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    Game of Thrones RP - IC Thread

    Nearly a month had gone by since Orys Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, instructed his Small Council to send ravens throughout Westeros, summoning numerous Lords and Ladies to the Capital, in order to begin preparations for a potential invasion by the Last Blackfyres. The Crown's spies were fortunately quick enough to inform the Small Council about the Blackfyres, but not quick enough to hope to stop them without it eventually leading to war. Now, it's only a matter of time before they cross the Narrow Sea, be in a few months or a few years.

    Still, this was a bold move by a bold King. The Seven Kingdoms have been united for centuries, but no one in living memory could recall all of the High Lords – or their chosen representatives – to sit on the same table. Lord Artys, the Hand of the King had tried to convince the King to do otherwise, counseling that it would be better to deal with them one by one, but the likes of Orys never heeded to reason. He is King, and King's do as they please, at least that's what Orys seems to believe.

    The Realm's Feast they seemed to call it by now, as preparations in the Red Keep and throughout King's Landing had been taking place in order to welcome Lords of the North all the way down to the endless sands of Dorne. Of course, many had already arrived to the Capital, but the Realm's Feast would not be taking place for another two moons.

    OOC Notes:
    This chapter is nothing more than an introduction to our characters and our first interactions between them. Don't expect any Blackfyres to be showing up anytime soon. You are free to use whatever character(s) you please from your House/Region, be it the Lord or Lady herself, an heir, or a notable envoy.

    The so called “Realm's Feast” wont be taking place yet, but presumably many of you arrive a few days early in the Capital. During this time you can explore King's Landing, scheme with each other, and do whatever you please.

    You are free to bring with you a modest Household Guard, as is customary, but don't do anything irrational like walking in the Capital with an army on your back.... because, you know, that's dumb.
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    Winterfell, The North-Three Months Ago

    Within The Great Hall of Winterfell, Seven men sat around a decently long table with only one man sitting at the tables head. Several Parchment laid across the table. These were new schedules, plans,and economic status reports. This small council meet had been going for a couple hours now. The six men at each side of the table stood as the meet came close to its closing.

    "Lord Stark, is this all that you demand for this council?"

    At the head of the table, a single man sat with the others watching for his word.

    Lyrius Stark, Third Son to Tiberius Stark, former Lord of Winterfell. As third born, Lyrius hadn't expected to become Lord prior to his elder brothers. With the exile of the eldest son, the second eldest refused the responsibilities as heir and ran away from The North, Leaving Lyrius as Lord. Calm and calculating, he was more of a strategist than anything.


    "Yes my Lord. Ok reviewing the contents of this council.
    1.Many looking up to House Stark, Young men across The North wish to display their Honor and Loyalty by becoming Soldiers. These men will be trained and placed at checkpoints to decrease Bandit activity and as well protect nearby farmers crops to benefit The North Agricultural State and trade within The North. Making use of merchants and delicacies only to be found here. Bringing more financial support. Trading these items with merchants shall take them to other lands and trade. With a House Stark only product, many travels and merchants will come to conduct business. Further enhancing the House's financial state.

    2. New training regiment for the soldiers shall shift. A different group shall train at seperate times during the day. Those shall be those newer while the more skilled take their courses at night to help the Night Guardsmen.

    3. A unit shall be sent west to clear a town of Less desirable criminals. In turn earning the peoples loyalty to House Stark.

    Everything else will be sent via raven to each member of this council. My Lord with your permission..."

    Of course. Meeting adjourned

    Lyrius Concluded with a wave of his hand, allowing all to leave yet one stayed behind. It was his sentinel, who proceeded to remind him of the Call of Lords to Kings Landing by royal decree. Lyrius rose from his chair.

    Reaver, give me five of your best men and send a squire to go aid My Sister Basil in her preparations so that we may depart.

    "Yes my Lord"

    Reaver the Sentinel was an older man, formerly being the sentinel to Lyrius's father. He was older but that only made him more sharp from so much experience including that of his Military background thus making him an excellant sentinel.

    An hour later, Lyrius stood at the gates with five of the elite guard. All ranked general. Sitting on horseback along with their Lord with yet another stallion beside Lyrius, the Lord of House Stark Holding the reigns as they waited for the Lords sister to arrive. Each horse of the special guard held bags of supplies to supoirt their travel.

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    Three months ago - Volantis

    "I see the darkness... I feel the snow... It sears my skin... It wraps around my soul like a web... The Lord of Light calls for me... Towards the flames... A burning.... A fiery brimstone... The sound of steel and hammer... The smell of blood... Darkness comes for us all..."

    Silence is broken by the loud thud of a body falling to the ground. It echoes through the red temple as the flames spark wildly and slowly die out.
    The raspy bellowing voice of the high priest speaks.

    "Darkness will come with the winter, and with it the birth of our savior..."

    Present Day - Thieves Market, Old Town

    "Priestess! Priestess! Please help me!"

    A woman kneels before the blindfolded priestess, stretching out her arms as if to pray. The priestess reaches out to the woman, caressing her face without fear, without doubt.

    "The Lord of Light welcomes all."

    "Please! I have not been able to sleep for many moons. My husband haunts me in my dreams. He wants me to take me with him!"

    The priestess slowly moves her hand down the woman's neck. Unable to see, she could feel with her fingertips the scars left behind. What wretched soul.

    "The Lord of Light pities all. Accept him as the one true god. Embrace his flames. Cast away these false gods. In time the Lord of Light shall come save us all"

    By this time a crowd has gathered around the woman and the priestess. The priestess with both her hands on the woman's face, kneels down before her and leans in closer to whisper in her ear.

    "Embrace the light for the night is dark and full of terrors."

    "I shall sleep with no fear for the Lord of Light will come embrace me." the woman whispered as if in a trance.

    A burly man approaches from behind the priestess. He carried with him a great hammer.

    "Cassandra, there will be a feast in King's Landing."'

    "Then it is time. We must send word to Caseus and Cyraeni"


    The crowd looked on in awe as the two figures in red walked away from the woman. For the past two months the pair have gathered followers in Old Town. The Red Seer and the Red Paladdin as they called them, came so suddenly like a storm. They came to houses of people who were dying from illnesses the maesters could not medicate and healed them. Many were in doubt but rumours began to abound that Cassandra, the Red Seer, could "see" things in the flames that told her of things. These things she whispered to the dying's ears and cleansed them of sickness.

    "Winter is coming with it the darkness and the birth of our savior..."


    In one of the many alleyways of the bustling markets of Dorne, a crowd gathers, lured by the violent yet hypnotic beats of drums. In the center, a fiery wraith danced as if to further tantalize the crowds. Her every step brung them in closer like moths to a flame - the flame of R'hllor.
    After a rigorous dance offering, Cyraeni lay on the cot of her tent, exhausted from the day. The heat in Dorne was not as terrible as the heat of the country from whence she came but the flames of the Lord of Light has no comparison.

    A man opens the tent, temporarily bathing the inside with the rays of the sun.

    "A message has been sent from Old Town. Cassandra and Vaemor are on their way to King's Landing."

    "I see. It is time. Dorne is a lovely country, but I'm beginning to think "who" we are looking for is not here. Should we continue?"

    "I have a feeling that we might find something."

    Cyraeni smiles playfully at Caseus. She knows how uncomfortable he is with her, with the way she is. But at least, he's become used to it through the years.

    "Then I shall dance on."

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    Response to Lyrius Stark

    Basil readied her things with mixed emotions. She was eager to see the new sights with her own eyes, but finding it hard to leave Winterfell behind. She would be leaving on a trip to Kings Landing with her brother Lyrius as he was summoned along with the other lords for some sort of meeting. Of course Basil wouldn’t be taking part in the meeting but she was going as an accompaniment to her brother. While taking things in strides it was a tremendous opportunity to travel causing her to lose focus on the essentials that she needed to pack. Having given up she just grabbed whatever and threw them together into a chest, she would deal with it later if the need arises. As she was now finished her packing a male appeared at her door presuming sent by her brother he was let in by Basil and he gather her items that she had packed on her own. As her items were being led out another male appeared to escort her to her awaiting horse.
    The time had finally come for their departure and as she made her was down the stairs anxiety began accumulating causing her heart to dance. It wasn’t the journey on horseback, she practically grew up on a horse, but it was simply the unknown and causes such a stir within her. As she left the building and crossed the courtyard Basil began putting on her black leather gloves as she viewed her awaiting party at the gates before her. She took one final deep breathe to ease herself as she reached her horse, the male escort helped Basil on to her horse. She turned to look at her adoring brother and took the reins from him as she smirked superciliously.

    “I am ready Lord of Winterfell…”

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    Departure to Kings Landing

    After a short wait, Lyrius had caught sight of Basil. Accompanied by a squire carrying her luggage and an escort as well. Watching as they aided his sister onto her horse, she had soon taken the reigns from him. Lyrius looked onto her, noting out the expressions that were present on her face, allowing him to pick up on her emotional state or what it seemed. Once she had verbally announced her readiness to depart, he nodded.

    Worry not of what's to come Basil.

    He said before bringing a hand to her shoulder. Holding it there for only a few seconds to comfort. Taking it off her reached into his pocket, pulling out a small pouch of gold. Not much but just a little personal amount. Soon he tossed it to the two squires who had assisted Basil.

    Here. A reward.

    My Lord, we must be off

    Of course. Let us go

    The elite guard nodded as they all fell into formation surrounding Lyrius and Basil as they set off for their destination.

    Present Day

    In a rather off the record town, arrangements had been made ahead of time to secure the Lodging for Lyrius and Basil. One Elite guard in front of the door,Two standing at each door to the rooms of Lyrius and Basil, One patrolling the inside of the building and one watching the back door. The Lodge had been paid for and cleared on this day. As part of a plan. The stop here was just before Kings Landing was so that the two could bathe and get cleaned and be freshly prepared.

    In the room of Lyrius, He stood, hair wet, wearing his black pants and black boots. With each step from his pacing, the slight jingle of the silver jeweled straps on them. Lyrius paced around for a moment shirtless, letting out a sigh as he ran his hands through hiss hair. The time was close and it would be One true test to being Warden of The North. He did not know much if anything at all about the other High Lords. A crucial Game was Kings Landing in his eyes. A game of Chess with a board full of kings. New allies being expected as much as New enemies if anything went wrong.
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    House Torin was small, but they had recently become very wealthy due to new veins having been struck in their mines. Lord Grenwal Torin had attained more influence in the past few months than many a Lord would in their lives. Solomon Lannister was less than thrilled by this; the Lannisters had long been supplying House Torin with soldiers to act as guard for the small house's mines, knowing that they would likely never see a return in gold on that investment. It was an act of good faith, made in the knowledge that should conflict arise in the West, the lands the Torin's held had strategic value.

    It took some time for Solomon to learn of House Torin's new-found wealth; not only were there no offerings made to their ruling house, but the Lannister troops near the mines seemed unaware of any large strike made under their watch. The immediate thought was that the guards had been payed-off, but surely, the Torins could not pay the rate of the Lion. Solomon sent inquisitors to the Torin mines, and their inquisition yielded far more than the mines ever had. House Torin had been encroaching on Lannister mines, and their new wealth had been stripped from land they did not own.

    Today, Grenwal Torin stands on the Rock, facing judgement for his crimes.

    "You've been found guilty of the crimes of theft and treason. Your lands will be stripped from your house, and your sons will bear no titles. A jury of men has condemned you to die, and may the Seven prove to be equally just." Solomon Lannister spoke with authority as he anointed his blade in oil. "Have you anything to say before I carry out your sentence?"

    "I face The Stranger with open eyes. When he comes for you, you'll not see it for the shine of the gold you hoard. My sons shall need no titles, they'll soon see to yours oh good Lord Lannister." Grenwal Torin grumbled through the pressure of the bindings on his throat. He closed his eyes and looked upward, ceding his life.

    Solomon Lannister outstretched his arm, holding his blade Judgement at his side. An attendant held a torch to the perfection that was the sword, igniting the oil it had been bathed in. Solomon held the sword forward, setting ablaze the stacks of hay that surround the feet of the condemned. He bowed his head for a moment, then turned to head toward the stronghold.

    "A raven from King's Landing, my Lord." an attendant announced as Solomon made his way into his keep. He broke the seal and began to read. The look on his face was a bit uneasy. He walked toward an open window to view the courtyard. His daughter, Madeleine, was running about below. He would not leave her here, though King's Landing isn't the place for a child of nine.

    Lord Lannister sat at his desk and began to write. Preparations needed to be made.
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