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    General Bio

    Name: Vintas Ace
    Race: Human
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Height: 5' 10
    Weight: 170lbs
    Likes: Weapons, Armor, Ice Cream
    Dislikes: Fancy coffee, the letter 'B'


    Guild: Currently none
    Epithet: Currently none
    Rank: ???
    Magics: Requip - The Knight (Primary), Telekinesis (Secondary)
    Funds: 0 Jewels

    Level 31 217 Skill Points

    Strength: 40
    Agility: 40
    Vitality: 40
    Intellect: 30

    Fighting Style: 30
    Primary Magic: 30
    Secondary Magic: 7

    MP: 230
    PE: 230

    Getting to Know the Character

    Swords should not be swung in high ambition, but should be wielded with great conviction.

    Magic and Abilities
    Requip - The Knight
    Cannon info here

    This is Ace's primary magic, The Knight. He commonly stores many different weapons and armors in his pocket dimension and summons them out at will. Because he can store many different magical weapons and armors, he is quite diverse in his arsenal which gives him an edge in battle. He can also mix and match weapons and armors in sets to suit the occaision. As his magic power grows stronger, Ace's pocket dimension will grow larger, and his requip speed will increase.

    Balaclava is the first sword that Ace ever acquired, and is quite a hefty blade. The blade's magical power is strength and destructive ability, creating shockwaves and quakes that break physical objects and can even combat other enemy's magic. The name Balaclava literally translates to 'Horse Cleaver' in some unknown language, and judging from its size, it's more than deserving of such a name.

    The sister blade to Balaclava. Unlike the former, this blade's power is that it has incredible cutting potential and can create magical blades that fly through the air and cut through objects and magic alike. It's not as big as Balaclava, but it is still a large sword at 4ft in length. With enough strength and experience, this sword can be wielded one handed

    Royal Harbinger
    This is a well made magical shield that Ace commonly wields alongside Balaclava. The internal arc of the shield allows it to be thrown as a weapon, and its magical ability is that Ace can throw the shield and it will bounce and hit multiple targets and always return to his hand. Not to mention that it is also great for blocking physical and magical attacks.
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    Basic Info

    Spoiler: Appearance

    Name: Ayejay Tobikuma
    Alias: n/a
    Gender: Male
    Class: D
    Magic: Sword Magic
    Age: 19
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 170 lbs
    Guild: Cerberus
    Likes: Fighting
    Dislikes: Relying on others

    In Depth Information
    Personality: Due to his lonely and painful past, Ayejay grows into a young man with a vicious streak and very interested in fighting, as he states that fighting all that he knows because he needed to survive by fighting. He is a quiet, observant young man though. A loner who dismisses companionship, only because he believes that there his nothing that he cannot do. Ayejay is described as a misanthrope, loathing everything and everyone, and wishing for a world where only he lives, but he also tries to help and guide those who deserve and need it.
    History: ...

    Spoiler: Info

    Level: 31 x 7 = 217
    Magical Power: 230
    Physical Energy: 230

    Strength: 20
    Intellect: 0
    Agility: 60
    Vitality: 30

    Armed Combat: 57
    Primary Magic: 50
    Secondary Magic: n/a

    Spoiler: Info

    Sword Magic
    Sword Magic (剣の魔法 Ken no Mahō) is a Holder Magic involving the use of swords. Sword magic is focused around the use of swords, with those weapons acting as mediums for the user to perform particular attacks. Many of such moves are shown capable of going past the physical reach of the blade employed in their use, threatening foes at short-to-mid range. Some Sword Magic techniques seem to involve the use of elements commonly found employed by elemental forms of Magic, such as Fire Magic; in addition, Telekinesis is shown to be frequently employed alongside it, in order for the user to maneuvre several swords at the same time. A number of different blades can be employed for such Magic, with the most recurring ones being longswords and katana. In some cases, certain moves might even involve the change of the sword's properties, such as its length.


    Twin Swords of Fire and Ice: Rebellion (Sword of Fire) and Yamato (Sword of Ice)
    Ayejay carries with him two swords which hold magic properties. They have been called twins due to the fact that they both perform most of the same techniques, though they only differ in the element they specialize in. One sword performs fire based attacks, while the other performs ice based attacks. They also complement Ayejay's appearance; while he has fiery red hair, he also has icy blue eyes.

    Belch, Twins
    Rank: C

    Ayejay begins this technique by stabbing both of his swords into the ground. Then giving the swords magic power to activate this spell, the sword of fire will send out a fiery stream across the ground traveling towards the foe, aiming to burn them. While the sword of ice will send out a freezing stream towards the target, aiming to freeze them. These two attacks, hits the target on one side each so as to freeze and burn them at the same time.

    Paradoxical Cross
    Rank: C

    Ayejay performs a simple horizontal strike at the air, sending out a wave of ice at the foe. This is typically aimed at the torso as to freeze their arms to the body, resulting in inability to use them. Ayejay immediately follows the first strike with another strike with his fiery sword in a vertical motion, aiming to burn the foe from head to waist.

    Burn all those that oppose: Rebellion
    Rank: A

    Ayejay holds his sword of fire behind him while the blade faces forward, charging it with a great amount of magical energy and causing it to glow a crimson red color. When enough magical energy has been collected, Ayejay thrust the sword forward sending out the charged fiery energy in the form of a explosive wave towards the target. Its girth is enough to engulf smaller weaker magic or items and burn them completely while still maintaining its size and traveling still for the target.

    Protect from those beyond: Yamato
    Rank: B

    Ayejay begins by charging his sword of ice with magical energy causing it to glow an icy blue color. He then stabs the sword of ice into the ground sending the magical energy beneath him though it immediately comes back up in the form of a large wall of ice protecting the user from whatever may be incoming, so long as whatever is attacking isn't stronger than the wall of ice.

    Rain on all those below: Yamato
    Rank: A

    Ayejay begins by charging his sword of ice with magical energy causing it to glow an icy blue color. He then thrust the sword into the air sending out all the collected magical energy into the sky before it comes back down in the form if an icy rain of shards aiming to continuously pierce the target.

    Spoiler: Info
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    Hype - First l Character
    Mister Beggar is a D-Class Mage of the Gallant Wolves Guild


    Mister Beggar is a very tall, very slim male with a dark skin tone and black eyes. He has shaggy reddish hair, and his face is adorned with a cat-like mask. He wears a long blue-gray trench coat, dark shirt, and a pair of loose pants upon his legs. He also walks around barefoot at all times, giving him the appearance of a homeless man.


    Mister Beggar has a heart of gold, and has also been shown to be a very forgivable person even if his friend is corrupt, or how evil they are, no matter how many innocent people they've killed, and even if they're about to kill him. He is a very serious man, deeply scarred by the experiences he's face through his journey of homelessness. He is not tough or cruel to those around him, preferring to lead with impartiality. Despite being a gentle person, he is cold, ruthless and calculating when fighting. Once he is done fighting, however, he reverts to his gentle, giant self.

    Spatial Magic

    Spatial Magic is a Castor Magic, that allows the user to control space around them to a certain degree. Mister Beggar's variation allow him control over the space between any two places. This grants him various abilities. He can cancel out requip magic, celestial spirits, and teleportation magic. He can also teleport to any area by immediately shortening the distance between himself and the place he wants to be. His magic makes him highly versatile during combat.

    Delete D-Rank
    The user deletes space between two objects, causing them to be instantaneously closer.

    Addition D-Rank
    The user adds space between two objects, instantaneously bringing them closer together.

    Spatial Teleportation B-Rank
    By deleting space between himself and any given destination, the user can teleport themself anywhere. This can be used at any distance, as long as the user knows the distance between himself and his destinations.

    Crushing B-Rank
    The user deletes the space between two areas around the opponent. By deleting the space, the opponent will become crushed as the space around them minimizes.

    Spatial Shock B-Rank
    The user deletes space in an area causing a large gravitational build-up. The user then transforms the space back to normal, causing the gravitational pressure to expand and explode, creating a powerful shockwave.

    Spatial Strike B-Rank
    This technique can be used one of two ways. The user can reduce the distance between the opponent and their striking limb, making it very difficult to avoid. The second variation adds distance between the combatants after a strike, sending the opponent flying.

    Amalgamation B-Rank
    By decreasing the space between two objects, down to the molecular level, the user can cause items to merge into one another.

    Spatial Swap B-Rank
    This technique only works if the user knows the exact location of two or more non-living items. The user will cause two or more items to switch places by adding/reducing the space between them, then applying inverse effects.

    Dissection B-Rank
    The user creates space between a singular item and itself. In essence, the user bisects an object by selecting a middle point, and creating distance on both sides of said point, splitting it in half. This cannot be used on living things (obviously)

    Forge A-Rank
    By simultaneously adding and reducing space, the user build air pressure, solidifying it into a specific shape. These shapes take the form of weapons, that the user can hold.

    Weapon Forms
    Sword Form A-Rank
    Forging space into a blade, the user creates a sword capable of deleting or adding space. By adding space, sword slashes take the form of compressed air blasts, aiming to hit the opponent with concussive force. By deleting space, the blade performs spatial slicing, in which a powerful cutting power is emitted from the blade, aiming to slice into anything in it's path.

    Bow Form A-Rank
    In This form, the user is capable of firing compressed air arrows toward an opponent. These arrows are fast, and hold great concussive force. This also allows The user to create Spatial voids by shooting an arrow that deletes space in a certain area.

    Spatial Void Fist A-Rank
    This attack is done by first focusing on the point between a void and a void. Then, move the surrounding space, to cause an impact on the point. Then the voids will stir and cause an impact on the point. This causes a remote attack, allowing the user to strike an opponent from any distance away. The more distance between the user and the opponent, the slower/stronger the attack

    Spatial Mirage A-Rank
    The user casts a spell that infinitely adds space between an opponent and an object or destination. This technique cancels requip, teleporting, and celestial magic by never allowing the opponent to reach the space where there magic is necessary.

    Skyfall A-Rank
    The user creates a diamond with their index fingers and thumbs. Once the user's aim is selected, the user causes the distance between the area and the sky to shrink, causing a crushing gravitational pressure.

    Penetrating Void S-Rank
    The user forms a circle with their hands thrusting the hands toward a target. The circle represents a void where space is deleted. Anything within the path of the circle will be deleted, creating a powerful piercing attack that cannot be blocked only avoided.

    Void Vortex S-Rank
    By depleting space from every direction to one singular point, the user creates a black-hole, attracting everything toward it's epicenter. Similarly to a black hole, anything near the epicenter is crushed, as the space becomes much smaller and smaller.

    Passive Magic Ability

    Absolute Space
    Mister Beggar's spacial manipulation is greatly advanced. At his level, he can perfectly control the distance of anything within a 50m radius around him. This allows him to perform Spatial magic spells as though they were one rank lower, thus exerting less magic power.

    Basic Information
    Name: N/A
    Alias: Mister Beggar
    Age: ?
    Guild: Gallant Wolves
    Height: 198 cm (6'6")
    Weight: 80 kg (175lbs)

    Level and Skill Points
    Level - 38
    Skill Points - 266 Points Unused - 0

    Natural Abilities
    Strength - 21
    Enhanced Strength
    Intellect - 61
    Superior Passive - Absolute Space
    Agility - 61
    Superior Reflexes
    Vitality - 61
    Superior Vitality

    Primary Magic Spatial Magic - 61

    Magic Power and Skills
    Magic Power - Average Magic Reserves
    Magic Seal - 4th Tier
    Magic Awareness - 5th Tier

    • N/A

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    Basic Info


    Name: Cara Hayes
    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Class: C
    Primary Magic: Bounded Field
    Secondary Magic: Fire Magic
    Age: 24
    Height: 1.75m
    Weight: ??
    Guild: Atelier
    Guild Mark Location:
    Jewels: 0

    In Depth Information





    Level: 48
    Total Stat Points: 336
    Stat Points Distributed: 330

    Strength: 21
    Agility: 61 +5
    Vitality: 41 +5
    Intellect: 100

    Hand-to-Hand Combat: 0
    Weapon Mastery: 0
    Primary Magic: 80
    Secondary Magic: 27

    Skills & Unlockables: Heightened State, 4th Tier Magic Seal, 3rd Tier Magic Awareness

    - Enhanced Guard
    - Superior Reflexes
    - Greater Elemental Resistance
    - Extreme Passive

    Book of Techniques


    Bounded Field
    A Bounded Field (結界, Kekkai?) is a topographic type of Magic that consists in knitting a network of magical energy and spreading it on base area, such as a piece of land or a building, to create a mystic boundary line that separates the inside from the outside.

    D-Rank Spells:

    C-Rank Spells:

    B-Rank Spells:

    A-Rank Spells:

    S-Ranked Spells:

    SS-Ranked Spells:

    Unranked Spells:

    Fire Magic
    A form of Magic that revolves around the use of fire, allowing the caster to conjure, manipulate, and control the element for various purposes. The caster can change the properties of this Magic such as its "form", allowing it to take shape as a gas or solid element. The color of this Magic can also change, ranging from purple, red, blue and yellow. Fire Magic can also work in a similar fashion to explosives. The caster is able to conjure this element from various parts of their body or from the nearby surroundings, though it is possible for weapons to use fire as well.
    D-Rank Spells:
    Fire Bullet
    Red Carpet
    Prominence Typhoon
    Red Skull

    C-Rank Spells:
    Prominence Whip
    Red Shower
    Fire Wall:
    Allows the caster to create a wall in front of her shielding her from most projectiles and can burn enemies if they come into contact with it.

    B-Rank Spells: [locked]

    A-Rank Spells: [locked]
    Hell Prominence

    S-Ranked Spells:

    SS-Ranked Spells: [locked]

    Unranked Spells:
    Flash Fire:
    Flame Pillar:
    Explosive Web:
    Inferno Cannon (Fake):
    Inferno Cannon (True):



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    Spoiler: Basic Info
    Spoiler: Appearance
    Names: Irvine Kinneas; Selphie Tilmitt
    Alias: The Gunman; The Damsel
    Gender: Male; Female
    Class: C; D
    Level: 42; 35
    Jewels: 40,000
    Irvine's Primary Magic: Heaven's Eye
    Irvine's Secondary Magic: Guns Magic
    Selphie's Primary Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic
    Ages: 15; 14
    Height: 5'6"; 5'0"
    Weight: 124lb; 98lb
    Irvine's Likes: Guns, poultry, music, sunny weather, playing instruments
    Irvine's Dislikes: Thieves, warmongers
    Selphie's Likes: Trains, sweets, music, snow, festivals
    Selphie's Dislikes: Demons, cruel people

    Spoiler: The Gunman
    Spoiler: Biography

    Raised as an orphan, Irvine tends to put on a loner attitude around people he doesn't know. In reality, his personality is carefree and playful, often with an optimistic streak. He tends to be over cautious, but is by no means a coward. He simply cares for his friends and team mates. Irvine believes that each choice we make is important, and should not be made lightly. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's important to stand by those mistakes.


    Irvine was born in a town to the west, and was raised the person he called Uncle, even though he wasn't Irvine's Uncle. Irvine's mother died from sickness shortly after his birth, and his father had been long gone. The man who raised him owned a bar, and couldn't spend much time with Irvine due to his business. As Irvine grew older, he became fascinated with guns, as the town was famous for their marksmen. He soon took classes with other children to learn, and began to excel at it. When he turned thirteen, he took part in the triennial marksmanship competition, and won. As the best marksman of his age group, Irvine was taught a magic that was taught only to the best shooter of each generation, a magic that would let him be an even better shooter. He heard a comment in passing that his skills were no doubt hereditary, as his father had been one of the best shooters the town had seen. After hearing that, Irvine decided to leave the town a few years later, to find out where his father had gone, and why he'd left.


    Selphie Tilmitt - Despite only recently meeting her, Irvine and Selphie have formed a close bond, initiated as they were both orphans. As such, they have begun to rely on each other, and together formed a duo, agreeing to pool resources and face challenges together. As such, they are rarely separated, and where one goes, the other is sure to be there too.

    Spoiler: Statistics
    Magic Power: 440
    Physical Energy: 440

    Strength - 30
    Intellect - 41 (30%)
    Agility - 45
    Vitality - 30

    Combat Skills - 40 (+5)
    Primary Magic - 43 (B)
    Secondary Magic - 65 (A)

    (CT Bonus)

    Spoiler: Book of Spells
    • Guns Magic
      1. Tornado Shot Rank: C
      2. Spark Shot Rank: D
      3. Mud Shot Rank: D
      4. Sunlight Shot Rank: A
      5. Wide Shot Rank: B
      6. Homing Shot Rank: C
      7. Stinger Shot Rank: C
      8. Dark Shot - Fires a bullet made of Darkness. Rank: D
      9. Flame Shot - Fires a bullet made of fire. Impact location will remain on fire unless put out. Rank: D
      10. Canister Shot - Fires a shot that explodes upon impact. Rank: C
      11. Quick Shot - Fires magical bullets very rapidly, as though through a machine gun. Rank: C
      12. Armor Shot - Fires a magical round that is capable of piercing tough armor, magical or otherwise. Rank: B
      13. Hyper Shot - Fires a large, highly powerful beam of energy. Requires a short recharge before able to be used again. Rank: A
      14. Phased Shot - Fires a magical round that phases until it reaches it's target, allowing it to be used to attack targets behind cover. Irvine uses this mainly in conjunction with his Heaven's Eye magic. Rank: B
      15. Bounce Shot - Fires a magical bullet that can bounce once, twice, or three times, depending on what the user decides. Rank: D
      16. Water Shot - Fires a concentrated torrent of water at the opponent at high speed. Can also be widened to flood an area. Rank: A
      17. Bubble Shot - Fires multiple slow moving bubbles that float through the air. Touching a bubble causes it to violently burst. Rank: C
      18. Stun Shot - Fires a magical round that, while doing no damage, paralyzes the area around impact on an opponent. RanK: C
      19. Magic Shot - A basic magic round. Strong, but nothing special. Rank: C
      20. Smoke Shot - Fires a round that breaks into a cloud of darkness that sticks to the impact point. Causes little to no damage on impact, but the darkness is hard to disperse as the black cloud has no physical form. Rank: C
      21. Glue Shot - Fires a magic round that, upon impact, explodes into a splash of super adhesive goo that sticks to whatever it touches and is difficult to break free. Rank: C
      22. Delayed Shot - Appears to fire like a normal magic round, but the bullet does not immediately launch, fooling the enemy into reacting too soon. Rank: D
      23. Bomber Shot - Fires a round that appears to be a normal round, but is actually a small time bomb, that explodes after a set amount of time. Rank: B
      24. Frag Shot - Fires a magical round that, upon impact, shatters, launching small projectiles in all directions. Area of effect dependent upon power of shot. Rank: B
      25. Freeze Shot - A magic round that, upon impact, encases the impact area in a solid block of ice. Rank: D

    • Heaven's Eye
      1. 5 Meters - Rank: D
      2. 10 Meters - Rank: C
      3. 20 Meters - Rank: B
      4. 40 Meters - Rank: A
      5. 80 Meters - Rank: S

    Spoiler: Skills
    • Combat Training; Tier 3 - The user has specific combat training in a un-armed or armed way of fighting. Heightened skill increases ones capabilities and effectiveness when utilizing their training.
    • Meditation; Tier 5 - The user assumes a meditative pose, and concentrates on clearing their mind and resting their body. While doing so, they can take no actions, as their mind is completely focused on meditating. While meditating, a small portion of MP/PE is gained every turn that is spent meditating.
      Spoiler: Meditating Effects
      • Tier 1 - 25 MP/PE gained per turn.
      • Tier 2 - 20 MP/PE gained per turn.
      • Tier 3 - 15 MP/PE gained per turn.
      • Tier 4 - 10 MP/PE gained per turn.
      • Tier 5 - 5 MP/PE gained per turn.

    Spoiler: Miscellaneous
    Spoiler: Items
    Valiant - Irvine's weapon. It's a Mare's Leg, or a lever action rifle with a shortened barrel and stock. The appearance is similar to a Winchester Model 1892. It is through this weapon that Irvine utilizes his Guns Magic.

    Spoiler: Potion Pouch
    Current Capacity = 2

    • 2x Tier 4 MP Recovery Potion

    Spoiler: The Damsel
    Spoiler: Biography

    Selphie is childish, upbeat, clumsy, and hyperactive, always looking to have fun. She carries out orders in her characteristically friendly manner and never backs down from a challenge, even if she does not always think it all the way through. It may be that her cheerfulness is born of desperation, out of a fear of acknowledging unhappiness, a trait caused by being an orphan. Because of this, she always tries to keep everyone's spirits up, no matter how grave the situation. Her humor can occasionally be a bit dark.


    Selphie was born in a village to the North that was destroyed by a demon when she was barely a few months old, leaving her an orphan. She was taken by survivors, who moved to another village, where she was placed in an orphanage. The orphanage was small, and she was only one of a small handful of other children. As such, she considered the owner to be like a parent and the other children to be her siblings. As she began to treat it like that, the others began to warm up to it, and soon the orphanage felt like a less bleak place. When she was close to reaching her teens, one of the other orphans, who was much older than her, took her along with several others who were survivors to the ruins of their old village, to pay their respects to the fallen. While there, Selphie went poking through the old burnt out buildings and found a golden key. The key was a Celestial Key belonging to the spirit Capricorn, whom she inadvertently summoned, exhausting all of her strength in doing so. The villagers noticed she was missing and went looking for her, only for Capricorn to come walking out with her in his arms, sleeping. Over the next few years, Capricorn coached her on her newfound magic, and soon she left the village to explore the world, hoping to find more Celestial spirits, and to find clues as to what demon had attacked her village, and what happened to it.


    Irvine Kinneas - Despite only recently meeting him, Selphie and Irvine have formed a close bond, initiated as they were both orphans. As such, they have begun to rely on each other, and together formed a duo, agreeing to pool resources and face challenges together. As such, they are rarely separated, and where one goes, the other is sure to be there too.

    Capricorn - Selphie met Capricorn when she was very young, and it was because of him that she realzised her power as a Celestial Mage. Despite him being a Celestial Spirit and her his summoner, Selphie views him as a very important person in her life, and affectionately calls him "Uncle Capri".

    Spoiler: Statistics
    Magic Power: 300
    Physical Energy: 300

    Strength - 15
    Intellect - 65 (40%)
    Agility - 40
    Vitality - 20

    Combat Skills - 25
    Primary Magic - 80 (A)

    Spoiler: Key Ring
    • Gold Keys
      1. Capricorn
    • Silver Keys
      1. Caelum
      2. Cactuar - Cactuars are sentient plant-like creatures that appear as little cacti, typically having stiff arms and legs, two eyes, and three reddish quills at the top of their heads. They have their own language, mostly consisting of variations of the word "Ge-ka", which resemble squeaks and warbles to the ear. While typically cowardly in personality, they can fight by launching hundreds of needles from their bodies at their foe(s). They are prevalent in arid regions, living regularly in deserts, and are considered a great beginner type summon for Celestial Mages from those areas. (Key Type: Common)
      3. Moomba - Generally benign, Moombas possess red fur-covered bodies. Standing at about a meter in height, they get around via running or walking on all fours, but can stand on their hind legs when stationary. Their paws are oversized in comparison to their bodies, with each possessing sharp claws which, coupled with sharp teeth, can be used for defense. Despite their appearance, they are quite intelligent, able to understand human language. They are unable to speak human language as a whole, but can be taught to speak individual words, thus Moombas mainly use expressive body language to convey their meaning to humans. They are able to be summoned by Celestial Mages, but their keys aren't that common. (Key Type: Uncommon)

    Spoiler: Skills
    • Knitting; Tier 5 - The user gains the ability and knowledge of making magic clothing of which can give specific effects for the wearer depending on what the user implemented. Such effects can be fire resistance, magical protection, flight and more.
    • Apothecary; Tier 4 - The user is given the ability and knowledge of potion creation, allowing the user to create potions to restore Vitality, Magic Power, Physical energy, and even heal wounds.

    Spoiler: Miscellaneous
    Spoiler: Potion Pouch
    Current Capacity = 2

    • 2x Tier 4 MP Recovery Potion

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    Name: Lilith "Lily" Faye
    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Class: A-Class
    Magic: Sky Dragon Slayer
    Age: 20
    Guild: Bracer
    Guild Mark: Lower Right Stomach
    Likes: Music, sour foods.
    Dislikes: Jerks, bitter foods.

    Lily's personality can be described with one word; bubbly. She is very energetic and cheerful. Despite what impressions one may get upon seeing her choice of weapon. She is very respectful, and does her best to avoid offending anyone.

    Name: Koro
    Gender: Male
    Fur Color: White

    Statistics and Magic:

    Level: 70
    Strength: 100
    Intellect: 41
    Agility: 100
    Vitality: 82

    Primary Magic: 100
    Hand to Hand Combat: 81*
    Magic Reserves: Superior

    *Enhanced by Combat Training

    Strength Perk: Incredible Strength
    Intellect Perk: Greater Ethernano Control
    Agility Perk: Extreme Speed
    Vitality Perk: Superior Fire Resistance
    1st Tier Combat Training
    1st Tier Stealth

    Book of Spells:

    Sky Dragon Slayer, Spellbook:
    D Rank:
    • Troia~ The user generates a sphere of energy between their hands and then touches the target with it, affecting their sense of balance. In spite of its long-lasting properties, the spell's effect is only temporary, and, if cast continuously, it will become useless.
    • Sky Dragon's Roar~ After taking a moment to inhale some magic power, Lucia lets out a powerful whirlwind from her mouth. The spell has a surprising amount of power behind it.

    C Rank:
    • Vernier~ A supportive spell that, by chanting out an incantation, allows the user to temporarily enhance the targets' movement speed by surrounding them with Magical Auras. When cast, the target, and/or user, is able to hover around at their own discretion within said magical aura. It can be employed upon multiple allies, and also on the caster themselves, This spell can also be cast alongside both Arms and Armor.
    • Arms~ After reciting an enchantment and generating a flat, elongated oval mass of Magic before their hands, the user surrounds the target in a quavering magical aura, enhancing their offensive power for a certain period of time. It can be used on multiple allies at once, including the caster, and can also be used in conjunction with other supportive spells simultaneously, such as Vernier, and Armor.
    • Armor~ The user chants "Armor", which grants either the caster, or the target, enhanced defenses for a unspecified amount of time. The spell can be cast in conjunction with Arms and Vernier.
    • Raise~ A supportive spell that allows the user to negate any spell that has an effect on their, or the target's, body. This spell can be cast on multiple targets.
    • Re-Raise~ Re-raise is a supportive spell that allows the user to prevent any bodily anomalies inflicted unto them from taking effect.
    • Sky Dragon's Wing Attack~ The user generates a large whirlwind from each of their arms, which twists and rotates to attack the targets in the surrounding area. In X792, Wendy uses this attack as a shape of feathered wings.
    • Sky Dragon's Claw~ The user generates large winds from their feet while swinging their leg down on the target.

    B Rank:
    • Ile Vernier~ By chanting "Ile Vernier", the user doubles the speed-increasing effects of the original Vernier spell.
    • Ile Arms~ By chanting "Ile Arms", the user doubles the offence-increasing effects of the original Arms spell.
    • Ile Armor~ By chanting "Ile Armor", the user doubles the defense-increasing effects of the original Armor spell.
    • Sky Dragon's Crushing Fang~ The user cloaks one of their hands in a whirlwind and strikes the target with their fingertips, leaving behind a trail of wind.

    A Rank:
    • Healing Spell~ Sky Dragon Slayers are able to utilize powerful healing Magic, a Magic previously believed to be long -lost. Such power has been described as being capable of healing injuries inflicted by a real Dragon. he user's power is capable of manipulating clean air, to perform various feats, such as draining poison from an infected victim. By using a lot of energy, the user can even revive people that are in a near-death state. With the use of this Magic, the user is also capable of restoring the body internally and externally including a patient's fatigue and body stress. However, it has also been noted that the user cannot heal their own injuries.
    • Deus Corona~ By chanting "Elemental resistances rise!", the user is able to temporarily increase their defensive capabilities quite significantly. However, against powerful enough attacks, the resistances added onto the user can be broken through.
    • Deus Eques~ By chanting "Physical ability rise!", the user is able to temporarily increase their general physical capabilities.
    • Sky Dragon's Wave Wind~ The user swings their hand and subsequently generates a large and very powerful tornado.

    S Rank:
    • Shattering Light: Sky Drill~ The user moves into a wide stance, spreading their arms wide and causing a fast wind barrier to form, which surrounds them and their opponent and prevents either from escaping. The user then moves their arms in a counter-clockwise direction, causing the wind wall to contract inwards around their opposition, sending them flying upwards into the air and crashing back down to the ground.

    SS Rank:
    • Shattering Light: Terminus Sky~ The pinnacle of Lily's Sky Dragon Slayer Magic. After only a brief moment of gathering up power, the air in the immediate vicinity of her disappears. It is being used to fuel her attack, to make it even stronger. Lily herself doesn't like using this spell for that reason. As the lack of air hurts her allies as much as it hurts her enemies. After the air disappears, a moment later it returns, but still not freely flowing through out the land. Instead, it is focused to a single point. A highly compressed sphere, no bigger than that of a golf ball. The small sphere of air begins to get surrounded by Lily's magic, creating an outer layer of air, and allowing it to be more easily controlled by Lily. The spell itself does not look powerful, but it is, in fact, the strongest spell Lily has. Once the sphere has been formed and surrounded by the wind created by her magic, it is propelled towards her opponent. While traveling, Lily has free control over it, and it is extremely fast. Making it extremely difficult to dodge, if at all. Once the sphere reaches her opponent, they are first pierced by the wind formed by her magic. Once the sphere of compressed air reaches them, they are hit with a sudden force equivalent to that of a house sized bowling ball. Likely rendering whatever area they were hit flattened and destroyed.


    Lucia Estelle-
    Lily and Lucia became fast friends. Lily has a strong attachment to Lucia. Perhaps even a little bit of envious about her magic. To have a magic that reflects how beautiful she is. She is also very protective of her. Bordering on overprotective.
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    Basic Information

    Name: Flay Gunnar
    Alias: N/A
    Gender: Male
    Class: D-Class
    Magic: Ice-Make
    Age: 19
    Height: 179cm
    Weight: 59kg

    In Depth Information

    Personality: Flay is a very unpredictable young man who likes to use his strength to solve everything and appreciates a good fight. He easily described himself as vulgar, savage and a hopeless hedonist. He only participates in things that are deemed interesting to him. Despite his outer appearance and frivolous personality, Flay is surprisingly highly intelligent. He mostly spends his time in a library reading when there is nothing going on. He is also shown to be a forgiving person so long as the guilty party is conscious of what they have done and show guilt while being forthright about it. Though, this might just be attributed to his hedonism and his lack of interest in anything not interesting. Flay's arrogance does not falter but he knows when to back down in a fight. In the end, Flay is the type to follow his own rules and morals. His constant search for enjoyment is seen as problem-causing, but the charisma he wields is enough to draw people to him. His only rule and main goal in Bracer is "to have fun."

    History: Coming Soon.

    Statistics and Abilities

    Strength: 41
    Agility: 41
    Vitality: 30
    Intelligence: 26
    Ice-Make: 41
    Hand to Hand: 41

    Book of Spells


    • Ice-Make: Lance - The user puts their fist over their palm and creates multiple lances made of ice that they direct towards their target and use to impale them.

    • Ice-Make: Shield - The user creates a large shield in front of them that shields everything behind it.

    • Ice-Make: Arrows - After first crafting a bow from ice, the caster forms multiple arrows from both their hands and fires them at high speed towards the opponent.

    • Ice-Make: Super Freeze Arrow - Using Ice-Make: Ice Geyser, the user can reach to a high point to shoot their arrow. After the shot, the speed of arrow increases with gravity and air pressure, grievously wounding the enemy.

    • Ice-Make: Battle Axe - he user molds an axe from ice for the purpose of melee combat.

    • Ice-Make: Ice Geyser - The user uses both hands to freeze the ground in front of them, and creates a single tower of ice spikes that impales the opponents. Without freezing the ground, the user cast the spell with both hands in different sides, thus, making tower of ice spikes in a curve-formation in front of them.

    • Ice-Make: Ice Cannon - The user creates a large, long-barreled cannon made of ice, capable of firing cannonballs, made of ice as well, to deal massive amounts of damage to the target.

    • Ice-Make: Prison - The user creates a large rectangular cage out of ice.

    • Ice-Make: Clone - The user creates a copy of themselves made out of ice. This spell can be used to avoid attacks or to create a distraction for a surprise attack.

    • Ice-Make: Gungnir - The user traps the target in the tip of a gigantic lance and launches it upwards. Alternatively, the user can also hide an ally inside the ice of the lance.

    • Ice-Make: Knuckle - The user creates several fists, made out of ice, that strike the target from below.

    • Ice-Make: Saucer - The user creates a giant spinning ice disk, which possesses cutting power equivalent to a buzzsaw, and launches it at their target.

    • Ice-Make: Cold Excalibur - The caster forms an extremely large broadsword out of ice for melee combat. The weapon is sharp and durable, similar to metal, and its slashes are capable of trailing large amounts of ice in its wake, which can damage the opponent.

    • Ice-Make: Cannon - The user crafts a small, ornate cannon from ice, with which they can use nearby rubble as ammunition to fire against their target; multiple cannons can be created and fired simultaneously.


    Coming Soon.
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    Spoiler: --GENERAL INFO--
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Curse Thorn Magic
    Rank: D-Class
    Level: 30
    Spoiler: --Appearance--
    Spoiler: --STATS--
    Magic Power: 200
    Physical Energy: 200

    Strength: 26
    Intellect: 26
    Agility: 27
    Vitality: 26

    Hand-To-Hand: 25
    Armed Combat: 30
    Crest Magic: 50
    Spoiler: Crest Magic
    01-Crest: Fly
    This crest forms on the users back and allows them to fly while it is active, the speed they can move in the air is the same as when they run so they can "sprint" short distances or fly at a moderate speed for farther ones.(I'm guessing after casting there will be a maintenance cost)

    02-Crest: Flame
    The user can form this crest on them self or on an object 3 feet of their body then form a flame at the center of the crest, the flame is only about as big as a fist but it is good for starting a fire or if you have it in your hand hitting someone in the face and the crest can form as far as 3 feet away from his body or like I said he can form it on his body the crest cannot be put on a living being other then yourself.

    03-Crest: Bullet
    The user forms this crest in their hand and points it at the enemy, they can then fire a ball of energy at a target which will strike with the same force as a punch.

    04-Crest: Illusion
    The user forms this crest in the air, once activated this crest is surrounded by a visual illusion of the users choice but cannot be any bigger then an adult man nor much more complex then that, if you want it more complex you'd probably need to do so in a smaller area so the smaller the illusion the more complex it can be, also you need to be able to see where the illusion is being cast.

    05-Crest: Guard
    This crest is formed around 1 part of the caster's body and has a diameter of 2 feet, the crest will block attacks directed at the user and will move with the part of the body it is attached to, other body parts are not protected.

    06-Crest: Pierce
    This crest forms an one of the casters limbs or on a weapon their using, causing it to glow and then the next damage done with the effected will be infused with piercing magic.

    07-Crest: Boost
    This crest forms on the users forehead and temporarily boosts their physical abilities, the amount depends on the amount of magic used. +5

    -Crest: ??

    09-Crest: ??

    10-Crest: Thorn
    This crest can form on the floor, walls, or ceiling and when active it launches a thick vine with thorns at the target that can either be used to stab/cut or bind the target, the vines have no supernatural strength and have the same hardness as any 2 inch thick vine.

    --Dual Cast--
    Flame Bullet
    Crest: Flame+Crest: Bullet
    Similar to the normal bullet but this one is augmented by fire and will do more damage and burn target.
    Solid Illusion
    Crest: Bullet+Crest: Illusion
    The user can create a solid illusion, the illusion does not have great physical ability but can be used in combat or to better fool enemies.
    Crest: Flight+Crest: Guard
    This is placed where the caster and an object are touching the object and the caster cannot be separated allowing the user to keep their footing or keep hold of an important object.

    --Triple Cast--
    Trick Bomb
    Crest: Flame+Crest: Bullet+Crest: Illusion
    The three spells are mixed to create a non solid illusion that the caster can detonate at any time.
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    Personal information

    Name : Dorian De Spell
    Age : Unknown
    Rank : D-rank mage
    Affiliation : N/A
    Magic : Light Magic
    Level : 30

    Points : 30 x 7 = 210

    Strength : 20
    Intellect : 40
    Agility : 50
    Vitality : 40
    Primary Magic : 60

    Magic Power : 200
    Physical Energy : 200

    Personality & History

    Spoiler: Appearance


    An adventurous lad with a knack for adventure, Dorian can find fun in pretty much anything; given that there's treasure involved. Ever since he can remember, he was focussed on one thing: getting rich and this is reflected in every part of his life. He has no allegiance to a guild, due to the simple reason that he'd have to turn in part of the money.



    Light Magic

    Spoiler: Magic spells

    Light Blast - D
    User fires a single concussive blast of light from the palm of their hand.
    Light Barrier - C
    The user forms a square wall of light before them, shielding them from attacks. With enough force, the barriers scatters.
    Light Snake - D
    A curving blast of fire that follows the target until it hits them or something else.
    Blinding Flash - D
    The user surrounds himself with a blinding light to blind attackers momentarily
    Light Boost - C
    Using his light magic, Dorian can propel himself forth at amazing speed. Only for short bursts and can only be used once every few turns (needs guidelines)
    Rain of light - B
    From both extended palms, the user fires multiple rays of Light Magic towards the target.
    Light Mines - B
    Spheres of light magic hover through the air surrounding the user. Coming into contact with these spheres results in an explosion.

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    -Name: Amaya Moriku
    -Alias: May
    -Class: A-Class
    -Magic: Fire and Wind
    -Age: 25
    -Weight: 135
    -Level: 66
    -Guild Mark: right side, along her ribs
    -Likes: Tea, Sweets, sleeping, cakes, candy, manga
    -Dislikes: Rude people, green foods, arguing, killing
    Personality:Amaya is a very outgoing person, she has a serious side but tends to only show it once she is forced to work.She is usually the crazy acting one in a group and tries to have fun with everything she does. She usually treads doing work and would much rather sleep or play. Though when it comes to protecting her friends or anyone close to her she will stop at nothing to see them safe and out of harms way.

    History:Amaya doesnt really talk about her past and hasn't opened up to anyone about it, she even refuses to write it down because in her mind its too painful. All she well tell people is that her past was tragic and needs to be forgotten thus it started her down the path to becoming a great mage and prevent what happened to her from ever happening again. She had a natural drawing to fire and learned basic skills quickly though she does have trouble sustaining some spells she tends to enjoy the ability to summon small flames into her hand and play with them. After years of working with fire she decided she wanted to take on a second magic and began her training in wind magic. though this magic is more difficult for her to learn she has begun to catch on and has learned how to work these two magics together. Ayama also has a tattoo of a dragon that stretches along her right rib cage and around to her stomach slightly.

    (Level 66 x 7 = 462

    Magic Power: 550
    Physical Energy: 550

    Intellect: 65
    Agility: 80
    Vitality: 50

    Hand to Hand:0
    Armed Combat: 60
    Primary Magic:72
    Secondary Magic:70
    Oni Magic:30

    Book of Spells

    Primary magic: Fire
    Secondary Magic: Wind

    Passive abilities:
    Amaya's body stays at a higher temp than normal and she is always warm to the touch due to her use of fire magic.

    Increased sight and hearing-Amaya also has an increased sense of hearing as well as sight in low light conditions due to her changing.

    Mental Link- can communicate telepathically with any person that has Oni magic,has to be received from Alvaro
    List of spells:
    D-Ranked spells:
    Flame Slash:
    the user collects flames around their sword and then attacks the target by swinging the blade creating an arc of flames the flies towards her enemy.The angle can vary depending on how the sword is swung.

    Firebolt: caster sends a small fire projectile at the enemy it does minimal damage and is mainly used to distract or startle enemies

    Wind scythe: Forms a arc of wind in the shape of a blade that flies towards the enemy, it can cut through most things as if it where a real blade but cannot cut through iron or most thick metals since it is only wind.

    Storm Shred(D)

    C-Ranked spells:

    Fire wall:
    Allows the caster to creat a wall in front of her shielding her from most projectiles and can burn enemies if they come into contact with it.

    Fire arrows: caster summons three flame like arrows that hover over her head allowing her to cast these in an direction or at any target at will. She has to see the target for her to send them towards them though.

    Magic Wind Palm(C)
    B-Ranked spells:

    Fire Bullet:
    The user releases a large, bullet-like stream of fire towards the target.This is a short range spell and only reaches out at a max up to 50 ft, trying to over extend this spell can cause serious burns to the users hands and even become unstable and explode harming everyone around also has a constant diameter of 5ft and this cannot be altered by the caster

    A-Ranked spells

    Fire tornado: a combination of wind and fire in which the caster makes a tornado imbued with fire that sucks enemies in burning them greatly it can also be used to throw enemies away from her .This can only be sustained for a short amount of time and only reaches a height of 30 ft at her current state.

    Wind Wall (A)

    Storm Mail(A)

    Emera Baram(A)


    Magic Trap-0
    Magic Seal-1
    Combat Training-3


    Current sword:
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