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    Quote Originally Posted by NuttyNutts View Post
    Is there anyway we can do a music game, like attach a OP / ED song or background song from a youtube video without giving away the description in the video title?
    Quote Originally Posted by nelkk View Post
    Youtube have titles which show up if you link them, but there are other ways to link music so def wanna try this one!
    I agree! Would be very interesting to see how it fares xP...

    Quote Originally Posted by Pspfanatic View Post
    The music one does sound pretty good Definitely a ton of work so I'll let someone else do that

    If we were to do a drama version of the game, we'd only get a small number of users for it so I don't mind having that as part of the drama section as a regular game drama lovers to play among themselves.

    As for a manga one, that wouldn't be too bad at all. Just trying to figure out when to run each one is the only problem. I'm creating more time for myself so I should be able to run at least 3 games within a month.
    As I mentioned in the 'anime thread', I'm more than happy to help with the uploading of various tracks to a suitable site i.e. mediafire. I've got a tad load too many tracks/OSTs from anime/movies/games xD...I'm sure Nutty has a fair share too and others xP...
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