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Thread: 4 word story

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    Quote Originally Posted by UmaiHorse View Post
    The escape was successful...

    @Ball, the exclamation mark after question mark just emphasized that he is screaming when he asks the question from himself... and well, it may be confusing to you, but I only got 4 words to express myself. There's always some meaning though. Anyway, were these stories supposed to make perfect sense in the first place? ;P run back home...

    Well it was supposed to make enough sense to continue the story i mean you gave me three scenarios with those inverted commas was reaaly dream (but then why the commas)
    2. The MC was screaming but it would be weird to make a reference to inception when his heart got crushed.
    3. You wanted darc to change her comment
    Well anyway it doeant matyer
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    ..He named -Omega- trying..
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    omega died of people's.....
    work damnit

    It is umpinortnat in wchih odrer the lteters are in wrod. Tehy are slitl rdeabale as lnog as the fsrit and lsat ltteers are in the rghit pacle

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