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    i think what it was hinting at is that he/they will have to serve time

    but even if they have tons of crimes in there name, pretty much all of them are either failed or just minor things

    and in a world where the average crimial probably causes property damage on a daily basis, Gentel and LL could probably be just stacked with a mountain of misdemeanors

    which would be a much lesser punihsment then jail and probably mean lots of Community Service,

    especailly since niether of them are violent psychopaths that could never benifit from such a thing

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    Someone in the MS comments brought up that prison is probably less likely in this society, since a lot of people would need costly custom cells.
    As for LL, well, the first thing you do when you catch a master hacker is offer them a government job.
    Set by me.

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