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    The Sisters of the Sand [OP Fanfic]

    The Sisters of the Sand:
    Spada Pirates

    Introduction [Theme]
    One Piece was more than a treasure. It was more than fame. It was more than power. At the end of the Grand Line, Monkey D. Luffy unearthed.... the truth. Fueled Straw Hat's sacrifice and armed with the truth about the Void Century, the world no longer stood for the World Government's oppression. Like his predecessor, the Straw Hat issued a new era with his death. Revolution, en masse.

    OP World Background
    Two decades after Monkey D. Luffy sailed the ocean, a new order rose up, and swept the oceans. The darkest era the ocean's ever seen ensued, one whence liberty is the least of the world's worries. Born from the entrails of massive-scale war, The Sisters of the Sand set out to sea, destined to change the oceans, with only one thing on their mind; revenge.

    Spada Backround
    The Spada Pirates is a privateer crew who, unlike other pirates, have a complete disregard of the romantic pirate lifestyle, eulogizing that all the values that Pirate King symbolizes are worthless. For them, only ignorant fools declare their grandiose dreams, referring to trust and faith in others as idiotic. The signature of the crew is one of Egyptian mythology.

    Crew Members

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    Sisters of the Sand:
    List of Chapters

    The Sisters Reunite Arc
    Two decades after Straw Hat's sacrifice, three sisters set out to sea. Our adventure starts here, in the Isle of Barbados, where the eldest sister coordinated the estranged sister's meeting after five long years apart. It was finally time... But all is not as it seems, for in fear of a bloodline taking the ocean by storm once again, the World Government steps in.

    Part I - The Reunion [link]
    Part II - Ambushed!! [link]
    Part III - The Grand Escape! [link]

    A Titan Appears! [Coming Soon]
    Onwards to the Grand Line, the crew realize they're not alone. A stowaway, who overhears a well-kept secret, locks the sister's fate. But that's the least of their worries. With the wind's change, a Titan, an unsuspecting visitor from the Spada's past delivers a message. A message makes each member re-evaluate their past, and forge their sails north.

    Post Link

    Oasis of Osiris Arc [Coming Soon]
    It had been twenty years since the sister's father, Yonko Warsong, spoke of a cursed ship. A flagship strong enough to make it to the New World. A flagship holding the history of the Ancients, one who meant power beyond measure. The infamous cursed island-ship Oasis of Osiris. After years of searching, Sinbad, found it. But what the sisters would find... would change the course of their journey.

    Post Link

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    Grand Line - Isle of Barbados
    The Sisters Reunite Arc: Part I

    Grand Line - Open Sea

    The night was blanketed only by the roaring fires of war, fanned by the echo of the violent wind. Tinted orange, like fireballs, the hail pelted the small village, almost as if the sky itself was falling. High in the sky, cannonballs flew in all shapes and sizes, reducing the houses and buildings to rubble. Screams of children and women were muffled by the sounds of battle, the sounds of swords cutting into flesh, and gunshots laying waste to the resistance. Not a soul was safe. The trail of gunpowder led to the dock, wherein half a dozen warships stood, shining bright with explosions. High up through the darkness, a pirate flag stood, depicting the grim reaper with half it's face missing, and a red eye patch shining. Crossed behind it, two sabers dipped in blood accompanied it's grin.

    "AHHHHHH!!!!! P-P-P-PLEASE.....!!!! SPARE ME! SHOW MER-"- a young woman begged in panic

    Cut short, the body of the woman parted the roaring fire, as it was thrown violently across the main street. Stepping across the fire, the shadow of three women phased forth, their grins much like the flag's. The woman at the front billowed smoke from her cigar slowly, and cackled ominously. Behind her, a woman with wings, and another with armor joined in. Suddenly, the three women, cloaked in a shadow, disappeared, leaving only smoke behind. Shifting through the town, many soldiers clashed, and before long, it was clear that it wasn't a battle. It was a massacre. The blood of the many tainted the stone steps.

    Suddenly, the scream of a woman echoed through the battlefield, stopping everyone cold. A look of confusion and shock plagued the pirate's faces. From the most humble cottage at the end of town, a red flare took to the sky. Looking up to it, the armored woman and the woman clad in wings gave chase. With a powerful kick, the door of the cottage flew off it's hinges, into the darkness. There, the sadistic woman lay on her knees, her back to them, freshly cut blood dripping from her blade, her cigar rolling on the ground. The two women widened their eyes in shock, but before they could scream, the shadow of a large man overtook them, and the door closed eerily behind them.

    "HAAAAAA..... haaaaaa...... haaa..... haaa....."- a lone woman panted, awoken

    Violently jerking her head, a middle-aged woman panted heavily, sweat running down her face. Her teeth gritting in anger, she shook her head, and only opened her eyes once again when she rose, overlooking the upper deck. The sunlight slipped through the clouds, covering the small Merry-sized boat, the water shining as it sloshed against the ship, almost as if it sparkled. The sea was unusually calm this early morning, and from her coat, the woman looked at a torn-down compass, signaling north. The mast hanging by a rope, the deck filled with holes, the rear blackened with powder, the ship looked as downtrodden as the ones riding aboard. Shaking her head, the woman came down from the upper deck.

    The camera widened, and coming into the shot, a woman roughly in her 30's slew across the deck. The woman's dark black hair flowed down to her lower back, up to her flared hips. Well toned and with muscular build, the voluptuous woman yet slim woman, took from her small low-cut tight black dress a cigar, a cigar not unlike the one from before. Bringing it up to her face, the zippo lighter clacked, lighting the cigar and her face. Horizontally, a large stitched scar ran across her face, in the shape of of an alligator's smile. Above it, her large pearl yellow eyes stood surrounded by a dark set of eye bags, and eyebrows in a perpetual "angry" position. The captain.

    "LAND HO!!!! HICCCUP!"- a high-pitched voice drunkenly slurred

    From the crow's nest, a voice swept the ship, and a tentacle pointed north. The camera shifting, in the distance a very small stretch of land, only big enough to fit a small and poor town, could be seen. The woman, turning north, squinted her eyes at the sight of an island a few miles inland. The woman's long mafia-themed cloak flapped as she took the fore of the ship, her large golden hook which replaced her left hand clacking with each step. From the crow's nest, the seven foot merman took to the helm, and churned it towards the island. The creature's six massive octopus tentacles made up his lower body, and his two humanoid arms sprouted from his squishy body. A blue hue to him much like the water around them, the merman's unkept, black medium-length shaggy hair went along with his unusually large mouth, like a beak. The blue-ringed octopus wore a light blue unbuttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, a untied tie hanging around his neck over his chest, and a jacket draped over his shoulders like a cape. Slurring his words, the octopus downed his jug of sake; a drunk swordsman.

    The island grew bigger and bigger as it drew closer, and a few kilometers affront them, a lone dock stood. Behind it, a small and humble town lay. The Isle of Barbados.


    Isle of Barbados - Fisherman's Bar

    The town was little more than a few streets with wooden buildings, surrounded by shrubs and dry greenery. Houses lined up the sides of the streets, with only a bar, a grocery store and a weapons shop standing at the intersections. Dead and mainly empty, the streets had little commerce. Some shrouded figures stood eerily amidst the alleys that connected one street to another. To the right, an orphanage that had lived long past its glory days, if it had any. To the left, a small house where a husband and wife bickered about the lack of good fishing bait. Banners of politicians promising to bring new sources of food through the revival of the fisherman's dwarf plagued the side of buildings. Torn were most of them, and curse words written instead. Only two commercial ships docked in tiny harbor a few minutes away from each other, gaining a few looks from the locals. yet the ships were empty, already disembarked. Foot tracks led to Fisherman's Bar.

    "We don't get many visitors these days. Not after Bloody Circus declared it their territory, and killed off our trade routes. Now, we only wait to die.... You sure you're in the right place, kid?"- asked the old bartender, puzzled

    "Hehe. I get it. The silent type. Well, as long as you're waiting for someone, you might as well order something. You got money on you?"- the old bartender pressed

    "Scotch. Neat."- the woman retorted, coldly

    Against the back end of the bar, in the corner table, a woman responded sharply, taking off her cloak. Her long hair was ebony, her skin slightly tanned, and her eyes yellow; a cat-like in appearance. She was voluptuous, though none could see it beneath her leather armor. The woman went by many names, but few knew her real one. The drink poured into her glass, and when she brought it to her mouth, the bar door swung open. Another figure entered, and the few patrons looked at each other, whispering. Some pointed at her, and some moved away from her. This one was different. She wore a tight yellow and green suit. Her hair was red and long and her skin much lighter than the armored woman. She seemed a few years older. She carried around beautifully crafted mace. Yet what set her apart was the pair of large white wings on her back.

    "Ra..."- the armored woman whispered coldly

    "Terra..."- the winged woman angrily said between her teeth

    Their eyes interlocked. Dead serious. The bar went silent, and the patrons stood paralyzed. A chilly atmosphere surrounded them, until the tension could be cut with a knife. Suddenly, the red-haired woman broke the silence. She chuckled. And Terra, surprisingly, followed.

    "It's good to see you sister."- Ra, the winged woman, said

    "You too."- Terra, the armored woman, retorted

    "Where is our final guest?"- Ra inquired

    "Her "voice" draws nearer by the second. She'll be here soon enough."- assured Terra, looking towards the bar door


    Isle of Barbados -Main Street

    Stepping off the boat, the merman led, while the quiet cigar smoking empress trailed behind. As they walked through the town, murmurs and whispers the townsfolk response. Those battle-worthy, however, took their distance. The octopus peered into the weapon shop as they passed it, his eyes scanning over the swords. With a shove from the woman trailing behind, the octopus grudgingly continued, cursing her beneath his breath. Not a few minutes after, the merman's head would bob, and the merman now looked at the bar on the distance.

    "The ones we seek are in that bar. Goodie too! I'm in need of a drink! HIICCCUPPP!!!!"- the merman laughed, excitedly

    The octopus grinned from eye to eye. The thought of alcohol rejuvenated his mind. It had been exactly 47 minutes since he last drank alcohol; his jug of sake had dryed. That was years in the alcoholic's books.

    "Be surah'. We're wante', for Swamplands. We shook they' ship, but don' lowah' ya' guard."- responded the cold woman

    The merman stopped, and shaking his head, turned towards his benefactor. Yet, she was gone. Where once was the cigared woman, now lay only dirt and sand. With haste, a grin slew across the merman's face. Tentacles risen, the octopus brought them dancing, ripping into a dance of joy. A dance that would led him to an inebriated state of ecstasy. The bar may have been quiet, but it wouldn't be for long. Suddenly, the doors blasted open, and skidding through the floor, the merman ran, dancing. The swordsman had slipped, and wobbling, crashed into the bar, a few feet from Terra and Ra. The bar was silent, but suddenly, the voice of the merman shone with joy.

    "BARTENDER!! WHISKEY! ON THE ROCKS!!!!"- the merman laughed, jumping in place, eyes shining

    The merman screamed at the bartender, one of his tentacles over the growing lump on his head. Why he would be screaming, no one would know. And as the bartender, puzzled, went towards the chest, the merman turned towards the two women at the corner table.

    "Hey... you're Terra and Ra, no? Drinks are on you, no? HIICCCUUPPP!!"- the merman laughed, still dancing

    Ra looked at Terra, a swift exchange of looks, puzzled as it may be. And before you'd know it, the merman's body crashed against the adjacent table, tearing it to pieces. Above him, mace to his neck and pinned by her massive strength, the winged woman held the tentacles down. In Ra's shoulder, pointed dead straight at the merman's head, a massive futuristic crossbow threatened to end his life. Holding it, the armored woman held it steady, her eyes shining on and off.

    "Let the Sky tremble in our wake..."- menacingly said Ra, cut off

    "As the Sisters of the Sand stand before you!"- finished Terra, her crossbow clacking

    "Why do you know our names?! Answer fishman, lest you die here a most unpleasant death! "- asked Ra, tightening the grip on the swordsman's neck

    Their finesse and grace was outstanding. Rigorous training sessions together had made it so. The merman hiccuped, trails of his last drink on his breath. In fact, his whole body reeked of alcohol 24/7. The merman, looked surprised, and clearly scared. The first retort was a loud noise, which made the sisters shake their heads in disgust, as a gas overtook the bar; the merman shitted on himself. But through the threats and the brawl, one of the swordsman's tentacles slew from the grip, grabbed the drink from the bar, and brought it to his beak. The merman's face suddenly turned beet red, and it was clear he was already drunk, and retorted in kind.

    "Yous sisteah.... thetasmkl hduigdhjska.... ISIS! That bitc.... LA SPADA!!! hdbfjkasblfhfo.... KIWI SWAMPLANDS!!! ANd I .... ship! DHjkhdafgsakfjskdafhajs.... Rendevous! ZZZZzzzzzZZZZZzzzzz"- the merman drunkenly slurred, with a hint of fear on his words

    And just like that, the merman fell asleep. He had spoken, though slurring his words, only a few of them were actually able to be deciphered. The latter's biology made so he could not withstand alcohol, and but a sole drink got him drunk. Once he was knocked out, Ra clubbed him in the head with her mace one more time for good measures. The other patrons were overtaken by the sudden violence in their surroundings and some chose to ran outside, some joined in a brawl. Much of the bar goers had gone, but those who stayed? Those that stayed used the excuse to take out their frustrations of a weary life on each other. With violence sparked by the sisters, it would reverberate through the bar, as the bystanders started to fight each other. Soon, the bar was in uproar; a typical bar fight.

    "YOU PEOPLE COME IN HERE AND CAUSE A RIOT IN MY BAR? THE HELL' YOU WILL! YOU' MADE A MISTAKE COMING HERE!"- screamed the bartender, shotgun in hand, pointed at the two women

    The old bartender, his mustache covered in the spit, spoke with rage, and pulled the trigger back. Suddenly.... BANG!! The whole bar stopped, and looked at the source of the gunshot. A choking sound now became imminent, and the camera shifted towards the bartender. The shotgun's barrel was bent upwards, pointed to the ceiling, and the bartender was held mid-air, a woman's ringed fingers wrapped around his neck from behind. Dust and sand whirled all around him, coming from the jar of sake at the fishman's hip.

    "Y-Y-You... You-r-r-re La Spada....!"- the old bartender piped, as his voice left him

    "Ya' made a mistak' threatening mah' sistahs', old man."- the cigared woman whispered, her drooped pearl eyes shining

    The people gasped in horror, as the bartender's skin began to wrinkle, to whither away into dust, turning to a mummy-like state. His lifeless body fell into the ground, and when he did, one could now see the culprit, smoking her cigar laxly.The woman then shone a glare to the bar-goes, who in a stampede, ran out of the bar in fear. Only two men stayed, shaking their head, the only ones who did not join the bar fight. The camera shone to the woman's' face, and La Spada grinned.


    Isle of Barbados - Fisherman's Bar

    Empty and downtrodden, only a lone bulb illuminated the remnants of the bar after the brawl. The merman snored through all the uproar, the bump on his head ever inflating for comedic effect. Behind the bar, La Spada stood, received by smirks from her sisters. Before long, the sisters sat back down at their table, while Ra pulled up another chair for their eldest sister, whom passed through the bar by sand, and came upon the chair.

    "We've been waiting. What kept you?"- Terra asked rather directly

    "Ran into opposition' back in Kiwi Swamplan'"- La Spada answered, sitting down, legs sensually crossed

    The winged woman observed the fishman, asleep and with a large comical bump on his head where she'd struck him. The barman was now dead. Ra hopped over the counter and threw three bottles of wine and some glasses at Terra, who caught each and put them on the table, pouring some into each glass except her own. The sisters didn't seem much jovial to see each other. Yet Ra, along with taking the first drink, interjected.

    "Don't know why you sent that fish first. Couldn't be more annoying. You're not one to bring guests, sister. Any reason why he's here?"- laughed Ra, turning the merman over with her mace

    "That sleeping drunk ya' almost killed.... is our new navigator. Shinobu Sensui. Called the "Drunken Swordsman" by the WG. Broke out of Marojeous a few yea' back, flew into a rage and slayed both human and kin, without mercy. Outcasted from Fishman' Island after that. He'll contro' the Kraken..."- responded La Spada, refilling her drink

    "And you think he can defeat Kitetsu? Don't make me laugh..."- Terra interjected, shaking her head

    Clouded by a haze of darkness and blood, the shadow of a lean man appeared across Terra's head. Yet before she could say more, La Spada chuckled, and soon enough, the sisters joined in. Sensui, as they spoke, began to scream obscenities in his sleep. Suddenly, he rose, the bubble of sleep still inflated on his nose. Had he heard everything? Suddenly, the merman drunkenly went over the bar, crashing into the glass vases. The merman began to down the bottles of whiskey like water, even in his sleep. His snore still echoed, and soon, he would fall back to the ground again. Soon, they got back to business.

    "Tell us of your findings, Isis."- inquired Terra

    "An organization, called themselves Prospectors', be one of the three in control' of tha' underground. Specialize in slave trade. They' influence spread' through the whole sea', and more. If we want' to take control, and gain' that influence, they we will have to topple'. They' next stop is.... Jidal Kingdom."- the captain retorted

    :a Spada was to stood up, finishing her wine, and Ra mimicked her. Yet Terra, fell deep in thought. Pursing her lips, she turned to Isis with impetus, the moment the latter gave Terra her back.

    "What of Mordecai?"- Terra asked, shifting her gaze back to Isis.

    When Terra uttered the name, empress stopped cold. At the utter of his name, the snoring shut. From the bar, Sensui stood. His face was no longer beet red. He was no longer drunk. Emotion was his antidote. A shadow was avast on his eyes, and Sensui glanced in the direction of Isis, who in turn tilted her head to the side, using her peripheral to deliver the response.

    "Dead."- sharply and ominously retorted the captain

    Everything stood still for a second. Even the wind took a vow of silence as the news settled in. The only thing that would break the silence, was Sensui's voice. Though now, it was darker, more willed.

    "Found release. Found peace. Death was his apology. If to tha' Jidal Kingdom we will go, find tha' Prospectors we shall. I have to give them this back..."- said Sensui firmly, leaving his sentence hanging

    From his bundle of tentacles, Sensui took out a metal helmet, placing it on the bar. It was clear this was an emotional button for Sensui. The merman, with a darker voice, finished his sentence.

    "... and death."- finished the swordsman

    Quiet, as it would be, Ra interjected before long. The master strategist.

    ""I've heard of these Prospectors. They.... are not to be treadled lightly. An organization with another breed of power, unlike what you can imagine. We cannot rush blindly in. Intel is what we need. We need to find out where they are meeting."- Ra said sharply

    And suddenly, Terra's eyes widened in shock. Ra's words... The huntress realized something.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flashback - 15 minutes ago
    "Hehe. I get it. The silent type. Well, as long as you're waiting for someone, you might as well order something. You got money on you?"- the old bartender pressed
    "I never told him... How did he know tha-...?"- whispered Terra to herself

    At the same time, La Spada's eyes squinted, as she looked at the dead body of the bartender. Amidst the withered remains, veins beet red glowed faintly. The captain chuckled as she closed her eyes, shaking her head. Suddenly, Terra spoke.

    "The Prospectors....! It's a trap!"- said Terra, and soon enough, the bar shook

    Suddenly booms echoed from the bay. The merman made his way to the window, and his eyes widened. Swiftly, he grabbed a table and threw it against the two windows, barricading them. Explosions began occurring all around the bar, the canon-fire sustained. What was once a calm town, was now in uproar. The bar's structure shook with each shot, and through the rubble, the sisters and merman held. Sensui grabbed all the alcohol he could. Before long, a huge explosion hit the top of the bar, and the roof began to cave in. They had to duck, roll, parry, block, and jump to escape the debris. With the roof now exposed, they could now see the half a dozen marine ships, in the dock, surrounding the two merchant ships, shooting cannonfire. The ships were coats with resin; they had been hiding on the ocean floor. Hundreds of troops now flooded into town, all converging on their spot. As the troops surrounded the bar, their emblems became clear; World Government.

    "MARINES....?! I thought you said it was the Prospectors!"- shouted Sensui through the gunfire

    "Whatever made ya' think the two weren't the one and the same'?"- laughed La Spada, her cigar billowing

    Their next destination was Jidal Kingdom. But.... would they survive this ambush?
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    Grand Line - Isle of Barbados
    The Sisters Reunite Arc: Part II

    Isle of Barbados -Main Street

    "How long, Sensui?"- asked the captain

    "Uh-uh-uh... With the marine ships hindering her mobility, I'd say at least... uh-uh.... an hour! "- retorted the fishman in a panic, as bullets whizzed all around him

    "You have 35 minutes, or I'm tearing another one of your tentacles off..."- grudgingly menaced La Spada

    Before they could say more, a large cannonball sent half of the building back in a haze of fire. The winged woman took flight, and Terra crossed her arms, the rubble falling death on her armor. The merman crashed back, and the captain... stood ominously, bullets whizzing by her body. Bursting outside, they found marine ships converging on their position. Too many. Ra headed first. She'd put on her helmet and began charging forth, bashing through any enemy she'd find. She grinned. Fighting massive battles like this were her forté. With an incredible leap, the winged woman stood on what remained of the wall to oversee what happened. Her eyes moved like darts all over the mass of gun-smoke that clouded the hundreds of troops, scanning the battlefield.

    "Isis, take care of the soldiers coming near us. Terra, go underground and towards the docks. Take Sensui with you. Sensui, destroy their ships from underwater. I will help Isis with the soldiers as we fight our way to the docks!"- said Ra, pointing towards the weak spot in the infantry brigade

    "Fame follows your strategic exploits, Ra, but there's only one problem... HOW IN THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT US TO GO UNDERGROUND, GENIUS?!- sarcastically said Sensui, blowing out of the rubble, a single katana drawn

    With Ra's words, the group moved, all except Sensui, whom stood in confusion. Yet the battle raged, and Ra was the first to take action. Upon barking her orders, she jumped back down and took out her mace, swinging it around wildly, using her shield to deflect or halt bullets and sword strikes. Plowing into the first company north, dozens of soldiers flew in all directions, and the sound of flesh and mace begun to overbear the gunfire. Following her lead, the youngest sister lunged forth, her hands lax at her side, heading straight for the merman. Perplexed, the merman crossed his tentacles, screaming in his signature high-pitched voice. But suddenly, a force overtook him, dragging him into the ground. Wherein once stood a woman, now stood a titan. Terra's armor began contorting, her eyes turning to yellow slits, daggers coming out her teeth. A monster by many regards, a scaled worm-like humanoid roared as it lunged at Sensui, swallowing him whole.

    "WHAT THE ****KKKK.......!??!?!?!?!?!"- screamed the merman in fear, dragged through the newly made hole the worm opened up like butter

    "Sinbad, my man, I need a big ****in' favor. Got any friends near Barbados?"- said Ra in between the clanging of her mace, den den mushi in hand

    "Barbados? Ha! Yeah I've got two... but they' want something in return! I'll give them a quick call. You stay alive hear me? That booty is too fine to rot away."- garbled the voice in the other side of the den den mushi

    And the last, the captain. La Spada calmly walked out of the collapsed bar, her pearl yellow eyes fixed on the horizon; the cigar ever billowing smoke. Gunfire and airblades whizzed forth from every corner, yet the captain kept steady. Suddenly, the buildings surrounding the empty plaza collapsed, and from the rubble, a hundred soldiers surrounded the captain in an oval. La Spada stopped, her eyes still fixed on the horizon, cigar smoke billowing. With a battle cry, a brave soldier from the rear flanked the captain, thrusting his sword upon her back. With a mighty clang, the soldier stood with the sword-guard against the captain's back, the blade coming out her stomach morbidly, her eyes cast in a shadow. Suddenly, the sword broke in two, and the soldier, began to scream.

    "Ahhhh!!! H-H-H-HEEEEELPPPP! MEEEE I-I-I-I!!!"- screamed the soldier, as his skin wrinkled

    And with a poof, a puddle of dust stood wherein the soldier once was, and the hole left on the captain's stomach, reformed. In shock and paralyzed, the soldiers looked at each other. Yet when they looked back, the woman was no more. The sound of a sword being unsheathed echoed in the plaza, and a large whoosh followed. When the camera shone forward, La Spada stood affront the company, hand on her sword sheathe. Suddenly, the soldiers collapsed. Sand whirled from the plaza into the coat of the captain, whom kept walking forth ominously.

    "Isis La Spada. Terra the Landshark. Ra the Winged Warrior. You are wanted by the World Government for the crimes committed on Dashar Island, and others. Come quietly, and you shall be spared."- a megaphone blasted from the dock

    And when the megaphone blared, thunderous footsteps took the plaza. The captain, for the first time, took her eyes on the horizon, and stopped. From the distance, a shadow covering the whole plaza grew closer, and with each step, the ground shook. Through the gunfire, a large man appeared, looking down on the Empress. La Spada shook her head, and slowly looked up. Her eyes traveled from the ankles of the man to his humongous belly, to his T-shaped medieval helmet. The captain stood at ankle height of the giant that stood before her. A giant adorned by a large and festive marine coat, which only shook as the being spoke.

    "I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS DAY, LA SPADA!!!"- boomed the giant's voice, his teeth gritting in anger

    "So I heard... Vice-Admira' Ronse."- retorted, the captain, bringing her cigar up to her mouth once again

    Back in the main battlefield, Ra tore through the crowd of soldiers, when suddenly, a light beamed from her left, barely in her peripheral. The winged warrior took a step back, and the large airblade, which bisected the ground, cut the ground affront her. As the dust settled, the shadow of a man stood behind it, his clothing not of a marine soldier. He had a futuristic looking suit, and his eyes shone red, the pupils slit like a cat. Over his head, the young man held a pole, which was glowing bright blue, the grin flowing his words.

    "Such a nice booty indeed, Ra. Captain Warsong knew how to pick them well. You look just like your who*re mother, muggle-blood, Skypian wings and all."- the man said, grinning through his insult

    "Heh, well informed, are we...? Your words, they strike my heart and soul! Oh dear, let the pain stop...! Psh! COME GET SOME ****EEERRRRRR!"- said Ra, mace twirling menacingly

    Ra charged forth, Mace in one hand, shield in the other. Her charge spoke of battle, yet her eyes screamed anger.


    Isle of Barbados -The Plaza

    Danger close, platoons of soldiers waited at the dock, waiting for the final ambush. Suddenly, however, the waves receded, and the water shook. Confused, the soldiers turned their heads, and their legs shook along with the ground, which tipped from side to side. And like thunder, a roar shook the airwaves. The ground split, and from it, a large beast in the shape of a scaled worm hurled upwards, caving in the dock. The soldiers fell into the chasm, and at the high point, the beast opened it's mouth, fangs bearing. From it, a blue blur shot like a cannon, blasting into the first warship's navel. Suddenly, two large blades of wind split the warship apart from below, taking it to the depths. Back at the dock, the long tail of the beast returned to the scorched earth, and the roaring continued below. Amidst the rubble of the first warship, the blue blur circled, blasting off into the depths. As the camera closed in, the octopus merman grinned, and remembers Terra's words.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flashback - Underground
    "Go underwater. Destroy their ships. The big galleon all the way in the back will be tough, plated with seastone at the bottom. You will climb up that galleon and take every. single. one. as a hostage. Kill those that resist. No mercy. No... mercy. Captains are pivotal. Do not kill those. Understood?"- the mouth
    Suddenly, the water vibrated. In a large oval surrounding the next three ships, the water began to spin. Pulled in, the warships began to follow the flow of the water. Blaring with the megaphone, orders to strike at the ocean went out, and without missing a beat, the warship's cannons turned on the water. Blindly, cannonfire and gunfire pelted the water, covering it with holes. Behind a structure of rock at the bottom of the ocean, the merman stood, bullets whizzing by. Held tight with a grin, three swords were held by his tentacles; Santoryu Style. The water kept spinning at his behest, and when the bullets subsided, the merman shot out, spinning along with his swords. Using merman jujutsu, the merman rocketed around at blurring speeds, and when he swung his swords, a giant whirlpool followed his path, filled with cutting water currents.

    "Santoryu Jujitsu: Tatsumaki!!!!!"- the merman spoke, as the water followed his whim

    In a large thunderous boom, the water split, the eye of whirlpool deep enough to see the bottom, where Sensui glowed blue, spinning madly. Crashing upon each other, the three ships flipped, their navels torn apart by the cutting wind, spinning inside the eye of the whirlpool. Screaming in a battle cry, Sensui spun the opposite way, turning the tide. Suddenly, like an avalanche, the walls of the whirlpool stopped, and caved in. The ships at the middle fell death to the cutting water caving in from all sides, and when the whirlpool crashed into itself, only mangled rubble remained. Blasting from the remains, the merman shot dexterously, his gaze sustained to the remaining two ships. Suddenly, a shadow enveloped the sun, and when Sensui looked up, he felt a force impact his face, a fist bending his beak, blasting him back. Crashing into the depths, the merman looked up, and at high-speeds, a monster approached. Inside a small bubble, the water rushing behind him, a bee-like humanoid man closed the gap, a large stinger coming out from the bubble, wings parting the water.

    "YAHHHH!!!!!"- the vice-admiral screamed, as his large battle-ax rocketed forward

    The airwaves vibrated, as the golden hook clashed against the giant vice-admiral's axe, and from the impact, a shockwave fluttered, cracking the ground beneath them. Blasted back, the marine crashed against the plaza fountain, while the captain crashed against the gallows. From the rubble, the warriors came out, panting beneath their breath. Fist tightened, the giant's body suddenly blurred, and where he once stood, his body disappeared. In slow-motion, La Spada's eyes darted from side to side, and suddenly, a blast of air boomed from her hooked hand, her likeness blurring. A few meters in the air, the giant downward kick met the captain's upwards hook, crackling the air. Suddenly, they disappeared again, only to appear at the other end of the plaza, the giant's metal helmet against the captain's sheathed sword. Again they disappeared, to come into view at the end of the plaza, the giant's axe against the captain's hook. Fading in and out of reality, the warriors appeared and re-appeared to clash again and again in various parts of the plaza, the sound of the impacts thundering on impact.

    "THIS IS FOR MY BROTHERS, YOU BITC*!!!!"- screamed the vice-admiral with fury, his blackened battle-axe against La Spada's body

    Her back against the ground, the Empress had her sheathed sword crossed affront her, held with both hands, it against the tip of the giant axe. As the vice-admiral screamed, his muscles bulged, and a crater appeared around La Spada, blood splurging from her mouth. Her hands shaking, the tip of the blackened axe inched closer and closer to her throat.

    Meanwhile, dozens of airbaldes whizzed through the air in a lattice, their blue bodies severing the ground as they approached their target. Valiantly running towards them, Ra disappeared in zig-zag motions as she approached the agent, blasting through them. When the man looked up, the sun was blocked by a winged warrior, who came down mace in hand. Jumping back with mere inches to spare, the mace hit the ground, making the surroundings cave in. Disappearing from her position again, Ra appeared affront the man, mace cocked back, battle-cry avast. Dozens of thrusts and swings flowed forth, yet they would be misled, hitting only air as the agent flowed with the wind, narrowly dodging every strike.

    "You can't even hit me, can you, my dear?! You know... this would be our first date! One of many, my beautiful angel."- said the agent, blowing kisses with each dodge

    "Arghhhh..."- grunted Ra with anger

    With incredible footwork, the winged warrior pivoted on the left ball on her foot, performing a half-spin and bringing her iron shield against the agent's body. With a large bang, the shield bashed against the agent's body, only for it to stand unflinching. Muscles bulged, the agent smirked, as his iron defense held the shield in place. Suddenly, a tail sprung from the ground, wrapping around the winged warrior's leg, sweeping it back, causing her to fall back-first. In unison, the agent's free hand had rocketed towards her body in a downward diagonal motion, using the speed of a bullet, crashing upon her abdomen from above.

    "D-d-d-amn it..."- the winged warrior grunted

    "Tekkai Kenpo: Jugon!!!"- the agent screamed, as his fist rocketed into her body

    The water roared, as waves crashed upon each other, the water unsettling. Within a column of water, the body of a merman flew from the ocean, crashing upon the rocky bay. As the dust settled, Sensui struggled, pulling himself up, gritting his teeth in anger. Shaking off the blood shielding his vision, the merman bent his tentacles, and three swords in hand, disappeared in a blue blur, crashing upon the ocean once again. Below, the beeman in the bubble roared upwards from the bottom of the ocean, meeting Sensui's charge with his own. Meeting hastily, the merman's crossed swords met the beeman's stinger, both shaking with effort. Suddenly, they pushed back, as the water split from their collision. Roaring with the current, the warriors passed each other again and again, colliding with he waves, until they remained at the bottom of the ocean, standing affront each other, panting. Suddenly, the beeman took a knee, and along with a scream, his carapace split open, covering his bubble with blood from the inside. The merman, bruised yet complacent, mustered strength to cross his twin swords above him, and with his eyes crimson with spirit, charged.

    "Santoryu.... Tor-"- the merman screamed, swinging his swords upon the fallen beeman

    Yet the merman's words stopped short, and when the water subsided, the merman's face reeked of shock. Looking down, the merman realized the beeman's stinger was lodged in his chest cavity, and his swords were still held above him.


    Isle of Barbados - Main Street

    "How far away is the Vice-admiral Commander's ship...?"- the Rear Admiral asked, looking at the explosions on the horizon from one of the remaining two warships

    "According to our estimates... twenty minutes away, sir!"- a soldier responded, his head stuck to a den den mushi

    "We must hold them off! We cannot fail this mission. Initiate... the scatter cannons."- ordered the Rear Admiral grugingly

    "But.... sir, the platoons are danger close!"- the soldier piped, but to no avail

    Suddenly, one of the warships turned, giving the sternum to the dock. Two compartments opened up, and from it, two large cannons, at least thrice the size as the others, popped out. Behind the large machines, two soldiers manned it, and as if they came alive, the machines begun to hum. With cranks and clangs, the machines pointed to the dock. Suddenly, they began to glow, and from it, a large blue column of fire erupted, blasting into the dock. Scattering upon impact, the fire blazed, forming a large wall of fire. Dozens of platoons were decimated. Cranking again, the cannon's aim shifted; to Main Street and the Plaza. In the iron sights, the first cannon zoomed into the winged woman and the agent. The second sight zoomed into the giant afar, and the small woman below his axe.

    The remaining soldiers split into one large group, at least two hundred strong, and headed off to the Plaza and Main Street, where the sound of battle was ever blatant. Suddenly, the platoons stopped. Every soldier could feel it. A roar that again sent a chill up their spines. Suddenly, the ground began to crack, and the bedrock collapsed. The camera shifted to the sky, and from above, one could see it. Behind the wall of fire all the way to main street, what lay was a system of caves, chasms, pits and tunnels. The bedrock had collapsed completely, leaving only the lair of the beast which slithered ominously. The platoons were split, soldiers were everywhere in the lair.

    "I-I-... can't see! Where do we go...? I-I-I- I don't want to die...!"- screamed a marine in desperation

    "W-w-w-hat was that!?"- a soldier whispered to another

    The screams in the distance made the soldiers looked back. Yet as quick as it came, the screams were gone. Silence took the caves again. Only the sound of their hearts pounding could be heard now. Suddenly, the tunnels opened up from below, and at the bottom, a massive creature lay coiled. Thick scales and slime, no limbs and slanted eyes. Only a humongous worm, a most powerful being of destruction and death. Caving in, the soldiers fell in, ripped apart by hundreds of massive sharp teeth and acidic saliva. Little by little, the screams of desperation begun to subside, and all that was left were caved-in tunnels, soothed by the ever roaring of a monster.

    "D-d-d-amn it..."- the winged warrior grunted

    "Tekkai Kenpo: Jugon!!!"- the agent screamed, as his fist rocketed into Ra's body

    Along with a large boom, a crater opened behind the winged warrior, and blood spurted from her mouth, drenching her foe. The wings at her side shot upwards from the sheer force of the attack, hugging them. Her abdomen caved in, the middle Spada sister's eyes turned white, and her head fell back. The blonde man, panting, slew a grin of victory. Slowly, the agent lifted his fist, and began to straighten up. Suddenly, however, his body stopped. A force held him. He tried to move his body, yet a force held him by the waist. The agent's arms shook, as he tried to move them, only to be held static. Eyes widened, the agent lowered his head, and stood shocked at the winged woman's legs wrapped around his waist. Turning his head, now the agent saw the thin wires attached to his body, held by the wings that surrounded them both.

    "Y-Y-ou... Back when... when I dodged your mace strikes.....?!"- the agent said, entering a flashback

    "Dodge this...."- grinned the warrior, her head rising, the iron mace pressed against the agent's chest, crackling

    Suddenly, a large bolt of lightning shot out from Ra's mace, passing through the agent's chest. The bolt lit up the battlefield, like a flare in the night sky. Suspended in the air, the agent's body hummed with electricity, until finally, it fell on the winged warrior. Shaking, the winged warrior struggled to push the body of the agent off her, dusting herself off. Heaving, she stood up, clutching her abdomen. She looked at the blond agent unconscious at her feet, making a condescending comment on his romantic obsession with her, before spitting on his body. With a grin, the red-headed woman began to limp away, towards the edge of the monster's lair, her eyes fixed on the wall of fire at the dock.

    "N-n-no... That's.... not... poss-"- whispered Ra, her eyes widening

    Suddenly, a shadow began to envelop her. Looking at the ground affront her, flabbergasted, the Ra saw how the body of a man began to churn and turn. Bones cracking and muscles popping, she saw the shadow of a man expand, fur take over skin, until the shadow of a beast stood, several times her size, enveloping her. The winged woman stood immobile, until a large blob of saliva plopped on her head. Slowly, Ra looked up. Above her, with dagger-like teeth, a werewolf stood covered in blood, his eyes shining crimson with bloodlust, a large hole on his chest.

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    Grand Line - Isle of Barbados
    The Sisters Reunite Arc: Part III

    Isle of Barbados -The Depths

    Meeting hastily, the merman's crossed swords met the beeman's stinger, both shaking with effort. Hastily, they pushed back; the water splitting from their collision. Roaring with the current, the warriors passed each other again and again, colliding with he waves, until they remained at the bottom of the ocean, standing affront each other, panting. Suddenly, the beeman took a knee, and along with a scream, his carapace split open, covering his bubble with blood from the inside. The merman, bruised yet complacent, mustered strength to cross his twin swords above him, and with his eyes crimson with spirit, charged. Yet the merman's words stopped short, and when the water subsided, the merman's face reeked of shock. Looking down, the merman realized the beeman's stinger was lodged in his chest cavity, and his swords were still held above him.

    The tip of the stinger, along with blood, took a green hue. Dispersed through the water, the beeman's venom glowed crimson green. Lowly, the monster began to chuckle, until it boomed into a cackle, a cackle that fluttered the water as the merman tried to move, his body frozen, shaking.

    "Yes... ittttt beeeeeeee takkinggggg effffeeecccttt nowwwww. Firstttttt commmmeeeesss paralysissss, thennnn respiratoryyyy pulmonismmmm, and finalllly deathhhh. BEBEBEBEBEBE!!!!!"- the beeman cackled

    Sensui's head fell, his eyes overtook by a shadow. With a grin of victory, the beeman slowly slew his stinger from the merman's body, the muscles popping at every churn. Suddenly, the stinger stopped cold. It began to shake, as the beeman pulled it back with all his might, yet it was still held static. Now breathing heavily, the beeman's cackle turned into screams of desperation, as his very skin began to dissolve from the inside out, as if acid poured from the inside out. Looking up, the beeman's eyes widened, as they met Sensui's willed stare.

    "Youuuuu..... hhhhooowwww cannnn yoouuuuu movvveeee?! Whattttt issss thissss?!!!"

    "You miscalculated, read admiral. When your stinger bore through me, your fate was sealed. Your venom cannot affect a creature who's very blood coarses with even stronger venom. You see, my venom is strong enough to burn through stone, strong enough to burn through skin."- stated the merman, as the purple venom ate through the stinger

    "Waaaaitttt.... I'mmmmm sorrryyyyy! Pleasseeeee.....!"- pleaded the beeman, as Sensui's grip tightened on his swords

    With a step back and a battle cry, the blue-ringed octopus brought his swords down, and like butter, split the beeman apart. The bottom of the ocean became silent again, and the scene ended.

    Isle of Barbados -The Dock!

    Cranking again, the cannon's aim shifted; to Main Street and the Plaza. In the iron sights, the first cannon zoomed into the winged woman and the agent. The second sight zoomed into the giant afar, and the small woman below his axe. Fire! BOOM!!! Upon exiting, the scatter cannons exploded in mid-air, blanketing the warship in smoke. Perplexed, the Commodore stuck his head out from the cannon's side, and his eyes darted from side to side. Two blue blurs passed hastily by him, entering the ship's armory. The Commodore's expression turned from surprise to desperation, as his temple came unhinged from his head, and fell to the water. Two figures appeared at the back of the armory, their scales glowing in the shadows.

    "Shooting an enemy unsuspected,"- said Xang
    "The WG is not much to be expected."- finished Xing
    "To the aid of the Spada,"- asserted Xang
    "Need no less than the Xing & Xang Armada"- laughed vociferously Xing
    "But this a high price it will become"- whispered Xang
    "For La Spada when the times comes."- assured Xing

    Their faces plastered over newspapers worldwide, the rouge Xing and Xang. Infamous snake fishmen wanted for their apparent involvement in the death of Neptune; exiled in Fishmen Island. Wasting no time, the figured busted through floorboards within two columns of water, sweeping the deck. Screams and flesh ripping overbeared the sound of the roaring water, and when it died down, Xang held a bubble of air, inside of which the captains. The rest sent to Davy Jones Locker. The sails were hoisted, teared down and replaced. The galleon was theirs.

    "W-w-w-hat was that?!"- one of the bound captains screamed, as the chill of a beast erupted from the waters

    The water shook, and from afar, a mountain of water crept up, so large, it would create waves from it's base. Suddenly, the incoming ship, the one left besides the galleon, began to rock, and a single giant tentacle, several times larger than the ship, rose and crushed the ship in half, taking it to the depths. The water whirled, and a small whirlpool paved the way for a monster to the deep to surface. Suddenly, a giant squid's head surfaced in the bay. Atop her head, now rapidly approaching the galleon, was Sensui, bloodied and drunk, a hole on his abdomen.

    Isle of Barbados - The Plaza

    Her back against the ground, the Empress had her sheathed sword crossed affront her, held with both hands, it against the tip of the giant axe. As the vice-admiral screamed, his muscles bulged, and a crater appeared around La Spada, blood splurging from her mouth. Her hands shaking, the tip of the blackened axe inched closer and closer to her throat.

    "AFTER WHAT YOU DID... KILLING YOU WON'T BE THE END! NO.... I WILL MAKE SURE YOUR SISTERS DIE A SLOW DEATH... YOU'RE A CURSE, LA SPADA! AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL DIE FOR IT!!!!!"- vice-admiral Ronse, hollered beneath his mask, his muscles bulging with each word

    Below the massive blackened battle-axe, La Spada held it's tip against her sword sheathe. In the middle of a humongous crater, matching the giant's size, the Empress the struggle was coming to an end. Little by little, inch by inch, the captain's sheathed sword, with the giant atop her, began to waver. With each word, vice-admiral Ronse's axe closed in on her throat. Suddenly, Ronse's words struck a cord into the captain, and her eyes began to whirl, picking off memories past, for she heard that phrase again and again, decades past.

    Quote Originally Posted by Flashback - 25 years ago
    "You're a curse, Isis. And you're loved ones will die because for it."- a voice echoed

    A small child, roughly seven years of age, lay in the middle of a crater, gasping for breath. Bloodied, bruised, and her skin sizzling, the young child placed the tip of the katana on the ground and willed herself up. Eruptions boomed around her, as the active volcano grew restless. From above, a large chunk of rock dislodged from the mouth of the volcano, and fell. Behind it, the shadow of a leak man with an afro stood in mid-air. With haste, the girl ran towards the edge of the floating piece of rock, and with a mighty jump, leaped towards the side of the volcano, latching on to the volcanic wall by stabbing her sword into it.

    Suddenly, the sound of a sword slicing open the very air gave light to a whirling orb of slicing wind, materialized affront of the child. In slow-motion, the child widened her eyes in shock, as the orb imploded. Isis's screams deafened the whirling magma below. When the wind subsided, the child's clothes were shredded, as was her body below, and with her eyes clam white, the girl fell. Like a stone, the body of the young girl fell towards the lava, the sword following her. Around her, the man's laugh still echoed. Suddenly, the girl's pupils slit, and with a gasp, she pushed off the adjacent wall mere inches from the fiery grasp. Isis had managed to leap to the now floating dislodged rock fixture that almost felled her before, rolling uncontrollably until coming to a stop. Again she gasped for breath, but could find it no more. This time, however, Isis's body gave out when she tried to stand, and a loud thud signified her fall.

    The girl's vision blurry, one could barely make out a pair of wooden sandals, ever approaching in a steady beat of a clang along with the roaring fire. Face-down, and blood pooling down from her forehead, the girl's head bobbed when she looked up. Affront her stood a tall, at least 10 feet, black man, with a large afro and a slave's clothes. On his forehead, a large scar ran down, dividing his face in three. From his left chin to his left eye, completely burnt. From his right chin to his right eye, scarred. From his eyes to his forehead as smooth as a polished blade. Yet the grin.... was ever blatant. His large hand grabbed the child from her garments, and pulled her up. Pulled her up to eyesight, inching his face to hers, his face beset by anger.

    "I... taught you... NEVER TO DROP YOUR SWORD!!!"- screamed the man with fury, walking to the edge of the floating rock, Isis in hand

    Lifting her up higher, the man slammed her onto the edge, hand on her back. Her eyes watering, the child began to shake, as the man pressed her face to the lava. Suddenly, from the lava, a sword surfaced; the sword the child had used before.

    "A swordsman and his sword are one, 'princess'. Never without the other."- the man stated, sarcastically emphasizing on "princess", inching the girl closer and closer to the lava

    "P-p-p-lease.... Don't... make.... m- "- the girl whimpered, finally breaking, now beginning to sob loudly

    "PICK IT UP!!! .... I SAID PICK IT UP!!!!"- screamed the man, slamming her into the ground once more

    The sound of skin sizzling came before a scream, and when the camera shifted, the young girl held the blade, it and her left hand red as coal. On her back, the young girl bawled, and the tall man above her looked calmly. With the sound of a thud, the tall man kicked the young girl at her side, turning her over. Looking down on her, the black man took the sword from it, and brought it to eye-sight. The katana was moderately curved with a white edge and a distinct blue hamon that had the appearance of flames. Its tsuba is golden and shaped like a rounded cross pattée; the hilt is wrapped reddish-brown, with a dark clasp around its middle and a red kashira pommel. A Saijo O Wazamono; Shodai Kitesu. The man shook the flames off, and from it, an aura reverberated. A scream of a woman came from within the sword, and a feeling of remorse shook the volcano whole.

    "Do you know why I gave you this sword, 'princess'? One of the strongest swords in the world? My pride and joy?"- asked the tall man, still evaluating the artwork

    " of it's.... curse...?"- whispered the young girl, her tears now subsiding

    "No... not because of it's curse. Because of your curse.. "

    "W-w-w-what?"- asked the young girl, still shaking

    "You're a curse, Isis. And you're loved ones will die because for it."- ominously stated the man

    "You' wrong. I-I-I have no' love' ones."- whispered the little girl

    "Oh, you haven't heard? You're to have a little sister."- revealed the man

    The young girl's eyes widened, and slowly, she rose her head. Her large pearl yellow eyes quivered, and she became lost in thought. She looked at the floor, muddied with her blood, and stepped forward to see her reflection on it. Her image shook, revealing instead the face of a baby, with the distinct bagged eyes of La Spada, and the shadow of a woman holding her gently. Blood of her blood.

    "How do' it' end...? The prophecy' of tha' curse...? TELL ME, KITETSU!!!!"- hollered the young Isis, her eyes burning with will

    "Death. By your hand. With this blade. Power you shall obtain. Power to achieve your dreams."- answered the man lowly, a tone of disdain in his voice.

    The young girl's anger subsided, and she stood up slowly, panting heavily. With a shadow over her eyes, she rose. Kitetsu turned the blade's pommel towards her, and offered it to her. Power unfathomable. The blade still glowed, with an aura of power. An thirst for blood unquenchable, a thirst for power only matched by the young girl's. Slowly, the young girl took it, gripping it intently, admiring it's aura. Affront her, the afro swordsman laughed. Laughed maniacally.

    Suddenly, the sound of a sword being sheathed woke the swordsman from his manic. When he turned, the young Isis had the sword sheathed, knelled on the floor, hands on her back. She looked defiantly at the man, as if refusing to use the sword.

    "The day will come, 'princess'. When you will need that power. From the moment you unsheathe it, it's aura will intoxicate you. Little by little. Until your soul is clad with lust for power. Power enough to kill your loved ones."- predicted the swordsman

    And with a step forward, the tall man drew his blade, striking the kneeled child. The scene blackened little by little, until all could be heard was the roaring of the fire, and Kitetsu's voice bewaring through.
    "YOU'RE A CURSE, LA SPADA! AND YOUR LOVED ONES WILL DIE FOR IT!!!!!"- screamed vice-admiral Ronse, the tip of his blade cutting into the captain's neck

    Whirling into reality, La Spada's pupils turned black once again, and the sound of a sword un-sheathing was heard With it, the shrill of a woman, emanating from the sword, echoed. Within the blink of an eye, a small shadow appeared above Ronse's head, passing by it, sand in the shape of a geyser exploded. Blood spurted upwards, and the giant's scream of pain boomed. With a large thud, the once large axe, now in twain, fell upon the ground. Behind it, the vice-admiral followed. A large cut, tearing through the black axe and Ronse's armor, appeared. Slowly turning, the sun revealed the captain above. On her hand, vibrating with an aura of unquenchable bloodlust, was Shodai Kitetsu, sand whirling around it like a sandstorm, black as night. La Spada, panting heavily, blood pouring from her neck, grudgingly brought the blade down, pointed towards the vice-admiral.

    "This i-i-sn't the l-l-last of... Y-y-ou shall g-g-g-ive it.... b-b-b-ack... G-o-l..."- gritted the vice-admiral through his teeth

    Her eyes quivered with spirit, and undoubtedly, the power made the captain chuckle. As if spreading from the sword, the captain's bags under her eyes blackened even more. A boom erupted from the blade, and the tornado, filled with cutting winds of a blade of curse, instantly fell upon the vice-admiral. Upon impact, a large shockwave exploded, and with it, a large sandstorm filled the plaza, crackling the air.

    Isle of Barbados - Main Street!

    "N-n-no... That's.... not... poss-"- whispered Ra, her eyes widening

    Suddenly, a shadow began to envelop her. Looking at the ground affront her, flabbergasted, the Ra saw how the body of a man began to churn and turn. Bones cracking and muscles popping, she saw the shadow of a man expand, fur take over skin, until the shadow of a beast stood, several times her size, enveloped her. The winged woman stood immobile, until a large blob of saliva plopped on her head. Slowly, Ra looked up. Above her, with dagger-like teeth, a werewolf stood covered in blood, his eyes shining crimson with bloodlust, a large hole on his chest.

    Turning, the winged Spada brought her mace in a roundhouse movement, only to meet the werewolves iron abdomen. Calmly, and with a chuckle, Ra looked up at the werewolf. Both hands over his head, they began to glow. Bringing it down with incredible force, the werewolf created a chasm below him on impact, deep enough so there was no bottom, just missing the winged woman. Jumping back, Ra's eyes began to dart from side to side, slowly. Her lips pursed, and her mind raced, until her eyes widened. Giving chase, the werewolf roared he approached, severing the ground with each step. Ra kep jumping back, until her back was to the chasm made earlier by the scaled monster; she could no longer run. With a battle cry, Ra took a knee, using her shield to cover her whole body diagonally, it suddenly flaring black with will, just in time to intercept the werewolves devastating downward attack.

    "NOWWWWWWW!!!!"- screamed Ra, shifting her weight back, pivoting her feet

    On contact, the winged woman shifted her weight and jumped back, allowing the attack's diagonally downward momentum to push them both into the chasm. In mid-air, her shield cracked and her arm sullied, Ra flapped her wings, changing trajectory in mid-air, blasting towards the side. Behind her, revealed as her body blasted to the side, two large yellow slit eyes appeared at the bottom of the chasm. The werewolve's eyes widened, and a whimper escaped his snout. Plummeting upwards, a giant-sized scaled worm came upon the wolf, mouth gaping open, to swallow the beast in one mighty bite.

    Isle of Barbados -The Dock!

    "Get in to position, Squida! HICCP!!!!"- the merman ordered, now manning the ship's helm

    Back at the ship, Sensui turned the wheel and begun the departure. Xing and Xang finished tying up the hostages to the cannons, and prepped the sails. Suddenly, Sensui called "ship ho!". The Back-up. Xing and Xang turned, and sure enough, five ships, side by side, were quickly approaching. The middle was a large sea-stone plated galleon like the one the fishmen had taken. Suddenly, a beam of fire and light blasted against the mast of the galleon, too fast for even the eye to see.

    "What the fuc* was that?! They can't be in range already, that's impossible!"- screamed Sensui, perplexed

    "It's Commander Vice Admiral Tyrar's doing..."- La Spada said, sand whirling into her likeness

    "QUICKLY, MAKE THE FUC*ING SQUID LAUNCH US! ONE MORE HIT TO THE MAST AND THE SHIP WON"T MOVE!"- Ra screamed, her arm over Terra's shoulder, landing on the deck

    Looking into the telescope, Sensui saw Commander Vice-Admiral Tyrar on the edge of the galleon, his body contorting to different shapes, his body the shape of a humongous cannon, smoke coming out from the mouth. The legendary marine's body started contorting again, shining menacingly. Insisting they were still far too weak to take him on, Ra turned to Sensui, who began singing to the ocean. Xing and Xang were gone. Sure enough, the ship shook, as tentacles began to wrap around the ship. The galleon rose in mid-air, but suddenly, the squid bellowed, and the ship landed on the water again. The legendary marine had shot his second shot, straight to the squid.

    "Squida! Are you allright? DAMN IT! She's wounded!"- hollered Sensui, desperately

    ''Pirates! Scoundrels! Let me greet you as the mighty foot of Thor rains down upon you!''- a voice said from above, echoing far and wide, to which all eyes followed

    Above, a man stood in mid-air - with his right leg stretched up into the clouds, increased in size well beyond that of a Giant's, and a foot large enough to cover the whole of the pirate ship at once, tinted black. With a wild grin on his face, the man's foot descended from the heavens at incredible speeds, seeking to crush the ship whole. In retort, the captain's feet erupted into sand, meeting the giant foot in the middle of the sky. Again, the sound of a sword came next, and the sound of a woman wailing echoed came after. The blackened sword met the blackened foot in a display of power. The clouds parted in the wake of the impact, and the sound of thunder parted the airwaves. A clash heard oceans away.

    From the distance, a beam of light shone. It was Vice-Admiral Tyrar, whom had finished his preparations and was charging up the beam that would spell the Spada Pirate's death. It all stood still for a moment. The wind even stopped for the few seconds that would determine everything. Suddenly, the ship trembled, and like a rocket, was propelled upwards into the sky at speeds unheard of for such a massive structure. By a few inches, the Commander's beam missed, passing where the ship once was.

    Now revealed, Xing and Xang had formed a massive water current underwater, using their combined unparalleled merman powers, and with Squida's strength, launched the ship. It seemed to be a knock-up stream, combined with the raw arm power of the giant squid.

    "HOOOOOOLLLLLLYYYYYY SHIIIIIIITTTTT!!!!!!!!"- screamed Sensui, as the ship blasted into the air

    The ship blasted at high-speeds, launched to the distance. So fast, that it would disappear unto the horizon. Everyone was pulled towards the ship as it rocketed, like the center of gravity, and could barely move at the weight of the air resistance. A grand escape.

    Dozens and dozens of miles away, the ship suddenly stopped it's flight, and suddenly plummeted down to the ocean, in a free-fall. The ship fell towards the ocean, but unbeknown to them, they had a terrifying stowaway. The captain and the man were still locked in a clash, sword against foot, the ship having slammed into them.
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    I love it

    I can really imagine it in true One Piece style art and fashion. But it needs more comic relief.

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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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    Thank you.

    I know, it needs more comedy and less morbicity. But... I'm not funny at all.

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    That's why I made Ra

    Ra is the least serious, Terra is the balanced, Spada is on a 24/7 period.

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    Trust me, I wish I had a banana up my anus right now.

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