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    Do you think time is real?

    Been thinking of this since i heard of the idea so wanna know what yas think?

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    There are just philosophies and no perfect defination for time and space, as it it rightly said ' We have to learn how to use our words. It's a fantastic thing -- we humans are so easily trapped in our own words. The word time, for instance -- we run into puzzles about the concept of time and then we say, oh, what a terrible thing. We don't realize we're the source of the puzzle because we invented the word ....'
    It's all a game of words....we need to get the correct wording for time and solve this puzzle for me may realize we must have already solved it,but it all remains a theory,there is no way to test these theory expect recreating the big bang itself....we humans are far from understanding the universe itself,we have yet to understand the basic fundamentals itself! so saying anything now would be just a trail and error thing.It all may seem fancy and solved depending on an persons imagination andAcc use of his wordings to define it.
    According to me time is indefinate,flexible,malleable at quantum levels....for me time is like strands of fabric.You can bend it,mend it,fold it,flex it,pull it.Time is the strands itself! They get smaller and smaller and infinitely small at quantum levels.Time can slow down immesurably...while you must be walking there must be gazillions and trillions of millions of universe creating and ending in an instant being created around at quantum levels.Created from nothing at all.....The universe for me is infinite from inside+outside.To explain this i say i believe in Spring theory that exists and that i had created somewhat a theory like that before i knew when i was 12yr old sitting in toilet looking at tiny bubbles exploding right before me and being created in an instant thinking about them as a tiny universe being created and destroyed in an instant.
    This is all i have to say....You guys could really look up to for a book or other more reliable source as i am too immature and un knowledgable in this field to say anything at all.
    I'll be making a blog so i could get more answers and opinions from experts aswell as lay mans around more experienced than me on this matter
    I hope i can make a blog twice in a row D: and this doesn't get deleted....I want a quick answer from everyone as this has really peaked my interest atm and my interest change as anything xD

    So everyone in the forums hating me/disliking me/liking me/loving me/friendly/science people/mature people please respond to this blog and correct me if i am wrong please or else i would always be wrong and put forth your theories un hesitantly forward.
    Looking forward to read up all the pot from you intelligent beings

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    Time is a relevant thing in this society but in mine own opinion it is the most irrelevant thing out there.
    in nature for everything there is a cycle that finds it's own path. why can't we do the same and need everything be said by the milisecond?
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