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    Blog Entries

    Name: Fuuta
    Level: 30 (210)
    Alias: The Whirlwind
    Gender: Male
    Class: D-class
    Magic: Wind Magic
    Age: 18
    Height: 6’
    Weight: 160
    Guild: Fairytail
    Likes: Candy, Friends, Good music, Parties
    Dislikes: Rude people, Fighting, Flirty Women

    Personality: Fuuta is a very easy going person. He prefers not fighting if he doesn’t have to. Rather, he would prefer drinking with his enemies peacefully. If he has no other choice, he tries to fight without actually hurting his opponent. Light-hearted and warm, he does what he can to cheer others up in any way he can.
    History (tba)

    Spoiler: Stats

    Strength: 26
    (Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Guard)
    Intellect: 41
    (Greater Ethernano Control, Greater Magic Control, Greater Passive)
    Agility: 41
    (Greater Reflexes, Greater Speed, Greater Flexibility)
    Vitality: 61
    (Superior Vitality, Superior Physical Resistance, Superior Lightning Resistance)
    Wind: 41
    (C-Rank Spells)

    Spoiler: Book of Spells

    Force Ball: User creates a baseball sized sphere of spinning compressed air in their hand. When it strikes the enemy, it sends them backwards, spinning wildly, but causes no damage to them unless they hit something else. This ability can be thrown a medium sized distance (about 10 yards) (D)

    Force Punch: Using their fist, the user creates a blunt force of wind that the user can use to push away enemies and objects a short distance away (about 10 yards away). If the user strikes a surface, the blast expands outwards in all directions and pushes anything within its radius outwards (5 yards). This magic only does damage if the target hits another object. (D)

    Force Away: Gathering wind magic in their palms, the user releases a blast of air that greatly pushes the enemy and any objects far away (100 yards). The user can also use this technique through their mouth. This magic only does damage if the target hits another object. (B)

    Flight (C)

    Slicing Wind: With a swipe of the hand, the user creates a gale of wind in the shape of a wind blade that has slicing properties, sharp enough to cut through rock. (C)

    Force Reverse: Creating a small vortex of wind from one side of their body and winding it around the opposite side, the user is able to suck up small projectiles and redirect them back at their original source. The speed of the object does not change, rather, remaining at its previous velocity and having the same effects that it originally had, essentially being untouched by the user. (C)

    Force Pull: Making an inwards motion with their hands towards their mouth while inhaling, the user essentially creates a pull that draws an opponent towards them. (C)

    Force Crush: Crashing their hands together, the user creates two walls of compressed wind on each side of their target, willing the walls to rush together and smash the opponent. (C)

    Force Palm: Thrusting their hand forward, the user creates a giant palm of compressed wind that sends any opponent miles away. Before they land, a ball of suppressed air erupts under them, letting them land safely upon the ground without being harmed (C) (A) (B) (C)

    Relationships: N/A
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    Name: Vladimir Mori

    Basic Info
    Alias: Vlad
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Necromancy (hides it as Celestial)
    Age: 50
    Weight: 150
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Likes: Quiet places, Naps, Meditating
    Dislikes: Loud Places, Nosy people, Damsels in Distress

    In Depth Information
    Personality: Quiet and mysterious Vladimir is someone who drinks alone, quests alone, and wants to be left alone; on the outside. He is really a lover and wants to be friends with everyone but he has social anxiety for he feels he is a man from a different time, a different era and worst of all has powers he cannot tell anyone.

    History: Vlad's Life started where most usually end, in a coffin, he woke gasping for air in Magnolia's Graveyard, waking in a coffin wasn't what he thought as a normality of this country, what ever country he was in. Still in shock from waking up there and digging himself out he shambled to a doctor, stating he was a wanderer and asked where he was, and was told he was in the wonderful city of Magnolia! He stared at the doctor and prying through his memory for anything about Magnolia, but alas nothing, he could only remember the pine of the coffin and his name. The Doctor diagnosed him with sever amnesia and asked him to go to the local wizards guild to see if it could be magic related. Due to his anxiety he some how ended up joining the guild after the master persuaded him that he needed money to live and needed to take a bath as he smelled like earthworms and graveyard dirt.

    Book of Spells
    Attachment 2590
    Raise Hell Hound: raises a Canine corpse to track and hunt for Vlad (C)
    Raise Shambler: Vlad raises a Skeleton to fight for him, held together by thin magic tendons and is a weak minion, very poor reaction movement (D)
    Raise Ghoul: raises a Skeleton held together but tendons and some muscle, this ghoul is a bit stronger than the skeleton, poor reaction (D)
    Raise Cretin: raises a Corpse that has most of the muscle and tendons intact and can move with a bad limp (D)
    Raise Wight: raises a Corpse with a partial soul, can have basic motor functions and lower brain function (D)
    Raise Banshee: raise a intact soul of a woman that can be seen, incorporeal but can move freely (D)
    Raise Guardian: Raise a corpse in armor and with a weapon, armor and weapon vary from region (C)
    Raise Hero: Raise a hero from the land with what is left of their souls left and with down graded abilities (C)
    Raise Wizard: raise a wizard with what is left of their souls and downgraded abilities (B)
    Reaping the Fields: raise a perfectly intact Armor Clad Corpse and their souls wholly intact (A)
    Plague Burst: Vladimir commands his minions to explode sending toxic substances in a diameter dependent on the size of the minion (C)
    Possession: Vladimir commands an aggressive spirit to take control of an enemies body (NPC only) (S)


    Strength: 21
    (Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Guard)
    Intellect: 73
    (Superior Ethernano Control, Superior Magic Control, Superior Passive)
    Agility: 21
    (Enhanced Speed, Enhanced Reflexes)
    Vitality: 22
    (Enhanced Vitality, Enhanced Physical Resistance, Enhanced Elemental Resistance
    Primary Magic: 73

    None at the moment
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    Basic Info
    Name: Zeno
    Title: Oozing Slime
    Gender: Male
    Race: Slime
    Class: D-Rank
    Magic: Absorption
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 3’2”
    Level: 30
    Guild: N/A
    Guild Mark: N/A

    In Depth Information
    Personality: will write later.

    History: Zeno grew up in a small remote village which rested just on the edge of some mysterious ruins. The children there, Zeno included liked to play in the ruins even with warnings from the adults about the place being dangerous. While playing tag with some of the other kids in the village Zeno wound up falling down a pit trap. Spikes were originally at the bottom of the pit but it seems that from the wear and tear of time most of them were now useless, though Zeno still got badly wounded from his fall. Waking to find blood trickling down the side of his head Zeno knew he’d have to try and find a way out as waiting wasn’t much of an option. Spotting a hole in the corner of the pit just large enough to squeeze through Zeno crawled through a pitch black tunnel. Eventually he emerged into a wondrous chamber filled with light and carving decorated the walls. A single beam of sunlight came down into the middle of the room that reflected off a gem. As if hypnotised Zeno felt himself drawn towards the gem and took it from the pedestal. No sooner had he done so then he felt his body melting and his consciousness fading. Eventually he woke up again but not in the same body as before, for now he was a slime.

    Magic Reserves: Average
    Points: 210

    Strength: 41
    Intellect: 21
    Agility: 41
    Vitality: 66
    Absorption Magic: 41

    Agility Perk Lv.II - Greater Reflexes
    Vitality Perk Lv.III - Superior Physical Resistance


    Book of Spells
    Absorption Spells
    Consume: By surrounding the target with his slime body, Zeno digests them and gains a small amount of their magic.
    Magic Consumption: The same as Consume but instead manages to absorb a target’s magic without digesting the target. This process takes longer but grants another way without killing something. There is a chance for certain people to regain their magic after it has been eaten.

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