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    I am: swordsman
    Bounty: 80,000,000
    Character Type: pervert
    Devil Fruit: zoan
    Childhood Friend: kid
    Lover: usopp
    Rival: franky
    I'll Marry: usopp
    Future: arrested and put in jail

    doesnt look that good for me lol


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    Guess I'll try and bring this back? Though it's usually dead around here so I'm not expecting too much. :<

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    My Results~

    Rank: 1
    Branch: Garrison
    Come From: Wall Rose
    Childhood Friend: Hanje Zoe
    Lover: Reiner Braun
    Rival: Levi
    Specialty: Trainee Instructor
    Kills: 49 solo 27 in a team
    Future: You reach a high position in the military, and devote your life to reform the military from within.

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    Rank: 5
    Branch: Military Police
    Comes from: Wall Sina
    Childhood Friend: Jean Kirstein
    Lover: Krista
    Rival: Hanji Zoe
    Speciality: Titan Shifter
    Kills: 12 solo, 58 in a team. (Guess I am keeping my ability on the down low)
    Future: Your lover proposes during a titan attack and tells you to stay alive. However, she gets cornered and you sacrifice yourself to protect her.

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    Rank: 8
    Branch: Unicorn branch
    Come From: Wall Maria
    Childhood Friend: The guy with freckles
    Lover: The girl with glasses
    Rival: Armin
    Specialty: Medic
    Kills: 49 solo 27 in a team
    Future: You become an excellent soldier, becoming humanity's shining ray of hope


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    I love you umai-chan. ;_; <--- tears of joy
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    Your doodles are too doodley to not praise their doodleyness
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    you all suck except for the horse :/

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    Rank: 14
    Branch: The Survey Corps
    Come From: Wall Sina
    Childhood Friend: Mikasa Ackerman
    Lover: Mikasa Ackerman
    Rival: Hange ZoŽ
    Specialty: Tactician
    Kills: 79 solo 29 team
    Future: You along with your childhood friend become instructors for new trainee squads.
    Pervy Monk Spirit
    Kambarinyōdō Kanedama

    Calm down, you're among friends, friends who wear badges,
    and search your bodily cavities, but friends just the same.
    By Bull Shannon
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    Before I forget it, RIP Zena. You were a good man and a better friend.

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    One of my favorite manga's.

    Spoiler: Open

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    Best Friend: Kojiro
    Self-appointed Rival: Takumi
    Challenges you to a Shokugeki: Erina
    Has a crush on me: Ikumi
    Cooking Style/Speciality: Fermented
    Tag team/partner: Kojiro
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Satoshi
    Guinea Pig: Eishi
    Wants you to be expelled: Rindo

    Some interesting results lel

    "Every living creature on Earth dies alone."


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    Best Friend: Takumi
    Self-appointed Rival: Isshiki
    Challenges you to a Shokugeki: Kojiro
    Has a crush on me: Nikumi
    Cooking Style/Speciality: Meat
    Tag team/partner: Kuga
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Alice
    Guinea Pig: Hisako
    Wants you to be expelled: Soma

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    Best Friend: Momo Akanegakubo
    Self-Appointed Rival: Rindo Kobayashi
    Challenges me to a Shokugeki: Yukihira Soma
    Actually has a crush on me: Alice Nakiri
    My cooking style/specialty: French
    My tag team/partner: Erina Nakiri
    My boyfriend/girlfriend: Takumi Aldini
    My guinea pig: Akira Hayama
    Want's me expelled: Tsukasa Eishi

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