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    Basic Info

    Name: Morgana
    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Class: D-Class Mage
    Primary- Mists of Avalon: A magic where the user summons totems, which release iridescent mists with different properties.

    Secondary- Sword Magic
    Age: Unknown, Physically around 16
    Height: 5'1"
    Weight: 91lbs

    In Depth Information
    Personality: TBA
    History: TBA

    Book of Spells
    Mists of Avalon
    Ymwybyddiaeth (Awareness): A totem in the shape of a water basin, which releases a thin, hazy mist which can only be seen if one were searching for something out of the ordinary. It grants the user of the Mists of Avalon Magic the ability to sense magic and life forms within the mist. C-Rank

    Cyrraedd (Arrival): A totem which takes the form of a long boat upended, and releases a thick, green iridescent mist which completely obscures vision within it. It grants the user of the Mists of Avalon magic the ability to teleport to any location where the green mist is present. A-Rank

    Mantais (Advantage): A totem in the form of a set of scales, which releases a red mist. Grants the user of the Mists of Avalon magic enhanced speed and physical power. (Ten point boost to both Agility and Strength while inside the mists.) B-Rank

    Sword Magic

    Currently None.


    Level 30, 210 points


    Strength: 21
    Intellect: 21
    Agility: 41
    Vitality: 10


    Hand-To-Hand: 10
    Armed Combat: 25
    Primary Magic: 61
    Secondary Magic: 21

    Stealth- 4th Tier

    Will finish this later. Posting to get approval for Primary Magic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Basic Info
    Name: Altria Pendragon
    Alias :Saber
    Class: B-class
    Magic: Angelic
    Likes:Training, video games, manga and sweets.
    Dislikes:Weakness, bullies, and tomatoes

    In Depth Info

    Book of Spells
    Primary-Angelic Magic:
    Rain Of Light
    Giant Wrath

    Light Javelin: User creates a javelin made of light to throw at the enemy

    Flash Bomb: the user creates a seal and forms a ball of light in their hand which can be thrown like a grenade, upon landing it detonates and creates a blinding flash of light, this is normally used as a distraction or to stun the enemy.

    Light Wall: The user creates a seal in both hands and claps them together, afterwards the user spreads their arms and creates a wall of light in front of them, they time the wall can last depends upon the users ability in this magic. up to 3 walls can be created at one time under normal conditions.

    Healing hand: The user creates a seal in their hand and touches the wounded area, this spell can only be used to heal minor injurys suchs as burns, Minor cuts,stabs and etc.

    Lay on Hands: this is a variation of Healing Hand and can be used to heal more intense wounds, though this means it requires much more magic to perform. The user can heal almost any wound though it is a slow and draining process. This does not include regrowing organs or limbs but mainly fixing the affected area. For example- The spell could stop any major bleeding or life threatening injury's such as an arm lost, but it would not regrow the arm yet simply attach any cut arteries and cover the area with new skin.

    Ultimate Sacrifice: This spell is highly dangerous and in most cases frowned upon, the user creates a seal over their chest and then another over the chest of the afflicted person. This spell allows the user to actually transfer their own life energy along with magic energy into the person. This spell should only be used if death is imminent or has already occurred and only on a person very close to the caster. This spell is highly frowned upon because people believe it tampers with fate and death.This spell will consume he soul and life of the caster thus it has never actually been used.

    Secondary-Ice Magic:
    Ice Make
    Ice Blade: Seven Slice Dance
    Ice Make (both dynamic and static ice make)


    (Level 44 x 7 =308 )

    Magic reserves=Average

    Vitality: 35

    Hand to Hand:0
    Armed Combat: 61
    Primary Magic:60
    Secondary Magic:60


    Magic Trap-0
    Magic Seal-0
    Combat Training-2
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    Basic Info

    Name: Akairn
    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Class: D
    Magic: Ice and Water
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 165
    Guild: None
    Likes: Cold environments, Being alone, and Swimming
    Dislikes: Extremely hot environments, Overcrowdedness, and Political Powers (such as the Magic Council)

    In Depth Information
    [SPOILER]Akairn's personality is a very 'cold' one. He is very distant from any and everyone that he has had to interact with. The main reasons for this is so that one..he won't feel that pain of loss again, two...he won't feel it's fault that he lost someone again, and finally...he can be completely focused upon his goals and evreything in front of him. It's the best thing he can do for himself ever since he lost his family and coming to the realization that he wouldn't ever see them again. All that's really left for him is to deal with everyone else in the world in his own special way in order to prevent any further losses from happening.[/SPOILER]
    [SPOILER]Akairn's life has been a very frigid one. Everything started with the loss of his parents and sister. The definition of loss should explained a bit further though as his family weren't killed. They were taken from him at a very young age and the reason they were taken was a dark one. Akairn's family were taken to serve a particular Dark Wizard who had a very profound belief in Xeref's ways. Akairn, however, was too young and too frail to serve of any use to the Dark Wizard as he passed through the town so Akairn was completely ignored and passed over. This completely confused Akairn to no end but it did give Akairn a purpose in life. He made up his mind that he would become a wizard himself so that he could find and free his family from the hold of that Dark Wizard.

    A few years passed and Akairn was able to find a wizard that was willing to take Akairn under his wing and train him. This wizard was an Ice Wizard named Malcolm who could understand how Akairn felt about losing family. He lost his own mother, wife, and child during his lifetime but up till this point had sworn to himself that he wouldn't lose anyone else. Akairn is his last attempt at human connections as Malcolm had truly begun to believe that he was just a walking curse and those who were close to him...died. Throughout the training, Akairn constantly reassured Malcolm that nothing would happen to him as Malcolm trained him. Malcolm slowly began to trust those words as time went on and trust Akairn more as well.

    Over time, Akairn began to learn things about Malcolm that Malcolm had no idea that Akairn learned. Malcolm was doing experiments to intertwine nature and magic together in ways that no one had been able to accomplish before. Akairn not only learned of the experiments, but also the adverse ways of how the experiments could be used. He wasn't the only one to learn of this however as the Magic Council had gained wind of it due to the high output of magical energy some of the experiments would produce from time to time and it gained their attention since those outputs always originated from the same location. When the knights of the council marched upon the plantation, Malcolm knew they were coming for him and he told Akairn to hide so they wouldn't get him. Akairn did what he was told and hid as he watched the knights take away Malcolm, however, they didn't just take him away. The knights charged him with tampering with the dark arts as a follower of Xeref. When Akairn heard that, his eyes grew extremely wide with surprise before becoming extremely tight with anger and disgust. It was at this moment that Akairn realized that he not only lost another person close to him for another stupid reason to a higher power but he that Malcolm wasn't the curse to people around was Akairn himself. From that moment forward, he would no longer become close to people as they just end up taken from him by someone.

    Now, Akairn travels as he looks for the missing parts to make his greatest desire come to life. He already has Ice Magic and Water Magic in their basic forms. He is now searching for whatever it will take to push both magic types to their highest forms as step two. Step three is to then marry the two magics together in perfect harmony and strengthen his magic power from it. The fourth step is to create custom magics from them that no one will be able counter easily and copy due to the fact it came from his mind plus they are the product of the unison of two magics together. Finally, he will create the ultimate spell to usher in an Ice Age and only those who know Ice Magic of some type will be able to survive it.[/SPOILER]

    Book of Spells

    Ice Spells

    [SPOILER]Ice Shield - A shield made of ice is created in the direction Akairn focuses his mana or if he pushes himself, completely surrounding himself in shields made of ice. C-Rank

    Ice Clone - A double of Akairn made of ice. B-Rank

    Frozen Touch - Akairn concentrates his mana to lower the temperature in his hands to create an effect where things he touches with them will slowly freeze the longer they are in contact with his hands. A-Rank

    Frost Needles - Akairn creates small, thin needles of the strongest ice he is able to form from his most concentrated mana fired from his fingertips. B-Rank[/SPOILER]

    Water Spells

    [SPOILER]Water Body D-Rank

    Water Lock A-Rank[/SPOILER]

    None at the moment

    Average Magic Reserves

    Stats Lvl 35 x 7=245
    Strength 20
    Intellect 35
    Agility 25
    Vitality 25
    Hand-to-Hand 20
    Ice Magic 50
    Water Magic 40
    Magic Awareness 15
    Combat Training 15
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    Spoiler: General Info
    Name: Papika Osprey
    Affiliation: Marines
    Rank: Commodore
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Class: Devil Fruit
    Age: 18
    Height: 15'2"

    Spoiler: Stats
    Strength Attribute 120 + 40 + 10 = 150
    Agility Attribute 30 + 20 + 10 = 60
    Vitality Attribute 50 + 10 + 10 = 70
    Black Leg 100
    Devil Fruit 100
    Color of Armaments 60


    Primal Power - Grants the Zoan +1 to all stat bonuses.

    Limit Broken Strength - Allows Strength to be raised up to 120.


    Spoiler: Getting to know the Character
    Spoiler: Appearance

    Papika remains in her Hybrid form practically all the time.

    Personality: Meet her and find out.

    Spoiler: Abilities
    Spoiler: Fighting Style

    Spoiler: Devil Fruit
    Tori Tori no Mi: Model - Roc

    Papika has consumed the mythological Roc Zoan. This grants her the power to transform into the mythological bird and gain its powers. Papika is also cabable of transforming into a variety of hybrid forms known as Points. This Points come with their own strengths and weaknesses.

    Full Zoan
    In her Full Zoan form Papika becomes the mythological Roc. Her body grows greatly in size to match that of the bird of legend, said to have been able to lift and drop elephants. Her feathers darken in color to a dark blue, almost black color.

    Monster Point
    In this form Papika unleashes the full power of her fruit. She grows to a towering size fitting of a Roc. Her power also increases to match this new found sense of scale.

    Spoiler: Equipment
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    Faize this a first draft.
    Spoiler: Working Progress

    Salem is an island located in a region called Buio Region. The exact coordination of that island is unknown, as the region itself is rumoured to constantly be in motion. The Buio Region has a total of seven islands. Salem, Fantasia, Wonderland, Faro, Ozwald, Nuerdo Pole and Suedo Pole.
    Salem is governed by the Mahōtsukai no Rosuto (The Lost Mages). It's a group of mages that are rumoured to be immortal. There's one King and 5 emperors. The emperors each have an area in which they control and the King has power over the emperors.

    Info of each Emperors and their region :

    1 ° East
    This region is called "Paradox Town". It's the area with the most wild animals. Due to the islands weird magic energy, the animals of that region are a bit different than regular animals. It's also where the dock is located, as the other regions docks are renowned to be dangerous. There's three different path that can be taken, the left one will take you towards the South, the right path will take you towards the North and the straight path will take you towards a maze that can take you towards centre of the island.

    The Emperor of the East
    • Name : Wisp
    • Epithet : The Mime
    • Fighting Prowess : Uses Illusion Magic, an advance version of Telepathy Magic and an expert swordsman.
    • Personality Traits : Calm, easily bored and lazy.
    • The role of his army : Diversion

    2° West
    This region is called "Blaze Town". Because of the emperor that rules over this region, this territory is extremely hot and very places to visit. It has many caves and it's where the prison is located. Arriving from the sea to this location isn't wise due to the fact that land is burned from the Emperors magic.

    The Emperor of the West
    • Name : Blaine
    • Epithet : The Volcano Dragon
    • Fighting Prowess : Lava Magic and Hand To Hand combat expert
    • Personality Trait : Hot-headed and impatient
    • The role of the army : Interrogation
    • Extra Info : Blaine used to face with the Dragon Atlas Flame on regular basis, even rumoured to have beaten him a few times.

    3° The North
    Info locked about the area.

    The Emperor of the North
    • Name : Elias
    • Epithet : The Genie
    • Fighting Prowess : Arc of Embodiment
    • Personality Trait : Mysterious, quiet and playful.
    • The role of the army : Information gathering and sending

    4° The South
    Info locked about the area.

    The Emperor of the South
    • Name : Terre
    • Epithet : The Mad Witch of the South
    • Fighting Prowess : Earth Magic
    • Personality Trait : Bi-Polar
    • The role of the army : To the defend Salem

    5° The centre
    Info locked about the area.

    The Emperor of the Centre
    • Name : Fleur
    • Epithet : Mother Nature
    • Fighting Prowess : Plant Magic
    • Personality Trait : Kind and innocent
    • The role of the army : Capture
    • Extra Info : Blaine used to face with the Dragon Atlas Flame on regular basis, even rumoured to have beaten him a few times.

    Thanks Nelkk

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rupu View Post
    I love you faize
    Quote Originally Posted by Kuchiki Akiru View Post
    Nu~ How could I forget~? It was you, my dear King Faize~
    Quote Originally Posted by Desera View Post
    Its okay Faize youll always be my lord in every way lol

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    Basic Info

    Name: ?
    Alias: Regulus
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Dark Regulus
    Age: 16
    Guild: Broken Crown
    Broken Crown.png
    Likes: Freedom, Sour Food, Night, Moonlight walks on the beach
    Dislikes: Corrupt Governments, Tobacco Smoke, Heat, Sparkly Vampire books and appearance in other media

    Spoiler: In Depth Information

    Regulus is a serious and seemingly detached person but knows when to act more casual though he does tend to lose his cool when he sees someone being abuse or misusing their authority. The one thing he hates more than any other is slavery and will try to find a way to free them if he can even if it is done illegally or drops the body of someone he deems evil. Interestingly he has little experience with the opposite sex and can be easily flustered by flirting, in his heart he is a romantic which can come of quite funny with his normal serious and and detached demeanor.

    Very little is known about Regulus' origins, what is known is that he comes from the Clover Kingdom a place where Magic Power is all that matters and the masses of nonmagic users are kept in poverty. Regulus despises his homeland and decided to form Broken Crown in order to take down corrupt governments like the one in his homeland but knows that his magical abilities are not yet strong enough, when and how he obtained his magic are mysteries.

    Spoiler: Stats
    Level: 30

    Strength: 35
    Enhanced Strength
    Intellect: 35
    Enhanced Ethernano Control
    Agility: 35
    Enhanced Reflexes
    Vitality: 35
    Enhanced Vitality

    Hand-To-Hand: 35
    Dark Regulus: 35

    Stealth: T5
    Magic Theory: T5

    Spoiler: Book of Spells

    Dark Regulus: Dark Regulus, much like its light-based counterpart Regulus, is a Magic that allows the caster to imbue his body parts with the Magic itself for melee combat, however in this case the Magic manifests itself as dark flames. The Magic can also be used for ranged combat, being able to shoot the dark flames from his palm to attack from afar. Moreover, Dark Regulus has shown the capability to absorb "light", such as flames, in order to nullify his foe's attacks while using the absorbed Magic for himself. Additionally, whilst Dark Regulus appears to be unlimited in the amount of flames the user can absorb, there actually is a limit, however the more light that there is to absorb, the longer it lasts and the stronger it becomes.
    -Hammer of Darkness:
    The Caster covers his fist in the flames of Dark Regulus and uses it to punch his target.
    -Sanction of Darkness:
    The caster quickly moves to appear in front of his target and engulfs them with the dark flames, dispelling their Magic if they are using any, as well as dealing damage.
    -Roar of Darkness:
    The caster expels dark flames from his mouth (towards his target).
    -Exploding Flame Blade of Darkness:
    Using Dark Regulus, the caster sets both of his fists aflame and rushes at his target, delivering a barrage of attacks.
    -Purge of Darkness:
    The user releases a stream of flames from their palm and directs it at their target, pushing them back while dealing damage.
    -Impact of Darkness:
    The caster performs this spell by gathering Darkness on his open palm and then clenching his fist to punch the target. When this punch connects, a large tiger's face materializes from Darkness and strikes the target, blasting it away with great force.
    -Brilliance of Darkness:
    This lets out a large amount of darkness from the caster's body, covering a wide radius. This darkness can be used to momentarily blind opponents, forcing them to lower their guard, while seemingly leaving allies unaffected, allowing them to maneuver freely while the spell is active. An offensive, seemingly more powerful variation of this move exists, in which the darkness produced by the caster's body is capable of striking opponents down.
    -Dark Regulus: Secret Art Black Excalibur
    This technique condenses Dark Regulus onto the casters hand and forearm creating a devastating though extreme close range blade for a powerful slash attack. (The caster can use as much of their magical and physical energy as they want into the spell so the output and level can fluctuate between uses)

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Personal Information

    ♠ Name: Robin Clark
    ♠ Epithet: Wreck It Robin
    ♠ Gender: Female
    ♠ Race: Human
    ♠ Age: 20
    ♠ Height: 5' 10"
    ♠ Weight: 135 lbs
    ♠ Magic: Crash Magic
    ♠ Affiliation: Deviant Claw
    ♠ Class: B-rank
    ♠ Likes: Strong Opponents, Friends, Sky Diving
    ♠ Dislikes: Holding Back, Surprises
    ♠ Personality: Robin holds a tough frame. She knows only truth and truth. Intelligent, Robin can deduce an opponent easily while knowing whens the right time to strike. In conversation she can be a bit overwhelming. No punches are pulled when giving her opinion. She appears to have a competitive side, loving to get in the heat of battle and actually be free to use her destructive magic. Not many can get close with her, but those who did are valued to her heart. With that, she gives off her more playful side, using jokes and mocking people. She only seems to treat those she likes better than most. The only person she gives a full standard proper attitude with is Master Damion of the Deviant Claw Guild.

    With all of her intelligence, Robin still has a fatal flaw. This witch is prideful and will let her strength at times cloud her judgement. She does not like being mocked and can't take too much criticism from anyone without trying to pick a fight. She is also very possessive, claiming her friends are "hers" and you don't make fun or hurt her friends. She's nicknamed, "Wreck it Robin" By Master Damion, who caught wind of a young girl destroying everything she had around her by mistake due to her uncontrolled magic, Crash. At first, many in the guild kept their distance from her, due to that untrained magic, and Robin shut them out later on as well, being a solo type of person anyways. As the years progressed, Robin's involvement with other members of the guild increased just a bit, letting some get to know her and speak with them, like Master Damion and Alyssa Crystal. Robin has been seen taking an interest in the well-being of a new comer in the guild, Malachite.

    ♠ History: Learning a dangerous Magic at a young age, the small child has run through towns with chaos occurring where ever she turns. Her parents found her studying magic at times, and thought no harm could be done. But this was the great mistake they soon regretted. Robin had an unusual hidden power that called to Ethernano, allowing her to have a great latent ability. This power allowed her to study and actually learn an advanced magic known as Crash. She learned it, however, could not control it. Many times their home was destroyed, and her parents eventually called the Rune Knights to try and find someway to tutor her. This backfired, due to her being frightened by the knights. She accidentally did great harm to them and her parents trying to hide in her room and pull away from them trying to take her to a safer location for training. Seeing the harm she had done, Robin called herself a monster and ran away, trying to avoid towns and people all together.

    Life as a runaway wasn't hard for her. Robin found getting food and drinks was simple. She did steal and threaten, but didn't take as much as clerks and travelers had thought. From single merchants with loads of food, she stole a single piece of bread and ran away. They became puzzled yet didn't let her young age distract them. They all called the Rune Knights and even mages to capture this thief. However any knight and mage that came across Robin had a huge misfortune as they underestimated her magic. Over time, Robin actually was wanted by the Knights and had posters up around towns for her capture. She tried to remain in forests and near farms but eventually she wandered to towns, trying to control her power of Crash.

    At the age of 12, she wandered into a port town and was frighted, thus accidentally destroyed a portion of a building. She escaped the knights and eventually skipped town, only to be stopped by Damion, Master of the Deviant Claw guild. He had heard of her already and was interested in her magic. When he defeated her, he took her into his custody and agreed to restrain her as her punishment, instead of going to jail for her destruction. Robin joined Deviant Claw Guild and began training to the extreme, all to learn to control her power. As years went by, she became well known in her guild, and usually avoided. Only so many hang around her but she prefers to remain to herself. Robin has the dream of one day becoming a strong member of the Wizard Saints. She also wants to be the strongest witch in Fiore, which means her targets are Bracer's Guild Master, Lucia and Gallant Wolves' Guild Master, Suyin.

    Character Statistics
    Level 50 x 7 = 350
    Combat Training

    ♠ Strength: 41
    • Enhanced Guard

    • Enhanced Strength

    ♠ Agility: 73
    • Enhanced Speed

    • Greater Flexibility

    ♠ Durability: 41
    • Greater Physical Resistance

    ♠ Intellect: 41
    • Enhanced Ethernano Control

    • Passive

    ♠ Martial Arts: 73 (83)
    ♠ Primary Magic: 81
    ♠ Combat Training - 2nd Tier
    ♠ Magic Awareness - 5th Tier


    Crash is an extremely powerful Caster Type Magic. It is a very advanced Magic which gives the user the ability to smash everything they come into contact with. If the user is unfocused, they may destroy objects such as houses unintentionally. Crash has various offensive and defensive properties. Using its inherent nature of being able to crush anything it comes into contact with, the user is able to nullify the effects of certain Magics by smashing them to pieces. By imbuing their fist with Crash, the user is able to send an enemy flying numerous meters with incredible force. It is also capable of being fired as a burst of energy at the opponent. This Magic can also be utilized effectively as a defensive means. For example, by crushing the ground underneath them, the user is able to create a cushion of sorts against enemy attack. It is also possible for Crash to be used as a deflective barrier, sending an assailant flying backwards when they come into contact with it.


    Spoiler: Spells
    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Scythe (D)
    After Crash Magic is imbibed in the leg, the user swings a kick, delivering great force thanks to Crash.

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Sentinel (C)
    Imbuing Crash Magic in their hand, the user holds their arm out, sending Crash Magic out as a wall. This in turn rejects the opponent or spell and if opponent, harms them while knocking them away

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Mizuwari (C)
    The user strikes the surface of a water body with a Crash-imbibed fist such that the resulting shockwaves push back the water around the user, creating a temporary dry depression surrounded by a sheer wall of water.

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Hades (B)
    The user strikes the surface of a fire / lava substance with a Crash-imbibed fist such that the resulting shockwaves push back the flame/lava around the user, creating a temporary dry depression surrounded by a sheer wall of fire/lava

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Ikazuchi (B)
    After negating the Magic around them with a swipe of their hand, the user hits the opponent with a Crash-imbibed fist that aptly resembles a bolt of lightning

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Hercules (A)
    The user concentrates Crash Magic to surround the body and unleash it in an aura around them. This acts like an armor temporarily while never needing to call upon her magic for other spells, since all the blows are imbibed with Crash Magic

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Ra (A)
    After imbuing Crash Magic into the fist, the user thrusts their hand out, unleashing a beam of crash at the opponent. This has enormous blunt power and leaves wreckage in it's path

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Empyrean (A)
    he user hits the target with a powerful uppercut, imbued with Crash. The force of this spell is so powerful that it is capable of launching said opponent great distances in the blink of an eye

    Crushing Evil, Spreading the Truth: Obelisk (S)
    The user concentrates a strong volume of Crash Magic to the fist and delivers a blow of chaotic magnitude. This blow is enough to bring a giant down to the ground while strong enough to break a part a couple portions of a castle.
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    Basic Info

    -Name: Ai Mikaze
    -Gender: Male
    -Class: C-Class
    -Magic: Reflector Magic
    -Age: 18
    -Height: 5'9
    -Weight: 158 lbs
    -Level: 56
    -Guild: N/A
    -Guild Mark :
    -Occupation: Sorcerer Magazine model, Idol Singer
    In Depth Information

    Ai is a calm individual who normally just goes wit the flow of things. Although he is well known in Fiore for being on several covers of Sorcerer's magazine and for being a musician, he doesn't care too much for the business of it all. Only liking the job because it paid well. Ai is a curious person who seeks to solve his own curiosities within the world. Giving him the habit of doing things that could get him into trouble without him even noticing. That being his Achilles tendon, it isn't too hard to distract his attention from even serious situations if it makes him wonder too hard on the thought of even something minor. Luckily thanks to his fame, he is sometimes let off the hook for his deeds. Other than that Ai can be soft-spoken at times and others he'd have no problem speaking what's on his mind at that very moment. He was previously a quite child until he was trained as a wizard by his secret master, during the time adopting a few of his personality traits. Unfortunately leaving Ai with a weakness for well proportioned women.


    Ai's childhood was spent within the confines of a Manor withheld by his parents company. Having an incredible sickness through his life, he wasn't able to participate in outside activities for very long, leading to his parents just keeping him at home to be watched by their servants. None spoke to him much other than a few maids and butlers to give him his standard educational needs and eventually he was taught how to play musical instruments. Through the help of a little girl, born to one of the maids, Ai found his ability to sing and enjoyed it very much yet afraid to allow anyone besides the servants and the girl to ever hear his voice. The little girls wish for him to let everyone hear his voice left him reluctant to sing for other until the day she mysteriously disappeared. Motivating him to sing for the entertainment of the world in hopes she will see him and find him again. Making it his goal to become as famous as possible so it will be easier for her to find him.

    Ai had always received minor magical studies in the manor, granting him a limited form of magic. Once, a dark guild attempted to hold his music companies office as hostages, using his celebrity status to threaten to take his life and keeping everyone in line since he was key to their paychecks before getting away. Feeling defenseless and causing all of them to lose a lot of money, he has since felt useless. While exploring a local forest of a city, Ai ran into a mysterious male who witnessed his desire to become stronger, telling Ai it reminded him of himself in his younger days. Little did Ai know at the time, but the wizard who trained him was Arata Haimura from the famed guild Gallant Wolves. Through Arata's training in secret for over a couple years, increased Ai's magical abilities greatly.

    Other than magic, Ai walked away with another gift from Arata. His quick perversion, although unlike Arata, Ai never l looks at women in an obvious way. His soft nature being far too shy to allow him to be discovered. None but Arata knows this said of Ai, being like his mentor in life. Not only that but his knack for being clumsy also leaves him in unfavourable situations with women in general.

    Magic Reserves: Enhanced

    Strength: 41
    -Enhanced Strength
    -Enhanced Guard

    Intellect: 41 (30%)
    -Enhanced Ethernano Control
    -Greater Ethernano Control

    Agility: 81

    -Enhanced Reflexes
    -Enhanced Speed
    -Greater Speed
    -Greater Reflexes

    Vitality: 41
    -Enhanced Physical Resistance
    -Greater Physical Resistance

    Hand to Hand: 61
    Armed Combat: 0
    Reflector Magic: 88
    Magic Awareness: 2nd Tier
    Magic Trap: 4th Tier

    Book of Spells

    Reflector Magic
    Reflector is a form of Magic which enables its user to twist and distort almost anything. It can affect both material things, such as metal, and intangible entities, such as air and light. Such Magic possesses both great offensive and defensive capabilities: by refracting air, the user is capable of generating highly-destructive flying slashes of various sizes, which possess great cutting power. By twisting anything entering the immediate area surrounding them, the user becomes virtually immune to any attack, be it physical or Magical in nature, with every incoming spell or melee assault having its trajectory moved in order to avoid striking the user, who can even reflect these attempts back at their originators. By refracting light, the user is even capable of generating illusions, going as far as to twist reality itself in the eyes of their opponents.

    -Invisible Scythe (Rank Variable)
    -Distort Shield-C
    -Spiral Pain (Rank Variable)
    -Illusions (Rank Variable)


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    Arata Haimura (Fairy Tail) lAi Mikaze (Fairy Tail)

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    Name: Alyssa Crystal
    Alias: Life Mage
    Gender: Female
    Class: C-Class
    Magic: Ethernano Magic
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 110 lbs
    Guild: Deviant Claw
    Guild Mark: Lower right stomach
    Likes: Chocolate, fighting evil
    Dislikes: Stupidity, bitter foods.

    Personality: At first glance, Alyssa gives off the impression that she is a calm and quiet girl. However just below the surface there resides a strong passion that drives her to move forward. She is sly, and often uses her 'charms' to manipulate men in various ways.

    Statistics and Magic:

    Level: 43
    Strength: 61
    Intellect: 41
    Agility: 61
    Vitality: 41

    Primary Magic: 56
    Magic Reserves: Enhanced
    Armed Combat: 41

    Perks and Skills:
    Strength Perk: Superior Strength
    Intellect Perk: Greater Passive- Life Leech
    Agility Perk: Superior Flexibility
    Vitality Perk: Enhanced Physical Resistance
    4th Tier Stealth
    4th Tier Combat Training

    Life Leech Explained:
    Life Leech- Alyssa's magic constantly bring in Ethernano particles that give her a constant, but minor regen.

    Enhanced- Restores 1% of her health every 2 seconds.
    Greater- Restores 2% of her health every 2 seconds.
    Superior- Restores 3% of her health every 2 seconds.
    Incredible- Restores 2% of her health every second.
    Extreme- Restores 3% of her health every second

    Primary Magic:

    Ethernano Magic-
    Magic that grants one the ability to utilize Ethernano in the form of various attacks. A unique benefit to the Magic is that Alyssa is no longer negatively effected by areas with large concentrations of Ethernano. Alyssa calls this magic the "Life" Element. As Ethernano is the source of power for all Wizards. A downside to her magic is that weaker Wizards find it difficult to be around her when she is using it. Making her presence in group fights less desirable.

    Ethernano Magic, Spellbook:


    D Ranked Spells:
    Ether Shot- A simple small sphere of Ethernano is formed in the palm of ones hand and fired towards ones target. Moderate in impact, and moderate in speed. A basic spell.

    C Ranked Spells:
    Ether Pulse- A pulse of energy erupts with oneself being the epicenter. The pulse lets the user know if there are any notable sources within its radius, such as Mages or powerful Magic Items.

    Ether Bullets- Holding out ones index finger towards ones target, several bullets of Ethernano energy are fired from it. The bullets are weak in power, but extremely fast in speed. Making it difficult to deal with.

    Ether Fangs- After swinging both swords, a small wave of Ethernano energy is released from both blades. The energy travels across the ground, tearing it apart as the two small waves travel towards their target.

    Ether Burst- Placing ones hand on the ground, an explosive force of Ethernano energy is emitted from it. Launching debris everywhere. The debris released from this attack provides one with an excellent opportunity to maneuver and gain advantage in the battle.

    B Ranked Spells:
    Ether Aura- A thick layer of Ethernano surrounds either oneself or an object one is holding, powering either oneself up or the object in question with an additional layer of energy.

    Ether Vortex- Rotating ones body, whether unarmed or with the assistance of ones weapon, Ethernano swirls up and creates a deadly vortex around oneself. The vortex quickly expands and fires off in all directions. Extremely dangerous close range, moderately so at range.

    Ether Surge- Holding out ones palm, Ethernano energy begins to concentrate into one point. The Ethernano energy fires outwards in the form of a horizontal beam. While effective long range, its usefulness is more impacting close range, where ones opponent has less time to react to the spell.

    Ether Rain- Raising ones hand skyward, several bolts of Ethernano energy are formed midair. After being formed the bolts in question rain down on the battlefield, tearing up the landscape. The bolts rain down on the battlefield, striking everything except for oneself.

    A Ranked Spells:
    Ether Infusion- A concentrated amount of Ethernano enters the targets body. Causing them to grow weaker. Prolonged exposure will cause them to succumb to Ethernano poisoning.

    S Ranked Spells:
    Ether Bonding- One bonds with Ethernano particles and energy on a molecular level. Granting one access to a powered of state called "Nightmare Form". While in this form, ones physical abilities are enhanced (+10 to Strength and Vitality) and no Magic Power is needed for spells, as one simply utilizes what is naturally around them. The Ethernano also crystallizes, forming an armor of sorts around oneself. The appearance one takes in this form has caused many who've seen it to say that one becomes a demon, but they would be mistaken.
    Spoiler: Nightmare Form
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