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    (OOC: im just writing to write, not trying to revive the rp. i really liked this character and want to see where he goes)

    A year has come and gone for Vlad and his acquaintances at Fairy Tail. The guild is more bare than it was back then. Less and less faces come around these days. Some are still there though, milling around, waiting for the right quest to get them back into the adventuring life. While others have moved on, finding that spark in other endeavors.

    Vlad hasn't lost faith. He may be an outsider, not growing up in Magnolia or making a name for himself yet. But he has not lost the faith that fairy tail can rise from the ashes and become a bustling guild with new faces and stories to be told everyday. Vlad finally built up the courage to go talk to the guild master and see about getting a quest. S-sir is there a quest I can do? he stutters out to the master. The master coughs a bit, A year and you still smell like the first day we met. I'm t-terribly sorry sir I shower every day. Better not tell him I'm still sleeping in the graveyard He thought.

    Yes there is one, you may not want it, its a bit more violent than what you used to do.
    Quest: Neutralize the Bandits
    Reward: 80,000 Jewel
    Specifics: get these pesky bandits away from my beloved city- Mayor

    The master was right, not really Vlads forte, but he took it as it was slim enough pickings as it were to get any work in the guild. Vlad had adopted another job to pay for food. He was a mortician for the graveyard he slept in. He helped the souls of the recent dead pass on into eternity. He would have to do the same to these bandits if they could not listen to reason. Vlad walked back to his table were he had been sitting, finished his drink, grabbed what little belongings he had and proceeded to the door for and a new and exciting adventure.

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    As Vlad proceeded to the door he bumps into someone. He looks at the person, their face under a cowl so he could not see any features besides the eyes. They lock eyes for only a moment but feels as though he is looking at an old friend, not recalling who it may be though. He goes to say sorry and introduce himself. H-hello I'm Vl- and they were gone. Vanishing before his eyes. Thinking it to be a spirit of a newly deceased citizen he heads for his graveyard to prepare for the quest he comes to the realization that he couldn't have bumped into a spirit... Who could that have been then... he ponders all the way to the graveyard.

    Walking into his new candle lit tomb, a much needed upgrade than the grave he had been staying in, he went to the corner wherehad laid his staff. Vlad acquired the staff from a very pleasant old witch in the mountains on one of his quests. The staff felt comfortable in his hands since the first time he held it. Its gnarled wood worn from years of use by countless people had found its way to Vlad. The witch telling him it was of no use to her, it being her late husbands, and that he could have it for helping her with ingredients for her youth potion. It felt like an old friend reuniting after many years apart. After that he went to his desk, pushing a secret button inside a drawer the top popped up and his book of souls lay there. The book looking a tad younger than a year ago when he had woke up clutching it. The leather looking a bit more taught and the binding looking more woven together. He admired it for a couple of seconds before grabbing it carefully. Vlad closed the secret compartment of the desk and locked the desk before he departed. Blowing out the candles he walked up the steps and out the door.

    A spirit approached him as he walked out of the tomb. Sir, i was told to come see you to help with going to the other side. the spirit said in a gruff voice. The man, a bit transparent, was dressed as a merchant with a hole going the whole way through his torso. Ahh, i see, a wronged spirit clutching to the living world Vlad had a better time talking to spirits and the dead, he felt a better connection to them and their problems. Aye sir, was a travelling merchant coming to Magnolia to sell some wares when my caravan was ambushed by bandits.

    This peaked Vladimir's interest, When did happen sir? recently? The spirit pondered. I can no longer keep track of time properly sir. Things that happened when i was a child i remember as they had just happened yesterday and things that have recently happened seem to be a fading memory. i cannot tell you. Murders were an inconvenience to say the least, the spirit would always come over with the "life flashing before their eyes" mentality. Vlad asked him very politely, How did you hear about me and how many moon cycles did it take you to get here? The ghost again pondered this for a moment, fishing for the memory, I could hear this whispering as i sat there at my body, it started faintly then became louder and louder until it was a deep voice saying seek Vladimir Mori. Magnolia. South. Vlad was gazing at the spirit. He had never asked a spirit how they had found him, he always assumed it was just a coincidence of living in a graveyard. The spirit had stopped seeing Vlad preoccupied with his thoughts. I'm sorry sir please continue, how many moon cycles did it take to reach this place? The ghost cleared his throat out of habit and continued, I would say about 2 maybe 3. I was lucky to be a traveler and know the stars. If not i would probably be lost wondering right now.

    This is what Vlad needed, a direction of the bandits. But before he could get his hopes too high the spirits lack of time was an issue. It could have been a month, a year, a decade, a century ago. He would have to go back to the guild and ask when the quest was given to the master. He returned to the spirit waiting for him to come back from his thought. Alright, i can help with you passing to the other side. But I'm going to need some more help from you first, Mister? The ghost replied without hesitation, Mister Drevon Felch ,sir. And what kind of help would you be needing? Vladimir pulled the quest from his pocket and unfolded it for the spirit of Drevon. I think this is more than coincidence, Mister Felch. I'm going to my Guild and making double sure that the dates match up and if they do i will need your help back tracking to where you were killed. If it will help you and help me get to where I'm going, I'd be more than happy to show you where those savages cut me down.
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    Vlad walked at a brisk pace, not saying much to the spirit that followed him close. He needed to confirm that the times were right before he went for a snipe hunt. He opened the door to the guild hall and immediately lost all confidence and machismo he had. Vlad timidly shuffled through the dark guild hall. No one was there besides the bar keep and the guild master, but that was enough to make him a nervous wreck. The ghost had stopped a few paces back of the master and let Vlad speak to him. Boy, that was quick, where are the belt buckle of the bandit chief? I- I haven't left yet sir, I need to know when this q-quest was given to the guild. The ghost sigh thinking he would never get to the other side. Quiet back there. yelled the master looking right at the spirit. Wa-Wait you c-can see him?!? Vlad said in a dumb founded tone. The guild master cleared his throat seeing he let that slip. Yes i can see him its not hard and don't ask how cause I'm not telling you.

    After a few minutes of catching the guild master up with what was happening he told Vlad that the quest was an old quest that he received from the late Mayor around thirty five years ago. Why would you give it to me then if you knew it was old? Vlad said build more courage, feeling he was a pitied child. The master looked him in the eye, Because the guild is dead, magic is dead, everyone has left, we barely keep the food and drink in just because we sell podunk spells to the towns folk. You, Vlad, apparently haven't got the memo. Time moves on, and so should you. I'm tired, tired of scrapping by, tired of everyone looking but not coming in. It's time to close the guild hall Vlad. I was gonna close it while you were away, but now this is happening. Tears welling up in the masters eyes, I didn't want this to happen. To you, me, everyone who has had a story to tell in these halls. Looking around at the hall and all the memories that had made this place the magical place it was. Enough, I'm done being nostalgic for past times. Today is the last day and I'm leaving Magnolia. Vlad fell into a chair. Times were hard for the guild but not that hard he thought...

    Vlad continued to sit in the chair, staring at the quest flyer. What am i going to do... the master is leaving, the guild hall is shutting down. He sat there trying to make sense of it all. Thinking of the stories he heard from new acquaintances in this new land he woke up in. Why is death easier than life. Less stressful. Less worrisome. Less of a panicked dance. Because death is eternal my child. You have an eternity of possibilities rather than the blip of time life consists of. Vlad snapped out of his daze and looked for the foreign voice. Looking at the spirit thinking of how he also had heard a deep voice telling him to find Vlad. Again it came. Take the quest. You will find more than just bandits if you do, child..... it drifted off. He looked again at the flyer and back to the master. I'm still going to find the bandits, or the remnants of them. the defeated looking master looked up, Why, youll only be chasing ghosts.. I have a feeling something is still out there. Vlad spoke with purpose.

    Leaving the hall Vlad made his way back to the cemetery and to his tomb. He told the ghost to wait in the alter for him. He went down and grabbed a map of the area and his pen. Coming back to the alter he asked the ghost to mark on the map he thought he had died. It was to the northwest of Magnolia, about a days travel with a town towards the end he could possibly get some information on anything weird that had happened. He folded that too and put it in the same pocket as the flyer. Putting the Pen and well on the alter Vlad began the ritual to help the spirit to the other side

    Ney Hominda Usto Ast

    The words manifesting from his meditating mind and out of his mouth. He repeated this in the circle of candles until he could feel something start to manifest. What should i expect? the ghost said anxiously waiting for some sort of sign. Honestly every time I've done this its been different. Vlad finally spoke seeing that the candles had went out. There was an ominous murmur in the alter like someone or something trying to contact. Then in the circle, a girl appeared. Around ten years old with strawberry hair she was surrounded by white. She looked at Drevon, Daddy? Drevons eyes lit up, baby is that you? he ran into circle and hugged the girl. As they entwined with a hug long over due Drevon began to become more transparent. a couple more seconds and he was barely visible to Vlad. Drevon let go for a moment to look at himself and a wave of peace and bliss washed over him as he faded more and more into the unknown. He called out, it being his last words, Thank you Vladimir, i will always remember this kindness. The last bit vlad could see is Drevon standing holding his daughters hand walking into a blinding light. Smiling and staring at nothing for a long while after Drevon had departed Vlad slowly rose from his seated position. Feeling the after effects of the spell Vlad retreated to his tomb to regain his stamina for the quest he would (finally) set off on tomorrow at first light. Saying his prayers to who ever was listening he put the book back into the hidden chamber, the staff up in its corner and his robes on a beside his coffin. He crawled into the silk lined pine and fell into a deep sleep.

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