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    Quote Originally Posted by Vegetto741 View Post
    Sadly I'm not very good at saving money. XD I tend to be a big spender. I gotta learn how to save. But so many games and I always gotta eat something when I go outside the house.

    Sorry about that. It's empty now.
    Gotta develop them saving skills and kiss good bye to games haha~~~

    Thank you

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    mexy is aliveO.O
    credit to shinuyx
    Quote Originally Posted by vi3t_93 View Post
    i personally dont like Sparring Kris, he has inherited some scary traits of BVZ...i dont like that one bit
    Quote Originally Posted by emmiesvoboda View Post
    send me an email i'll read it tomorrow know rune end this spar aready good night
    Quote Originally Posted by Runne666 View Post
    blow me. (Leaves the thread... possibly forever)
    (Returns to null the fight one more time... and then again for good measure)
    Quote Originally Posted by Kukuru View Post
    I'm a 16 yr old girl with raging hormones. I **** everything in sight.

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