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    Basic Info
    Name: Alexius Myron
    Alias: "Cobra", "Hikage" "Rude Princess"
    Gender: Female
    Class: B-Class
    Magic: Djinn Equip
    Age: 24
    Height: 5'4
    Weight: 120 lbs
    Level: 56
    Guild: None
    Likes: Suggestive Innuendo, sweets, adventures, Powerful people, Adorable things
    Dislikes: People who over-step boundaries

    In Depth Information

    Soujiis a mischievous and smart mouthed girl who enjoys the thrill of an intense fight whether she is participating or spectating. She completely disregards her status as a "Princess" when it comes to her mannerisms. Being often foul mouthed, making suggestive statements and sometimes lewd actions. Although one of her biggest pet peeves is people who over-step their boundaries physically with her, ironically she has the habit of breaching the boundaries of others from her desire or simple curiosity.

    Soujiis often open minded, willing to hear the words of others before acting, it is for this reason she is noted to have a good level of tactical ability from her sister although her approaches are usually direct. Souji has an emotional affinity for powerful people who can get her blood pumping. This opened the gateway of her preferences, fully acknowledging and accepting she is attracted to both male and females, with her main preference being female due to their generally better facial and physical appearance surpassing most men regularly. However, she does show little interest in many men she has came across whether they are just unattractive or too weak to impress her. A book she read as a child of a Heroin helped invoke her obsession with powerful people. The heroin of the story refusing to lay with anyone who could not match her power as a strong warrior. For that principle she hates for people to touch her, feeling that if they aren't worthy they shouldn't have to chance to lay a hand on her. However she allows those who she likes to at least touch her so long as its a general area like an arm or a leg. The last unworthy who brushed against her breasts was hospitalized with many broken bones, forcing him to be a vegetable for the rest of his lifetime
    [IMG]Alexius Myron, born into a middle class family of Deserio. Once her parents were unable to pay off a debt, they took Alexius away as an infant for compensation as a slave. Sold on the market to a rich noble. It was later found out he was a small time wizard, barely able to even use a spell yet he was in affiliation with a secret society of assassins, funding their operations himself. Jealous of their skill and ability to protect, the noble had a friend inside the secret society who he paid to teach the young girl once she became 5 years old. As planned such did occur and so began the life of assassination. Not knowing her name to begin with, she was given a new one, "Hikage"

    At the age of 18, Alexius rested in her sell as a slave, awaiting for her next assassination, it being the only way she ever got to see the outside world. One night she was summoned by her master to his study. During the moonlight shining through the corridor windows, she made her way to her master but was stopped by a man she knew as one of the secret society, Exodus, top assassins. Unexpectedly he attempted to force himself on Alexius but she managed to stab him and get away. Later that night she was beaten for her actions.

    She grew tired of this life, a slaves life. In a flood of emotions she murdered her own master that night and forever escaped. Due to Alexius killing their business partner. Exodus has made several attempts on her life. During the same year, she had ran into exodus operatives, each time she barely escaped with her life. One day being found unconscious and wounded by a nice couple who nursed her back to health. Once learning of her life so far, the couple felt bad and worried for her safety and adopted her into their family. Later finding out they were the King and Queen of the Kingdom of Tranquility. Befriending their daughter, the two rapidly grew to love one another as if they were sisters by blood. Alexius being the older one she often protected her sister. At 22, their parents had passed due to an illness, leaving their daughters to rule the kingdom. Since she was older, the advisers recommended she take the throne, a shared opinion with her sister Leila. Days Before the coronation, she was found unconscious in her room and never woke up although she remained breathing and the maids took care of her body. After many studies it was revealed that something she had drank lead the body to react to Thought Projection Magic, in turn splitting part of her personality into a new body with little memory of her former life.


    Strength: 31
    Intellect: 21
    Agility: 87
    Vitality: 61

    Hand to Hand: 41
    Armed Combat: 61
    Djinn Equip: 100

    Book of Spells

    The Djinn of Advancement. Alexiu's most used Djinn. When equipped, Alexius receives feline, ears and an eyepatch which seems like some form of magical advancement. It also allows her to equip various advanced items to aid her in many different situations.

    The Djinn of Sorrow and Isolation. Vinea is a water Djinn. She uses her Djinn to summon and control water. When she first summoned it, it appears as a water snake while surrounding her with a "Water Membrane"


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    Basic Info

    Name: Azoth
    Alias: God Hand
    Gender: Male
    Class: D-Class
    Magic: Nullification
    Age: 21
    Height: 6’0”
    Weight: 157lbs
    Guild: N/A (Possibly Nightingale?)
    Likes: A good fist fight, alcohol and women.
    Dislikes: Pansy magicians who can’t deal with a good fight.

    In Depth Information
    Personality: Azoth has a general dislike for those who use magic but absolute hatred for those who abuse it. He can however make exceptions from his general dislike for beautiful ladies, though depending on their personality depend on how long the exception lasts. He can be quick to get into a fist fight. Azoth doesn’t realise he is using magic as the nullification magic is used subconsciously.

    History: Azoth grew up in a desert city away from a lot of other society. There wizards ruled the city and lived like lords, those without magic were merely slaves. Azoth’s mother had died when he was still rather young and growing up he went through all kinds of harsh punishments, usually for no reason. All the slaves usually ignored what happened to each other, Azoth wasn’t an exception until one day.

    There was a particular girl he had been quite fond of and she was about to be dragged off to the ‘master’s’ bedroom when Azoth decided he’d had enough and ran forward punching the wizard right in the face. All the slaves nearby that had seen it were horrified, that particular wizard was always treating the slaves worse than any of the other and tended to punish those around any ‘problem-makers’ however when the wizard used magic to attack Azoth everyone was surprised when the spell hit and nothing happened. Believing him to have been blessed with a greater power Azoth went and beat the crap out of the wizard and quickly set about freeing those slaves. He knew though that he couldn’t possibly set the whole city free with his current level of power, so he went off to the rest of the world to train and become stronger. From there he had learnt many things and found that the best way to become stronger would be through a mage guild.

    Statistics & Abilities
    Level: 30
    Total Stat Points: 210

    Strength: 60
    Intellect: 41
    Agility: 31
    Vitality: 37

    Hand-to-Hand: 0
    Primary Magic: 41

    Magic Power: 200
    Physical Power: 200

    Book of Spells
    Nullification Magic
    The cost for nulling a spell is the cost for casting a spell one rank lower. Eg, to null a B-rank spell would equal the cost of casting a C-rank spell.
    Azoth's magic activates subconciously causing him to nullify any spell that would come in contact with him, whether he intended to or not.

    Weapons & Items
    Weapons: N/A
    Items: Boombox

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    Gallant Wolves NPCs

    Maven Wayne
    Professional Information
    Name: Maven Wayne
    Alias: Mav
    Rank: A- Class Mage
    Primary Magic(s): Sword Magic
    Level: 59
    Gender: Female
    Height: 5'5
    Weight: 117lb
    Age: 19
    Affiliations: Gallant Wolves
    Guild Mark: Right Back Hand
    Likes: Adventure, Curry, Challenges, Guild Master
    Dislikes: Dark Guilds, Broccoli


    Maven is an adventurous young man who desires to be the greatest wizard in Fiore. He aims for the title of Wizard Saint. Maven can be intelligent, but most of the time he is a fun loving goof around the guild. He seems to be carefree when it comes to his friends and doesn't really take things seriously unless in combat. He finds it thrilling to be in battle and to show he is the better of the competition going on. He hopes to one day be more famous than Suyin boasts about herself.

    Gallant Wolves

    "Pierce Through The Darkness And Bite it's Heart Out!" Suyin Dumbledore on Creation Day of Gallant Wolves

    The guild, "Gallant Wolves" was created after Suyin Dumbledore returned to Fiore from Deserio. It's first guild master, Suyin Dumbledore, is one of the more known Witches in Fiore and around the world. Her reputation with the Sorcerer's Magazine places her as one of the "Hottest Wtiches" they have the chance to work with. Her fan base draws many to the guild's home in Magnolia Town, which previously held the old guild, Fairy Tail. The guild master is high strong, passionate and finds many things to send her guildmates to do. She also proclaims this guild to be the protector of Fiore, and establishes it's law to vanquish Dark Wizards and keep the peace in the world. This guild is also allowed to take quests and jobs from Deserio, certain kingdoms anyways. She also seems to be picky about who joins her guild, and won't take certain kinds of mages.

    1. The Guild is one. We vanquish our enemies or we are vanquished by the enemies. But we do it together.
    2. If someone hurts a member of our guild, we all feel the pain. We repay those people tenfold.
    3. The Gallant Wolves is the strongest guild in Fiore. Make sure you let everyone know.
    4. Running away is not an option. Standing up and fighting for what you believe in is your only choice.
    5. Harming your guild mates with intentional hate will result in your permanent demise

    *Born in Crocus
    *Learns magic at 9
    *Joins Gallant Wolves at age 19

    Spell Book
    Yasha's Empty Flash - C
    Garuda Flame - B
    Mizu Wave - B
    Single Cut: Beginning - A
    Piercing Fang - C
    Short Wave - C
    Series Wave - B
    Multi Scatter Shower - S
    Single Cut: Middle - S
    Single Cut: Ending - SS



    Combat Training
    Strength - 71
    Enhanced Strength
    Enhanced Guard
    Greater Guard

    Endurance - 61
    Enhanced Vitality
    Enhanced Physical Resistance
    Greater Vitality

    Agility - 71
    Enhanced Reflexes
    Enhanced Speed
    Greater Speed

    Intellect- 41
    Enhanced Ethernano Control
    Greater Ethernano Control

    Weapon - 88 (+5)
    Primary Magic - 81

    Combat Training - 3
    Magic Awareness - 3

    Cole Locke
    Professional Information
    Name: Cole Locke
    Alias: Lock
    Rank: A- Class Mage
    Primary Magic(s): Black Magic: Animal Possession
    Level: 67
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 173lb
    Age: 23
    Affiliations: Gallant Wolves
    Guild Mark: Center of the back
    Likes: Competition, Noodles, Rize, Suyin
    Dislikes: Dark Guilds, Kids , Maven, Arata


    Lock is a cunning man who believes only the strong will survive at the end of the day. He constantly challenges Arata to fights, but never has won. It seems he's jealous of the man for being the finance to the 1st Guild Master. He is arrogant and a very unpopular with many in the guild. He tends to show superiority over other members and is seen as a jerk in the guild. Some question why the Master allowed him to join. Though Suyin believes there is more to Lock then even he understands.

    *Born in Magnolia
    *Learns magic at 6
    *Joins Light Guild at 13
    *Leaves Light Guild at 18
    *Joins Dark Guild at 18
    *Guild is forced to disbanded due to being defeated and wiped out by Gallant Wolves at 27
    *Forced to join Gallant Wolves at age 27

    Spell Book
    Animal Possession
    Bull Horn - C
    Rhino Skin - B
    Rhino Force - B
    Hawk Wings - C
    Hawk Feet - D
    Mole - D
    Whale - B
    Bear - B
    Cheetah - A
    Monkey - C
    Gorilla - A
    Dog Smell - C
    Wolverine Claws - B
    Boa Grip - B



    Combat Training
    Strength - 85
    Enhanced Strength
    Enhanced Guard
    Greater Guard
    Greater Strength

    Endurance - 82
    Enhanced Vitality
    Enhanced Physical Resistance
    Greater Vitality
    Greater Physical Resistance

    Agility - 100
    Enhanced Reflexes
    Enhanced Speed
    Greater Speed
    Greater Reflexes
    Superior Reflexes

    Intellect- 21
    Enhanced Ethernano Control

    H2H - 100 (+15)
    Primary Magic - 81

    Combat Training - 1
    Magic Awareness - 3
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    Basic Info

    Name: Lady Katherine
    Alias: Basil, Sweet Basil.
    Gender: Male
    Job: Information Broker/Informant
    Magic: N/A
    Age: 23
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 136 lbs
    Guild: N/A
    Likes: Clothes, Sake, People, Playing with swords.
    Dislikes: Party poopers

    In Depth Information

    A fierce vivacious flamboyant personality with the characteristics of male and female will keep you guessing. Basil loves a good game, a good laugh, and a good misery. His turn ons include anyone who can stand on even ground with him, toe to toe so to speak, regardless of gender.
    Basil was born and raised in a foreign country on the other side of the world, far from the four kingdoms. Raised by Yakuza merchants, Basil became widely cultured having traveled much of his life and becoming quiet knowledgeable on how the world works and what it means to survive, even on information alone. Using his natural talents and talents of those learnt from the Yakuza, Basil honed in and refined them until he had mastered the art of Information Brokering and turned it into a booming lavish business for himself. He settled down in the Kingdom of Fiore and quickly gained immunity from the Kingdom. The Kingdom feared what information he had and how he would use it and no one could tell if he was the bad guy or the good guy. Rather than risking it and making enemies of Basil the Kingdom allowed him to do as he pleases, as long as it didn’t wreak havoc on Fiore and did well to only serve Fiore.

    Book of Spells

    (The people your character has come into contact with. Explaining your characters personal thoughts and opinions about them)
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    Personal Information

    ♠ Name: Mae Rhodes
    ♠ Epithet:
    ♠ Gender: Female
    ♠ Race: Human
    ♠ Age: 22
    ♠ Height: 5' 7"
    ♠ Weight: 125 lbs
    ♠ Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic
    ♠ Affiliation: Sanctuary
    ♠ Class: B-rank
    ♠ Likes: Jasmine Tea, Hot Springs, Magic Research, Leonardo
    ♠ Dislikes: Altercations, Dark Wizards
    ♠ Personality: Strongly passionate for those around her, Mae holds her friends dear to her more than others in her guild. She believes with enough will-power and the right amount of conviction, anyone can change anything. The desire to eliminate threats of Dark Mages has brought Mae to the guild Sanctuary, where they solely have that purpose and do it legally. She spent a couple years in Deserio's kingdom, Sky, where she read from the many books in their library. She's gained knowledge of landscape, history, and people from Deserio's history, which some of their ideals stuck with her. Overtime, Mae had rid herself of being afraid all the time and running away, and now simply takes fights to the cause.

    Since her time learning how to become brave and true to herself, Mae had taken up swordsmanship, knowing she would not be able to just rely on her spirits all the time. She needed to make sure she could defend herself while also appearing to be stronger than others. Confidence grew over time and Mae departed from the Sky Kingdom of Deserio and returned to Fiore. There, Mae joins the guild Sanctuary, led by the number one wizard saint and guild ace, the second strongest of the wizard saints. The goal of purging the world of dark wizards was a true one, and it brought Mae into believing this was her true purpose. For some time, she considered joining the guild Bracer for their similar goal, however Mae recalled a run in with their leader Lucia before in the Kingdom of Tranquility. She believed Lucia would remember her and prejudge, thus took her time and decided to join Sanctuary instead.

    ♠ Knitting:
    With the level of skill in Knitting Mae has, her knitting has given her two significant effects for her clothing. The first, allowing her a resistance to pure magic attacks, water, explosions, darkness magic, etc. The second of the effects allows the clothing to keep Mae from feeling abnormal. This means if she feels ill or sick normally, she wouldn't in this clothing. If she is in a desert or snow storm, she is perfectly fine and body temperature is normal.

    ♠ History: After realizing she had the power to use magic, Mae eventually found herself in possession of a gold key, using it to summon a celestial spirit to this world. After this, Mae was fascinated with magic and studied up on all kinds of it. She ran away from home in order to accomplish this goal since her parents refused to let her do that. It didn't take too long before Mae to decide what she wanted to do. Mae wished to be a part of the Magical Studies Organization (MSO) to keep preservation and the discovery of old magic alive. But her fascination became an issue at some point. Mae was looking up dark mages, spells and rituals and this eventually caught the attention of Fiore's Rune Knights. Instead of explaining and defending herself, Mae ran, making herself look guilty without a doubt. Eventually, Mae joins with a mercenary type and was actually a member of the Six Dragon Heads Dark Mage group. Unaware of what she got herself in to, the aftermath had allowed Mae to flee once more but this time to a whole new country, Deserio.

    Inside Deserio, Mae lived inside the Kingdom of Tranquility for some time, but eventually had found herself falling for her old ways. She became fascinated and curious about the Special Knights of this kingdom and followed them a bit to observe them. But when caught, Mae again didn't explain herself but fled, making herself once more look guilty of something. Eventually she decided to assist a mage she met on her run and sneak into the Queen's castle. There, she fought with guards and the Guild Master of Bracer, Lucia. Before making her escape, Mae was brought before the Queen and allowed mercy for this one time and transported into the desert.

    Eventually Mae had come to the Kingdom of the Sky. She entered this kingdom and met with the King and Adviser whom happen to be his uncle. It was obvious that this king was young and naive to the ways of ruling, thus Mae tried her best to persuade him into seeing the error he was making along with showing the Uncle for who he really was. After failing to convince him the first time, Mae fled once more and came to the Kingdom of Merchants, where she met with the King. After helping the King out for a task, she returned to the Sky Kingdom to confront the King after the rebellion had occurred. When explaining to him his ways are too cruel and strict, he agreed to lessen them if she remained there for a time. Mae remained in the Sky Kingdom for five years, then returned to Fiore after her name is cleared.

    Once returning back home, Mae joins the guild Sanctuary, for their goal of eliminating dark wizards and all dark spells from existence. In her time studying, Mae eventually gave up the idea of protecting all magic, and came to the conclusion that some magic is better off forgotten.

    Character Statistics
    Level 51 x 7 = 357

    ♠ Strength: 15
    ♠ Agility: 61
    • Enhanced Speed

    • Greater Flexibility

    ♠ Durability: 41 | 51
    • Greater Vitality

    ♠ Intellect: 81
    • Incredible Ethernano Control

    ♠ Weapon Mastery: 39
    ♠ Primary Magic: 120
    ♠ Combat Training - 5th Tier
    ♠ Knitting - 3rd Tier

    Celestial Spirits


    Alan Possess the ability to stretch like a rubber substance, allowing physical & weak magics to bounce off him. He also possess the ability to let others bounce on him, making him like a trampoline. He can expand himself as large as Mae but he normally is only up to her ankles.
    Strength: 41
    Vitality: 100
    Speed: 0
    Intellect: 32(30%)

    Primary: 100


    Read here
    Strength: 0
    Vitality: 100
    Speed: 100
    Intellect: 73(40%)
    Primary: Doesn't have one?


    Wafflebot is a supernatural powered machine capable of sending a very hot liquid syrup at the enemy, hot enough to burn through chains. It also has the ability to send a very long mat like metal plate out of its body, while the end of it acts like a toaster. It can also burn the enemy greatly or make waffles very tasty.
    Primary: 100

    Gold Keys:


    Read Here


    Read Here
    Hand to hand-50


    Read Here
    Strength- 50
    Vitality- 60
    Speed- 100
    Intellect- 20
    Magic- 100
    Hand to hand- 90


    Read Here
    Strength- 100
    Vitality- 100
    Agility- 100
    Intellect- 55

    Axe- 100


    Read Here
    Strength - 50
    Vitality - 70
    Agility - 100
    Intellect - 100

    Gravity Change - 100

    Star Dress

    Virgo Form

    Read Here

    Aquarius Form

    Read Here

    Leo Form

    Read Here

    Taurus Form

    Read Here

    Libra Form
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    The Ruins of Morytha

    Spoiler: Image

    Legends tell of a great metropolis. A fantastic city that pushed the boundaries of art and science. A technological marvel to behold. This once great land of a bygone age is the Island of Morytha. None alive today have ever set foot in this once great city. It is said that centuries ago Morytha became consumed by its own hubris. This civilization was devoured by the sea. Fables tell that this metropolis still rests deep beneath the ocean, holding fantastic treasures and long forgotten knowledge. These days, most consider the tale of Morytha to be just that, a story told to children to stir their imagination.

    Despite being told it was a fool's errand, there were many who still sought to unravel the mystery of Morytha. This is the story of one such man. Doctor Phineas Maxwell was a brilliant archaeologist. He had been credited with many fantastic finds, but none of them meant anything. His real prize, the holy grail he sought was Morytha. After years of searching, the good doctor finally found his tip. A small slab of metal that got caught up in the nets of some fishermen. It was old and covered in algae, but one curious thing could be seen upon its surface. A branding with the word "Morytha" written upon it.

    Doctor Phineas Maxwell set to work immediately. He ran numbers and simulations. He hired divers to scour the area that the fisherman had found this nugget of history. He would pour every cent he owned into his life's passion. He needed a crew. Conventional means would not suffice. Dr. Maxwell would organize the greatest expedition mankind had ever seen. The call was put forth to people around the world. Promises of great riches and long forgotten knowledge were made. This would be the pursuit of The Ruins of Morytha.

    To Join
    - Five people will be allowed on the expedition
    - One character per player.
    - Post their name, faction, and a link to their approved bio.
    - Finally, the character must have some reason why they are being picked for this expedition. A skill or knowledge they have that makes them valuable. Get creative.

    - Don't be a dick.
    - Post three days (by the hour, so help me) after my most recent edit of my post. Either check above my avatar or below my post's text.
    - If you do not post before me in three days (or after,) you are either booted or something terrible will automatically happen to your character.
    ---> If the terrible thing is too much for you to handle, you can voluntarily boot yourself.
    ---> EX: It is day four, you haven't posted yet. I react to your character. They are now being eaten alive by fungus that was attacking them prior,
    but your lack of prompt posting speed incurred the terrible. You post. You forget, again, to post in four days after that. The fungus is back, and it has permanently taken your foot. You either keep with the campaign without a foot, or you drop, no longer wasting either of our times with your schedule.
    ---> I understand schedules can be ****ed up. Let me know ahead of time. Otherwise, you are not prepared, and I can't be lagged down by my commitment to all players.
    - In the event a player gets booted, drops, or what have you, and the player count is three or less, a reshuffle can occur and new players can join.
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    Name: Alice
    Spoiler: Appearance

    Class: D-Class
    Primary Magic: Alchemy Summoning
    Secondary Magic: Physical Fortification.
    Age: 11
    Height: 4'5"
    Weight: 80 lbs
    Guild: Currently N/A
    Likes: She's a child. So the normal stuff. Good food, good friends. Also a complete momma's girl. Likes cats and hats.
    Dislikes: Losing. Ever.

    Personality: Alice is bright and young, scholarly yet energetic. She has an inquisitive mind and adventurous spirit. Alice seeks to follow in her Mother's steps and become the strongest, though her physical capabilities are rather concerning in the matter. As such, she has to rely on her magically created allies, and if you ever point out that SHE'S not actually the one fighting, well...

    History: There isn't much to tell. Alice is the daughter of a madwoman. This madwoman travelled the lands, perfecting her magic and physical techniques to seek absolute strength and absolute dominance. She was tender towards Alice, but never showed much priority towards her upbringing. The attitude was something like ‘it’s fine enough if she just follows me, right?' However, for the first time ever her mother suffered a loss. In turn, the mother sought to go on solitary training by herself. Whether it was because she found Alice was a hindrance, or was worried for her safety, the mother dumped the child at the age of 5.

    Well, Alice was capable enough. And as often children do, they idolize their parents. Rather than being spurned by her callous mother, Alice chased after her.

    Level 30
    210 Stat Points
    2 Skill Points
    200 Magical Power
    200 Physical Energy

    Strength: 10
    Intellect: 100
    Agility: 10
    Vitality: 10

    Alchemy Summoning: 50
    High Speed: 30

    Spoiler: Alchemy Summoning Explained

    Alchemy Summoning requires a Vessel, Blueprints, and a Catalyst. Finished creations are called Soldiers. Soldiers can be summoned using Vessels. Each summon doesn't have a specific cost, and is as powerful as the magic power put into it.

    Vessels are tools used to summon the finished product, the Soldier. These relate to the summoned or their catalyst. A dagger that summons someone who uses a dagger, a rabbit's foot that summons the entire, rabbit, etc. In case of a Vessel summoning based on Catalyst, it would be like using a lantern to summon a flame-user.

    Catalysts are used in the making of the product and determine the powers the Soldier will be able to use, such as a magical fire stone to give fire powers. For new summons, Catalysts will need to be approved with the character, and Catalysts still need to found in RP.

    Blueprints are used in the making of the product and determine the Soldier’s appearance and personality. Blueprints are made Alice.

    A Soldier can be made with only a Vessel, however this vessel has to have a bond with the summoner. (Having been with them in at least 50 posts, and mentioned in at least 20 of those.) The parts that are determined by the Catalyst and Blueprints are instead determined by the type of vessel as well as the bond with the summoner. These usually are stronger than other summons, but are hard to make (both IC and OOC,) and have more singular themes. (Aka you could make a 'fire swordsman' normally, but could only make a 'swordsman' with this.)

    Increasing the Alchemy Summoning stat means more efficiency and more power available, as well as increasing maximum amount of summons available.

    Secondary Magic: High Speed

    Hidden Dagger
    Blood Blight

    Potion -- Level 2
    Carry Limit: 2
    1st Tier The user is capable of creating potions that can restore 300 MP or PE and also heal any less than lethal wound heavy poisons.
    2nd Tier The user is able to create potions that can restore 200 MP or PE and also heal moderate wounds and moderate poisons
    3rd Tier The user is able to create potions that can restore 150 MP or PE and also heal minor wounds and cure minor poisons
    4th Tier The user is able to create potions that can restore 100 MP or PE
    5th Tier The user is able to create potions that can restore 50 MP or PE

    Book of Spells
    Blood Blight (Alchemy Summoning.)
    Spoiler: Alchemy Summon
    Blood Blight is Alice’s mother’s sword, and so is the name of the collective summon. This Soldier was created without Catalyst or Blueprints, instead relying on the bond they shared. Alice often played with the sword, and held the sword’s sheath while watching her mother fight. To Alice, the sword is a representation of her mother’s undeniable determination and power. The scabbard is a sign of her mother’s unconditional love and protection.

    This Soldier is unique that it is two entities. However, first it must summon one: the sword wielding Amah, or the scabbard-wielding Tera. Once that is done, Alice must obtain the scabbard/sword from Amah or Tera, and then use it as a vessel to summon the other one. However, the problem is that they hate each other, and will often consider themselves enough without summoning the other.
    Spoiler: Amah

    Spoiler: Tera

    The sword wielding Amah has high speed and high strength, relying on sword techniques that have an advantage against cutting through defenses, magical or physical. The scabbard & hilt wielding Tera has high speed and endurance, relying on hand-to-hand techniques. The scabbard is used as a weapon, but has strong defensive capabilities against both magic and physical attacks.

    Each of their ultimate techniques is Battoujutsu, something that can’t help but step into the hated other’s realm. The offensive Amah must sheath her sword and the defensive Tera must unsheathe hers. Amah’s technique is a sword draw that has high cutting power, while Tera’s attacks with the hilt, releasing massive kinetic energy that usually sends whatever hit, even most magic, flying.

    When the second one is summoned, the cost to maintain the summons is doubled. However, Amah and Tera receive a benefit of synchronicity, giving them additional power than when fighting alone, and allowing each to read the other’s thoughts.

    High-Speed (Normal): Normal use of the high-speed spell, allowing for fast movement.

    High-Speed (Sustained: While less effective than the normal High Speed, very efficient. Useful for when low on mana, tricking enemies, or for travelling long distances.

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