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    Amahara (Kami no Shinto RP)

    Amahara, the main capital of japan, and one of the largest locations for civilization. Amahara is an city out of the shogunates control and for political stability, sending an army to take it over would bare far more consequences than good to his rule. The city however is under a form of power struggle between four factions. The people, whom built the city from the ground up thirty years ago into what it is today. By working together they keep the city maintained and under control to the best of their abilities. The second faction is the Magistrates, bringing law and order to the city, and in compliance acts as civil officers. Swearing to a code of honor and protection of the people, however in these times, the people have taken notice to their recent abuse of power and authority in a few cases. The third faction, is the Aoto Gang. A group of people who are frequently known as the villains or a type of mob. Having their own Headquarters legally in the city. They are disliked by the people and Magistrates as criminals and murderers who only look out for themselves. The final power is the Shoganate. Bringing major business and trade to the city, aiding in its flourishing over the years and officially placing Magistrates as an official police force. The most secretive due to not placing their own agents into the city yet still supports its improvement.

    Important NPC's
    Aoto Gang


    Name: Reika Muneakira
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 115
    Rank: Second-In-Command
    Race: Human
    Style: Infinate Defense Style
    Summery: Reika Muneakira is the top fighter within the Auto Gang and known as the most deadly of the members. Publicly she is known for her rumored beauty her wild personality. People fear seeing her on the street for her seemingly never ending blood lust, enjoying cutting people down just for the pleasure of it, including members of the Auto gang. At the leaders command she often tries to restrain herself from doing so as much as possible. She likes strong opponents and becomes rather infatuated with those who display such power along with the urge to fight them to the death. She has only been defeated by the leader of the Auto gang who had spared her life so that she could fight for him, only agreeing to his terms for a promised "Path of Blood" for her if she served him.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Superior Strength
    For a woman of her build, Reika has incredible strength especially when angered. Able to out muscled many people multiple times her size with ease.
    Incredible speed
    Reika is incredibly fast. Closing distance in very short periods of time. She is also quite flexible and athletic leaving few capable of escaping her
    Incredible Endurance and Stamina
    Being able to take more damage and last longer (stamina wise) than the average person, Reika is capable of sustaining a notable amount of damage
    Expert Swordsman
    Reika is an expert in the form of armed combat, the primary skill that has pushed her to becoming the feared woman she is today.

    Name: Genryuusai
    Age: 35
    Height: 6'1
    Weight: 175
    Rank: Enforcer
    Type: Power
    Summery: Only known by his first name, Genryuusai is the enforcer for the Auto gang. As a guarantee that things get done that the lower ranking members fail to accomplish such as collection money or to retrieve something stolen. Calm and composed he is indeed a force feared by the people, rumored to be able to hack limbs off with a single swing of his sword. When problems begin to consistently rise to the Auto Gang, he is sent to fix the problem.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Incredible Strength
    Being a man of his build, Genryuusai is capable of displaying great feats of physical strength, noted by sometimes taking doors off their bearings even when trying to be careful.
    Average speed
    Unfortunate for a man his size, Genryuusai has the speed, athleticism and flexibility of an average man. Which in terms of people his size is a great feat in terms of speed
    Incredible Endurance and Stamina
    Being able to sustain a very large amount of damage, his body is quite durable.
    Superior Swordsman
    Training with sword during his previous days as a common soldier, eventually he adopted dual-wielding katana's to make up for his lack of speed to provide less opportunities for his opponent to strike him



    Name: Maikaze
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'7
    Weight: 115
    Occupation: Geisha
    Summery: Not much is actually known about Maikaze but her fame throughout Amahara is still high as the most famous Geisha of Amahara, her reputation even extending outside of the city. Many men dream of having a chance with her but none can even truthfully say they have any experience with even talking to her for she stays busy running the most successful Geisha business in the city, just as well as having to pay an astonishing amount of money just for a meaning.

    Name: Momo Saito
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 119
    Occupation: Servant of Maikaze
    Summery: Losing her parents during a raid on her village, child Momo wondered to Amahara where she was picked up by Maikaze, the most famous and influential person in Amahara who runs a courtesan business at the center of Amahara. However, saving Momo did not come without a price. Forcing her to work delivering letters to confidential clients and people in order to earn food and a place to sleep. In time, Maikaze acknowledged the girl as her assistant and taught her the ways of the shinobi to aid in her duties and to protect herself. Momo is very fond of Maikaze and will often fantasize about how great of a person she is and becomes angered when one speaks ill of her. Head strong and determined, Momo does her best to support the people and please Lady Maikaze. Like her idol, she despises both the Auto Gang and the Magistrates.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Average Strength
    Momo is much stronger than the average adult. Quite capable of knocking out someone with a single punch
    Incredible Speed
    Momo holds incredible speed, athleticism and flexibility, able to close distances and move about almost effortlessly
    Average Endurance and Stamina
    Surprising for her size, Momo can last considerably long in combat, having average durability and stamina
    Superior Martial Arts Skill
    Momo is a surprisingly capable fighter, able to even take out multiple armed foes at once with little to no trouble. Trained by Maikaze, Momo utilizes her speed and careful observation of movement to counter attacks.

    Name: Samonosuke Kazama
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 149
    Occupation: Maikaze's Bodyguard
    Summery: Samonosuke is one of the few people who see's Maikaze on a regular basis. Although he is her bodyguard on the rare occasions she takes a stroll. He is often found stationed outside of the Geisha Manor ran by Maikaze, acting as the protector of them all. He is sometimes clumsy and loves to joke around. Although he is often around and friends with geisha's, he still gets nervous around beautiful women.

    Skills and Abilities:
    Average Strength
    Somonosuke has the strength of an adult male, focusing more on the speed of his techniques than brute force. Often calling it too barbaric.
    Incredible Speed
    Somonosuke has incredible speed and agility which he utilizes to its fullest in combat, finding general rate of maneuverability in high regards.
    Average Endurance and Stamina
    Surprising for his size, Somonosuke can last considerably long in combat, having average durability and stamina
    Superior Swordsman
    Learning the way of the sword at a very young age from a traveler. Being a firm believer that those who can strike faster will win the fight. His strikes are considerably fast which leads in him to consider them fully dead before their body can drop to the ground

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    The Story so far...

    Chapter 0: Origin
    Centuries ago, a man said to be a demon controlled the world with the human population under his foot. Originally coming into existence from the collection of Hate within the world, Its product being its punishment onto humans. A single human eventually rose to the task of defeating this demon to bring peace back to the world once again. Training with various Masters during his journey, using his supernatural ability in conjunction with his obtained skills.
    With his allies, the group faced off against the demon and his minions with the Human Izanagi being the one to single handedly slayed the demon in battle. The feats of which the humans were able to reach made those around them perceive them as Deity's. Through time the spirits of Izanagi and his allies sat in wait for a time where they would allow their soul to pass into a new Human, granting them dangerous supernatural abilities. The chosen, being referred to as "Shinto".

    Shinto originally were revered by the people of the world as Hero's that is until several Shinto were a part of coup set within the main capital city. Thus bringing a new emperor into power. Leaving Shinto being liked, such as by priests, to those who fear and hate them.

    Although all of this has passed, it became apparent demon spirits were making their way into the human world once again, giving their soul to humans in a similar fashion to Shinto.

    Chapter 1: Rise and Fall
    To be concluded...

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    Amahara, it's the name of the capital of Japan. Near its gates stands two hopeful girls or so the other looks like. The two had completely opposite expressions.

    The boy, Haruka Nanahoshi, who awfully looked like a girl with white long hair and a western priest outfit just scanned at the busy town with an expressionless face. The other girl who has short pink hair in contrast was jumping from joy. It was their first time to see such a busy city in their whole life.

    "Hey Haru, let's walk around the town! Everything looks new and awesome!" The pink haired girl excitedly told the trap beside her.

    "Hatsuhana, finding our house comes first." He answered emotionlessly. The girl clicked her tongue in disappointment but she wasn't really angry with his decision. She just felt the need to rebuke at him. She was a whimsical girl.

    A week before, Haruka has contacted someone in Amahara and earned himself a house there. Having heard some rumors about some Shinto gathering up in Amahara, he immediately took preparations to go there and that's why this expressionless trap is walking in the middle of a big unknown city.

    As they walked to their house, Hatsuhana's excitement gradually lessened. Though there are lots of new things in there, in the very first day of their stay they had accidentally seen the cruel side of this city. There were lots of occasions when Hatsuhana wanted to jump off and help the victims but Haruka relentlessly stopped her and urged her to continue walking.


    Moments later, they have arrived at their house. The house was a large traditional Japanese house. It was large enough to easily take up 8 people and still have lots of space for other things. Though it can't be compared to houses that nobles have, it was something that the present Hatsuhana should be happy with but she was boiling in frustration. The cause was the cruel things done to people here.

    "Why can't we save them?" Hatushana muttered depressingly.

    Haruka didn't answer. He only walked on an empty field and put down the luggage he has been carrying and looked expressionlessly at the girl. This gesture was something familiar to the girl. This was what Haruka always do when they are about to have a practice match or whenever she needs something to vent her anger from.

    Hatsuhana immediately grit her teeth in anger and ran with absurd speed to Haruka. Haruka fought her with his favorite martial art style, Aikido. Out of the several martial arts he knows, he picked this now because of the absurd difference in physical capabilities. From Hatsuhana's barrage of attacks, Haruka could only parry and seal her movement with barrier techniques.The restriction of movement made by the barriers couldn't even last a second but to Haruka it was good enough.

    Haruka's goal in this match is to learn and observe the movements of stronger opponents, to find as much options in a very disadvantageous fight, and to qualm Hatsuhana's anger. The fight ended 5 minutes later with Haruka lying on the ground in an overwhelming defeat. Fortunately, the location of the house doesn't have much people living in it so their fight didn't attract attention even though it caused loud noises.

    "Haru... I'm sorry..." Hatsuhana apologized sadly while lending him a hand. Haruka accepted it and answered "Don't say sorry. I'm aware that I'm wrong but I can't afford to lose you. That's why while I'm still weak and powerless as I am now, feel free to take your rage on me."

    Haruka patted the head of Hatsuhana who was at least 15 centimeters taller than him. He slowly walked away from the place and started heading to the busy places of Amahara again.

    While walking down the still peaceful streets of Amahara, Haruka started thinking of his main objectives for the day.

    First was gathering information. Haruka had a particular objective in this city but for now he has to set it aside. The most important information was the current whereabouts of the city. People that should be avoided, people that can be useful, issues and jobs that he can earn money with.

    Second was to get familiar with the city. In the long run, it might be possible to fight some of the troublesome people in the city. For that, he needs to know the layout of the city and device some plans ahead of time.

    Third was to earn as much as combat experience and strengthen his physical capabilities.

    Haruka looked at his hands and thought that the three objectives can easily be achieved by one ability of his. The most despicable ability of Haruka which he rarely uses, Absorb.

    'I need to kill again.'

    Haruka is a special human who possess the spirit of Yamata no Orochi. Because of an ability he himself devised, he lost all his emotions. Even though he can't feel anything, his conscience is still as strong as ever. Nevertheless Haruka knows how to reject his morals in the times of need.

    "4 or 5 average thugs are the limit." he softly muttered the limit of the people he can absorb. If he overuses it, he might lose his mind from information overload and extreme physical changes.

    Finally resolving on what to do, Haruka entered the busy streets of Amahara.
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    Yami Hashimoto: Haruka Nanahoshi [Four... or five, thugs.]
    Her arrival had been in the dead of the night. Yami had hoped that the city would be a bit quieter, that the alleyways would be empty. That rumors of Shinto had cooped people in their houses. But the woman was ignorant in expecting things of cities. The 'priest' had been rather found of travelling the rural areas, ones filled with people that cityfolk might call 'bumpkins.' They certainly were easy to manipulate... And they also knew when to go to bed. From three hours until dawn until the event itself, Miss Hashimoto had wandered the streets and alleyways in hopes for a decent meal. But to no avail. Drunks walked the streets in pairs, thugs haunted the alleyways in groups, and there was hardly a single quiet spot in the town. Well, that was the Capital for you.

    As morning passed, she continued to wander. Now, instead of a meal, she was looking for a home. It would be easy enough to bamboozle a regular person into allowing her to stay in their home but... The reason the demon parading as Hashimoto came to Amahara was simply greed. She wanted more meals. She wanted to be respected by many. She wanted a high position, and a large house. Like many a daydreaming girl she had run away to the city, and was also suffering the dissapointment from having her goals crushed. No matter how many villages she had been to, there was extremely little reputation to be had if she had never done anything for notable cities. To get more fame, you had to be famous. It was an annoying cycle for one to inject themselves into.

    And then, while Yami was in the midst of her thoughts, she ran into a person. Well... maybe? It took her half a second with her sleep-deprived mind to realize there was no person in front of her. But below... Someone of impossibly small stature. She couldn't help but smile, much to the chagrin of the dwarf in front of her... and the other dwarf, and three other rather seedy-looking men.


    Needless to say, Yami Hashimoto had been unforgivingly backed into a nearby alley, still in view of the street. They had been harassing her with the usual things:

    "Hey, you should watch where you're going." "Don'cha know who we are?"
    "Yeah dat's right, the Aoto Gang!" "...You don't know who we are?"
    "Ha ha, looks like we have a cute little country bumpkin here."
    "Are ya gonna cleanse us of our sins little priest? Well, we need to cleanse some other stuff first..."
    "Hey, You should appologize... don't look like you got much on you..."
    "How about... something different? Your face ain't that great but I'm sure underneath those bumpkin clothes..."

    No matter where Yami went, these types were always the same. Abuse what little power they had on the even weaker and more defenseless. Not that she cared for such a thing, but it was annoying when she was their current objective. Even with her personal skills, it'd be impossible to talk such irrational people out of this. Still, this was a good oppurtunity. More than likely, they'd lead her to a closed of location. And then she'd finally be able to eat. As the woman with a billowy priestess outfit was pressed deeper into the alley, she cooly watched the streets. Two men had prepared to go in and save her, but they had turned tail at the mention of the Aoto gang. ... Good.

    Almost there. All they had to do was turn a corner, and then there would be nothing stopping her... in fact, she had to make sure all four (or rather five with the two midgets,) of the thugs would die. It wouldn't be good if they went blabbering about what she was...

    And then "Yami Hashimoto," the Nue in disguise, made eye-contact with a passing Priest... ess? A small one, one who seemed completely calm. One who felt like they were hunting for something. Yami's eyes made contact with those of Haruka Nanahoshi's, and she hoped the other woman wouldn't come and save her. Or rather, unknowingly save these shameless men.
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    Haruka Nanahoshi: Yami Hashimoto [Snake Related Priestess] <--- Gedo-senpai, Can Ya PM/VM Me What The Enclosed Text Means? Are They Titles? ^_^

    In the busy streets of Amahara, an eye-catching small priest-ess is being dragged by a big guy who wears a civil officer uniform. The priest-ess, Haruka Nanahoshi, currently has his eyes on the big guy dragging him around. The reason was simple, he's a law-enforcer and a abusive one at that. He is the type normal people will not care even if he dies.

    In Haruka's dictionary of people who he wants to kill, no one is listed in there. He doesn't want to kill anyone if possible and even the abusive law-enforcer wasn't an exception. But Haruka has decided to disregard his policy just this day and to him the guy was a convenient to kill target.

    While being focused in fulfilling his objective, he noticed that they were already inside a house. It was probably the guy's home. Fortunately, there weren't any people at home. Seeing this, Haruka's eyes narrowed in a sharp gaze and grabbed the man's wrists and pulled him to his side with astonishing force. The man couldn't resist at all and in an instant Haruka was already grabbing his neck with one hand. Haruka looked at the helpless and enraged man with a still expressionless face.

    "I'm sorry."

    As soon as he muttered that, he activated his ability 'absorb' and after a second Haruka felt his hand grabbing nothing. The once dry and hard skin he have been feeling just a while ago was gone. By the time he opened his eyes, no one was in front of him. Not even a speck of shadow of the man's clothes was even there. The guy disappeared without a trace. And it was all because of Haruka's ability. Absorbing anything, if it's a lifeform with intelligence, he'll gain all of its memories, even the memories it has forgotten. It also helps him strengthen his body further more.

    Finally finishing his business, he left the house immediately to avoid getting caught in trouble.


    Several minutes after he left the house, Haruka started walking aimlessly while his mind is drifting from the newly found memories he gained. From the memories he has seen, the guy seemed to have wife and 2 daughters. He was a cruel and trashy dad who took advantage of his family and uses them as nothing but slaves for his desires. Still he does pay for their living, he's at least still a father.... and Haruka further moved and moved deeper into the memories.

    An hour later, he has finally finished seeing everything and learned what he had wanted. He learned that out of the 4 factions, only the common townspeople are the least harmful. Realizing that everything seems to be harmful, he could only heave a sigh and think of a brighter thought.

    Out of everything he has seen, the one that could be the most useful is a geisha who calls herself as Maikaze. She is the most influential person in this city and is rumored to hate the Magistrate and Aoto Gang. For him, that was a big plus. The geishas are also known for knowing almost all the people in the city. If he can have a good relationship with them, he'll surely be able to avoid as much as possible.

    While pointing out these points, his next destination was already set, the Geisha Manor ran by Maikaze. But his footsteps soon got stopped by unsightly voices from an alley few meters away from him.

    "Don'cha know who we are?"
    "Yeah dat's right, the Aoto Gang!"

    Haruka took an interest and decided to look at the situation a little. As soon as he grew closer to the alley's pathway, he felt something unusual. Something inhuman. A scent that he has started to feel more sensitive by the time he has been possessed by the Orochi's spirit. The faint scent of a snake and not an ordinary one at that. A creature that has two or more beasts inside it.

    As he passed by the alley, Haruka focused on catching the source of the scent, and without even a second passing by, he soon met eyes with a dark haired priestess. The inhuman scent was from a young priestess with dark red eyes who is currently being verbally abused by 5 thugs.

    Having met eyes with her, Haruka stopped in his tracks and tried to analyze the current situation. He immediately understood that the priestess, Hashimoto Yami, is just luring them to a place without people and that the result of her action will not be morally acceptable. But the situation here was different. Her targets were the Aoto Gang. A group that may bring trouble to him in the future.

    His plan was to just look for the source of the scent and leave but Yami noticed him. If he decides to ignore her, it might bring a worse effect to him than having the Aoto Gang as his enemies. That's why he decides to help her. Fortunately, she is a snake-related creature. Though Haruka is not sure what she really is, just that fact was enough for him to have confidence in his plan to aid her.

    "Tonight, please come to my house. It's the large Japanese house in the southwestern side of Amahara." He said with a soft voice while remaining expressionless.

    "Yaha! Little miss, I can see that you also want to have fun huh?!"
    "We'll even give you our love even now!"

    Misunderstanding Haruka's statement, nasty comments went out of their mouths but Haruka remained unfazed and just pointed at Yami "First come, first serve. She goes first."

    The thugs just laughed interestingly and just agreed with the 'little girl', Haruka Nanahoshi's, advice. They then 'forcefully' dragged Yami and turned on a corner.

    Though he has no proof, he knew that Yami understood what he meant with his first statement. Only one worry just ran through his mind, "I hope I find her first. If Hatsuhana sees her before me, the priestess will surely die."

    There is always a possibility that the priestess will ignore him but he decided to ignore it. If that wishful thinking causes the death of the priestess then he and Hatsuhana will forever feel guilty about it.

    'Visit Geisha Manor.
    Come home early.
    Find the priestess first.
    Form a neutral or friendly relationship.
    Plan to help the 'absorbed' guy's family'

    As Haruka engraved it to his mind, he started walking again towards the Geisha Manor.
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    Yami Hashimoto: Haruka Nanahoshi [House Call]

    Yami, or rather Nue, was too used to deceit (mostly from herself,) to appreciate Haruka's gracious offer. It was clear the... thing of some gender or other knew Yami for her true form. She herself didn't detect any signs from the odd person, but the fact that they had easily picked up on her and remained calm... Ah, but right now she was more concerned with the second statement. 'First come, first served.' Indeed, Nue was thankful it had left her prey alone. As the gang shuffled with clothing on both sides, the 'victim' grinned ferociously. Her shoulder flexed significantly. And then three red streaks made the area rain blood. They died before they knew it, five turned into sixteen pieces. A ravenous appetite. Fifteen. Fourteen. ... Eight... Six...

    Soon there was nothing left but blood and a woman who needed a change of clothes. Well, she made a note to eat her next victim reservedly.


    Sometime later, at the twilight of the day, Yami had decided to accept the boy-girl-child's invitation. She hadn't had any luck finding more... submissive offers. It was probably a good idea to wrap up loose ends, whether it be with blood or peace. Or rather, with instant blood, or delayed blood. The time you spend in a peaceful agreement is time best spent sharpening a dagger to put in the other party's back.

    The large southwestern house... well, he certainly had a way with describing things. Her tongue forked out, tasting the air. Something familiar... Well, if she tried enough houses Yami Hashimoto would eventually stumble upon the right one. All she had to do was make an excuse that she was warding the local area with talismans. And if they were rude... well... Her snake-tongue forked out again. This time not for any other reason than her own personal amusement at the idea in her head.

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    A loud compilation of screams could be heard throughout the area, its source centering at a nearby shop. A crowed watched with fear apparent in their expressions. Some were capable of running away while most were frozen at the sight before them. In the center of the crowd, A woman stood over the bloody corpse of a shop owner, blade drawn with blood. Standing over him, the woman wickedly giggled, swinging her blade to the side to swing off the blood before sheathing her weapon

    Psh, that's the price to pay for being late on your payment...

    Looking over her shoulder, she could hear the thugs under her command cheer at her ruthlessly habits.

    Would anyone else dare to challenged the Auto Gang's Reika Muneakira?

    She spoke with an escalated voice, ensuring all nearby could hear her challenge. Silent the crowd was as she slowly paced herself in front of the crowd.


    Name: Reika Muneakira
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'6
    Weight: 115
    Rank: Second-In-Command
    Race: Human
    Style: Infinate Defense Style

    Skills and Abilities:
    [QUOTE]Superior Strength
    Incredible speed
    Incredible Endurance and Stamina
    Expert Swordsman

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    Arrival at Amahara

    Amahara City

    A lone child was walking out of the forest and towards the capital, Amahara. His unique appearance would strike the eye of many. He had a large staff tied on his back and was wearing a pelt of an animal around his waist. He wasn't even wearing shoes and he looked dirty and tired, probably because of his travel.

    "I finally arrived! This must be the big city they told me about in the last village. Look at all these people coming and going."

    Amahara was a big trade center and had many people, mostly traders, coming and going daily. Kiba decided to mix in with a group of people going into the city since it was his first time there and didn't know his way around. But before too long a very nice smell caught his nose and he strayed away from the others.

    "What is this smell? Could it be me... grrrrrrr..." Before he could even finish his sentence a large growl was heard coming from his belly. The growl was so loud that people nearby actually turned towards him to see where this sound was coming from. "I guess I'm hungry. I haven't eaten for a couple of days afterall hahaha"

    Thankfully for him this nice scent led him at the market square, the center of the city. There were all kinds of shops there and the area was filled with people. Kiba went and grabbed an apple from a grocery store and left while munching it, without paying of course. He didn't even know that he had to pay in order to get stuff he didn't own. In his short time traveling until now he either hunted for his food or was invited to eat at the villagers' houses in all the small villages he visited on his way here. Thankfully for kiba though the shop owner didn't notice it because he was busy with all his other customers. He then noticed a commotion down the road and went to check it out. There were lots of people however and Kiba couldn't get a clear view of what was happening. He used his staff as a pole and climbed on it balancing at the top so that he wouldn't fall. From there he could see a woman above the corpse of a man and the crowd behind her cheering.

    "Psh, that's the price to pay for being late on your payment... Would anyone else dare to challenged the Auto Gang's Reika Muneakira?" the woman said to the crowd.

    Kiba remembered his master saying that each city has its own laws and that there are law enforcers, people that make sure those laws are abided by and punish all those that break the law, or something like that. He figured that this woman must have been one of them and the crowd was cheering because she took down that criminal.

    "Ooohh so that's how you punish people that break the law. I should be careful not to do anything illegal if I don't want to die myself." said Kiba. But because the rest of the crowd was being silent everyone managed to hear his voice and turned towards him.
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    Hearing a voice along with the crowd, Reika and her thugs also turned towards the source of the mysterious voice. Her eyes locked onto the boy. Staring at him for several seconds before breaking into a hysterical laughter.

    HAHAHAHA! You're a funny guy...

    She said, attempting to calm down her laughter as she spoke to him. Slowly, she began walking towards the establishment he was upon. Elevating her arm and extending a finger to the male, she spoke again, with a devilish grin on her face.

    Well I've got something right. The Auto Gang is law around here. The Magistrates are nothing but feeble cowards...why don't you come down here?

    She said as she placed her left hand onto her sheathe, extending her thumb against the soba to slightly un-sheathe her blade. She was in the spotlight of the people and this person had arrived and quickly interrupted her moment of glory. She aimed to possibly cut him down. Depending on his actions. Since he had somehow got the assumption of "Law" right, she simply invited him down, giving him a chance to redeem himself in her mind. She didn't particularly have anything against him so she wouldn't immediately kill him

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    After looking at him for a while the woman started laughing hysterically and then invited him to come down. She also said something about some magistrates but Kiba didn't know who they were so he just let it slip by. Her reaction seemed strage to him so he just laughed akwardly while coming down of his pole.

    "Haha... sure thing miss Reika, I'll get down. My master told me that you people are the law and I shouldn't break the law at any times. I hope I didn't do anything wrong."

    Kiba didn't consider her to be dangerous and thought that what she did was normal. He had no knowledge about how the world works afterall. What he did notice however was the uneasiness of all the people around him. They were all starting to get further away from him but he couldn't understand why. He realised that he was in a tough spot so he would be ready if anything was going to happen.

    "Oh wait sorry. My master said to me that when somebody gives you their name you should give them back yours. I'm Kiba and I come from mount Kurama. Sorry for my bad manners but I have only been in the mountain until recently and still don't know my way around sobear with me. Sorry for interrupting you earlier but it was my first time seeing a law enforcer."

    Kiba was very confused at the whole situation and didn't know how to react to it properly. He had no previous experience from situations like these afterall. He couldn't figure out why people were afraid of a law enforcer, especially after she confirmed it herself that she was one. Maybe it was the death penalty for those that broke the law that was keeping people away. Kiba however didn't do anything wrong, at least to his knowledge, so he thought that he would be fine if he didn't do anything weird.

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