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    Viktor - Gavril / Guards

    Just as he finished his ritual to purify the room, the exact opposite would actually happen as he heard a voice he hadn't heard it quite some time. "I wasn't aware there would be others on the job as well" he quickly responded in disappointment, listening to her pointless banter. "It is truly unfortunate, I heard you got put down, seems the rumour was false." he replied calmly, trying not to get angered by such taunts, though his reply was far from a passive one. The guards would show up moments later to allow them into the meeting, but advise viktor to not be present. "I'll take you up on your offer, the mutt over there should be capable of figuring out what is going on for the time being," he paused for a moment, taking another look at her. "perhaps not."

    After they left he would head for the window, looking out to see if anything was happening. "Why not, nothing better to do." he mumbled to himself, opening the window and stepping out onto the ledge. "My lord, lend me your powers." he chanted while signaling a cross. He jumped out of the building, wings spreading from the orb like devices floating behind his shoulders, as he activates Mastema. He began scouting the building for any intruders from the outside. If the Empire seems to think this man might know something, the Revolutionaries might believe the same, after all.

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    "Put down? Ahaha, keep pointing your hand at this beast and you won't have it anymore. Ahahaha. HAHAHAHA." Yeah things were escalating quickly, but a guard came in. Good. ... Another snide remark from Viktor. "Ah, yeah. I don't want you to get offended or something. Much more important than your job. I'll be sure to do it for you." With that snide remark she focused her attention on the guard. "Ah, anyone huh? ... Eh, I'll just have a guy. Muscular. Doesn't matter what kind. Women are too soft anyways, not really good for... Ah, companion. You meant sex. Nah, I'm good." What she WAS talking about was made clear soon after. "But I am kinda hungry. Some meat would be good. Raw. Ah... and do you have those little cream-filled pastry things? I've been wanting to try those while I'm in the capital." ... Raw meat and creampuffs. Right. Gavril needed. That's what she wanted.

    "Oh, and I already took you up on your offer and got some companions for my two guards downstairs." Well, the offer hadn't been made at that point but who cares? Gavril followed the man to the meeting room. She couldn't exactly compose herself, but she could at least shut her trap until she was spoken to.

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    Saeko was shocked when the guards grabbed her and Mimelia and began dragging them upstairs, she frowned at first but remembered she needed to keep her cover. All she could do was look over to Mimelia and shrug her shoulders, once they reached their destination and where tossed into the room she caught her balance with ease and held her arm out to brace Mimelia if she happened to fall.

    She looked around the room trying to mantain a smile on her face,she was quickly addressed by what appeared to be the woman in charge.She listened to what she had to say trying to keep her anger in check and not burst out laughing at her idle threats, she was fine with pretending to like people if it got her the info she needed, though she wasnt sure if Mimelia would quite uderstand. After the girl was done talking Saeko turnedto Mimelia and leaned close whispering to her
    "Just stay close to me and ill do my best to protect you okay, and be careful don't let anyone touch you in your....welll...special areas okay"

    At the last part she made a motion to her breasts and other areas of her body, she felt bad it was her fault for grabbing these and not noticing that the emblem was different than the rest of the Kimono's. But it may work out for the best, this could be what they needed

    "and if you get into trouble please call me, and try to keep Ziggy from destroying the building "

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    Out of nowehere guards came and had pulled on Mimelia and Saeko. Being immediately alarmed, with Saeko's shrug she assumed they weren't in big trouble since she was so calm. Mimelia quickly remembered about ziggy who at this point knew he was going to transform and devour the men. To savethemselves from the trouble, she moved her hands in a specific way at her side, causing Ziggy to stay calm and adorable. It was their "No trouble" sign. Mostly they communicated through movement since Ziggy could not speak for himself. And like a good puppy he simply waddled un noticed behind the bar in it's under space where the drinks they were not on the shelf had stayed and he would just hide there.

    When they were tossed in the room, Mimelia almost fell forward but she was saved by her partners arm before a woman who even Mimelia could tell had special previliges and began telling them the rules of safety. Mimelia listened for a bit. Key word being love in her mind. But her attention later diverted to the ground. Saeko then advised her to not let anyone touch her special areas, esturing to her breasts and like a mindless clone, Mimelia grabbed her own and nodded in determination. But something did cross her mind.

    Lady say pretend love. love people...get to touch...or no touchie?

    Poor Mimelia was confused but then noticing her hands on her chest she began to play with them. Gently moving them up and down with a small smile on her face. She wasn't confused anymore but just side-tracked and entertained. It was when Saeko mentioned ziggy that she got her attention again. Quickly looking up in confidence.

    Mimel give ziggy...

    She paused and brought a finger to her lips. She still had trouble with communicating and ifnding the right words which some may have considered sad for her age but given her past it wouldn't be much of a suprise like to all those she had met once she was free. Her eyes lit up and looked at Saeko. She was a little excited should could find the words. In her mind her communication skills were getting a lot better and it made her proud of herself that she could adjust and speak as properly as she could.

    Mimelia give ziggy no trouble sign. H-h-He act if Mimelia calls

    She said in confidence. Deep down she was actually quite intelligent, she just was new to having conversation and a lot of things until she was freed four years ago

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    Saya Akiyama- The Second Floor

    Saya was told by the other two guards that it would be her, or rather, the man these clothes belonged to's, turn to retrieve the girls from the second floor for the boss. She was glad to know where they were keeping the girls used for the supposed sex slavery she had overheard the men in the meeting talking about earlier. This would be her chance to set them all free, but she had to obey her mission first. And it seemed like giving these girls to the boss would be the way she could get into that room without causing a scene. She had to take this chance. She happily agreed to this, but still had a question for the two guards. So she quickly called out to them before they got too far away.

    "Hey, what girls am I getting? I don't want to bring the wrong ones to the boss! You know how he is!"

    Once she learned of which girls to grab, she would make her way to the second floor. Not having any ideas of where the girls were exactly, she would have no choice but to examine room to room until she found out. So she would do just that...

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    Outside of the building, if he had noticed during his search he would notice an ally with three people in it. Two adults selling drugs to a young teen girl who seemed very scared

    Come on, it's just a little drug girlie.

    Suddenly, from behind the girl and the other side of the alley, several men dressed in all black with masks began to creep up behind her. It was an overall plan to drug and snatch the girl up for whatever they pleased


    "Right away Ma'am"

    One of the guards said before departing to retrieve one of her specifications while the other continued to take her to the meeting room. Sliding the door opened the two men inside turned their gaze to the door.

    "Boss. Lord Gavril is here"

    "Great Great! Let her in already fool......Ah Gavril! It is so nice of you to join us! Please please take a seat. Would you like some sake? it's of the best quality you can get in the capital. So strong it burns haha! Oh my manners! Lord Gavril I'd like to introduce you to Mister Silver.

    Takagi said gesturing to Ikkiyuse who would still be using his alias for his living. He removed his sunglasses which covered his eyes as he looked into the eyes of Gavril.

    Ah Gavril. It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard quite a bit about you

    He said with a smile. Of course as a man of information, Gavril e had taken the liberty of looking into. Finding her records...interesting to say the least. His eyes lowered and took note of what was exposed of her torso. He didn't even attempt to hide his gaze with a smirk and a chuckle before casually returning his eyes back to his cup to pick it up to take another drink while Takagi poured his new guest a cup.

    "We're just having a little fun before the companions arrive. Then more fun and business."


    With one of the men going to get a companion for Gavril, he made his way to the second floor. At the time he saw the disguised Saya she hadn't touched any doors even though she had searched a bit by now.

    "Hey Rux! Hold on a minute. I have to get a special guest for Lord Gavril. We can just take them all up at once."

    As he said that he pointed to a specific door naturally as he mentioned his idea, pointing out which room the girls were in for Saya. Going to another room full of the A-listers.

    "Alright which one of you think you can calm a beast?"

    He called into the room causing all the men who were in great shape to smirk.

    "The beast is Lord Gavril"

    Their pride turned to fear realizing they were far out of their ability with such a woman from the stories alone. Let alone, one man stood up. The most terrifying of them all. Known to crush any woman he came across. Big King. Standing firm and confident in his ability

    Big King towered over the guard as he did the rest of the men. If Saya hadn't gotten the girls since the room was a little further than his own, The guard walked with Big King to Join her. The door now open at least he yelled off into the room.

    "Alright show time! Get in line and follow! The boss has two very very important guests and you will be for one of the guests! Miss Alice of course you alone will be for the boss. Hey Rux. That girl from before was pretty damn hot. Do you think one of us should go get her? I mean she doesn't work here but she was pretty wasted and since she wants to cheat on her husband might as well let her cheat with a guest right? I'll let you decide."

    The guard began to pick out girls for one of the guests. Picking out one random girl, then Mimelia and Saeko as well. Gesturing them to get a move on and get out of the room. Once the group was prepared he decided to lead all of them, leaving Saya with the opportunity to decide on what she wanted to do. With the boss's companion meeting at least one guard must be present for the meet. Leaving the option of standing as a guard near the door or to further play the role of drunken woman to get close to her target. By the time the group made it to the room Saya would have been able to be there as well no matter what route she took. Opening the door he let the girls in. Letting miss Alice go to the boss and he gestured the other girls over to the silver haired man.

    All mentioned before

    "Lord Gavril. I've brought our best Big King for you"

    Big King was his name and sex was his game. He had built himself a reputation in the east district as a man to be feared. Walking over to Gavril reaching to her waist and easily lifting her up before he sat down and crossed his legs, placing her on his lap. With his stature it would seem as if she had her own throne to sit on for the meeting instead pf the normal sitting cushions.

    "It is an honor"

    He said, looking down to Gavril.

    "I've hear many great things about you."

    Casually turning his head, he stared for a moment at Ikkiyuse. Remembering stories of the young man.

    "Mr. Silver. I've heard rumors of you two from just a couple of our lady customers. The man with the Golden Thrust and the Silver tongue. I'm suprised not more know of you sir"

    Well I'm not one to fool around a lot. I would just barbaric if I brought many women to my sheets consistantly. It's more like a prize for those deserving.

    He said with a confident smirk before turning to look at the girls assigned to him. Both strangers, but of the shorter haired one, her struck him as familiar. But the size of her bust was more of importance to him than who she was.

    Mr. sure have some high quality women here.

    Honestly, Takagi questioned who they were but since Ikkiyuse seemed to like them and he never took the time much to remember faces he just concluded that these were new girls his boys found. Two more guards entered the room, carrying what looked like a large goleden lamp and placed it on the center of the table. Takagi began to announce his prized possession.

    "My guests! I call this drug The Critic! Found within the nourthern trive region outside of the capital. Found only in specific caves. It is quite rare indeed but I'll let you all see it's effects!

    Leaning over to push the button, the device began to make a barely audible humming sound before a purple haze began to fill the room until it was full with a light haze, thin enough so that it wouldn't block anyones vision. First of the group it started to effect Alice before anyone. Her breathing becoming a little heavy and her face became flushed before she wrapped her arms around Takagi's own and pressed her chest against his aarm. Laying her head on his shoulder, she cuddled against the man before starting to rub on his chest with a very llarge smile on his face like she was in bliss. Big King was next and it would be obvious to Gavril since she used the man as a seat, she would feel something under her slightly move her upwards which so suddenly would likely come as a surprise before he slid his arms between her torso and arms and rested his hands on her knees. From this position not only did she have a seat but due to his large arms, she also had arm rests as well like a true throne. This critic was a potent drug of not only a "Sexual Motivator" but also a drug to cause a blissful high.

    Ikkiyuse's eyes narrowed as the effects began. He took a deep breath and began staring at the ground for a moment before lifting his head. Seeming to still have his composure. Takagi couldn't help but to have a massive smile on his face while he nodded his head at Gavril and Ikkiyuse

    Good Right?! HAHA!
    *Chuckle* Yes yes. I admit, I've never came across a drug this potent before. It is...interesting
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    Saeko smiled as she entered the room, her eyes darted around as she took in everyone who was there. He eyes landed on the silver haired man and she immediately knew him as being their target. She smiled again and moved to go and sit next to him dapping her arm around him and making sure that her breasts pushed against his shoulder as she leaned close to him smiling up at him.She ran her hand through her hair trying to be cute and laid her head on his shoulder.

    "Im at your service master...can i call you master"

    She hated having to play this role but she knew she had to keep up this appearance for the sake of their mission, she needed the info from this meeting. As she laid there the guards brought in a large lamp and after setting it down purple smoke began to flow from it. Evidently it was some drug though she wasn't sure how it would effect her, but she was determined to keep herself composed and finish this mission

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    Entering the room, Mimelia carefully watched Saeko and intended to act just how she did. Compared to Mimelia Saeko was the proffessional at this. She paused for a moment when seeing the silver haired man. Not only acknowledging that he was their target but something about that hair and his clothing was Nostalgic. As if he were important to her memory but she could not remember. Sitting at the other side of his arm. Seeing Saeko push her breasts against the mans shoulder, Mimelia hesistated. Her breasts were larger than Saeko's and they were hers! A blush came to her while she watched Saeko. She didn't want to do it but if even Saeko acted like this it must be needed aand she didn't want to mess up her first big mission. Taking the man's arm for her own, Mimelia wrapped both arms around his and scooted closer to him.

    His arm would feel the large bust of hers press against his arm and laid her head on his shoulder


    She looked up at him with an alluring look but she had caught herself staring into his eyes. They were pretty and like nothing she had seen before. When the men came to drop off the thing looking like a lamp, the boss guy started it up and a purple smoke filled the room. Carefully she looked around the room before noticing a feeling rising up inside her from breathing in the smoke. The feel of her breasts pressing again the man felt delightful. Taking one of her hands and lightly grabbing his. She rubbed her cheek against his shoulder. What material was it made of she wondereo smooth, so soft. She wanted to resist letting this mans arm feel her treasured chest but she had a hard time breaking away since it felt so well to her. She did not know why she was enjoying herself. It must have been the gas she concluded. Trying not to forget the mission even though she seemed very comfortable she didn't forget to listen in to the conversation

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    Saya Akiyama- The Meeting
    Saya was still wondering which of the rooms contained the girls she was supposed to grab. She was about to enter one, when one of the guards from before came down and shouted to her. At first, she was worried her cover and been blown. But he soon mentioned that he was to grab a special guest to bring up to the meeting room. He was kind enough to point towards the correct room in the process, as so Saya was able to enter the room. She saw several girls. Most of them seemed to be in good shape at least. Probably to better please the clientele. Regardless she randomly grabbed two girls (Des/Tsu) and gave them to the other guard.

    "I think I will go grab that drunk chick. Maybe she can actually manage to stay conscious now!"

    She had down stairs to the main floor of the bar for a brief few moments. She wanted to give the other guard time to leave. Removing this guard outfit now would only cause problems if she tried to make it back to the top floor as her 'drunk' self. After enough time had passed, she went back up to floor two and ditched the guard outfit. She switched back to her drunken persona and proceeded to stagger up the stairs to the top floor. She was stopped a few times, and slurred out her reason for being up here.

    "Some guard named.. Rucks or something... He told me that some boss up here needed girls for something. I volunteered. He would be up here with me, but I vomited all over his uniform. He is cleaning it now."

    After giving out her reason, she was permitted to go to the meeting room, and was escorted by one of the other guards. She would arrive just in time it seemed. As a demonstration of a new drug was just beginning. She wasn't sure what was going on, but she did not want to be compromised. She held her breath before she could inhale any of the purple substance that now flooded the room. She waited to see how everyone else reacted to it, and proceeded to act the same way. It seemed to give everyone an incredible lust, as well as a high. She made the appropriate change in behavior. She crawled her way to the silver haired man, her intended target and if uninterrupted, would proceed to rub herself all over him. Hoping he drops is guard in his incredibly high state of mind.

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    East District Alley - Viktor

    Hisashi sighed as he made his way towards the establishment to meet with this Ikkiyuse fellow. He had just recently accepted the position as Overseer thinking he could get by while doing the minimal amount of work or even none at all but his hopes were crushed as he got a mission which seemed like it would be a pain. He didn't just have to kill this traitor but even had to go out of his way to try and find him. For a moment he considered just quitting however the paycheck was too tempting to pass up. Also the authority that came with the job also had it's perks he thought with a smile.

    As he just about reached and was about to go through an alley to get to the entrance he saw several men dressed in black with masks on. A closer inspection also revealed more men further in the alley along with a young girl. It didn't take a genius to figure out what was happening here. Taking a closer look at the girl she wasn't bad, not bad at all. At least the men had good taste though that was about the only good thing he could say about them.

    He wondered whether this actually fell under his duties as an Overseer as he smoothly drew his sword and cut down two of the men in one stroke. The third hadn't even realized their deaths when Hisashi's blade pierced his back. He hadn't bothered alerting them of his reasons since it was simply easier to kill them by surprise and though he could've attempted to capture them he could still add a few more puppets however he doubted whether they would be useful. He could always replace them later besides a few extra meatshields was never a bad thing he thought as he swiftly butchered them without too much effort. Despite not even trying it was clear he was skilled with sword as his movements almost seemed elegant. A few moments later the six bodies of the men he'd disposed of would seemingly disappear as they were added to Yatsufusa's collection.

    As he was killing them he noticed some guy with wings floating several meters above them. From his clothes he appeared to be a priest or something like that. To him it was clear which one seemed more interesting. "Are you alright?" He'd ask the girl after walking up to her trying to look genuinely worried before smiling gently if she nodded or otherwise said she was. Seeing as he had just saved her he thought he might have a shot at her though the fact that he calmly killed six people in front of her might also work against him. All the more reason to act kind now.

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