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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcrusher94 View Post
    Damn , but I still prefer the the virgin killer.
    Very nice, sir...

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    Shrek is dreck. Shrek... is dreck. Real ****in' clever. You can make rhymes about Shrek. Real... ****in'... Clever. It's real funny. Real cute. Shrek is dreck. You think of that on your own? You know, there are some people out there... There are some people to who Shrek means a whole damn lot to. And we're not gonna let 'em down. We're not gonna let some ******* who thinks he's clever say "Oh, Shrek is dreck" because you know what? Shrek is not dreck! You don't know anything! You don't know anything about Shrek! It disgusts me... It literally disgusts me how little you know about Shrek. You don't know anything about Shrek. You know, why don't you crack a ****in' book or something? Why don't you watch a feature film with Shrek in it? before you go around making ****in' comments like "Shrek is dreck!" What the ****? There are babies out there who know more about Shrek than you do. You're like a ****ing cultureless neanderthal, you know? 'Cause you know, you don't know a ****ing thing about Shrek, you subhuman piece of ****! You go around saying "Oh! Shrek is dreck!" NO! You know, I am an important member of the community and when you mess with Shrek you mess with us. I'm a moderator on the Shrek discussion board and you better be ****ing glad this is not right now because you would get the banhammer so goddamn fast, you wouldn't even see it coming. Shrek is dreck, mother****er. You... You subhuman piece of ****. Read a ****in' fanfic, you piece of ****.

    I hear lake water lapping with low sounds by the shore;
    While I stand on the roadway, or on the pavements grey,
    I hear it in the deep heartís core.

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