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    Shop - Golden Plaza

    This is in its beta form, and as such is constantly under construction until perfection.
    Nothing is set in stone.

    Sometimes characters truly survive to the furthest extent of a lifetime in the One Piece Organization. They reach the cap of leveling, whatever that may be at the time, and then they go "is that it?" No. Never. Maybe. There are still campaigns, once can still collect vast fortunes of beri, but the desire for more is always present.

    So enter the Golden Plaza! Trade off your excess wealth in statistical numbers and attributes for a bit of something new: Gold Platinum. Rare, priceless items now have a price here, and a sell value even, and the only money taken is attribute points. To use this service, the player must have a character who has reached the maximum level of play. Only that character's extra attribute points may be used in transactions (I am calling these Gold Platinum, or GPs for short.) In the event a player has two or more maxed characters, then one can theoretically pool their points for a bank of Gold Platinum. HOWEVER: DO NOT DO THIS UNTIL FURTHER INSTRUCTED.

    All transactions are to be done in this thread.

    WARNING: Attribute points may never be transferred to another character who is not owned by the same player (all transfers of points, be it in point values or actual items, must remain in the player's account.) Any happening of this, be it through loopholes or GM negligence/ignorance, will be considered inexcusable and all things of the transaction will be taken away. Abuse is not tolerated.

    Character Related

    Point Transfer - At a two to one ratio, players may trickle stat points into their other characters if, and only if, that character is in the same faction. A character may leave the said faction and retain any benefits from this transaction, but any character joining said faction will need fourteen days before Point Transfer can begin (or if the point transfer character leaves a faction to join another, it will need fourteen days before beginning the Point Transfer.)

    Money Transfer - A player may trade any excess points for beri, at a 100k per point basis. This is the only transaction that is approval-able in the Tracker Thread without reporting here.

    Campaign Ticket - Controversial but completely consensual, some players may spend Gold Platinum to enter a campaign (cost may vary.) These campaigns are the standard campaign variety, but maybe the GM wants to spice things up. Who knows. What we do know is that some campaigns may now use this option for entering for some players, as to bypass raffles or limitations (a marine-only campaign may permit pirates in if they really, really want to.) One may buy this ONLY IF a campaign is offering it as an alternative for signing up AND a GM approves of it (Ellie Q specifically.) Limits may be applied


    A Cursed Weapon
    Cost: GP Varies
    The purchaser can request a cursed weapon to utilize. This weapon must have a basic type (sword, gun, etc,) and must have a power and a drawback. The power often determines the drawback, as well as the price. The price varies, and a recommendation chart will be listed below.
    - Weak: 10 GP
    - Moderate: 20
    - Strong: 40
    - Powerful: 60

    1 of 3 Box Fruit
    Cost: 100 GP
    For a steep price, you may purchase one of three box fruits, listed below. The options change once space is made, or if the market is untouched for a long enough time. You cannot already have a box fruit or have traded a box fruit within one month's time. This is for the person who wants that specialty fruit.
    - Logia: Hie
    - Paramecia: Gura
    - Constant: EB 7th Slot Prize
    Purchasers must create a character within a week. If they do not, the fruit is returned, and the GP is not refunded.

    Another's Custom Race
    As more and more EB custom races are made, they will be added for a rice here in the Golden Plaza. Each race is different in price,
    with aesthetic races costing less than races with distinct advantages. All are GM approved, and it comes down to your desire to go away from the standard norms.

    Drow: 20 GP
    Old lived and ancient, the race of the dark elves is one of secrets and pain. Traditions pin them as an evil sort, with their society based around dark arts and terrible ritual. The race itself appears humanoid with dark skin, pointed ears, red eyes, and mute hair colors.
    PRO: Suffer lesser effects from cursed weapons.
    PRO: Can see in darkness.
    CON: Eyes are naturally weak to sunlight.

    Tengu: 30 GP
    Inhabiting the Sky Mountain Island in the New World, the Tengu clan is a race of winger humanoids. Red skin and long noses are the primary definition of this creatures, besides their wings. With practice and training, the tengu's wings can be used for flight and be effective vehicles of mobility.
    PRO: Wings with the ability to fly with training.

    Tiefling: 30 GP
    Damned from birth, the tiefling is a demon/devil looking humanoid. Adorned their heads are horns of demonic origin and a skin color that matches. Behind them, a tiefling will often have a tail, that can be trained to be prehensile and useful like an extra limb. Their fiery nature is not just for show; tieflings, much like minks, can channel energy. In this case, it is fire and heat. With training, a tiefling can conjure flames and channel heat into objects, igniting them with fire. Practice will even grant the tiefling a resistance to their heat, becoming more at ease around fire than a normal human.
    PRO: Prehensile tail with training.
    PRO: Can channel heat and flames with FS training similar to minks and electro.
    CON: Look like demons and are often treated as such.

    Floran: 35
    More information in time.
    PRO: Plant physiology.
    CON: Plant physiology.

    Slime: 40 GP
    A race of invertebrates made from sentient goo. Immune to most all physical contact, but extremely weak to dehydration and chemical alteration. This unique body composition allows, with proper training, the Slime to manipulate their body in various ways. This includes changing shape, splitting apart, and collapsing into a puddle. Slime are able to grow in size when absorbing water, mainly through their hair shaped tentacles or by drinking it.
    PRO: Can purchase Royal Jelly.
    PRO: Body is made of slime and has no critical weaknesses (organs.)
    PRO: Can absorb and filter liquids with varying effects.
    PRO/CON: Can split to make mini version of itself, power divided as such.
    CON: Can not eat devil fruit.
    CON: Dehydration, freezing, and dilution can harm the slime.


    Blue Island
    Cost: 20 GP
    A small island located in one of the blues of your desire upon purchase. The island can house and store a variety of things, while giving your character an actual location to call their own. This island does not exhibit strange weather patterns, nor does it boast any of the dangers of the grand or world islands. It is a quiet island, and can harbor some interesting tales for those who use it.

    Grand Island
    Cost: 40 GP

    World Island
    Cost: 60 GP
    Found in the New World, these islands are often similar to their Grand Line counterpart, but also come with a strange and often greater environmental hazard or feature. From lightning hail to constant miasmas to unbearable heat or cold, these islands are difficult to build upon and nourish. But, once one does accomplish just that, the island in itself becomes a feature that can inspire and passively protect its resources.

    Calm Island
    Cost: 80 GP

    Red Continent
    Cost: 100 GP/50 GP for WG Operatives
    Very few bodies travel along the Red Line, and fewer yet are pirate owned. The land itself seems to be a World Government Hub, existing as a constant section of safe land for the government and its machinations. For a pirate to achieve land here is to go above and beyond their station and prove themselves of tremendous worth, mayhaps even worthy of the title "Yonko." Still, these lands are more commonly maned by the World Government, and as such come a bit cheaper for them.


    For islands. An island, when purchased, is a bare thing. A small hamlet, with a pier, will be provided for owners of islands, but anything else must either be built using the profession system, or earned here. From structures to units to god only knows, one can equip and upgrade their island to new levels of expertise. Considering the system is under constant development, new and greater things and features may appear around the bend.

    Armed Platoon
    Cost: 3 GP
    A simple yet effective squadron of warriors either equipped with ranged or melee weapons. Canon fodder for most, but a meaty shield of support nonetheless.

    Supply Warehouse I
    Cost: 5 GP
    This warehouse will always hold material of something worth 500,000 beri or less. Once purchased, in tandem with the material being bought to be stored into it, the material becomes a permanent resource for the island's owner.

    Workshop I
    Cost: 5 GP
    A workshop adds a single profession point to whoever uses it for its purpose, beyond five if the profession is capped. Truly at home among one's own tools, the workshop grants a comfort bonus to any creations and endeavors. True genius thrives here... as does true improvisation, for that one star can apply to any skill should a workshop exist for it.

    Dock I
    Cost: 5 GP
    A dock can hold ships, and ships can be used to ferry people around the world of One Piece. The smaller, or larger, the dock, the stronger or weaker the island it is on. Docks will permit for ships to be stored, built, and utilized.

    The Enigma Box

    Like its sister box, the Mystery Box, the Enigma Box holds a plethora of things that are not cheap, not easy to obtain, or one of a kind. One can use statistic points for these, but be warned: the Enigma Box comes with many, many rulings. The chief ruling is that any GM can remove the rewards granted by the box at no refund. If the E.B. is not handled carefully, honestly, and with respect, the system itself will be removed. This is the one and only warning in these regards. That said, let us list everything else under the sun!

    - Every item is unique and will be listed under the "Sales" section of this post. Unless otherwise noted or allowed, there are no duplicates of any E.B. pull.
    --- Think of the Enigma Box likes a mail box system. So and so many boxes are lined up with items, but they are never replenished. After every purchase, the item is removed and never replaced. Then, the mail boxes are shuffled, and you pick again.
    - Every additional purchase of he Enigma Box will apply a tax to said box.
    --- Note: If the tax system ever changes its value and it decreases in rate, players can and will be refunded at GM discretion. If the rate ever increases, do not expect to be charged for past purchases.
    --- Note: The tax does NOT increase if the roll is a duplicate.
    - Items gained in the Enigma Box cannot be sold, traded, or given away from the account that acquired it except for DF acquisitions or items that exist in the Mystery Box counterpart. Money, Devil Fruits, and possible material gains are a few examples. Everything else is forbidden, and any attempt (up to GM discretion) to trade them will have the item removed without refund.
    - If an item is ever removed from the box system and replaced, due to issues in the game, a refund of that exact item is possible. This is up to GM discretion.
    - The rules are ALWAYS changing. If they change, it is by GM discretion and GM discussion only.

    Enigma Box - Twenty Gold Platinum + Tax (Times x Five)
    1) Extremely Strange Eggi
    ---> A GM will assign a creature to the egg and it will hatch under unknown conditions being met.
    2) Sky Island
    ---> Utilizing the above system of islands, the winner of this gains their own, personal, sky island.
    3) Custom Cuisine Enhancer
    ---> Permits the owner to have a line of food unique to their account that can act as a limited combat/energy booster.
    4) A Pet Lily Carnation
    ---> This is a pet and cannot, in any way, contribute save to be a pet that relaxes on your persons. The concept of a player used combat, or even a fully functional, Lily Carnation is completely banned with no exception.
    5) A Custom Material
    ---> You may bring a custom material, upon GM discretion, to your player account. This item is unique to your account, only, and will not be in the shop.
    ---> This item, to ensure uniqueness, will be Golden Plaza bound.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly. Items must be unique.
    6) Personal MZ slot
    ---> This does not take up a devil fruit slot unless in use. At any time, you will be permitted to scrap a devil fruit slot to select a mythical zoan of your own desire and design. Standard reset costs apply.
    7) Mochi Mochi no Mi
    ---> This is the box fruit.
    ---> Once won, it will be changed to a new fruit that can be found in a mystery box.
    ---> This item, until consumed by a player character, cannot be held for more than a week and cannot be traded. Once the fruit is consumed, it is considered in standard circulation and can be traded.
    ---> Can be won again or can be exchanged for a duplicate section roll.
    8) Zoan Devil Fruit
    ---> The player may chose any zoan they desire, minus mythical zoans. They do not need the DF class to use them.
    ---> This item, until consumed by a player character, cannot be held for more than a week and cannot be traded. Once the fruit is consumed, it is considered in standard circulation and can be traded.
    9) Paramecia DF
    ---> Randomly chosen.
    ---> Double rate for boxed.
    ---> See Zoan Devil Fruit's second bullet.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    10) Slot-less Zoan Weapon
    ---> The user can use a (normal) zoan as a normal weapon without limitations short of skill.
    ---> This does not require a class.
    11) Replicating Circuitry
    ---> The owner has an infinite amount of circuitry that CANNOT be traded or sold, nor scavenged or stolen.
    ---> The circuitry, while infinite, does have balance limits for anything above smallest. Cap at three.
    12) Warship Size Worth of Bakumetal
    13) Cybernetic Freedom
    ---> One character slot can become a cyborg without using the cyborg class.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    14) Devil Fruit Class Change
    ---> Essentially allows one to take a new class without dropping their current Devil Fruit for a select character slot.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    15) Grade 1 Sword
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    16) Custom Cursed Item
    ---> Allows a cursed item that will be made in tandem with GM Ellie's assistance.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    17) Conqueror's Haki for One Slot
    ---> No questing needed.
    ---> Or perks.
    ---> Can be won repeatedly.
    18) One Giant PC
    ---> This will not take up a fourth slot and is considered a giant PC slot.
    ---> Giants are subject to removal.
    ---> Confirmed NO DUPLICATES.
    - As a fifth slot and forced into a fifth slot, giants start at 300 points and cannot be exchanged with other slots.
    ---> It is possibly to use the Golden Plaza to power level giants, but this is the only way OOC.
    - Oars or greater size is strictly forbidden.
    - Cannot be a half breed.
    - Cannot use devil fruit of any variety. This includes weapons.
    - Pricing affects them normally, as does item durability, for balance reasons.
    - They are their own class, and do not benefit from the class system.
    - Their strength and vitality are scaled, and should be treated with some similarity to the fish-man statistics.
    ---> Agility is capped at 80 and strength is capped at 120 to alleviate the above some guesswork.

    19) Custom race + Race Change
    ---> You can create a viable One Piece Race that is unique to your profile. Do know that it can be rejected if the race itself is questionable.
    ---> The item is lost after one week if not used, or one week after the most recent rejection for a concept.
    20) This Particular Enigma Box's Roll Worth of Stats to a Second Player Character
    ---> This includes the tax.
    ---> If no other PC can accept this transfer, within a week of its rolling, then the box is re-rolled and this item lost.

    The Duplicate Section
    There is always a chance for repeats, so this section is going to handle what happens when someone already has a prize, and then they roll it again. The consolation here isn't much, but it's a thing we can certainly make nice. There is no missing out; every prize can be repeated here. The mail boxes are being... re-stuffed with spam.

    1) Reduce tax by 3 (min. 0.)
    2) Reduce tax by 2 (min. 0.)
    3) Reroll
    4) Reduce tax by 2 (min. 0.)
    5) Reduce tax by 3 (min. 0.)


    - 1/7 Pika/8/9/14.

    - 5/7 Gravi/10/14/17.

    - 1/5/11/19.

    - 12.

    - 6/10/15.

    - 2/19.

    - 6/13/14/15.

    - 7 Mira/11/15/18.

    - 19

    - 12/13

    - 4/19

    - 12.

    - 19
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    Excess Points Tracker

    This is where I will personally track excess points. All points needs to be reported in this thread to be tracked. If a source is asked, do be sure to give it.

    Character Lists
    Badshah - Tax: 5
    - 15

    Ellie Q - Tax: 5
    - 15

    Green - Tax: 3
    - 38

    Silver - Tax: 1
    - 22

    Ace - Tax: 4
    - 3

    Rin - Tax: 1
    - 12

    Guren - Tax:4
    - 4

    BBomb - Tax:2
    - 15

    Kakashi - Tax:3
    - 0

    CNP - Tax:2
    - 13

    Toyo - Tax:1
    - 14

    Ichi- Tax:1
    - 9

    Domo- Tax:2
    - 12

    P20- Tax:0
    - 9

    Hype- Tax:0
    - 9
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    To start this off:
    Quote Originally Posted by pistachio20 View Post
    Bad (Koon): +3

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    Added. Cogs are now spinning.
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    some sugestions
    -Deluxe mystery box: a MB with better stuff and better win chances. (removing the empty slots, increaseing money/item rewards, adding stat rewards, better df chance, etc).
    -Secondary Class: ability to gain the bonus of a different class then your starting one.
    -Magic items: some "special" items with different utility's (like cursed weapons, but without the curses). Items can only be "basic utility" however, like a botomless bag or such(this mostly since people are starting to become walking armouries, so an "infinite inventory bag" could work).

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    - Maybe. Nothing stat related, since we already have plenty of stats. This place is to get rid of the excess, not create more.
    - I'd rather not. Smells like pay to win.
    - Maybe. Rank 1, 2 swords will be priced eventually. Cursed swords without the curse, but weaker overall, can be offered. I worry about a bottomless bag replacing the pocket fruit, but maybe I just bite the bullet and admit no one will use it, so a DF copy in a non-devil fruit form is fine.

    Nothing here should make a player any more stronger than a weaker counterpart. Thing like using stats for extra bonuses into stats is, well, not cool. Pay to win is meeeegh.
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    the stat thing was something like we have with the previous MB's,but stats instead of money. lets say a DMB will cost 5 stats, you can win for example something like 4,5 or 6 stats back depending on the draw. those extra stats would just end up being spent here anyway since the 500 cap will still exist.

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    With the rewards I plan, in reference to the cost of simply selling the stats, the boxes will be upwards of 15 stat points. Items I plan on having:

    1) 5 million beri
    2) Don Kreig's Full Armor
    3) Zeff's Chef Hat
    4) A pet Lily Carnation (offers 0 combat assistance, ever)
    5) A custom fruit designed by Ellie
    6) Personal MZ slot
    7) DF cap increase +1
    8) Logia DF
    9) Paramecia DF
    10) 3 million beri
    11) Giant Circuitry
    12) Ship size worth of bakumetal
    13) Custom Muggy Balls
    14) Devil Fruit Class Change (allows one to take a new class without dropping their DF)
    15) Grade 1 sword
    16) Grade 2 sword
    17) Campaign slot in participating campaign
    18) One giant PC
    19) Custom race + race change
    20) The box's worth of stats to a different PC the player owns

    Spit balling, so this list is alpha at best. It needs work? Yes.

    Items will have time limits of use and are, in essence, soul bound. No trading of these items is permitted unless stated otherwise. Swords can be traded, as can money... but some things are account specific. Easy to track, as I will do it here.
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    Hmm, I think it'd be better if we keep all of our rewards on one poat rather than use a new one each time. It was much easier that way during the BG
    Quote Originally Posted by Guren View Post
    KI Rewards
    +5 SP

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    Joining the 500 club with Blank:

    Blank - 2
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