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    Gotham City (Gotham RP)

    Gotham City is known to be infested with crime and corruption, Its name comes from the gothic, dark architecture the city holds, building up a unique atmosphere that best identifies it.
    Gotham PD Watchlist
    Gotham PD has numerous records of people in Gotham. Due to the high crime and vigilante rate, Gotham PD keeps a watch list for possibly dangerous people. This watchlist shows how serious of a threat they are or if they are actually helping their work, giving those on the list a "Threat Level". The higher the thread, the more force they will use against their target such as going from using normal officers to using S.W.A.T
    Current Threats
    -None Currently

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    Enter: Valor, Gotham's First Hero

    It started off as any other day for Alex. He would wake up at six in the morning. Next on the list was to make sure that his daughter, Ellie, was awake in time for school. He wakes her up with a few gentle taps on the shoulder, followed by speaking her name a few times.

    "Elizabeth... Elizabeth... Ellie!"

    With that, her eyes began to open. She was very groggy at first, but her eyes widened as soon as she saw her father's face. She knew it was time to get ready for school and so she did just that. While she was busy with her bath and getting dressed, Alex would prepare a breakfast for her. He wasn't an excellent chef, but he managed just fine. He prepared her favorite, french toast and eggs, scrambled of course. Her plate would be waiting for her when she was done changing clothes, and after she finishes her breakfast, Alex would take her to school before heading off to work on his own. He arrives at Ellie's school, and she gets out of his car. A few of her friends run up and greet her, and they all proceed to walk through the school gates. Alex continues to the Police Station.

    He arrives to work just in time, and is greeted by his grumpy partner in a rather slouched manner. The only thing being said was "Hey". It was quite the norm however, and Alex responded as he always did.

    "I'm glad to see you in such good spirits~"

    Finding it best to start his day at the Station with a joke, this was always the best way for Alex to do that. He is greeted by quite a few people. Most of them saying hello and waving at him, he responds to each of them. He didn't know why, but everyone seemed to know him at the Station. Probably because he was one of the few left who actually still tried to clean up Gotham. Not much happened while he was at work. Got a few calls, most of them were false alarms. The rest were simple arrests for your basic thug activities. Surprisingly, no murders. His day was over, and he went home to visit his daughter. Since he got off work later than school let out, he had one of his good friends take care of her until he got home. She was always glad to help, as Ellie was a very nice kid.

    When he got home, his cooking skills would be put to use. He would make her some Meatloaf with mashed potatoes and corn. While it was being cooked, she did her homework and then watched some TV when she was finished. She ate her dinner, and after about an hour of relaxing with Alex, she went up to bed, it being eight at night already. It was after all of this, and only after all of this, would Alex put his life on hold, and don the outfit that made him known as Valor to the rest of the world. After grabbing all of the necessary items, his Bokken, his Katana, and his grappling hook, he headed out in search of crime.

    It didn't take long for him to find his first offenders. It was a group of thugs harassing a young woman. They seemed to be making sexual advances on her. Well, Alex, or rather, Valor, would not be having any of it.

    "I wouldn't do that if I were you."

    He announced his presence to them, and gave them a fair warning. He gave anyone at least one chance. One chance to do the right thing. After that, it was no holds barred. They didn't heed his warning, and so he proceed to knock the first one of them out with a clean hit to the back of the neck with his Bokken. The remaining two would begin paying some attention to him, and took their hands off the woman. Pulling out some knives, the began to advance on Valor.

    "Good effort!"

    He said, as he quickly swerved in between the knives and took another of the thugs down with a clean blow to the throat. The final thug would swing his knife, and he almost got Valor, but unfortunately for the thug, he was too slow. Valor dodged the knife and took out the third thug in a similar fashion to the first two.

    "Good to see you safe ma'am! Please avoid coming out at this time of night. All sorts of bad types come out!"

    With that, he went on to find another crime he could stop.
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    In the night of Gotham, a lightly lit street. A man in a tench coat could be seen dashing through the streets as rain began to fall from the night sky. His breath notably harder to sustain, evident by his rapid panting as he dashed. In the distance, anyone nearby could hear the sound of a police siren. The man quickly turned into an alley, watching the speeding car dash past him. The man chuckled as he adjusted his hat.

    "Hmph. Rookies"

    He said in regards to the cops. Taking a walking pace this time he cut through several alleys to reach yet another one a couple blocks away. As he entered the space he could already see a man and a woman. Frantically looking around. From their behavior and clothing, the man was easily able to tell that these two weren't from around the more...detestable side of Gotham. With no caution in his voice, the man in the trench coat called out to them.

    (Guy in Trench) "Yo! You Carlos?
    Y-Y-Yes! You must be the guy-
    Ah ah ah...too much talking. You got the cash?
    O-oh yes of course!

    The man called Carlos frantically went to retrieve his wallet. His wife held onto his arm and stayed close. The man in the trench coat could see easily that she was scared. He gave her a wink which filled her with disgust, causing her to turn away. The trench man chuckled before meeting eyes with carlos who had seem what he did. Yet the man in the trench coat glared at him and began to get closer. Causing him to quickly extend a hand with the money in it. Diffusing his temper, he began counting the money.

    All here.

    Unbuttoning his coat. The man in the trench reached inside. Pulling a small shot glass and a bottle of Whiskey, pouring enough to only fill half of the shot glass. Putting the bottle back he reached in once more. This time retrieving a small container which looked like a pill bottle. Inside was a strange liquid. As he prepared to mix it with the drink he began to talk. His burly voice scaring the couple causing them to flinch heavily. The man in the trench coat simply looked at them with an extremely odd expression before starting once again.

    You guys ever use Platinum Lily?

    (Carlos's Wife) N-no. You know the kids are on all types of stuff. We just want to try something just once just to spice up the night and make memories aside from our Mundane life.

    Finishing his mix, the man nodded his head as if saying "Actually thats not a bad reason". This meeting was arranged not so much as a full deal but to supply a little, to allow customers to "Test" the product before buying larger amounts.

    Alright. Half and half. Hurry up I got other things to do

    He said as he looked behind himself to check for cops. Carlos questioned the quantity of what he payed for in a mere shot glass yet he didn't want to anger the man. Taking the glass he stared at it before sipping his half and passing the rest to his wife. Once done the gave the glass back to the dealer. The curiously looked at each other. Neither feeling anything. They felt...normal. After some seconds of silence, carlos looked towards the man. Now enraged at his waste of money yet when his mouth open, the dealer smirked and raised a finger, signalling him to "Wait for it" Carlos remained silent. Suddenly he felt the weight of his wife fall against his arm. Her breathing was deep and her face was flushed as she clenched onto his nice sweater vest. Suddenly a euphoric rush went through his body. A breeze managed to blow its way onto all three of them. Carlos's legs stiffened up at the new sensation from the breeze alone. Letting out a couple of groans. His wife whimpered and let out a barely audible moan.

    Immediately, the two began to hold onto each other. Both weak in the knees. The two began to make a series of noises as their legs shake. Both fell to their knees, even the sensation of their knees falling into the ground sent a pleasurable sensation before they fell onto each other. They no longer cared for who was around and began immediately kissing and attempting to take of each others clothes yet before it could get too far. They both stiffened up, letting out individual moans and groans.

    Oh ****! Haha! I thought it happening at the same time with couples was just bull! Just that little bit is enough for you new kids.

    The two had "finished" together before it could even begin really. Even so the two still failed to care of their surrounding or the dirty alley pavement. They only had one thing in mind while there. With a chuckle, the man in the trench coat watched a bit with a smile on his face.

    He was a dealer of his Boss's new drug. Capable of even this with a mere half a shot glass. Normally Platinun Lily was sold in small yet potent amounts for having more than a small amount could produce an exponentially increased effect
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    Valor had just completed his first save of the night. It went well, and the woman he saved thanked him as she ran off, a bit confused at his actions. He began his patrol once more, and used his grappling hook to get to the top of a nearby building. It took a few tries, but it finally succeeded. From up here, he would have a great view of the surrounding area. Allowing him to be quickly notified of any misdoings going on. It didn't take long for him to spot another group of thugs. They appeared to be vandalizing a building with graffiti. Since he had nothing else to attend to, he decided to take care of them as well. Sliding down the building, he uses a few parkour style moves to land safely on the ground. It didn't take him long to reach the location.

    "Stop now, or taste concrete you thugs!"

    It shouldn't have come as a shock, but they didn't pay any heed to his warning, and laughed at him instead. Valor couldn't help but let out a sigh. Not a single person has taken the chance he had given them since he started this crazy campaign against criminals. No matter, he moved in as he drew out his Bokken. Prepared to knock them all out, leaving them for the police to find. Or rather, leaving them for himself when he clocked in the next day. They tried to defend themselves, but Valor had an extreme advantage. He had the discipline and teachings of masters with him, and they had a bit of street know how. The result would be obvious know matter how many times he went out and fought thugs. He dealt with five of them in a quick successive fashion, leaving one left.

    "No one ever takes the out I give them. It always ends like this."

    With that, the last of the taggers is taken out, and Valor moves on to find some more crime to fight. Truth be told, things were getting a little boring for him. Common thugs over and over weren't any fun. Of course, he wasn't doing this for fun, but it didn't hurt to have some while he was doing so. He walks out of the alley, having tied them up rather thoroughly. He soon finds himself on the brink of a new adventure. As he is walking from alley to alley, trying to find something else to do, he notices a deal going down. A thug is handing some young couple a shot glass filled with a strange looking liquid. The couple seems to be enjoying themselves, and the dealer is laughing his ass off at their high. Valor steps forward.

    "You, the dealer! I give you one chance. Give up your supplier, and turn yourself in, or I will take action!"

    As expected, his offer of mercy was met with nothing but laughter. He quickly runs up, and the dealer is prepared to defend himself. He manages to dodge a few blows from Valor, much to his surprise. However his luck doesn't keep up. Valor strikes him, albeit lighter than normal. After all, he needs to find the dealer of this strange drug. It is the only way to prevent someone from taking this mans place in the business. So a brief bit of interrogation begins. The dealer is reluctant at first, but gives up his location after his 'family jewels' became at risk. This dealer must be rather new. This man hardly had any loyalty at all. Perfect. I will strike him down before he causes anyone else grief! With that in mind, Valor set off for the location given to him by the now unconscious dealer. It took a bit of time to get there, but he was finally there. He walks into a warehouse of sorts, it is rather dark, but Valor is not deterred in the slightest. He walks out into the open, and shouts out for anyone nearby to hear:

    "I've come for you! Dealer of Platinum Lily! Prepare yourself! I give you a chance to surrender, if you refuse to take it, I will strike you down without hesitation! Now, reveal yourself!"

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    The dealer had given up a location against the risk of some "things" being threatened. The couple however seemed as if they were in heat. Barely caring for what happened until even in their high state decided it would be more peaceful to leave, getting up and wiping the drool from their mouths from the moment of passion and lust.

    At the warehouse, it seemed as empty as it was cold. Three guys sat in an office room up above playing cards. Suddenly they were caught off guard at the sound of someone yelling. Looking out the window of the office they could see a man in some sort of get up. Clicking their teeth, two reached for the wall, grabbing their bats while the third grabbed the gun he had sitting on the table. Opening the door Valor would be able to see them now as they casually walked down the steps.

    Look what we got here boys...what? You supposed to be some kind of hero?

    The one with the gun said. Making it to the ground floor the three began laughing before the man with the gun put on a false confused expression while gesturing towards Valor

    What the hell is this sh*t? Tch. Boys lay this loser out

    The men smirked. The two with the bats quickly charged in swinging at valor rather sloppily while the one with the gun casually walked closer.
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    Valor had once again been met with ridicule after giving his enemies a chance to surrender of their own accord. He would always give the chance though, as he felt everyone deserved a chance to realize their misdoings and pay for their crimes. He would never give a second chance though. If they are foolish enough to ignore the first, it is their own fault. He would be met with a firearm for the first time in what seemed like ages. The other two thugs would be carrying baseball bats. He couldn't help but let out a laugh. These thugs sure were cocky. It has been a while since Valor would be able to put his special cloth to use. He couldn't help but slowly walk towards them with the biggest of grins on his face.

    "Yes, wonderful! Come at me with all you've got! I'll show you how futile it is!"

    With his taunt said, Valor himself charged towards the two thugs carrying the bats. Surprisingly, he ignored the one with the pistol and attacked the other two almost simultaneously. With an incredibly swift thrust, he plunges his Bokken into the stomach of one of them, knocking the wind out of him before he could even realize he was attacked. By now, the other thug was mid swing and Valor simply laughed yet again. Forming his left hand into a fist, he swiftly punches the incoming bat.

    "Valor PUNCH!"

    The bat is shattered in half.


    A second, equally, if not faster punch is thrown at the thug who just had his bat broken. He is knocked to the floor, and crawls away, terrified. The third thug with the gun gets annoyed, and cocks his gun. It is aimed at Valor, who notices what the thug is up to. The thug shoots at Valor as Valor himself fires his grappling hook towards the thug. The bullet hits its mark, and Valor is shoot. However not much is done damage wise. The special material his costume is made of prevents the bullet from piercing his skin, and his incredible pain tolerance allowed him to ignore most, if not all of the damage from the impact. Now it was Valor's turn. The grappling hook is safely wrapped around the thugs torso, and Valor tugs on it with incredible force, pulling the thug towards him.

    "Once more... Valor... PUNCHHH!!!"

    His punch connects with the thugs face, and he is rendered unconscious. The thug who remained conscious was free to do what he pleased. Whether that be to run and get his boss, or attempt to continue the fight against Valor.

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    (Characters to remember / for myself...
    *Larry the man who doesn't take no for an answer / Coworker
    *Luther the boss

    How's it going?

    I'm on the phone.

    Yeah but no one's on the other line.

    Oh look, I have to pee.

    Sliding off the rolling seat and leaving the desk, the worker ditches the annoying coworker. Larry was always such a piece of scum it was ridiculous. I mean, who spends their time of break, just doing the same thing every time, getting the same results? She'd turned him down multiple times, yet Larry continued to try his imaginary luck on Maggie. She was no fool, and not interested in his advances. He's just some scum who gets barely anyone in his calls. What a damn fool. Her job didn't require much besides picking up a phone, dialing a number, and convincing those people on the other line, to buy what she offered. Buy the shares, buy everything from her. On a scale of one to ten, Maggie scores a nine on getting them to take the shares. She was very good at her job, and always knew how to talk with the right people. Besides that, she knew the numbers and results of companies and retail would effect the overall decision of the customer...or that's what someone who think if they just went along with that. No, the people on the other line only took the shares if the seller was hungry enough to force it down their throats. And Maggie absolutely loved pushing it down their throats.

    Maggie enters the bathroom, seeing no one inside and walks to the fountain, dropping her handbag and began digging through it. A sigh of irriation came from her, feeling the anxiety again. Jeez, just couldn't get a break today. She had many calls, and most successful deals, yet this job wasn't as easy as it sounds. It requires a large amount of effort on the seller's part, and nerves to keep it going fresh for the next number on those papers. Maggie finally brings out a small thing of bottled meds and began twisting the cap off. Taking only one pill out, Maggie drops it on her tongue, and turns the water on, cuffing her hands together and drinks some of the water, getting the pill down with some water. She didn't know why she used water, never needed it. But it just seemed like the right way. Putting the cap back on and the bottle into her bag, Maggie quickly turns around having a hand rest on the fountain and tapped the side of her neck once before exhaling.

    The usual medicine calms her down when her attacks happen. Walking outside to the hall, she aimed to return to the large room filled with a hundred desks and coworkers. The madness of this place was enough to make people wonder how anyone could keep up in this environment. But she didn't care much about it, just the money. This place was perfect for getting the information on a business two blocks away or across the world. It also gave her information on individuals which is almost more important than the business sometimes. Returning to the scene, phones ring everywhere, men and women run around their desks like dogs chasing a cat around and around, and the boss Luther, pacing back and forth watching the clock tick away. Maggie admired Luther. He was a determined man who always knew what he wanted. He wasn't afraid to go for it either. No matter how many times it looked like he would get rejected, he'd always find a way to save the deal. Not only that, but he was filthy rich, and made it known by his parties. He was a playboy, a well known man, and everyone loved him. Men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him. Well, many women have, but he still has the kindness to keep his wife out of his work affairs. Returning to the desk of doom, she began her calls and didn't stop until the clock went off. The rush ended and it was time to leave.

    Her day was over for this place and it was time to go home. Clicking of her heels at a fast pace is heard like others while one follows behind. Catching up to the woman, Larry puts his newspaper between his arm and makes small talk while walking with Maggie outside the building.

    I swear to god, it never looks good in this city. Did you read the paper yet?

    I don't read the paper.

    She said while keeping her sights at the street, waving a hand out for a taxi to see her and stop. Larry went on with a laugh.

    Haha, well I guess not. I mean we get all our sources on phones nowadays. So, Dominga's has specials on

    While talking, a car pulls up and stops infront of the two Larry and Maggie while Maggie opens the door.

    Sorry, if I'm not home, no one feeds the dogs. See ya next time. Bye.

    Ah ok Well yes, next time is good.

    Getting into the taxi, he quickly shuffled to the side of the door having a hand on it to close it, but kept talking instead.

    I mean, it's a long day and the dogs can't feed themselves. I'd be amazing if they could wouldn't it. Maybe someone will have a dispensable dog food bag and the dog

    Yup ok great. Adios Lar!

    Maggie holds an arm out and gives a smile to be polite, and shuts the door, while the driver takes off.

    Where to?

    2nd Street please.

    The woman brushes a hand in her hair while pulling out her phone, tapping away until she was able to locate some interesting news in Gotham, sports, celebrities, horoscopes and finance. She chuckles getting to the horoscope before moving on to something more interesting. Something had caught her eye. It appeared quite a wealthy family was having a time of their lives in D.R, and Maggie simply smiled.

    I always loved her dresses.

    She said to herself. The taxi moves into the lanes as it went to take her home. It was getting late and she needed some time to get to her second job.
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    One by one the guys were neutralized quickly by the great Valor. The only thug left concious was riddled with fear and disbelief that someone with a costume took them out so easily. Whats more is that he took a bullet directly and didn't go down. He quickly sat up, looking at the vigilante with fear in his eyes. Even beginning to scoot backwards once he realized he was the only one awake, and he knew this vigilante knew as well

    Whoa whoa whoa! Chill dude chill! You want some Lily? Is that what you want?

    The man said out of fear

    O-or are you looking for someone? Anybody? I-I can tell you where to fins the guy who made the stuff! I met him just a couple days ago I swear!

    This man was possibly more scared than Valor could have thought. Evident by his rapid rambling. Just willing to spill the information. His hand rubbed against where he was struck by the vigilante.

    He's at a night club in south Gotham! Ita called Paradise! If you let me go I swear I'll stop working with him! I'll even take you there!

    If Valor had decided to take him on his offer, the man would lead the man there, if not he gave pretty good directions on how to get there.

    Club Paradise

    Club Paradise was as hype as it was loud. Which was very. Many types of people could be found. The flirters, the dancers, the sloppy drinkers and more yet it would impossible to say everyone was having fun with the club. However in a far back room were four men. One, being strapped and tied to a chair. Frantically swearing. In this room, the lights shifted with the tempo of the beat, changing colors yet keeping it well lit. The padded walls muffled the sound of music but it could still be moderately heard, espcially the bass. One man, the clubs owner stood nervously. Two stood behind the chair strapped man. Obviously they were guards, but a unique man, their leader paced back and forth. Letting out a sigh before stopping and looking at the prisoned man.

    Come on. Its simple. Just tell me where he hid my precious Lily and it all will be over.

    He said with a gesture suggesting he was tired of everything, as if pleading while negotiating with the man. It was unsuccessful. Kain let out a sigh before turning his back to the man, reaching a hand inside his pocket. Pulling it out and obviouslholding something within the grip of his gloved hand. The guards new what was coming and proceeded to don gas masks.

    Suddenly, Kain twisted around and viciously slapped the man. A powder material could be seen being smacked into the guys face, covering the right side of his face with it. The smack was forcful for a little to drift off his face from the impact.

    Kain raised a single hand and on command, the guards had stuffed a sock into his mouth and placed tape over it.

    It only took a few seconds before the man began to heavily sweat and begin to freak out. Looking around the room with true fear in his eyes. His screams were barely audible thanks to the gagging. The men quickly dragged him out of the room to dispose of him. By this time Kain slapped his hands together to rid it of the Colorless. A drug to calm the soul where he was from but it struck those of this city with horrific halucinations.

    Looking at the owner with a smile on his face, Kain could see the fear in his eyes.

    Now that that's done! How about we Talk about making that onion.

    One of the guards walked back into the room and whispered into his ear.

    What? Making that paper? That doesn't even make sense! You city folk are so confusing

    He said. Letting out a sigh and placing his hand over his face
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    Coyote Ugly, Club District

    Spoiler: .

    The Southernmost part of Gotham was riddled with different bars and night clubs. One of which, Coyote Ugly, has been doing well for the past ten years. It's owner was an elusive Madame that has been working through the scenes of Gotham's underworld for the last decade. Most of Coyote Ugly Nightclub's employees are women, handpicked by the Madame herself. It is believed that many of the country's actresses and models have gotten a shortcut through success by working in Coyote Ugly. Underneath the nightclub facade, Coyote Ugly was a place where illustrious men can get their hands on beautiful A-class escorts. The security was tight. The bouncers are highly trained mercenaries. The Madame spares no expense to protect her profits.

    One of the clubs popular attractions is it's head bartender. An employee that the Madame is most certainly proud of - Sirene Chapardeur. Her signature drink called "Ambrosia" costs a hundred dollars a shot. It was the drink she served the Madame when she first applied to work at Coyote Ugly. It's ingredients are a secret mix only Sirene knows. The Madame was so satisfied with the killer cocktail that she described it as having drunk from God's cup.

    The nightclub was full again that night. People lined up outside in the cold waiting for the chance to get in. A black mustang drives up to the curb and revs his engine before turning it off. From inside a man, about six foot two, emerged. After giving his keys to the vallet, he fixed his jacket and ran his fingers through his hair. All the women who were lined up out front stared at the dark debonair who had just arrived. He walked past them and they began caling on him.

    "Hey there... Need a date?"

    "I'd let you buy me a drink and maybe we can party at your place..."

    The tall man just smiled and walked towards the bouncer. He wasn't looking for an easy lay tonight. The bouncer gave him a stern look, annoyed that this person was not getting in line. The man then pulls something out of his inside jacket pocket, as he did the gun that was strapped on his torso became visible, something that made the bouncer tense up. The man then flashes a business card in the face of the bouncer. The insignia on the card made the bouncer even more nervous. He quickly unhinged the club chains and let the man inside.

    It's not unusual that members of the mafia would come in and out of Coyote Ugly, but it can be quite intimidating at times especially with the combination of that insignia and the name Armand Feroce -- one of Gotham's up and coming mafiosos.

    The nightclub's music blared loudly. The base of the music bounced on the skin. Armand took a quick look around the club: bodies wriggling on the dance floor, women twirling their bodies on the stage, men drinking their hearts out as women catered to their desires on the tables. Armand's eyes came upon the bar. There was one seat open and so he walked over and sat across the bar. As he got comfy, the bartender -a woman in her early 20's began moving her body to the club music's beat. She picked up the liquor bottles and began a series of flair tricks to the bar patrons' amusement. Each movement was of killer grace, almost enchanting. When she finished the patrons at the bar were clapping and cheering as they gulped down their shot glasses.

    Armand smirked and clapped himself, impressed by the woman's unique sexiness. The bartender then approached him and leaned forward with an inviting smile.

    "What would you be having tonight?"

    Armand leaned towards her as well and gazed into her eyes.

    "Can I have you?"

    Usually women would be sitting on his lap by now the moment he says those lines. It seems it won't work on this young lady though. She only chuckled as she leaned back, grabbing a glass and some liqueur bottles from the bar.

    "I don't think you can afford me. You might like my specialty though"

    "It seems my charms have no effect on you.... Miss..."

    "Sirene. I'm the head bar tender here. I get that line a lot in my work, so it's quite easy to dodge." Sirene mixes different liqueurs and mixes them in a shaker.

    "Well then Sirene, maybe you can help me with something. I'm looking for a man named Kain."

    "Oh him? He goes around different clubs here. You're sure to bump into him in one of them. He's not here right now though from what I can see."

    The woman then hands him an deep amber colored drink. He took the glass and gulped it down slowly not letting his eyes go away from her.

    A sudden warm sensation courses through Armand's body. It was as if his every strand of hair on his body had a nerve ending. The pleasure was unlike any other. Before he knew it, he was completely aroused. Armand let out a loud laugh. Sirene smirked as she looked at the handsome man. It seems she's gonna have another regular.

    Armand took out his wallet and pulled out five one hundreds and put them on the table together with his card.

    "Thanks for that bomb of a drink." Armand said still laughing as he stood up and walked away.

    He went out of the club and approaches one of the girls in the line. He grabs her by the arm and pulls her towards him. He leans in her ear and whispers.

    "I think I'll take you up on that offer."

    He then pulls her into his car and they drive away to one of the motels the syndicate owns.

    Meanwhile, Sirene goes out through the back door of the club and dials the number for Kain's private line while she held the card her peculiar customer just left.

    "Armand Feroce, huh. I see you're getting warmer."

    She would then wait for Kain to pick up his phone. As soon as he picks it up and says his greeting, Sirene would give him a quick message.

    "Hey Kain~ I know you're really busy so I'll make this short. Can you come by soon? I'm out of Lily. Ambrosia's been on high demand lately. Oh and know that guy, Armand Feroce from the XXXX Family? He came by the bar looking for you. He might bump into you soon and offer some kind of business deal. But I'm sure he's most likely gonna ask you about Panthera. So if you could do me a favor... hike up the price on that information so it discourages him. I'll give you some of my cocktails on the house as thanks. Well then, see you soon, bye~"

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    Valor was unable to hold in his laugh. Like he could ever want such filth in his body. He was not interested in his pathetic attempts at a bribe, but the idea of figuring out who made the stuff is extremely valuable. Take out the source, and every last bit of the operation dies. Valor definitely put the fear of god into this man. He was spilling his guts willingly, and Valor was exceptional at determining a false confession from a real one. This was genuine alright. The man who makes this stuff would be found at a Night Club. He offered to take Valor there if he let him go. He would not comply. He wasted his one chance when he swung the bat at him. After obtaining detailed instructions on how to get to this club Paradise, Valor proceeded to knock him out, and make an anonymous call to the police.

    He left the warehouse where he battled the three thugs, and as he exited he pulled out the bullet that was lodged into his costume. His costume was damaged, and he would need to repair it when he got home. It meant less sleep for him, but it couldn't be helped. He places the crushed bullet into his pocket, and makes his way for the night club. Still wary of any other crimes going on. He may be headed towards a big fish, but he would not ignore the small fry that litter the path. Of course, as per usual, he would stumble across a mugging on his way to Paradise.

    "Kindly walk away, and leave the lady alone. Please, just save us all some time and listen to me."

    Valor was prepared for another round of 'ignore the warning and get knocked out', but to his surprise the man simply got scared and ran away. He wasn't sure why, but he would take what he could get at this point. He turned to the woman, gave her a nod, and she thanked him for his help. With that, he continued at a regular pace towards club Paradise. It wouldn't be long before he turned the corner, and it came into view. He needed to come up with a plan. There were bouncers at the entrance, and this drug lord was sure to have guards inside guarding him. Normally, he wouldn't have a problem taking down anyone serving such a despicable person. However there were tons of innocent civilians inside that club.

    He decided to approach the situation in the best possible manner. Without regard to subtlety. He makes a dash for the entrance, and as expected, two bouncers move to stop him. He swiftly strikes both of them in their necks, causing them to go down instantly. He'll have to apologize to them later. What was important now, was stopping the creator of such a terrible poison, and saving everyone who may ingest it in a moment of weakness. He bursts through the door to the club, and enters in a loud fashion. Only people close to the door notice him though. It was very loud in there after all. He locates something suitable to grapple to on the ceiling and fires off his grappling hook. Thankfully, it works right away and he is able to get to the top area of the club.

    Now perched on one of the structures that support the roof, he looks around. He is hoping to find a place that screams "nefarious deal going on". It didn't take long for him to find a door that was guarded by people dressed in different attire from the bounces at the entrance. Things weren't looking too good for Valor though. The people who saw his entrance seemed to be gossiping. It wouldn't be long before word of the strange costumed intruder reached the ears of whoever was behind that door. He ran across from where he was, and jumped. Shouting below for people to get out of his way.

    "Young club goers! Please move out of the way!"

    He shouted as loud as he could. Thankfully, at least one person heard or saw him, and got everyone else to move. He lands in a crouched position with a thud, and sprints for the door in question. The ones guarding the door, tried to take aim at Valor. However the crowded club floor would prove to be their downfall. Unable to take proper aim until it was too late, both of them were met with repeated Bokken strikes, rendering them both unconscious. Valor then bursts through the door to see a bunch more guards, someone strapped to a chair, a nervous looking man and lastly, someone who seemed to be in charge. Valor's first move would be to eliminate the guards before they posed a threat. He slides towards one, quickly striking his knee to bring his face down to eye level, and then quickly disposes of him with several chops to his neck.

    After taking care of that one, he proceeds to the next instantly. Running up a wall and jumping off it, he surprises the guard with an aerial attack, and strikes him down with a clean hit with his Bokken. He would proceed to do similar things until the guards were taken care of.

    "You must be the one responsible for Platinum Lily. Well, I wont let you poison my streets without a fight! Prepare yourself!"

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