and sweet if possible.[/i]

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    Devil Fruit Section

    Devil Fruit Introduction
    Devil Fruits are mysterious fruits that bestow different kind of abilities or power to the person who eats it depending on the fruit and its type. On the contrary of gaining new abilities, the user will never able to swim again in exchange of the effect of the fruit. Devil Fruits can be categorized as Paramecia, a Zoan or a Logia type of a Devil Fruits. Within this section, you can view which Devil Fruits are already consumed, and which ones are banned. All you need to do in order to claim a Devil Fruit is to make sure it's available and meet its criteria.

    Devil Fruit Rules & Regulations
    1. Only one Devil Fruit is allowed per character.
    2. Weapons and pets can only use Zoan Devil Fruits.
    3. No reservation of Devil Fruits.
    4. Changing or removing of Devil Fruit or race will cause one's level to reset.
    5. Notify the GMs if you are going to be inactive for a while.
    6. Cyborgs and Giants may not have Logia type DFs.
    7. One month (4 weeks/28 days) of RPG section inactivity will lead to your Devil Fruit being available for consumption.
    8. Devil Fruits are considered OPEN when its not yet taken by any user and it is free.
    9. To acquire a taken Devil Fruit, post on the Master Thread with the Devil Fruit user's last activity status and your request.
    10. Custom DFs proposed must fit and must be acceptable in the One Piece environment. They must not mimic other devil fruits.
    11. Custom Mythical Zoan Devil Fruits are capped at a maximum two for the RPG. More can be obtained through EB boxes.
    12. If you own a locked fruit and are found inactive for one month, it may be stripped away and put into circulation.

    Paramecia Devil Fruits
    Ami Ami no Mi - [Net Fruit] -
    ● Appu Appu no Mi - [Upgrade Fruit] -
    Atsu Atsu no Mi - [Heat Fruit] - Gaara
    Awa Awa no Mi [Bubble Fruit] - Corpse
    Baku Baku no Mi - [Munch Fruit] - Pistachio20
    Bane Bane no Mi - [Spring Fruit] - The Hype
    Bara Bara no Mi - [Chop Fruit] -
    Bari Bari no Mi - [Barrier Fruit] - Yukiko
    ● Barin Barin no Mi - [Switch Fruit] - Gaara
    ● Beku Beku no Mi - [Vector Fruit] -
    Beri Beri no Mi - [Grape Fruit] -
    Beta Beta no Mi - [Slime Fruit] - Corpse
    Bide Bide no Mi - [Persevere Fruit] - The Hype
    Bisu Bisu no Mi - [Biscuit Fruit] -
    Bomu Bomu no Mi - [Bomb Fruit] - Ace098
    Buki Buki no Mi - [Weapon Fruit] - Lord Rin
    ● Chi Chi no Mi - [Blood Fruit] - Yukiko
    Chiyu Chiyu no Mi - [Heal Fruit] - Zyketh (Locked DF)
    Choki Choki no Mi - [Scissor Fruit] -
    Doa Doa no Mi - [Door Fruit] -
    Doku Doku no Mi - [Poison Fruit] - Jackoffripper
    Doru Doru no Mi - [Wax Fruit] -
    Fuwa Fuwa no Mi - [Float Fruit] - (Locked DF)
    Garment Garment Fruit - [Fabric Fruit] -
    Giro Giro no Mi - [Insight Fruit] - Badshah
    Goe Goe no Mi - [Voice Fruit] -
    Gomu Gomu no Mi - [Rubber Fruit] -
    Goru Goru no Mi - [Gold Fruit] -
    Gravi Gravi no Mi - [Gravity Fruit] - The Hype (Locked DF)
    Gura Gura no Mi - [Quake Fruit] - (Locked DF)
    Guru Guru no Mi - [Spin Fruit] -
    Gutsu Gutsu no Mi - [Blast Furnace Fruit] - Jackoffripper
    Hana Hana no Mi - [Petal Fruit] - Lord Irvine
    Hiso Hiso no Mi - [Speech Fruit] -
    Hira Hira no Mi - [Flag Fruit] -
    ● Hone Hone no Mi - [Bone Fruit] - Yami Bakura
    Horo Horo no Mi - [Ghost Fruit] - Ellie Q
    Horu Horu no Mi - [Hormone Fruit] -
    Hoya Hoya no Mi - [Genie Fruit] Kakashi19283
    Iro Iro no Mi - [Camouflage Fruit] -
    Ito Ito no Mi - [String Fruit] - (Locked DF)
    Ishi Ishi no Mi - [Stone Fruit] - (Locked DF)
    Jake Jake no Mi - [Jacket Fruit] -
    Jara Jara no Mi - [Chain Fruit] - Lord Rin
    Paramecia Devil Fruits
    Kachi Kachi no Mi - [Hot Rock Fruit] -
    Kage Kage no Mi - [Shadow Fruit] - Rainbow Dash
    Kama Kama no Mi - [Sickle Fruit] -
    Kyubu Kyubu no Mi - [Cube Fruit] -
    Kilo Kilo no Mi - [Weight Fruit] -
    Kobu Kobu no Mi - [Cheer Fruit] - Kunshu
    Koro Koro no Mi - [Rail Car Fruit] -
    Kuku Kuku no Mi - [Ingredient Fruit] - P20
    ● Kumo Kumo no Mi - [Cloud Fruit] -
    Mane Mane no Mi - [Copy Fruit] - Guren
    Mato Mato no Mi - [Target Fruit] -
    Mira Mira no Mi - [Mirror Fruit] - Kunshu
    Mondo Mondo no Mi - [Diamond Fruit] - Gaara
    Modo Modo no Mi - [Return Fruit] -
    Mosa Mosa no Mi - [Plant Fruit] - Rainbow Dash
    Muzik Muzik no Mi - [Music Fruit] -
    Mini Mini no Mi - [Mini Fruit] -
    Nagi Nagi no Mi - [Silence Fruit] - Guren
    Netsu Netsu no Mi - [High Heat Fruit] -
    Nikyu Nikyu no Mi - [Paw Fruit] - (Locked DF)
    Nito Nito no Mi - [Nitro Fruit] -
    Noko Noko no Mi - [Spore Fruit] -
    Nui Nui no Mi - [Stitch Fruit] -
    Nuke Nuke no Mi - [Phase Fruit] - Guren
    Ori Ori no Mi - [Cuff Fruit] - Hype
    Pamu Pamu no Mi [Pop Fruit] -
    Pero Pero no Mi [Lick Fruit] -
    Peto Peto no Mi [Pet Fruit] - Kunshu (locked)
    Pocket Pocket Fruit [Pocket Fruit] -
    Sabi Sabi no Mi [Rust Fruit] - Rin
    Samu Samu no Mi - [Bad Joke Fruit] -
    Shaku Shaku no Mi - [Magnet Fruit] - Ace098
    Shari Shari no Mi - [Wheel Fruit] -
    Shiborimasu Shiborimasu no Mi - [Squeeze Fruit] - Elie Q
    Shiro Shiro no Mi - [Fortress Fruit] - Kakashi19283
    Sube Sube no Mi - [Smooth fruit] -
    Suke Suke no Mi - [Invisible Fruit] - Toyo
    Sui Sui no Mi - [Swim Fruit] -
    Supa Supa no Mi - [Dice Fruit] - Reji The Crow
    Ton Ton no Mi - [Ton fruit] -
    Toge Toge no Mi - [Spike Fruit] -
    Toryo Toryo no Mi - [Paint Fruit] -
    Vudu Vudu no Mi - [Voodoo Fruit] - Toyo
    Yomi Yomi no Mi - [Revive Fruit] – Ichimonji

    Mythological Zoan Devil Fruits
    Batto Batto no Mi, Model: Vampire -
    ● Hecatonchires Hecatonchires no Mi: Hecatonchires - Hype [Personal Slot]
    Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Daibutsu - Ichimonji
    Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Bake-danuki -
    ● Oni Oni no Mi, Model: Demon - Elie Q [Custom Slot]
    ● Rakasha no Mi; Model: Rakasha - Kunshu [Personal Slot]
    ● Ryu Ryu no Mi; Model: Dragon - CNP
    ● Tarrasque Tarrasque no Mi, Model: Tarrasque- Ace098 [Custom Slot]
    Tori Tori no Mi, Model: Phoenix - Kakashi19823
    Logia Devil Fruits [Locked]
    Ame Ame no Mi - [Candy Fruit] - Stocking
    Gasu Gasu no Mi - [Gas Fruit] - Badshah
    Goro Goro no Mi - [Lightning Fruit] - Lord Irvine
    Hie Hie no Mi [Ice Fruit] -
    Numa Numa no Mi [Swamp Fruit] -
    Magu Magu no Mi [Lava Fruit] -
    Moku Moku no Mi [Smoke Fruit] -
    Mera Mera no Mi - [Fire Fruit] -
    Pasa Pasa no Mi - [Paper Fruit] -
    Pika Pika no Mi - [Light Fruit] - Rainbow Dash
    Suna Suna no Mi - [Sand Fruit] - Ichimonji
    Toro Toro no Mi - [Liquid Fruit] -
    Yami Yami no Mi - [Darkness Fruit] - Pistachio20
    Yuki Yuki no Mi - [Snow Fruit] - Ace098
    Banned Devil Fruits
    Age Fruit [Boney's Fruit] [Banned]
    Ato Ato no Mi [Banned]
    Hobi Hobi no Mi [Banned]
    Hore Hore no Mi [Undetermined]
    Hoya Hoya no Mi [Undetermined]
    Kopi Kopi no Mi [Undetermined]
    Mero Mero no Mi [Banned]
    Mira Mira no Mi [Undetermined]
    Moa Moa no mi [Banned]
    Banned Devil Fruits
    Nemu Nemu no Mi [Undetermined]
    Noro Noro no Mi [Banned]
    Ope Ope no Mi [Banned]
    Pero Pero no Mi [Undetermined]
    Raki Raki no Mi [Undetermined]
    Soru Soru no Mi [Banned]
    Woshu Woshu no Mi [Undetermined]
    Zuma Zuma no Mi [Undetermined]
    ● All Logias [Mystery Box | Must be won]
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    One Piece Factions
    Playable Characters

    Marines [Ω]
    Fleet Admiral: Mr. Torque | Ace098 (450)
    Admiral: Suu | Rainbow Dash (350)
    Vice-Admiral: Juri | Ace098 (400)
    Vice-Admiral: Yamanaka Ran | Rin (350)
    Vice-Admiral: Indra | Mr Zero (450)
    Rear-Admiral: Raizen Kuroyo | Lord Rin (450)
    Rear-Admiral: Luke Cage The Hype (400)
    Commodore: Nobunaga | Rin (300)
    Commodore: Amanita | Kunshu (450)
    Captain: R. J. Faust | Garra (450)
    Captain: Takeshi Musashi | Toyo (400)
    Captain: Calla | pistachio20 (350)
    Cipher Pols [Ω]
    CP9 Chief: VII-X | Ichimonji (300)
    CP9 Vice-Chief: Son Rohan | Guren (450)


    Blue Sun Pirates [Ω]
    Captain: Sai Muguruma | Garra (400)
    Shipwright: Johnny Ridden | Lord Irvine (450)
    Navigator: Julien | Rin (400)
    Marksment: Jin | Guren (400)
    Interior Designer: Jhin Khada | Garra (350)
    Crazy Rainbow Star Pirates [Ω]
    Captain: Madeline Hatrick | Rainbow Dash (400)
    Doctor: Akari | Yukiko (450)
    Scientist: Reiji Maruko | Badshah (450)
    Marksmen: Touma | Badshah (400)
    Diplomat: Marina Black | The Hype (300)
    Navigator: Rem Nocturne | Rainbow Dash (300)
    Deep Delvers [Ω]
    Captain: Morticia | Ellie Q (450)
    Botanist: Jessamine Caraway | Rin (450)
    Tailor: Miles Morales | The Hype (450)
    Assassin: Taiga Hasegawa| Sea (400)
    Spy: Lumette | Kunshu (300)
    Ironbeard Pirates [Ω]
    Captain: Peter "Ironbeard" Thatch | Ace098 (350)
    First Mate: Genji Musashi | Toyo (450)
    Archeologist: Amaterasu Okami | Rainbow Dash (450)
    Historian: Yennifer | Kunshu (350)
    Dentist: Lockjaw | The Hype (350)
    Strawhat Pirates [Ω]
    Captain: Monkey D. Luffy | Monkey D. Luffy (450)
    First Mate: Roronoa Zoro | Monkey D. Luffy (400)
    Cook: Sanji | Monkey D. Luffy (350)
    Rackham Pirates [Ω]
    Captain: Rackham | Kunshu (400)
    Shipwright: Genevieve | Ellie Q (350)


    Revolutionary Army [Ω]
    Asgard Kingdom: Odin The Allfather | Ichimonji (350)
    Briggs Kingdom: Bloodhound Irra | kakashi19283 (450)
    Fishman Island: Sensui Oldgate | Ichimonji (450)
    Bounty Hunters
    Bounty Hunter: Samantha Hale | pistachio20 (450)
    Bounty Hunter: Tylor Kabako | pistachio20 (400)
    Magician: Spade| Sea (450)
    Lizard King: Byrus O. Mega | Yami Bakura (450)
    Thief: Velasco D. Rogue | CNP (450)
    Cyborg: Lazuli | CNP (400)
    Assassin: Seizen Kurokyo | Lord Rin (350)
    Paranormal Investigator: Dani Red | Ace098 (300)
    Creep: The Grim | Ichimonji (400)
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    One Piece Factions
    Non-Playable Characters

    World Government

    The Marines
    Acting as the World Government's military sea force, the Marines are largely the biggest power of the world, tasked with law enforcement, international security and military operations. The organization is one of the three great powers, alongside the Shichibukai and the Yonko. Upon Fleet Admiral Haggar's death at the hands of Yonko Jack Black, the Marines have begun reorganization under a new sense of justice.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Epithet: N/A
    Status: MIA
    Image: Link
    Biography: A robust sailor who knows waters better than he does any land, Koko is a tragic hero who holds together through sheer willpower and duty. Other than his fine and glorious beard, Koko is known for being the ice man; the eater and user of the ice logia. During his times, he destroyed many a pirate crew and kept several high risk situations tamed and subdued, especially in the case of the Four Nations. However, his actions there, and in-actions of his fellow marines, had caused the mission to fail. Now, he acts as a Vice Admiral in the navy, and acts directly under Haggar.

    Koko was last seen leaving the Island of Chitinous Graves. His current location is unknown, and is considered missing in action.

    Name: Haggar
    Epithet: The Strongest Man in the World
    Status: Deceased
    Image: Link
    Biography: Quite literally the strongest man in the world due to his (banned) devil fruit, the muscle fruit, Haggar leads the World Government as a Fleet Admiral of the highest caliber. The reason he doesn't lead it all is simple; he doesn't want to, and neither do "they" want him to. With that done, he is content watching the world and acting when needed against threats too big or powerful to handle alone. He is best friends with Koko, and they often both act together to fight against their foes.

    On the Island of Chitinous Graves, Haggar was killed by Captain Black Jack Gold.

    Name: Viktor Rocke
    Epithet: Goldie Locks
    Status: Deceased
    Image: Link
    Bio: Viktor Rocke is one of the Admirals of the Marines, having become a human weapon in the never ending fight against pirate scum and a light of Justice. Since the death of Fleet Admiral Haggar, he has been gunning for the position of Fleet Admiral, and he will do whatever it takes to take the position and unify the Marines under his command. Not everyone agrees with his philosophy of Unrelenting Justice, which commands that retreat is never an option. He ate the Goro Goro no Mi, which gives him command over lightning. Among many things, he is very proud of his hair, which is why he was given the nickname Goldie Locks. He hates the nick name with a passion.

    Name: Grandma Flexington
    Epithet: Boom Boom
    Status: Deceased
    Image: Link
    Bio: A war hero from the Golden Age of Piracy, Supreme Vice Admiral Exalted First Class Grandma 'Boom Boom' Flexington has single handedly won more battles than just about any other high ranking marine officer. She has been credited for many challenging feats, including the creation of explosive boxing, baking baking the world's most delicious apple pie, and inventing the Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon, which turned the tide of battle against the Red Skull Pirate Armada. Since the death of her long time friend (and fleeting romantic interest) Fleet Admiral Haggar, she has come out of retirement to provide the Marines with much needed leadership and badassery.
    Cipher Pols
    The Pols is a series of World Government organizations, acting as secret agencies who do investigations, assassinations and intelligence gathering for the World Government. Traditionally a supplement to the Intelligence Branch of the World Government's Marine forces, as of late the World Nobles have been exerting their influence over CP0 to gain control of the other Ciper Pols.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Impel Down
    Also known as The Underwater Prison, Impel Down is a government-controlled stronghold in Paradise. It is the World Government's maximum-security prison for the most dangerous criminals and pirates. It's new leader has instigated a new form of punishment. Death Row Inmates are collared and sent on missions on behalf of the organization's grim calendar.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Warden Havoc
    Epithet: The Chairman
    Position: Chief Warden
    Devil Fruit: None
    Reputation: Cold, Uncaring, a Bit Sick
    Image: Link

    Name: Warden Guard
    Epithet: Warden's Hounds
    Position: Warden Guard
    Devil Fruit: None
    Reputation: Not as Sick
    Image: Link

    Name: Messanger
    Epithet: Warden's Eyes
    Position: Watchmen
    Devil Fruit: None (?)
    Reputation: Creepy
    Image: Link


    Black Cog Pirates
    Standing as one of the Yonko, the Black Cogs Pirates are one of the four rulers of the sea. The Cogs have immense influence and control over dozens of other pirate crews and self-governing islands. Their influence is said to tip the scales of the ocean's balance. The Cogs were behind the death of Fleet Admiral Haggar, which threw the world into disarray.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Black Jack Gold
    Image: Link
    Biography: Jack is a large, pot bellied cyborg who had lost both his right arm, right leg, and right eye in an ambiguous scuffle long ago. He leads the Black Cogs as its cyborg captain, and is overly equipped with an array of weapons and beyond the normal cyborg tech. At the Land of Chitinous Graves, Jack was able to slay a weakened Haggar in combat using an overpowering cannon system named Door Knocker.

    Name: Zed
    Epithet:Gutter Mouth
    Image: Link
    Biography: Shipwright and newly trained cyborg mechanic, Zed is a fellow of crass origins and a colorful background. Other than joining the Black Cogs, who had saved his failing life after Tylor (a marine of high standing) blasted him with a reject dial, Zed had served under the time madman Naix on the Island of Four Nations. After being defeated, Zed recovered and is now a faithful, crude mouthed ally of the Black Cogs.

    Name: Lily
    Image: Link
    Biography: Assassin, fisher woman, hag fish fishwoman, and cutthroat; Lily does all with slime and fish hooks, with fishing line sharp and strong. Often, she acts as a scout for the crew, being able to swim and sneak like none other in her crew. Lily is the least to be trusted in the crew, due to her repeating backstabbing nature.

    Name: Cassandra
    Epithet:Flame Heart
    Image: Link
    Biography: First mate of the Black Cogs, Cassandra often takes the role of vanguard and destroyer for her crew. For her, the task is easy, as is apt at burning all who face her to a fine crisp. She often acts as captain, often to allow her real captain to execute his work in privacy and full focus.

    Pirate Crews

    Dan Jaw Pirates [Disbanded]
    A crew led by the Yonkou Dan Jaws, after the events that transpired in Tortuga were left all but dead. Tortuga, Jaw's base of operations, was infiltrated and destroyed by a motley crew of unaffiliated parties, and with the help of the Kings of the Sea, overthrew the tyrant. All the crew members are either dead or MIA, and Tortuga was bombed to oblivion afterwards by the Torgue Corps.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Scorpion
    Epithet: The Reaper
    Status: MIA
    Image: Link
    Bio: Not much is known about the officers of Dan Jaws, though Scorpion is not shy of being in the limelight. Scorpion appears to be a male in his early twenties, and is always seen wearing peculiar armor with three tails. Little is known about his abilities, but he has been seen using his tails to fly. Not much else is known.

    Name: Gypsy Danger
    Epithet: The Entertainer
    Status: Deceased
    Image: Link
    Bio: Like other officers in Dan Jaws' crew, there is little information on them. She has recently appeared in the New World, and she is as powerful as she is attractive. Her fighting style has yet to be identified, but some swear that she has been able to create powerful air blasts with as much effort as it takes to bat her eyelashes.

    Name: Dan Jaws
    Epithet: The Tyrant
    Status: Deceased
    Image: Link
    Bio: Dan Jaws was previously a Shichibukai, a pirate authorized by the World Government to pillage and steal so long as he helped out the World Government when they asked him to. He since betrayed the World Government, used his position as a stepping stone to become one of the most feared Pirate Emperors in the New World with a bounty of over five hundred million beri. He is armed with much of Vegapunk's science and weaponry, having turned himself into a Pacifista, but retaining his own will.
    Warsong Pirates [Disbanded]
    Reigning for almost half a century, the Warsong Pirates were one of the Yonkou that ruled the sea. The Warsong Pirates had, and still have, deep ties with the Revolutionary Army. The CCP killed Captain Warsong, effectively ending their reign and becoming Yonkou themselves. The surviving crew members have spread through the world, vowing revenge. Captain Warsong was La Spada's father.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Billy the Kid
    Epithet:The Kid
    Image: Link
    Biography: Sniper and gunman extraordinaire, the western themes pirate lord has been believed to be for many decades the sharpest gunsman in the world, mastering both echelons of haki. Able to shoot the wings off an ant from miles away, The Kid came to fame as the vice-leader of the Revolutionary Army during his youth. After defecting, the gunsman found a home under Captain Warsong, and his legacy continued to rise for decades to follow. His still able ties with the Revolutionaries are considered to be one of the greatest threats the Warsong Pirates hold.

    Name: Fort Knoxx
    Epithet:The Fort
    Status:Alive... kind of
    Image: Link
    Biography: His epithet given unto him for his body, Knoxx has been the father of modern technology since the dawn of the Golden Pirate Age. Creator of the blueprints for modern robotics, he was betrayed by his prodigy, and only son, Vegapunk, when the latter chose power over love of art and defected to the WG. To err his son's wrongs, Knoxx joined the Warsong Pirates decades ago, and ever since then, has piled up the firepower for the pirate's side. Like the name suggests, the cyborg's body is akin to Fort Knoxx, a substance even Vegapunk couldn't replicate, filled with weapons other scientists only dream of.

    Name: Chikara De Grasi
    Epithet:The Titan
    Image: Link
    Biography: The First Mate, and Warsong's right hand man, Chikara holds one of the ten highest bounties of the seas. The Titan's glass eye and peg leg have been the talk of legends for decades. The bastard child to a World Noble who fell in love with a black woman from South Blue, the royal blood runs within, which has gained him pull with the Nobles and the underground. Currently, he oversees the largest underground organization dealing with slave trade; the Prospectors. Called Titan for his ability to change size at will, the old man is targeted highly by the WG, as the Titan holds too much pull over the Ciper Pols through underground dealings, and his knowledge of the World Nobles, and thus the Void Century, threatens the stability of the world. He was killed by the CCP.
    The Shichibukai is an organization of seven pirates turned privateers in the service of the World Government. Although they work for the World Government, the Shichibukai themselves typically do not care about nor respect the Government. With the rise of anti-establishment forces, the Shichibukai have taken a more hands-on approach to preserving the balance.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Emerald Steele [Pic]
    Epithet: God of the Sword
    Faction: Solo
    Biography: Emerald currently holds the title of the world’s strongest swordsman, and is one of the Royal Schichibukai Pirates affiliated with the World Government. Steele actually hunts pirates on the occasion, though whether this is out of his sense of responsibility or pure entertainment is currently unclear. Emerald wields one of the twelve Supreme Great Swords, a cursed blade that has claimed the lives of all its previous masters, yet it hasn’t managed to do the same with Emerald Steele.

    Name: Baroque Halloween [Pic]
    Epithet: The Puppetmaster
    Faction: Bloody Circus
    Biography: Baroque was originally a slave trader in Sabaody Archipelago and a successful entrepreneur before engaging in piracy sometime twenty years prior to the current timeline. He’s known for his ruthless tendencies, striking terror in most. Even higher ranking officers of the Marines are extremely reluctant to be in his presence. He is calculating, dangerous, and extremely evil. Many of his crew members in Bloody Circus were once his slaves, and despite this continue to follow him in utter compliance out of fear when their shackles were removed. Despite these facts he’s usually extremely laid back and well mannered, a gentleman if you will. Of course, this makes him even creepier and unpredictable.

    Name: Zealot Jackal [Pic]
    Epithet: Executioner
    Faction: Solo
    Biography: Zealot is a towering awakened zoan-type user that resembles the Jackal. Parts of his enormous body are enhanced with mechanical pieces that have maximized his physical prowess. Out of all the Shichibukai, he appears to be the most loyal in terms of following through with his duties, which has made him a favorite of sorts in the World Government. He often accompanies high government officials and frequently resides in Mariejois. In his years of being a Schichibukai, Zealot has never captured anyone alive. The reason he gave once asked by the World Government why he resorted to such a purge was this: Their actions against the World Government were to severe to overlook, while their power wasn't enough to grant them a pardon.


    Revolutionary Army
    The Revolutionary Army is a powerful military organization that stands at odds with the World Government. The Revolutionary Army's main objective is to fight against the World Government's rule over the world, and to free the world's from its grasp. As of late, the organization has taken a turn from covert operations to military might, joining the stockpile of weapons.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Silia
    Epithet: N/A
    Status: Alive in the Revolutionary Army
    Biography: Silia is a mantis shrimp fishmen who acts with an enigmatic, crazed aura about herself. Due to unsavory actions performed by the World Government (which had lead to the death of both her sisters,) she was forced to go into exile from being the lead assassin of Ciphor Pol 0. She now serves as an anarchist of the Revolutionary Army, on a warpath to die a warrior's death.

    Name: Fis
    Epithet: Ship Eater
    Status: Alive
    Image: Link
    Biography: Gargantuan in size and vicious (Oars level), Fis the Ship Eater is a giant kraken mermaid.Her tentacles are black and slick like midnight, with a purple flesh for her suckers. Her body is pale white with black hair; purple tinged with strong highlights. Her mouth is of razors and sharp, her eyes of rectangle pupils that shine a bright mauve. When she strikes, she does so with absolute destruction that leaves many a vessel without reprise. Fis acts as Ho-Ri's negotiation chip, and as his companion for all adventures.

    Name: Raul
    Epithet: Golden Spoon
    Status: Alive
    Image: Link
    Biography: Raul is an old man, white in his years and in his hairs, who has a lust for gold and money unequal. His love has brought much wealth to those of whom have worked with him, as he is a man who can nickel and dime anything, while pinching gold from pennies. He can always be seen with his trusted digging shovel, and has had many experiences in politics and espionage since the collapse of the Island of Four Nations.

    Name: Manvil
    Epithet: The Forge
    Status: Alive
    Image: Link
    Biography: Manny was the first of the A.N.V.I.L program and the last of the A.N.V.I.L program to survive, all because he was the first to go rouge. Designed by the evil mastermind Cran Yam, corrupted, and forced from a life he can no longer remember clearly, Manvil detests all functions of the World Government for permitting and allowing such evil to have ever manifested. He strives to remove the Pacifista and to end all instances of Cran Yam and his former employers.

    Other Factions

    Empire of the Sun
    The Empire of the Sun is a military organization that acts as the supreme ruler of several nations. The organizations grasp goes so far to be the only Empire that on its own can stands at odds against the World Government. It's ranks are filed with enigmatic knights of unknown past and origins, with its head unable to die.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: The Emperor
    Biography: Leader of the Empire of Sun, and the supreme ruler of several nations, the Emperor is an enigmatic knight of unknown past and origins. What is known, however, is that they seem to be highly impossible to kill. Many attempts have been made upon the Emperor's life, and near all have succeeded, though with the death of the assailant. Yet, the Emperor still thrives, unable to die.

    Name: Sol
    Epithet:The Knight of the Sun
    Biography: Sol is second in command of the Empire and one of the strongest knights under the Emperor. With his powers, he acts as the primary and final invasion force for any of the Empires conquests. For having such overwhelming power, Sol is balanced with a persona of nobility, honor, and trust. He rarely ever doubts anyone, though that often leads to conflict and extraordinary assumptions on his part.

    Name: Arthur
    Epithet:Rage Walker
    Biography: Arthur is a cyborg swordsmen who acts as a guardian to the forces of the Empire. He rarely desires to speak, though when he does he does so with point precision. He fights with Snap, a rare and powerful sword which is top twelve in the world.

    Name: Steiner
    Epithet:The Onion Knight
    Biography: The Onion of the empire, as he is named, fights with a slew of strange techniques that he had learned from his travels. His blade is fitted with dials, his persona fitted with pride, and his people fitted with onion armor.
    New Age Genetics
    New Age Genetics is an entire corporation based upon organ and genetic modification trade. NAG's head, Paviche, is a World Noble egomaniac psychopath who thrives off of biological remedies and surgical implementations. The corporation has spread through the underground, becoming the world's leader in genetic modification and biological warfare.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Paviche
    Epithet:Best Buddy, The Devil
    Image: Link
    Biography: Paviche, Pavi for short, is best described as an World Noble egomaniac psychopath with too much money and power for any to tell him less. He is cruel, sadistic, and more apt to stab a man and sell his body than to shake his hand. Thus, he is the perfect head of New Age Genetics, an entire corporation based upon organ and genetic modification trade. With his Devil Fruit, the gravity fruit, he commands absolute loyalty from all but the strongest; the strongest of whom he either befriends or eliminates with the help of his Ciphor Pol connections.

    Name: Opal Sour
    Epithet:Sweetest Sister
    Image: Link
    Biography: Sister to the powerful CEO of NAG and trusted to work as a corporate head, Opal resides at the Rod of Aesir. There, she manages accounts and production of biological remedies and surgical implementations.

    Name: Anthony Morgan
    Epithet:Repo Man
    Image: Link
    Biography: Employed by Pavi, dressed thickly in black, and wearing a helmet of blue lights that shine coldly at all it looks upon, Anthony is a repo man who reposes organs. If a payment can't be made, or if a person's organs look scrumptious or deserve being taken, Anthony is sent to deal with it. He utilize surgeon jujitsu in combat, and a vast variety of animal and human augmentations to battle and stalk his targets down. Anthony is also a bit passively bi-polar, with a clear Jekyll and Hyde syndrome psychosis in his brain.
    Church of Sacred Blessings
    Led by a true madman, the Church of Sacred Blessings is a paramilitary organization delving into robotic research and enhancements. It is the world's leader in automaton technology, feared for their sadistic employ of weapons. Once exiled from the WG scientific community, it's leader has returned from the darkness of exile to the forefront of the world's robotic industry.
    Spoiler: NPCs
    Name: Cran Yam
    Epithet:The Abyss
    Image: Link
    Biography: Cran, as he is often called, is the second scientist of the World Government to go AWOL within a decade. Lead director over Sacred Blessings, he had created and developed many pacifista, weapons, and even Doapilia. When his base of operations was under investigation by greater powers who deemed him mad, he deserted and fell off the face of the planet. Through extensions and effort, Cran was able to contact Paviche of NAG, and soon established an alliance that has returned Cran from the darkness of exile to the forefront of NAG's robotics divisions.

    Name: Doapilia
    Epithet:The Horror
    Image: Link
    Biography: Lily Carnations are plants that can control and create life from nothing save the thoughts and dreams of their parasitic hosts. Doapilia goes one better; she is a Lily that was fed, grown, and evolved to take from any source she deems fit or any that has been eaten by her. While a parasite, she has actually been developed to survive on her own away from any bound host through use of devil fruit theory crafting. This permits her much leeway and freedom of power, though leaving her even more dehumanized than other possible Lily Carnations.

    Name: Paunchy
    Image: Link
    Biography: As a fat, decayed butcher from the Kiwi Swamplands, Paunchy is a man who enjoys meat. All types of meat from fat, to thin, to rough, to crunchy. Humans are no exception to his palette, and for many years he wandered the Ghost Blight hunting down those unlucky enough to wander in. Through indirect contact, he was enlisted into the Church, and now acts as a headsmen for the nuns of Sacred Blessings, on top of being a butcher. He will buy limbs from all passersby for 350,000k a limb, and will not pursue.

    Name: Screamer
    Epithet:Skin Changer
    Biography: A pacifista designed to infiltrate enemy units with exotic assassination techniques and espionage methods, Screamer is more delegated to morale breaker with Doapilia's forces. Yelling, screaming, and acting far too out of the ordinary for any normal foe, she often inspires uneasiness and a general feeling of fear. Some may resist, no doubt, but those are the few who fight her to their best.

    Name: Urn
    Epithet:The Juggernaut
    Biography: Equipped with a revered blade of the highest order of smithery, and a mask of fine bone to conceal his face, Urn acts akin to samurai principles and as one of the more powerful swordsmen in the New World. Is he the strongest? He wouldn't say yes. Especially not after losing to the horror that is Doapilia.
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    Bounty Board

    World Threat [500,000,000+]

    Super Elite Threat [350,000,000+]

    Elite Threat [250,000,000+]

    Supernova Threat [100,000,000+]

    Terminated Threat [N/A]

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    Named Swords

    Saijo O Wazamono [7/12]
    ● Blade of Mercy - Green13
    ● Chikage - Green13
    ● Excalibur - Kakashi19823
    ● Neptune - Ichimonji
    ● Shodai Kitetsu - Toyo
    ● Shodai Zanto Namakura - Guren
    ● Yoru - Toyo

    O Wazamono [2/21]
    ● Shusui - Badshah
    ● Kyōfū - Sea
    Ryo Wazamono [12/50]
    ● Broadsword - Bbomb
    ● Falchion- Badshah
    ● Forger's - The Hype
    ● Glamdring - Rainbow Dash
    ● Naga - Zyketh
    ● Orochi - Lord Rin
    ● Sandai Kitetsu - Zyketh
    ● Spruce - Rin
    ● The Screamer - Ichimonj
    ● Tontatta's Pride - The Hype
    ● Yamaoroshi - The Hype



    Quote Originally Posted by Interview #1
    Spoiler: Pistachio20
    #1 alright, let's start of the interview slowly. Also, just don't answer if you think a question is too intrusive. Can you tell me a bit about yourself outside of the forum? Like what is your name, where do you live, what do you do for a living, got any hobbies?

    my real name is jordan. I'm 23 years old and live in florida. For those that don't already know, i work as a 911 operator at the local sheriff's office. It's 12 hour shifts with a 30-40 minute drive time, which is why i'm usually gone for 2-3 days in a row. I'm an active gamer; mainly playing ps3, 3ds and a few games on an n64 emulator.

    #2 what is roleplaying to you and could you tell us a bit about your roleplaying history, when did you start, where did you start etc.

    i'd saying rping is a hobby. One i'm very invested in, obviously. I started back in 2008, back when i first joined ac. The first group was a bleach inspired group called "pure destruction." it was very different than how things are now, powers being incredibly erratic. Then there was the naruto group that i was second-in-command of. It was probably more enjoyable than pd at times. Then zero/troop/op99 opened a op rp and i got involved in that. But those were the major ones. There were a few side rps i joined, such as scar (i've totally forgotten what the acronym stands for). I quite liked my scar mech and have its build saved somewhere.

    #3 when nw first merged with ac, it must've been strange seeing all those new faces? What did you expect would happen with all these newcomers suddenly converging unto your op rp?

    eh, it wasn't that strange having nw merge with ac. I was involved in the pre-stages of the merger so i kind of knew what i was in store for. My biggest worry at the time was how well the two groups would get along. Not knowing anything about nw, i considered the possibility of the groups being totally different. Though the merge ended well enough to an extent.

    #4 if you were given absolute power to change whatever you wanted about the one piece rp, what would that be?

    there's not much with the system itself that i feel needs changing. I would like to tone down on some abilities or get rid of them altogether, but as long as they're not being abused i'm ok with them. Like silver and the ope. It's overpowered, but since it'd be unfair to just take it from him and he keeps it to a decent level of usage, there's no reason to remove it.

    #5 i imagine being a gm of what is likely the biggest org on the site is quite the responsibility. Do you ever feel like stepping down and letting someone else take over?

    yes, there are times where i might consider stepping down. Not because of the workload (though reading through the free roams is quite a time consumer), but because of work. Being gone 3 or 4 days a week means i can miss out on a lot and unable to actively approve/update/whatever. It's probably not that big an issue right now, since we're in a bit of a lull but in busier times, people were pushing for second gm.

    #6 your character tylor has been around for some time now. Was he based on anything in particular? What makes tylor the perfect character for someone like you

    he's modeled after the character that he is; bolt crank from eat-man. Same ability, eating and reconstructing but a much better character than wapol. I actually wouldn't say that tylor is the perfect character. In fact, i consider his state before i reset him as being a failure. Giant jet cannon was cool and all, but it became a one trick pony. I'm hoping with this fresh version, i can try and do something more unique. Something that harkens back to my early days as a op rper.

    #7 let's stick to your rp-ing for a moment... What other characters have you had before tylor or what was the first devil's fruit you had?

    before tylor, my main character was actually a sniper. Well, in the sense that usopp is a sniper. I used his fighting style with some custom moves. My devil fruit changed a few times. At some points i had no df, for a little bit i had the goro. The df i had the longest was probably my custom airway fruit. I had a few other characters i tried, but none of them really worked out well. I never did well with weapon based fs.

    #8 what is your current goal in the one piece rp, if you have one at all besides becoming the living black hole that you are... No offense.

    well since i changed tylor into a bounty hunter so i can have him working along with hale, my priorities have changed. I'm mostly planning to go around and chase pirates for the hell of it. Maybe steal some weapons, but nothing set in stone.

    #9 is there an event that occurred on within the org that you have fond memories off?

    nothing in particular really stands out in my mind. Not to say that there hasn't been anything, i've enjoyed the campaigns and free roams i've been in. It's just that i haven't really been involved in anything big that didn't feel like it was kind of forced into ending. There was 4 nations and the defeat of the noro guy powered by the dyna stone (which i'm partially convinced i ate and had access to) but i imagine that was meant to be more. But people dropped out and we needed to end it.

    #10 how are your experiences with other orgs, be they on animeflame/animecrazy or another website?

    as i've mentioned before, i've been involved in quite a few rps in the past. One piece has always been the mainstay, but i've enjoyed my time elsewhere as well. Nowadays, the other orgs have a hard time staying active. Hence bleach's current woes, fairy tail's current bid for a section (which failed last time), and naruto being...well, i guess it's ok but i haven't paid much attention to it. I really have no issues with other groups, i've had fun with the groups in the past and if they could find what works, they could be good in the future as well. I jut don't see myself joining any of them in the near future.

    #11 the org has had its ups and downs in recent times. How do you see the future for op as a roleplaying org?

    i see the op org as being the flexible one of the main rps. It will likely continue to be around for some time. The system itself for it will probably be changed again and will likely be changed repeatedly. It's the kind of universe that works well for an rp setting, but people want innovation and change. It will have activity lulls and periods of quietness, but it will bounce back.

    #12 talking about these ups and downs, was there ever a moment when you thought "this is it, the org is dead." ?

    never, actually. I don't want to be repeating myself, but i will admit there have been times where there's been little to no posts; it's the hype of something new that draws them away. But they always returned. People want something new, but they also want stability. I'd say the op rp offers them that by being the safety net for if something else fails.

    the one piece newspaper thanks p20 for answering our questions and hopes to soon have other interviews with some of the other folk in our universe!

    note : The interview was done through pms so i was unable to respond to his answers.

    Credit to Kunshu for the interview! Thanks!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Interview #2
    Spoiler: Rainbow Dash
    1. Tell us a bit about Domo. What makes him tick?? Is domo a nickname you use in your personal life?? How is your personal life fairing??

      Him? Excuse me?! Did you just assume my gender?! I'll have you know I sexually identify as an attack helicopter and expect to be refereed to as such!

      Hmm? Whats that? Oh, right, the questions. You want to know what makes me tick? I'd tell you, but even I don't know sometimes. It's weird, the smallest things can become fuel for my fire. Just gotta stop and look around once in a while. Find the details in life.

      Domo is a nickname I've come to adopt, usually as a gamer tag more than anything. As for my personal life, it is going well. Not getting much sleep lately. Pretty busy with work and school. I still manage to keep a pretty good social life though, even if I am single, ladies What am I saying, there are no girls on the internet.

    2. Chicken Tenders and Curly Fries vs Bacon Burger and Potato Wedges??

      Damn, you waste no time with these hard questions. Like, I'm all about the curly fries, but I'll be damned if I'm passin up a Bacon Burger. Shoot, cut an attack helicopter some slack. Alright, if I had to pick, and I can't mix and match that business, I'mma go with the Bacon Burger and wedges.

    3. How long have you been RP-ing?? How'd you get into it, and what made it something you'd stick to??

      My legend dates back to the 12th Century thank you very much. For real though, I started this crazy ride back in 2008. I didn't even start with One Piece. At that time my only experience with One Piece was 4kidz dub and I'd written the whole thing off. My first RP was D.Gray-man. It was poorly made and died pretty quick.

      After D.Gray-man, I decided to finally check One Piece out, after hearing good things from people. It was around this time I joined the OP Orgs of NW. I wasn't even through the series when I joined. I started out by joining the White Beard Pirate Crew. It was a rad time. Made a lot of friends, but as time went on I struck out on my own. Jolly Roger Pirates were fun, Sky Island Empire was something, but the best was JRP round 2. The Flying Jolly Roger Pirates. That is when I became bros with Ichi.

      All in all I have fond memories of that time.

    4. Why does One Piece RP seem to be a place you consider as your rp home??

      It really comes down to two things. The setting and the people. The world of One Piece is so vast and crazy that you can pretty much plug in any kind of story you want and it still works. There is so much freedom, and I think it really fits the pirate theme. Not to mention pirates are rad.

      But the second point is the more important one. It doesn't matter if I met you on NW, AC, or AF. I've met cool people through this RP. The community makes this place what it is, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Stay classy guys.

    5. You've made quite a few characters in your OP stint, which of them would you consider your strongest and which your favorite??

      Strongest is a hard one. I guess Liam would fit that bill, in a literal sense. Dude was a super charged moose. Doesn't get much stronger than that. Though my most powerful character would have to probably be either Victor or Alexander. Pika is just a strong fruit, and those guys are pretty powerful when they let loose.

      As for my favorite, gotta say it is a tie between Deadpool and Aurora. Both hold a special place for me. So many good memories with both. Some honorable mentions would have to be Suu, Mizuko (the squid kid) and Squirrel Girl.

    6. If you had to set a goal for that character, what would it be??

      Well, my favorites are currently NPC's, so I can't tell you what they're up to, but I can share some goals of the others. Suu is going to become an Admiral. One way or another I will make it happen. Victor and Alice on the other hand are less goal based and more of an experience. I love the characters and want to see how they play out.

    7. Who, past or present, has been your favorite RP-er to participate with over the years and why??

      That is a hard one. I don't wanna throw any **** at anyone. If I had to pick, I'd say Kuroi is up there on the list. He was a good guy, but he was just hard to RP with. I wasn't fond of his style, and he had a tendency to write these giant wall posts with no paragraphs, just a giant block of text. So frustrating.

    8. If you had to chose a character that isn't yours as a favorite, which character would it be and why??

      This is an easy choice. I've had quite a few duds over the years, but at the top of the list is this character I had on NW. I don't remember his name, but his appearance was Spawn. He used the Acid Fruit. I don't know what it was, but I could not get into that character for the life of me. Acid was not my jam.

    9. I myself, consider you a veteran of One Piece RP, having known you since NW days. What would you say makes you so relevant within the RPG?? What's that "Domo" flair??

      What makes me relevant? I'm a personable person. I tend to get along with everyone. Not to mention I fancy myself to be a pretty good idea person, even if my execution is terrible. As for the Domo Flair, it is probably that I'm always trying to bring something new to the table. We got people who are known for being masters of their H2H RP game, people who are known for their powerful warriors, but what is Domo known for? Nothing in particular honestly.

      The characters I create tend to vary wildly in design and application. I've made a character who fights with an army of squirrels, a squid who swims through land and shoots ink, a magical pony that controls the weather and shoots lasers from her face, and a madman who carries a literal armory on his back, never shuts up, and can't die. Domo has no common threads, This attack helicopter does what it does when it feels like doing it.

    10. As I've said before, I consider you a veteran here, and I do believe you intend to stick around for some time. What, if any, dreams to you have for the RP in general?? And how would you go about bringing about said dreams??

      My dream is actually a simple one. Just once I want to run a campaign from start to finish. I've tried a few times, but it always ends badly. Either life gets in the way, or I hit a mental block, or I grow to hate my ideas. It just never works out. I will change this one day, mark my words.

    Credit to The Hype for the interview! Thanks!!!!
    Quote Originally Posted by Interview #3
    Spoiler: The Hype
    I interviewed Hype for the Newspaper. Here ya go.

    1. Tell us about yourself - who is The Hype and where did he come from?

    Hype comes from a far away land known as Detroit, Michigan. This is a barren land, where only the strong survive, but no one is strong enough to overpower crippling debt, the collapse of the motor industry, and government enforced "war on drugs". So eventually you live long enough to die poor, or earn enough to move elsewhere and be poor.

    Besides that, Hype is a man. A black man, with a fixation for latinas (Ichi ). Hype has a little Hype, who will one day rule the world with an iron penis. Until then, Hype Will just do Hype stuff to his maximum Hypeness.

    2. Obviously you are most renown for your prerogative for penetration. How did that come about?

    When I was a little boy, I was bitten by a radioactive penis during a penis exhibit at the penis museum in pound town. The penis-bite enhanced my already well endowed black penis, and gave it super powers. Last long, penetrate rigorously, and an insatiable libido was my blessing and my curse.

    3. What is your favorite comic series (encompassing all of American and Japanese) and why? Who is your true favorite fictional character?

    I couldn't choose if I had to encompass American and Japanese together, but if I could choose one of each, it'd be anything with Luke Cage, and Tough for Japanese comics.

    Luke Cage is my favorite. He encompasses all of what it means to be a black man in a crime ridden corrupt urban American city. First comic I ever got was a Power Man comic, Luke has been my favorite ever since.

    4. When and where did you first start role playing? Have you always been with One Piece or were there others?

    Started back in 2009 on Narutowire before it changed to nwanime. The first rp forum I was in was Naruto. But soon after that, I ventured into OP and Bleach.

    Though Naruto is my baby, I've grown quite fond of OP rp, which is something that I never fully stuck with on NW or AC. This stint here in AF has been the longest and most active streak I've had with OP RP.

    5. Outside of the RP, what are your hobbies and what do you like to do for fun (outside of penetrating all the things)?

    Hype has a baby. His hobbies are lost and his dreams have been shattered.
    Beyond that though, Hype is a lover of the martial arts. He currently has two black belts, and is aiming for a third, if he can find the time for it.

    6. There have been many characters that you've played over your career here in OP RP. Which one would you consider to be the most fun to play or would be your favorite and why?

    Luke Cage is my favorite character I've created.
    It took three forums, and 7 years for me to finally get the idea to make him, but I've been in love ever since. It's the only character I've created that has everything I've wanted in a character, but still has room for development.

    7. What are your current goals within the org and how to do plan on going about achieving them?

    Admiral Cage needs to be a thing, cause of affirmative action and all. Also I've always had a character in the marines, but never made it past Rear Admiral. I plan to achieve it, by finally having a character that I can develop and portray long enough to finally achieve anything in OP lol.

    8. Who most do you look up to most in the RP? Who do you admire? Or who do you like working with the most?

    I have different role-models here for various reasons.
    Ellie is one, for God Ellie is God. He also seems to have a plan for everything, despite having many different character ideas and such.

    Ace is one, for he has finally achieved his dream of Fleet Admiral, which isn't easy to accomplish.

    Bbomb is one. I mean, the dude is like the org toilet, always getting **** on, but he somehow always comes back and deals with the **** just to have his fun. Dems balls folks.

    Domo is one, cause he's domo. Just a positive dude.

    Ichi is one cause the mu****a is doing big things in his personal life, yet somehow has time to be a centerpiece for other RPers to work off of.

    9. Tough question next - watermelon or grapes?

    Watermelon artificial flavoring is better than artificial grape flavoring.
    But natural grape flavor is better than natural watermelon flavor.

    10. If there was one super power you could have in real life, what would it be and why?

    Kinetic Energy Absorption. So many benefits and applications. Plus I'd join the UFC, become champ, get money, and finally buy a God damn pc.

    11. Last but not least: which came first? The chicken or the egg?
    Neither. I came first when I penetrated nothingness, leading to a colossal orgasm worldly known as the Big Bang.

    Credit to Ace098 for the interview! Thanks!!!!
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