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    Fairy Tail (Bio Thread)

    Bio's go here people!

    Basic Info

    Alias (Other names your character is known by)
    Gender (Male or Female)

    In Depth Information
    Personality (Tell what your characters personality is like)
    History (Your characters past)

    Book of Spells
    (A list of spells your character is capable of using.)

    (The people your character has come into contact with. Explaining your characters personal thoughts and opinions about them)

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    Character List


    Fairy Tail Guild
    Sieg Vermillion Faize
    Nami Fuevre Rupu
    Urek Mazino Green13
    Roman Soul
    Eliza Graves AnimeFan NL
    Azrael Strauss Saikuji
    Balto Gospel The Shadow
    Han Shinwoo Sea
    Raziel Cadis BBomb
    Yue Kuchiki Akiru
    Tifa Lockhart Tifa
    Kazuma Furukawa zYuuki

    Moon Tree Guild
    Lucia Estelle Yukiko
    Ciel Maric Lord Irvine

    Cerberus Guild
    Erik Spiros CNP
    Genji Toyo
    Bach Rigardo
    Ko Vireo Kobeni
    Reiji Minamori Reiji the Crow
    Will Beoulve Zyketh
    Neptune SSJ5
    Niestro D'Autriche Taco Lord

    No Guild
    Goku Guren
    Monsoon ShibuyA
    Barto Mr Zero
    San Diego Sky
    Aya Shameimaru Stocking

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    Blog Entries


    Basic Info

    -Name: Arata Haimura
    -Alias: "Lover Boy"
    -Gender: Male
    -Class: S-Class
    -Magic: Djinn Magic
    -Age: 25
    -Height: 5'12
    -Weight: 168 lbs
    -Level: 86
    -Guild: Gallant Wolves
    -Guild Mark: Left Pectoral
    -Likes: Adventuring, Discovering and Making Legends, Oppai
    -Dislikes: Being bored
    In Depth Information

    [I](Coming Soon)


    Magic Reserves: Extreme
    Heightened State/Second Origin Effect: Magic Breakdown

    Strength: 100
    -Enhanced Guard
    -Enhanced Strength
    -Greater Strength
    -Superior Strength
    -Incredible Strength

    Intellect: 91(50%)

    Agility: 100 (+20)
    -Enhanced Reflexes
    -Enhanced Speed
    -Enhanced Flexibility
    -Greater Speed
    -Superior Speed
    -Incredible Speed

    Vitality: 100 (+20)
    -Enhanced Vitality
    -Greater Vitality
    -Superior Vitality
    -Incredible Vitality
    -Monstrous Vitality

    Hand to Hand: 100
    Armed Combat: 11
    Djinn Magic: 100 (+20)
    Magic Awareness: 1st Tier
    Combat Training: 1th Tier
    Enchanting: 3rd Tier

    Book of Spells

    Djinn Magic
    After receiving the acceptance of a Djinn (Present in Deserio), the Djinn is capable of embedding themselves into a form of weapon or jewelry for the user to have. From their, the user may use the weapon with the partial abilities of the Djinn. This is called Djinn Equip, a combined form of Re-quip and take-over magic. A lost form of magic known as a legend in Deserio. With great mastery and acceptance from the Djinn, the user can use what is called a Full Djinn equip, fusing their body with the soul of the Djinn, giving them a new altered appearance and attire, allowing them the full power of the Djinn



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    Arata Haimura (Fairy Tail) lAi Mikaze (Fairy Tail)

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    Personal Information

    ♠ Name: Suyin Dumbledore
    ♠ Epithet: Thunder Demon / Lightning Queen
    ♠ Gender: Female
    ♠ Race: Human
    ♠ Age: 25
    ♠ Height: 5' 8"
    ♠ Weight: 132 lbs
    ♠ Magic: Lightning Magic / Anchor Magic / Discharge Magic / Lightning Saint Magic / Illusion Magic
    ♠ Affiliation: Gallant Wolves
    ♠ Class: S-rank / 1st Guild Master
    ♠ Likes: Adventures
    ♠ Dislikes: Ignorance of Magic, Harming Defenseless Creatures,Dark Wizards
    ♠ Personality: Suyin is naturally a short tempered individual. She tends to go off the handle at times. Her travels with Yugo has made her more adventurous , and above all else, stronger. Although belonging to a guild, Suyin has not returned to the guild since joining, making it a year and a half since she was there. Hanging around the boy for so long, Suyin has become more inappropriate and child like. Pulling more pranks and making light of situations is now a part of her nature. After realizing she is truly the strongest Lightning mage in Fiore, her attitude seems to be care free. This also made her quite popular especially for the magazine. She has a huge fan base and constant proposals. Fortunately for Suyin, she remembers a deal she'd made and gives men the excuse of, "I'm Engaged". The lightning mage seems to be protective towards her partner Yugo, not wishing harm to come to the teen. Suyin also seems to resent the famed Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic and Lightning God Slayer Magic. She believes she doesn't need to be taught by a dragon or god to achieve awesomeness.

    ♠ History: Born in Clover Town, Suyin was brought up in the average family household. However, she soon began acting out often, and had a bad reputation in her youth as a teenager. After countless issues, the authority in Clover Town finally decided it was time to trial her as a serious offender, and lock her away. However the guild in Clover Town helped Suyin escape jail time, and instead would join as a member of their guild to straighten her out. While here, she learned Lightning Magic, and became highly excited while the towns people feared for her behavior and now magic power. Not soon after joining she was approached by a dark guild who had plans to attack Clover Town and take out the light guild. Although she had little love for people in town, Suyin still knew this place to be home, and didn't want to see people die. She joined the dark guild's ranks as a member and was able to convince them to go to other locations instead. This deceiving was only to buy the council time to attack and capture the dark guild after Suyin tipped them off numerous times.

    After 5 years of being a member of the magic council spy unit and doing free lance jobs, Suyin gained quite a big reputation around Fiore, especially for the Sorcerer's Magazine. Around this time Suyin joined forces with a younger mage and together went on many adventures through their time. Not long after Suyin quit the Council and joined another guild. During her time inside it, she travels to Deserio, and engages in war with lands around for leadership of the kingdom. She fought for the winning side and eventually became stronger as well as more popular. It was here Suyin decided to form a guild and protect Fiore and Deserio from harm.

    After several years, Suyin's guild had become famous for their protective behavior of the country, as well as popular among people for quests do to the guld's strong mages and reputation. Suyin acts as the first guild master.

    Character Statistics
    Level 79 x 7 = 553
    Lightning Saint | S - Class

    ♠ Strength: 100 | 110
    • Greater Strength

    • Superior Guard

    ♠ Agility: 100 | 110 | 120
    • Enhanced Speed

    • Incredible Reflexes

    ♠ Durability: 62 | 72 | 82
    • Enhanced Vitality

    • Greater Elemental Resistance

    ♠ Intellect: 61
    • Superior Ethernano Control

    • Passive

    ♠ Hand to Hand Mastery: 100
    ♠ Primary Magic: 100
    ♠ Secondary Magic: 16
    ♠ Stealth - 3rd Tier
    ♠ Magic Awareness - 3rd Tier
    ♠ Magic Traps - 2nd Tier

    Lightning Magic

    Lightning Channel:
    Surrounds striking or defending limbs with lightning to add damage on target hitting limb (D)

    Lightning Skip Rock:
    Tossing small orb charges at the ground that bounce about towards the enemy at odd patterns. This damage is small though it can be used just to distract the enemy for something stronger (D)

    Thunder Jerk:
    The user charges a limb with a more concentrated lightning and jerks that limb forward(or backwards), releasing a jab/kick/elbow strike/ headbutt shaped bolt of lightning from a distance of 15 feet. (D)

    Thunder YoYo:
    A incredibly rotating sphere of lightning is charged in the hand of the user and flung at the opponent, though a string of lightning is attached to the end of it. This is if the user misses, the user can pull back, and move it around, wishing for multiple chances to strike. (C)

    Lightning Redirect
    This takes a complicated mastery over Lightning Magic. It redirects the lightning shot at the enemy and sends it back. Though the attack is weakened to a degree, it still is a very fast acting spell, making counter difficult for the enemy (Various Rank)

    Lightning Roots:
    Hitting their limb on the ground, lightning surges into the ground below the user and opponents, and within at any point the user wishes to summon this lightning, they smack their hand into the ground. The user then pulls, as a string of lightning comes from the ground to which she smacked and attached to her hand. Lightning by the time needed as it was being prepared, would rise from the ground in a web formation around the enemies and bind to them, creating great shock (B)

    Suyin Thunder Demon: This set of custom spells are adaptions or versions of Lightning Magic, that she renamed, and was inspired from the Lightning Dragon Slayer Magic to which she hopes to surpass.

    Thunder Demon's Spikes:
    The user charges at the enemy with the intention of a cross chop. However, when close enough, the user's elbows suddenly eject out blades of lightning which strike at the enemy, attempting to cut them and wound them greatly or worse. This also leaves a numbing sensation through the harmed area. (C)

    Thunder Demon's Tail Whip:
    Cuffing the hands together, the user creates a whip of lightning, and needing two hands, uses the whip to hit long range. (C)

    Thunder Demon's Gauntlet:
    This spell has a much more concentrated volume of lightning magic to it, and with it charged in a fist, she strikes at the target. Connecting, the target will have a powerful shock sent through their body, numbing the limbs and causing it harder to move normally. This tech is used to demonstrate the brute strength of Suyin to which she hits so hard, she numbs the body, thus Demon's Gauntlet it's named. Though it's clearly the lightning doing the numbing part. (B)

    Thunder Demon's Stomp:
    Like Thunder Demon's Gauntlet, it charges lightning magic into a foot and hits the intended target. Same effects as the Thunder Dragon's Gauntlet, except with a foot. (B)

    Thunder Demon's Howl:
    The user charges lightning to the throat, then into the mouth, and is shaped there. When ready, the user howls at the enemy a war cry, though small numerous needles are sent out, attempting to strike at the enemies. If the needles connect, a strong numbing sensation effects that area of the body. This attack won't do much harm if a small amount hit, however if a large quantity do, it can cause great pain. (B)

    Thunder Demon's Dance of Devil Wings:
    Concentrating Lightning Magic to the back of the user, two lightning shaped wings appear. The trick is it simply looks as though the user can fly, but really, they can not. This spell is used for blocking back attacks, attacking with the back, or help glide across the sky if dropping from it. (B)

    Thunder Demon's Body:
    Using Lightning magic, the user channels lightning onto their body, creating a demonic lightning shell form around the user, giving them claws, fangs, and a sharp tail. (A)

    Thunder Demon's Rushing Devil:
    Using the Thunder Demon's Body spell, the user flings at the enemy, and suddenly the coat of lightning demon flies off of the user and flies at the enemy like a bolt of lightning shaped as a demon. The rushing and power behind this would cause a great explosion of lightning (A)

    Secret Art; Thunder Demon's Dragon Dance:
    The user cross their arms, and creates lightning within their hands. Then with a sudden speed, the spin around, as their arms remain in place. Lightning quickly surrounds the body and rises, creating a vortex of lightning approaching the enemy with the user inside it. As it draws near, the user can or will spread their arms out, suddenly expanding the lightning vortex to create a massively large more area to cover or to release this enormous vortex into lightning bolt storms in every direction (S)

    Secret Art; Thunder Demon's Serpent Flash:
    The user raises their arms to the sky as magic seals appear on their forearms, and two single bolts are released into the sky. The two bolts begin to rotate around each other and expand while combining into a massive lightning shaped serpent head. It rumbles and stirs in the sky, creating a loud hissing as a snake does as well as rumblings of thunder throughout the sky. No clouds are present, allowing the enemy to witness the incredibly fast moving wavy lightning serpent as it almost dances around it's lightning body. The user then lowers an arm while the remaining closes the hand into a fist, gaining the full control of the snake's movements. This in return would have the snake's face staring down at the ground, waiting for the moment to strike. Then thrusting their arm and fist down to the location pointed at, the serpent's hiss is a roar of thunder as it's mouth opens and dives into the ground, causing a catastrophic lightning bolt to destroy the ground. The sheer power it held behind it's attack sends lightning into the ground and breaks it apart, meters and meters of crumbled ground and whatever was the target. (SS Taboo)

    Anchor Magic: Advanced form of Lightning Magic:
    This magic involves lightning and adds different forms and characteristics. The lightning of Anchor Magic is not yellow, but green.

    Orochi Devour: Using Anchor magic, the mage holds their hand out, releasing eight purple bolts of lighting which the rushing part turns into heads of demons. The impact of said attacks would cause a greater pain and effect than lightning magic. It also would cause a strong numbness at the location the demon head's bit on. (B)

    Anchor Shower: The mage holds a purple current inside their palm and send it into the sky. The anchor sphere of lightning then breaks into multiple beams of lightning bolts which rain down upon the field. (C)

    Orochi Tower: The user concentrates purple lightning into their palm and hold that wrist with their free hand. The beams of lightning are sent out of the sphere and into the ground, which dig into it. They then branch off into eight lightning wiggling bolts which remain in place. The bolts seem to have a mind of their own, and can defend and move around or extend and attack. (A)

    Anchor Shaper:
    Concentrating the Anchor Lightning, the user can create shapes of objects and such with purple lightning. (D)

    Anchor Hook:
    This spell is used for certain scenarios. This can be used as a grappling hook to save the mage, or to pull in an object or individual closer to the mage. (D)

    Anchor Break:
    This spell has the lightning turn into an almost plasma / rubber form. It then covers the user's body and becomes a living thing. The lightning acts as a shield, when attacked, the lightning branches off the user and intercepts said attack with lightning, trying to destroy the attack before it can cause damage. It also adds a sense of easy to use form of mana. (Think Spiderman's webs) (A)

    Demon Lightning's Fist: The users fists become covered in purple and red lightning and are either used close range or long. Close range would cause a powerful blast to erupt, engulfing the enemy and creating a lightning explosion that expands the opposite direction of Suyin. The long range version sends a lightning shaped fist at the enemies. However, Suyin is capable of changing the size of the attack, being normal or as large as a cannon ball. (B)

    Demon Lightning's Sloth: The user creates lightning below their feet and ground which eventually erupts into a lightning covered floor. This is used to trap enemies in the general area without her moving. (D)

    Demon Lightning's Fangs: The user cover's one hand in purple lightning, and the other in red lightning before they shape into two large fangs on each hand. Suyin then can use them separately or together to create a chomping motion with them to break into an object, or cause enormous pain across the enemy. (B)

    Demon Lightning's Greed: This spell is used to draw in Lightning or Lightning type magic into her mouth, like that of a dragon slayer or god slayer. She's created this spell after battling with the Lightning God Slayer. (A)

    Demon Lightning's Spear: Red and Purple Lightning is formed inside a hand as it is shaped into a long lightning spear. The user then hurls it at the enemy, and if connects with anything, expands into a lightning explosion, dealing great force. (A)

    Demon Lightning's Lust: The user's body erupts shockwaves, emitting them invisibly. These waves do not actually harm the enemy, but focus on the iron in the person's or creatures body. Having focusing on this, her attacks are more drawn to the enemy then before, a mutual attraction so to speak. However, using this for long can drawn the mage of their energy. (C)

    Demon Lightning's Hammer: The user's fist is covered in red and purple lightning which is more concentrated than most of her spells. She then thrusts her fist into the enemy, which causes massive volume of lightning to be sent from her to the enemy. This can be used on a giant and capable of doing harm. She's created this spell in order to fight with massive demons such as the one she'd fought two years ago nearly. (S)

    Demon Lightning's Missiles: The user holds their fingers out, and numerous pin like needles of lightning are aimed at the target. These hit pressure points and nerves at the body, causing the greatest numbing sensation of her spells. (C)

    Demon Lightning's Gluttony: The user charges a sphere of lightning into her palm and smashes it into the ground. The ground then sends out lightning in every direction on the surface of the ground (But the user's exact location. Around the user) and destroys the area. Lightning is brought onto the surface at the time of this destruction, making a numbing sensation as well. This can be used to destroy nearly half a town due to her concentration of lightning magic used. (S)

    Demon Lightning's Wrath: The user releases purple and red lightning from her body, destroying everything around her within a certain amount of space. This is large enough to take out a cathedral. (A)

    Secret Art Demon's Summoning of The Wicked Guardian; Zankino: This spell is the strongest in her arsenal of magic. It uses an enormous amount of her energy and almost makes her feel as though she can't go on. If she uses this, it will only to be to surely kill the enemy. Because of the danger this spell can cause for herself, this is usually a last resort. White lightning covers the hands of the user as she makes arm motions, waving in the arm while ending with both arms held to the right. Her right hand has her middle and index finger held down while her left holds only them up. From the ground behind Suyin a massive demonic creature erupts to be present. It's howl nearly makes the enemy fear. The beast suddenly begins to raise it's head and screeches to the sky as a sphere of lightning erupts from it's body, using it as an epicenter and destroys the landscape around it and Suyin. After the creature uses this spell it simply crumbles into dust and sinks into the black hole it came from. Suyin is left feeling a side effects of summoning the Lightning Demon Zankino. It causes her body to nearly feel numb, while she her body is more vulnerable to magic in general. She's in capable of using her lightning magic for quite a long time and is left at a near death state. (SS)

    Discharge Magic:
    This magic allows the user to send an electric discharge of orange lightning from the user, covering them in an aura presence. This does not harm the enemy, but increases the strength of the current spells used. Discharge Magic has it's own set of spells that can only be preformed when using Discharge Magic. The form of these spells are orange and are more concentrated, thus deal greater threat.

    Rolling Thunder:
    Getting in a stance (Kama hama ha stance yo) an orange seal is formed and when the user thrusts both hands forward a terrible discharge of orange lightning blasts out in a heavy beam like manner, attempting to blow away the targeted area with intense force and concentrated lightning. (A)

    Wrecking Ball:
    Suyin brings her hands close together, creating an orange seal as she creates a sphere of lightning connected to a strain of lightning. This can be expanded to great lengths and the sphere, widened and heavy. This can easily equal the damage of destroying a cathedral's entrance at least. (B)

    This spell is quite frankly a spazz attack. The use has two seals appear at their palms and suddenly thrust their arms back and form, firing off spheres of lightning which can do moderate damage each. This can be used in rapid succession. (C)

    Devil's Calling:
    The user inhales and suddenly exhales a powerful charge of orange lightning from her mouth, creating a beam of lightning which has great destructive force behind it. This quite frankly resembles a dragon slayer's roar, though much more effort is needed to preform this since not taught by a dragon or god. (A)

    Roman's Mischief :
    The user has a discharge of orange lightning erupt around the body more intensively than ever while her arms spread are held wide out. She brings them together as a powerful concentration of orange lightning is harnessed at the center. The user then releases this ball into an outwards explosion, wide enough to take out a few buildings alone (S)

    Lightning Saint Magic:
    This is the strongest lightning magic Suyin is capable of using. The lightning becomes more stable, yet so destructive it first frightened Suyin. It's concentration controls the red destructive lightning and focuses the piercing purple lightning and turns them a white color. The mage at times will have lightning erupt around the body, yet this one seems like white lightning coming off her body, like a steam. Lightning Saint Magic gives the user a complete immunity to foreign lightning, making only basic lightning unless unless a taboo spell is used. Against a dragon slayer, only an S or taboo spell will leave marks and pain, yet an A spell can do some damage. The climax of her lightning has been reached.

    Lightning Saint's Rising Light:
    Suyin is able to create lightning from a distance instead of her body, thus forms it underground. This lightning does not sit and build power, but is created and erupts immediately with control by Suyin having an open palm close to make a fist. The intense explosion is enough to destroy a cathedral. (A)

    Lightning Saint's Morning Call:
    Thrusting her palm out, a white seal is created and numerous light bolts of lightning are fired at the enemy or object. These have the power to drill through the body and cause shocks through the wound point. Further more, if this is raised to point to the sky, the enemy is looking at a storm of lightning bolts raging down upon them, destroying the area (A)

    Lightning Saint's Saucer of Noon:
    Concentrating lightning as her arm is up and palm open, a disk of white sharp lightning is formed and sent at the enemy or target. This saucer has such cutting power it can dig through miles of stones and the base of a mountain. This can be the size of an actual disk, or expanded into the size of a tree, making it's cutting power larger. (B)

    Lightning Saint's Wide Flash:
    With swipe of the arm, Suyin creates a bombardment of lightning which spreads in a vertical angle at the target. It has enough force to bring down a portion of a cathedral. This can be used to take down a wide volume of enemies approaching. (B)

    Lightning Saint's Smiting Hand:
    This is by far the strongest punch Suyin is capable of. This magic impact has enough force to take down a mountain. Enough detail is in that line. (SS Taboo)

    Lightning Saint's White Lightning:
    A roar of White Lightning erupts from the mouth of Suyin, causing devastation in it's path (S)

    Lightning Saint's Holy Lie:
    This is a weaker version of Lightning Saint's Holy Judgement. It is activated with the same clenched fist opening. It has enough force to wipe out a good portion of a central town and bring down a good portion of the top of a mountain. From the air, it looks like a massive white sphere. (S)

    Lightning Saint's Holy Judgement:
    This is now the strongest spell Suyin Dumbledore is capable of unleashing. The activation of this is a clenched fist being opened. Being able to use this from a distance, Suyin unleases a white explosion of lightning with the destruction capability of wiping out a town and leaving a hell of a crater. This is the result of her training. This spell is ironically created after understanding the power of her late foe, the Lightning Empress. (SS Taboo)

    Canon Spells
    Lightning Body (B)
    Thunder Bolts (B)
    Evil Spark = (A)
    Raging Bolt = (S)

    Illusion Magic

    To be added
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    "If there's anyone who has a problem with what I do, tell them to come find me. I'm not afraid of anyone."

    Basic Information
    Name: Urek Mazino
    Alias: Barracuda
    Gender: Male
    Class: D-Class
    Magic: Lightning Dragon Slayer
    Age: 20
    Height: 6'0
    Weight: 172 lbs
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Likes: Freedom, drinking, fighting
    Dislikes: Rules, cowards, weaklings

    In Depth Information
    Personality: Urek has a ruthless and magnanimous personality, leading him to be respected by all those who dare call themselves men, and at the same time seems to be disliked by seemingly every woman he meets. Due to his nature, he will crush those who obstruct his path. Nevertheless, he holds his friends and comrades dearly, willing to go to great lengths to protect them.

    History: Little is known about his true origins, but he claims to be from a far away land where he slayed a Dragon.


    Character Statistics
    Strength: 30
    Agility: 50
    Durability: 20
    Intellect: 10

    Hand to Hand Combat: 40
    Primary Magic: 60

    Powers & Abilities

    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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    Spoiler: General Information
    Name: Roman Soul
    Alias: -
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: pic
    Class: D
    Primary Magic: Acid Magic
    Secondary Magic: Athletic Magic
    Age: 16
    Height: 1,65 m
    Weight: 67 kg
    Guild: Fairy Tail
    Likes: His guild, having fun, messing with others
    Dislikes: Rules, being made fun of, losing

    Spoiler: In Depth Information
    Personality: Roman, much like most of the Fairy Tail members, considers his guildmates to be his family. He is very loyal to the guild and despite the fact that he is a pain to deal with for his guildmates, because of his pranks and teasing, he is very protective of them. He is usually happy and cheerful and likes to have fun by messing with other people. Because of this habit however he is often dragged in silly arguments and friendly brawls with many of his guildmates. Roman was quite obstinate and reckless when he was younger, but over time, he has attained a more cautious attitude towards life, and deals with problems carefully.

    History: Roman is one of the many orphans that have found their home in the mages' guild Fairy Tail over the years. He discovered from a young age that he also had the gift of being able to use magic and decided to become a Fairy Tail mage too one day. He passed his years as a kid making chores at the guild and easy quests alongside more experienced members as a way to pay for his expenses. At the same time he was learning how to use magic himself. He was not an easy child to be around though since he constantly tried to pull pranks or ease both guild members and people of the town and was constantly being scolded for it by the previous guild master. The new guild master, Romeo Mercilus, however knows how to handle him better and Roman has started to calm down and grow up as a person. Now Roman is aiming to slowly improve skills so that he can first become an S-Class Mage and maybe a guildmaster one day.

    Spoiler: Roleplay Statistics
    Magical Power: 200
    Level: 30 - 210 Points

    Strength: 10
    Speed 40
    Vitality: 30
    Intelligence: 30
    Acid Magic: 50
    Athletic Magic: 50

    Spoiler: Book of Spells

    Acid Magic
    It is a Magic which allows the user to create and control acid in various different ways, and to various different effects. The acid produced as a result of this Magic is extremely corrosive, to the point where it can gnaw through solid stone or even steel, and has been noted to be extremely difficult to deflect or cut, making it an ideal weapon against most opponents. The user is unaffected by his magic. Techniques:

    Acid Canon [C]: Roman gathers a ball of acid around his fist and fires it at his oppoent at high speed.

    Acid Rifle [B]: Roman gathers and fires small amounts of acid from his fingertips at high speed. Unlike acid canon this spell is more about accuracy rather than destructive force.

    Acid Punch [C]: Roman gathers a ball of acid around his fist and punches his oppoents with it.

    Acid Pillar [C]: By punching the ground, Roman summons a pillar(s) of acid that streams upward.

    Acid Machine Gun [A]: Roman fires small bullets of highly corrosive acid at a very rapid rate from the fingertips of his arm. Can be used with both hands to double the effect.

    Acid Membrane [B]: Roman coats himself in a layer of highly corrosive acid that slightly increases his defense and melts anything that comes in contact with it.

    Acid Wave [B]: Roman uses his acid magic to create a big wave made of acid that travels in a straight line melting everything in its path.

    Hydra [A]: Roman's strongest and most versatile spell. After using vast amounts of highly corrosive acid that melts anything it touches in the form of a three-headed serpent, Roman uses hand motions to maipulate the heads and move them however he likes. All the heads are connected to Roman.

    Acid Road [D]: A spell that can only be used with Hydra. Roman uses one of the 3 heads of his Hydra technique as a road and travels inside it's neck and out of its mouth at high speed.

    Athletic Magic
    By the use of Magical shoes, this Magic allows its users to increase their movement speed and employing it not only to dodge opponents attacks with grace and ease, but also to quickly attack with a series of kicks and/or punches. The Magic has been seen to grant its users many abilities that they would otherwise not have. Techniques:

    Free Run [D]: This spell gives Roman the ability to run up the side of vertical structures -and even stop on them whilst being parallel to the ground.

    High Jump [D]: This spell gives Roman the ability to jump higher than normal.

    Sky Walk [C]: This spell allows Roman to actually jump off the air itself, allowing him to stay in the air for much longer than usual.

    Water Walk [B]: This spell allows Roman to seemingly walk on water. It is achieved by rapidly switching between the two legs before they break the water surface.

    Flash Step [B]: This spell allows Roman to move at extremely high speeds making it look like he dsappeared. It is mostly used in order to avoid attacks, as well as to attack at higher speeds and with greater power.

    Spoiler: Relationships
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    Fairy Tail RP ~ Roman Soul

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    Basic Info

    Name: Alexander ” Luain
    Gender: Male
    Class: B
    Primary Magic: Dark Ecriture
    Secondary Magic: Lightning Magic

    Age: 26
    Height: 1.85m
    Guild: Atelier
    Guild Mark Location:
    Jewels: 600.000
    Likes: Sweets, fighting, drinking
    Dislikes: Spicy food, liars, traitors

    In Depth Information

    Alex is honest, straightforward and a bit cocky. He is quick to smile and doesn't take most things too seriously. He can also be a bit sarcastic at times and likes to make a joke now and then. He can have a bit of a temper at times though. Originally he had a very strong sense of justice and wouldn't hesitate to fight for what he believed was right though his fervor has waned considerably after being betrayed though he still prefers to fight for what he believes is right. He enjoys fighting and can be quite fierce. Though he is a knight he doesn't care much for formality though he does believe in the honor and other values the title holds such as treating women with respect as such he prefers not to fight women. Despite the fact he doesn't like to be adressed by his title he is proud of being a knight. He is a man of his word and would do anything to uphold any promise or oath he makes. He rarely lies and doesn't really like doing so.

    Alexander was born in the kingdom of Andor which lies north of the Pergrande Kingdom. His mother died when he was still very young so he was raised by his father who was a soldier. Though when growing up he didn't see his father a lot and was instead left in the care of his aunt who he came to see as his mother. When his father was around he would be taught how to fight and at a fairly young age he had also shown the capability to use magic. At the age of fourteen he also enlisted and served in the army under his father. Though young he had talent and quickly rose up in rank and was even knighted when he was seventeen. His father died a year later in a battle against a neighbouring country.

    In the years that followed Alex spent most of his time on the frontlines seeking out the areas where the conflict was the most fierce. Though he wasn't known as the strongest knight he was considered to be the most ferocious. When he was 22 the king passed away and his brother took over ruling the kingdom as the regent as the king's son had not yet come of age. Though this meant little to him as he had only seen the king at a few occasions from a distance. After nearly a year however the kingdom was on the brink of a civil war as the regent assigned relatives and friends to important positions in the country rather than deciding based on who was more capable. The nobles who lost lands and position and the people whose quality of life had deteriorated started to rebel and formed an army opposing the regent. It didn't take long for Alex to decide which side he should join for he had sworn to protect his country and he believed the country was it's people so he joined the rebellion.

    Though the rebel army had the numerical advantage it consisted largely of men who had never been in battle before so they were struggling against the regent and his allies. However after nearly a year of fighting it became clear the rebel army was gaining the upper hand however in the end they were betrayed. The regent bribed several of the leading nobles of the rebel army with titles and land in return for them betraying the rebels. Having taken a heay blow the rebel army fell back and regrouped having lost more than half of it's members. Subsequently he and the other nobles and knights who still had the will to fight were betrayed by the rebels. The reason for this was due to the regent sending spies into their ranks who relayed the message that if the rebel army didn't hand them over they would all be executed. No longer seeing a chance of victory they agreed in order to save their own lives. In the end Alex was betrayed by the people he had sworn to serve and protect. He managed to escape their ambush but in the proces of doing so he had lost the most of his men. Though Alex managed to reach the border he lost the last of his men as they held their pusuers off of their own accord so he could escape.

    After heading further south away from the country he called his home his entire life the events that had just transpired finally started to sink in. He rested a few days as he could feel himself becoming lost. He had been betrayed by the people he had fought for, bled for and had been willing to die for. He had lost his men, his purpose and his way of life. After the sacrifice his men made he knew he couldn't just go and die but he still had no idea what to do from now on. He couldn't go back. Not just because of the danger or the fact that on his own he was powerless to change everything but mainly due to the fact he no longer had the will to protect and fight for those who had betrayed him. He also didn't feel anything for becoming a soldier for another country as even then he still had some semblance of loyalty left towards his country and didn't want to fight against his own countrymen. In the end he fled further southwest after which he became a mercenary for a while undecided on what to do with his life.

    After about a year he ran into Cara, a girl from his hometown who had fled Andor during the civil war. Not wanting her to see him the way he was now he acted as if he was just fine and left out some things such as the loss of his men as he explained why he had fled Andor. Afterwards he'd join Cara and some of her jobs as he found it hard to refuse her. With time his act became real as he started to come to terms with what had happened and enjoy himself more. Before long he also joined the same guild despite finding the name of the guild weird. Since then he often teams up with Cara when taking jobs.

    Character Statistics

    Level: 57
    Total Stat Points: 399
    Used: 399

    Strength: 81 +10
    Agility: 81 +20 +10
    Vitality: 81 +10
    Intellect: 21 +20% MP Reduction

    Hand-to-Hand: 3
    Weapon Mastery: 71 +10
    Primary Magic: 61 +20
    Secondary Magic: 0

    Skills, Unlockables & other boosts: Second Origin, Heightened State, 2nd Tier Combat Training, 3rd Tier Magic Awareness, Dark Ecriture: Darkness

    - Incredible Strength (Stupid perk but don't want Guard)
    - Incredible Acceleration
    - Incredible Vitality (another dumb perk)
    - Enhanced Ethernano Control

    Book of Spells & Techniques

    Weapon Mastery:
    D-Rank Techniques:
    Spear Wave:
    A quick thrust that sends a small piercing blast of air pressure. It can be fired rapidly but doing so decreases it's power.

    C-Rank Techniques:
    Twisting Fang:
    A stronger version of Spear Wave which adds a spinning motion in the thrust causing the blast of air pressure to spin as well making it similar to a drill.
    Heaven's Fang:
    A slash that gathers air pressure around the blade increasing it's reach to up to twice the spear's normal reach. The air pressure can also be released as a ranged attack with medium power.

    B-Rank Techniques:
    Illusionary Feint:
    A feint which utilizes a surge of killing intent at the moment of it's use. This not only gives the target the feeling that an attack will definitely come but in most cases actually cause them to see the continuation of the attack working similar to an illusion. Each consecutive use against the same target reduces it's effectiveness until a significant amount of time passes.
    A technique where Alex suddenly disappears from his opponent's field of vision before reappearing near his target to deliver a quick attack. By increasing his acceleration from when standing still or moving slowly to his top speed and a hard to follow diagonal movement to the side by leaning forward the opponent will be left unable to follow his movements for a moment in which time he rapidly exits their field of vision causing him to seemingly disappear. He can also add a before the movement to increase it's effectiveness. After this he rapidly delivers an attack. Unlike Advancing Thrust this technique can only be used in close range since he only has a very limited amount of time to leave the opponent's field of vision though the effective range also depends on the opponent's senses and reflexes. He also requires some pace in order to manouver around his opponent. Furthermore the time between stopping and his attack is longer leaving more time for his opponent to react and finally the effectiveness of this technique is also reduced each time it is used against the same opponent as they'll grow used to his movements.

    A-Rank Techniques:
    Advancing Thrust:
    A technique to instantly close the distance between Alex and the target while rapidly launching an attack. Using all his strength to launch himself forward with one leg he rapidly closes the distance with one jump in the middle of a spear thrust appearing before his opponent as he thrusts his spear forward giving the opponent very little time to react. Due to his strength the distance travelled can be quite long. The speed of the technique makes it quite dangerous yet at the same time it's very straightforward making it easy to read especially if the opponent has seen it once before as such using it multiple times against the same opponent is just asking to be countered.
    S-Rank Techniques: [locked]

    Unranked Techniques:

    Dark Ecriture
    It is a form of Letter Magic that allows the caster to write runes, sometimes without a writing tool such as a pen or a quill, for various types of effects. Essentially, the spells used for this Magic work only on what the caster writes with it; in other words, what they write goes as follows, making it a sort of "rule" in using Dark …criture.

    The properties of the Magic is centered on the writing of the runes; however, if rewritten correctly, the effects will change. The runes can be written on an object, person, or even in midair for the effects to take place.

    The runes can be written for different purposes, such as traps, and offensively can be cast upon an opponent to inflict either physical or mental injury. The caster can also conjure an element for usage of this Magic, like poison. Death is also a possible effect. However, simple usage of this Magic that is convenient for the user, such as teleportation or flight, can also be used. Another type of spell is actual transformation, in which the caster is able to transform themselves and be granted a different appearance, even strength.
    Not so much a spell but rather a skill which is unlocked when the user reaches a certain amount of skill in Dark Ecriture. The user can now write multiple runes on top of each other to create spells which combine the runes used. The mp used is equal to the total of the spells used. (For example combining Pain and Destruction would create an attack which inflicts more pain than usual or Beams and Blast will create beams which cause a small explosion upon impact)
    Excess Layering
    Similar to Layering except instead of writing different runes to create spells with new effects Takeshi writes the same runes two or more times. This leads to the creation of the same spell except it's effects will be stronger. Like with Layering the mp cost is equal to the total of the spells used.
    Delayed Activation
    Like Layering more of a skill than a spell. After writing the runes the user can choose to activate them later on allowing him to make preparations before or during the fight. The MP is used when writing the runes. Won't remain active for an indefinite period of time so can't be used to set something up days in advance.

    D-Rank Spells:
    A spell which creates a simple shield out of runes when used to protect the user from attacks. It is generally used by writing the required runes in the air.
    Creates a small burst of flames. Not too powerful on it's own. Can be used to ignite objects. It can also be used in conjunction with his Weapon Mastery techniques which use air waves to add fire to them causing them to inflict burns at the cost of slightly lowering the physical damage they do.
    Fires several beams which rapidly move towards the target. Rather than head straight they curve slightly making them more difficult to dodge however their overall power is quite low.
    Temporarily increases the length of an object. The length increase isn't too significant but it is quick. Generally used on his spear to increase it's range, can be used in the middle of an attack to catch the enemy off guard.
    For a few moments allows an object to bend according to the caster's will. Generally used on is spear to make it harder to avoid his attacks.

    C-Rank Spells:
    A spell that can be used on non-living targets. The spell increases the target's durability making it harder to damage. It doesn't make the object harder or affect it's flexibility. As such when used on clothes it doesn't increase protection against blunt attacks though it would increase protection against cutting attacks as actually cutting the clothes would be more difficult. Is generally active on his equipment.
    Releases a fairly powerful burst of magic from the runes. It's range is somewhat limited.
    A stronger and generally larger version of shield.

    B-Rank Spells:
    Darkness Flare Bomb (When in Darkness form)
    A spell similar to Destruction and Slay only used in combination with a thrust instead of a slash.
    Dark Spear
    A spell that changes the form of his spear for a few moments. Rather than a physical appearance it turns into a lance of black and red energy which can bend, extend and contract rapidly as he wishes though it only lasts for a short time. Due to prioritizing speed and precision it's strength isn't that great though it is still quite a deadly spell. The enrgy gives off an ominous feeling to those who can sense magic.
    A stronger and generally larger version of Barrier.

    A-Rank Spells:
    Darkness Breath (When in Darkness form)
    A spell used on the the caster himself similar to Darkness or Absolute Shadow though the changes are less prominent. The user's canines become longer, their hair becomes red and the get slit pupils. While in this form though the user doesn't gain access to another type of magic or become stronger or faster instead their senses and reflexes are enhanced.

    S-Rank Spells: locked
    Absolute Shadow

    Unranked Spells:
    After writing the runes on someone or something the runes multiply covering the target creating an armor that moves with it. This armor is quite durable but not unbreakable.
    This spell increases the sharpness of whatever it is written on though it only really effects things which could already be considered at least somewhat sharp. Otherwise the spell's effect would be negligable.
    For Darkness Form:
    Dark Moment - D
    Dark Delete - D
    Dark Eternity: - B
    A more advanced version of Dark Moment in that it doesn't only make the surroundings dark but also mutes light so though fire and light will still be visible the area they illuminate will be considerably smaller.
    Dark Blast: - D-S
    A simple spell which fires a beam of dark energy of varying strength and width depending on how much Maryoku is used to fire it.

    Lightning Magic
    Lightning Magic is a branch of Elemental Magic that utilizes electricity, more specifically, lightning, as a form of offense and defense. Mages who possess the ability to utilize such Magic are able to generate these elements from their bodies, and manipulate them. However, unlike other types of Elemental Magic, users of Lightning Magic are also capable of utilizing lightning from a distance, such as from the ground near them, or down from the sky. Lightning attacks work by electrocuting the opponents to various degrees, and there are spells that are said to be capable of completely paralyzing enemies, due to the extremely high voltage of the electricity employed in their use. Because of the high amounts of light produced with its use, Lightning Magic can also be utilized to blind opponents, albeit for a short amount of time.

    Similar to other types of Elemental Magic, Lightning Magic can allow the user to transform their body into the element they control: by transforming into a lightning bolt, the user is able to avoid physical attacks, and have the added advantage of traveling around at very high speeds and damaging everyone or everything they come in contact with, much like real lightning. This Elemental Magic is very versatile and can also be imbued into Lacrima crystals, as seen with Laxus Dreyar's Thunder Palace spell.
    D-Rank Spells:
    Lightning Flash
    Creates a bright flash using lightning. Can blind enemies for a few moments.
    Lightning Strike
    A punch or kick or other physical attack imbued with lightning magic to increase it's power.
    Lightning Orbs
    Creates two to three floating orbs of electricity casting light over the surrounding area. Touching them causes a static shock though it does little more than inflict a little pain which quickly fades.
    Thunder Lance
    Surrounds the user's weapon in electricity to slightly increase the power of it's attacks.

    C-Rank Spells:
    Lightning Storm
    Lightning Arrows
    Fires around a dozen small bolts of lightning that pierce and shock their targets though it's power is quite limited.
    Upon contact releases a small charge of electricity capable of stunning the opponent for a few seconds. Those with high vitality might be able to resist it.
    Lightning Pulse
    Allows the caster to move electricity across a surface to shock their target. The type of material is irrelevant.
    Lightning Wheel
    Summons a wheel of lightning which rolls towards the target at high speeds. Deals a moderate amount of damage and will generally push the opponent back.
    Lightning Flare
    Sends a small burst of lightning into the sky which then erupts. This spell wasn't designed for use in combat but rather to signal allies.
    Lightning Whip
    Creates a whip of lightning which can be used to inflict physical damage. Can also deliver a powerful shock to anything it touches though this dispels the whip.
    Lightning Chain
    Can link two objects or people with a chain of lightning. It can rapidly extend or contract depending on the user's wish though this requires contact. Can be destroyed. Is often used to retrieve the user's spear after it is thrown.
    Reverse Blast
    A blast of lightning coming from the user's back. It's range is fairly short and the power isn't great but the surface area of the blast is considerable. A spell he created to catch anyone trying to attack him from behind by surprise.

    B-Rank Spells:
    Thunder Bullets
    Lightning Body (+10 Agility)
    Lightning Snake
    A powerful lightning bolt used by Alex which he can manipulate allowing him to bend it to follow his enemies making it difficult to dodge.
    Lightning Volley
    Similar to Lightning Arrows only the number of bolts is greatly increased to cover a larger area. Usefull against large groups of weaker enemies.
    Piercing Bolt
    Fires a single bolt of lightning which can easily pierce through even stone. It's speed is also a threat however the area of effect if quite small so precision is required to land a fatal hit.
    Chain Lightning
    A bolt of lightning which after hitting a target can move to hit another one. This proces can be repeated several times.
    Binding Lightning
    Fires bolts of lightning which wrap around the opponent to bind them. The restraints are tough but not unbreakable. The spell doesn't cause damage.
    Discharges electricity from the user's body to damage anyone nearby. Can also be used to break free from restraints. Can also blind anyone too close.
    Blast Lance
    Surrounds the user's spear in lightning and uses lightning magic to increase the speed and power of a spear throw to create a powerful attack.

    A-Rank Spells:
    Lightning Explosion
    Evil Spark
    Thunder Orochi
    Pretty much the same as Lightning Snake except that eight bolts are fired and each can be manipulated seperately.
    Lightning Lance
    Lightning is formed in a lance which is then thrown. Not only can it pierce through most substances after impact it creates an explosion of electricity shocking anyone in the area.
    Lightning Javelins
    Similar to Lightning Lance only more spears (around 3-5) are formed and they no longer need to be thrown. The power of each spear is slightly reduced though.
    Lightning Bolt
    Calls forth a bolt of lightning from the sky damaging and electrocuting the target. The speed of the attack makes it difficult to dodge though the damage dealt isn't great compared to other spells of the same rank.
    Lightning Beast
    Fires a powerful burst of lightning the end of which has the image of the head of a beast with it's jaws open. The movements of the blast can be manipulated. A more powerful version of Lightning Snake.

    S-Ranked Spells: locked
    Raging Bolt

    Unranked Spells:
    Lightning Glaive:
    After making a slashing motion with his spear Alex releases a blade of lightning to cut his target.
    Lightning Step:
    A spell which forms lightning under the caster's feet after which he rides on said lightning to move at high speeds for a single step. The longest that can be travelled in one step is ten meters.
    Lightning Thrust:
    A spell which uses Lightning Step to greatly increase the effectiveness of Advancing Thrust by increasing it's speed. Nonetheless it still shares the same weaknesses as Advancing Thrust though it does become harder to exploit them.
    Lightning Charge:
    Engulfs Alex in a large amount of lightning after which he lunges at his opponent at high speeds to deliver a powerful strike with his spear enhanced by the lightning. This spell allows him to move through the air and doesn't necessarily move in a straight line.
    Lightning Redirect:
    By channeling an opponent's lightning magic spell through his body he can redirect it back towards his opponent or somewhere else. Regardless of it's original properties the spell becomes a simple blast of lightning. Only requires a minimal amount of maryoku from him however it does require significant skill as such he is only able to redirect spells up to one rank lower than what he can use.
    Lightning Reflect:
    Very similar to Lightning Redirect however in this version he uses his magic power to increase the strength of the redirected blast.
    Lightning Rod:
    A spell which redirects an opponent's spell to a nearby metal object.
    Thunder Cannon:
    A spell which fires a wide and powerful beam of blue lightning at the target.
    Lightning Pillar:
    Summons a pillar of lightning from the ground with a diamter of three meters. The time between casting the spell and the appearance of the pillar is minimal making it hard to avoid however it's damage output is fairly low for it's rank.
    Lightning Stomp:
    Sends lightning into the surrounding ground after stomping it destroying it and sending the debris into the air. Used to take away the opponent's foothold and upset their balance leaving them open to attack. The reach of this spell can be increased by sending the lightning in a single direction.
    Thunder Clap:
    Creates a short flash as multiple narrow lightning bolts are fired in random directions. The bolts last for a mere moment and will do no damage besides a small static shock furthermore the flash isn't quite bright enough to blind and will only cause them to blink however a moment after they disappear they are followed by a loud booming sound similar to a clap of thunder temporarily deafening anyone nearby.
    Lightning Wires:
    Connects thin wires of lightning to a target. Generally used on his throwing knives to allow him to alter and control their trajectory or even retrieve them. Due to their narrowness they are hard to see if it is bright outside however this also causes them to lack durability making them easy to break.
    Numbing Bolt:
    A bolt of lightning is fired at the target numbing their sensation of touch. This includes the sensation of pain. As such it can be used to help someone who's in a lot of pain however it can also be used on an enemy as it messes with their motor control making their movements less precise.
    Lightning Armor:
    A spell which covers the caster in lightning in order to reduce the amount of damage taken from attacks. Though it's defensive power is limited as it will only nullify weaker attacks and otherwise only reduce the damage taken it also can't truly be broken and it will shock the enemy if he/she touches it directly.
    Lightning Shield:
    Forms a shield out of lightning large enough to protect the caster and anyone behind him.
    Lightning Spear:
    Creates a spear out of lightning which can be used in close combat. Though it's tip is still quite sharp it doesn't have a blade and as such can't be used for cutting attacks.

    Equipment: A metal spear which he has used since his time as a knight. He also carries a long knife tucked in his belt for close combat as well as six throwing knives he keeps hidden from sight. He wears several pieces of armor to increase his defence though not enough to limit his movement range.



    Cara Hayes
    A girl from Alex's hometown who he grew up together with. They were quite close as he saw her as something like a little sister. She fled Andor during the civil war.

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    Basic Information
    Name: Kyouko Kirisame
    Gender: Female
    Class: D-Class
    Magic: Lens Magic
    Age: 16
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 103 lbs
    Guild: N/A
    Likes: Collecting things, hard worker, diligent, lying
    Dislikes: Others knowing she's a hard worker
    Spoiler: Appearance

    In Depth Information
    Personality: Kyouko is very straightforward and informal with everyone. She can be condescending, as if trying to make fool of others, and often has difficulty expressing sympathy. She's quick to act if she hears anything interesting. Kyouko is also a habitual liar, but she makes no effort to actually deceive as her lies are extremely obvious. However, Kyouko is pretty intelligent.

    History: Born to an average family with an average upbringing until she decided to learn magic and go off and join a guild.

    Character Statistics
    Level 37
    Stat Points: 258/259

    Strength: 20
    Agility: 50
    Durability: 25
    Intellect: 61 (40%)

    Hand-to-hand Combat:
    Armed Combat: 41
    Primary Magic (Lens): 61 (B-class)

    Powers & Abilities
    Lens Magic - a caster-type magic that allows the user to produce different types of lenses that effects anything physical and magical that goes through it. The effect changes depending upon the kind of lens used and from which direction the object goes through said lens. Once a lens is created, the caster can not alter the lens. The caster is also capable of creating multiple separate lenses to create varying combinations.

    Basic Spells
    • Converging lens - Makes it so anything passing through the lens converges to a spot behind the lens. Example
    • Diverging lens - Makes it so anything passing through the lens is diverged. Example
    • Magnification - Alters the size and/or orientation of anything passing through the lens depending upon the magnification factor.
    • Contacts - A more personalized usage of the lens magic that enhances the wearer's eyesight, allowing them to see much further than normally possible. [D]
    • Chroma lens - A lens focused on interacting with the wavelength of light, it is able to create mirages when viewed through the lens. [C]
    • Laser pointer - The caster creates a lens that concentrates light into a single point, creating a small laser capable of pointing out objects a distance away while being able to momentarily blind people if directed into their eye. [D]
    • Laser beam - A more powerful lens than the laser pointer, it creates a beam of light that can actually burn a hole through structures or inflict harm. [C]
    • Master Spark - Using multiple lenses, the caster creates a giant beam of light and destruction. [A]

    Magic Awareness
    5th Tier: The user is able to sense sources of magic that are relatively close
    4th Tier: The user is able to sense sources of magic that are within 50 meters. Also able to tell if the source is human or not and general location

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    Basic Character Information
    Name: Lerche Krieger
    Alias: Lerche
    Epithet: The Ruthless Perfect
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 169 Centimeters
    Weight: 58 Kilograms
    Affiliation: Bracer
    Occupation: D - Class Mage
    Guild Mark Location: ???
    Base of Operations: Top of any Building
    Current Jewels: 100K Jewels

    In-Depth Character Information
    Appearance: Lerche is a slim and lean built youth with short black hair, with a fringe that joins at the center of his face, and parts to the sides, leaving a sort of "M" shape. He has sharp, grey eyes, which he uses to intimidate those around him his age or even older. His attire typically comprises of a long-sleeved white shirt, black trousers, brown belt, black shoes (or indoor shoes), and black gakuran top worn on his shoulders, with a red and gold armband pinned onto the left sleeve with the words "Mongolia's Disciplinary Committee".

    Personality: As stated by others, Lerche is a very scary character with no care for the well-being of others, preferring to do whatever it takes to get what he wants. This often leads to his opponents surprising him, as he doesn't think before attacking. As the head of Mongolia's Disciplinary Committee, Lerche uses authority to assault those that get on his nerves, including his own subordinates. He prefers to be alone, and hates "crowdings". This leads him to beat anyone who he thinks is crowding around him too much. He has full confidence in his own strength and power, and dislike to work together with anybody due to feeling bind and restrained, making him refuse or won't easily take suggestions from others into consideration. A rare trait about him is his love for small animals, ranging from birds to hedgehogs. He is also fiercely loyal to his school and its rules, going so far as to punish others for breaking them even if they aren't native to the city of Mongolia. Lerche is shown to dislike being in debt to anyone and strives to pay them back as soon as possible. He cannot stand being restrained and absolutely refuses to allow himself to be controlled.

    [Primary Weapon]Tonfa: Lerche is always accompanied by a pair of custom steel tonfa. In appearance Lerche's tonfa look like plan steel tonfa, but the tonfa aren't weapons for aesthetic purposes they are used to severely bludgeon the opponent. In combat Lerche tends to coat his tonfa in a purple coat of gravity magic in order to augment the striking power via repulsion. Lerche mainly uses his tonfa for combat and also as a conduit for his gravity magic.

    [Pet]Lebird: And is a small yellow canary that is normally seen sitting on top of Lerche's head or his shoulder showing that it is pretty attached to him. It has been shown that Hibird understands Hibari's commands and what he says. An example of this is shown when Lerche says to Lebird "Don't disturb me." when getting ready to take a nap on the roof of the Fairy Tale guild house. Lebird flies away to give Lerche some peace and quiet.


    Statistical Information
    Distribution Points: 259

    Strength: 29
    Speed 50
    Vitality: 50
    Intellect: 30
    ??? Combatant: 50
    Gravity Magic Mastery: 50

    Tier 4 Magical Awareness
    Tier 4 Combat Awareness

    Information of Skills and Abilities
    Gravity Magic: Utilizing this Magic, the user can control and manipulate gravity. This can be achieved via various gestures and movements of the hand, such as simply spreading both arms with the index and middle fingers of both hands splayed, or by thrusting one hand towards the target, palm facing forward. It can also be utilized without any hand movements at all, such as when the user's arms are crossed. Gravity Magic has a large range of offensive and defensive properties. The user can freely increase or decrease the gravity of anything around them, rendering most frontal assaults virtually useless. This Magic is strong enough to easily crush solid earth, and can even be used to destroy other Magics. It is also capable of suspending people or objects in midair, or to divert the course of natural phenomena around the user, such as rain.

    Talented Close Quarter Combatant: Lerche is very talented close quarter combatant who is most proficient with tonfa. He has been trained in the art of tonfa-based combat since the age of 5. Now at the age of 15 is skilled enough to be a threatening opponent while wielding his pair of tonfa. His proficiency is still under development putting him at a long way from mastering his art but he is still more than capable enough to "bite someone to death".

    Abnormal Physical Condition: Though he may not look it Lerche is quite the physical specimen and it is the result in his training regime that involves training in high amounts of gravity. The product of pain staking tolls of this abstract type of training i increase his strength, speed, and vitality. At his current state Lerche is able to strike through an iron wall easily without the help of his magic. He is able to move and react very deftly surprising a majority of his opponents. His physical resilience is nothing to laugh at either he is able to will himself to fight on with moderate injuries. This is all when he has not reached his full potential.

    Information of Spells
    Canon Spells
    Canon Gravity Magic

    Custom Spells
    Lerche increases the amount of gravity underneath the opponent(s) causing them to adhere to the ground due to the gravity being to heavy for them to move their feet without the use of magical power to help. This causes them to be trapped in place unable to move from that spot awaiting their fate at the hands of Lerche.

    When Fall is in effect Lerche uses his gravity magic to manipulate the gravitational upforce of a target or targets in the area to provide a better defense or counteractive offense in close combat. The manipulation of the upforce of gravity causes the flotation of the target(s), reduce resistance around the target(s).

    Lerche manipulates the gravitational force around targets either increasing or decreasing it to cause a myriad of different effects if he were to manipulate the downforce of gravity he is able to weigh them down which slows the target's movement making have exert more energy to move fatiguing the target faster. If he were to manipulate the upforce of gravity the he is able to reduce the natural resistance of the atmosphere causing the target to move faster and more nimbly.
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    • Name: Erik Spiros
    • Affiliation: Cerberus
    • Occupation: Mage
    • Gender: Male
    • Birthplace: ???
    • Birthdate: ???
    • Age: 20
    • Height: 174 cm (5'9")
    • Weight: 61 kg (134 lbs.)
    • Appearance:

    • Personality: Like the other members of the Cerberus, Spiros is quite arrogant, often boasting about his superiority as a Dragon Slayer while believing that Cerberus is the strongest out of any of the guilds. Despite his loyalty, Spiros hates being ordered around by others and prefers to do things his own way such as taking on a group of mages by himself. Spiros is also very blunt when responding to people. He also has no qualms explaining to other people on how he accomplished nullifying their attacks with his abilities, and before that, even stated to someone that weaklings do not get the right to choose the manner in which they die.

    • Strength: 25
    • Agility: 62
    • Durability: 35
    • Intellect: 20
    • Hand to Hand: 35
    • Shadow Dragon Slaying Magic: 54


    A Magic which allows the user to transform their physiology into that of a Shadow Dragon, turning their body into a shadow that cannot be touched by normal means. With this Magic, the user is also able to fade themselves into shadows to move swiftly, dodging efficiently and making surprise attacks. However, if the user is caught while in a tangible form, or by another person in shadow form, they are then vulnerable to attack.

    The shadows produced by Shadow Dragon Slayer Magic are able to be utilized in several different ways, allowing for a high level of adaptability; the shadows are able to be released in freeform, as condensed, or even molded into the shape of a weapon, taking on the properties of said chosen shape.
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